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It's a fact that drivers with untreated sleep apnea are between 2 and 7 times more likely to have a serious accident. By working with Sleep Pointe to treat sleep apnea, you can greatly reduce this risk and also significantly improve the overall health of drivers. By treating sleep apnea you reduce the risk of many other associated diseases including hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease; three of the top healthcare expenditures in the transportation industry.

Being Healthy Increases Safety and Makes Sense
Although many people are reluctant to talk about it, the prejudices against visual signs of sleep apnea have been shaping hiring practices for years. The mere sight of a thicker than average neck at an interview is enough for many recruiters to consider you a risk. Sleep Pointe can help you properly screen and treat sleep apnea and enjoy the benefits of being able to hire drivers with a completely treatable condition.

Being committed to tackling sleep apnea also has a positive effect on many serious and related health risks. As a driver, you would want to work for a company interested in your personal health and safety. This is what Sleep Pointe provides.