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Sleep Pointe has the experience and expertise to manage all aspects of sleep apnea in the transport industry. From initial screening to therapy delivery and on-going compliance management, we provide everything you need to keep your drivers safe on the road.



Sleep Pointe provides a full scope of services to help you raise awareness and understanding of sleep apnea in your company. We make sure key personnel are up to speed with the risks and challenges of sleep apnea in the transport industry. Our experts provide medical support during your hiring process and help you integrate sleep apnea education into other health, safety and wellness efforts.

Sleep Pointe's screening tools, suitable for both drivers and applicants, take the guesswork out of the screening process. For those at risk, limited disclosure sleep tests can be conducted while a driver is at home or on the road. If full disclosure sleep tests are needed, they can be conducted in one of our mobile sleep trailers, at hospitals, hotels, or at affiliated labs. These trailers are equipped to provide the highest level of insight into sleep apnea available today.

Sleep Pointe has established a wide network of physicians from private and university hospitals to provide diagnostic services within Sleep Pointe programs. This network accommodates both local and remote interpretations of tests and prescribes treatments, ensuring Sleep Pointe programs have the speed and flexibility to fit the lives of professionals in the transport industry.

Sleep Pointe offers both CPAP and AutoPAP therapy protocols adherent to ABSM standards. Our devices are designed to be "truck friendly" with dual power supplies, integrated humidifiers, automatic altitude adjustment and high durability. Sleep Pointe programs include equipment fulfillment for the initial devices, replacement or upgrades when needed, and scheduled replenishment of components like air filters and tubes to ensure the best user experience over time.

Compliance Support
Sleep Pointe programs include a unique, personal and proprietary approach to supporting clients and helping them remain compliant with the prescribed therapy. New clients receive educational materials and are welcomed with a call from a trained sleep professional within 24 hours of receiving their equipment. The initial call is then followed up by a series of contacts. Clients can also receive support from 24/7 live toll-free hotline if issues arise between scheduled calls. Comprehensive programs such as these have been shown to raise compliance rates to double the industry average.