Are Firm Mattresses Best For Your Back?

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Firm mattresses are the most popular type of mattress, but they aren’t the best for everyone.

If you have back issues or are recovering from surgery, a firm mattress might not be the best choice for you.

Here’s what you should know before purchasing one.


What is a Firm Mattress?

Firm mattresses are typically made with coils and foam, which are both comfortable.

Firm mattresses have some memory to them, so you don’t sink into the mattress, but they also have enough bounce for your back and legs to feel supported.

Firm mattresses are great for stomach sleepers because they offer a firm base, which can help keep your spine in its proper alignment while sleeping.

A firm mattress is usually more expensive than a soft mattress, but it is worth the cost if you prefer a firmer mattress.

If you are on a budget, then look for a firm mattress that is about the same price as a medium-firm mattress.

Soft mattresses are very popular and are often seen in guest rooms, because of their comfort.


Problems With A Firm Mattress

If you suffer from back pain or are recovering from surgery, then a firm mattress is not the best choice for you.

Firm mattresses will not help alleviate any pain or support your spine.

When you sleep on a firm mattress, your spine stays in its correct alignment, but it won’t stay that way all night.

Your spine will sink into the mattress over time, especially if you spend long periods of time on your side or stomach.

If you lie on your back all night, you’ll sink further.

This can cause you to wake up with back pain. Soft mattresses are better for those who have back pain or are recovering from an injury.

They provide much needed support and allow your spine to stay in its correct alignment while you sleep.

You don’t have to worry about sinking into a mattress when you sleep on a soft one.


Where A Firm Mattress May Be An Issue

Pressure Points

Pressure points are areas of the body that experience more pressure than normal. This can be caused by a mattress that doesn’t provide sufficient support or if your body is too large for the size of the bed.

If you feel any discomfort in these areas, it’s likely time to get a new mattress.

The best pressure points to avoid are on the chest and shoulders. You want to keep these areas free from pain.

If your back is the area you feel most pressure, you may have a problem with your mattress.

The key is to find a mattress that provides the right amount of support.

Spinal Misalignment

Spinal misalignment occurs when your spine isn’t aligned properly. It causes pressure points to form along your spine, which can result in lower back pain.  A soft mattress allows for proper spinal alignment when you sleep because it allows your spine to bend freely.

When you sleep on a firm mattress, your spine stays straight, which can lead to back pain.  If you sleep on your stomach all night, you’ll sink further into the mattress, which can cause your spine to become misaligned.

Spinal misalignment leads to back pain and other health problems. Firm mattresses have a tendency to trap moisture under the mattress.

Lack of Conformability

This means that your body can’t move and align itself with the mattress.Your spine may sink into the mattress as you sleep, which can cause back pain.

Firm mattresses are usually expensive, but they are worth it if you prefer a firmer mattress.

The best thing you can do to ensure that your spine is in its correct alignment is to get a firm mattress.

A firm mattress will not alleviate pain, but it can prevent your spine from sinking into it.


Best Firm Mattresses

Here is our top picks for the best firm mattress, if you decide a firmer feel is what works best for you.

Saatva Classic

Saatva For Back

Saatva mattress is a delightful blend in firmness, pressure-point relief and firmness especially for back and stomach sleepers. Its coil-on-coil hybrid construction ensures outstanding performance and durability.

The support core inside the Saatva is made up made of 13-gauge Bonnell coils. For the 11.5-inch model the coils measure four inches high; when you compare them to the 14.5-inch model, they’re 7 inches high. The thick coils provide an extremely solid and sturdy foundation for your mattress. The edges are reinforced by an encasement made of high-density polyfoam.

On top of these coils is a four-inch layer of micro-coils that are pocketed. They also increase bounce and firmness, however their design permits them to give a more customized compression that is suited to each body.

Over those two layers is a set of foams which are placed inside a pillow top that is Euro-style. One of them is an lumbar pad made of memory foam that reduces stress in lower back area, a frequently problematic area for back and stomach sleepers. Polyfoam layers that are firm add to the Saatva’s comfortable system, providing greater comfort but not reducing the firmness.

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Titan Firm Hybrid

Titan Firm

The Titan Firm Hybrid Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid mattress that is distinguished by its sturdy and solid support.

It is offered at a lower cost than other hybrid mattresses available and is a good choice for people with a budget.

Titan is a mattress that is firm that scores 8 on a scale of 10 points for firmness.

It is characterized by the comfort layer of memory foam gel and is followed by the transition layer of polyfoam. The top layers sculpt gently with the bodyand provide relief to the areas in which pressure build-up could occur.

Underneath, a support core made of pocketed coils as well as the base is a high-density foam.

The support core helps stabilize the mattress and provides the best support and durability.

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Best Mattress Slatted Beds

The WinkBed has a wealth of benefits to the table including outstanding edge support mix of cushioning and bounce, and a life-long warranty.

With a high level of comfort it is able to meet the needs of a broad range of users, including stomach and back sleepers.

The primary reason behind the WinkBed’s performance lies in its coil-on coil construction.

The coil on the bottom is larger and built by arranging the springs in zones that provide additional strength beneath the larger regions in the physique.

The support core above this is the coating of small coils.

The two sets of springs are individually wrapped, which means that they will better react to the body and reduce the isolation of motion.

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DreamCloud Mattress


DreamCloud is an hybrid mattress that has an upholstered top and a high profile, is an excellent medium-firm (6) mattress which is suitable for all sleepers.

The quilted cover as well as the memory foam comfort layer provide the bed a soft feeling on top, and provide some relief from pressure, but without sacrificing the bed’s firmness.

It is made up of an elastomer cover and foam filling.

It gives the top part of your mattress soft airy feel, and those beneath are firm and supportive.

There is the gel-infused memory foam which offers extra pressure relief and holds more body heat as compared to standard memory foam.

It is then followed by an interlocking layer of polyfoam and an individual wrapped coil support core that gives some support and a little bounce to the mattress which makes it more comfortable to move about on.

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Layla Hybrid

Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid is an ideal choice for those who prefer the feel of a mattress that is firm, however, not every night.

It has a flippable side that is comfortable and firm (7) and is supportive, making it for stomach and back sleepers with a weight of up to 230lbs, and those who sleep on their sides and weigh more.

The other side is medium-soft (4) which means that those sleeping on the side who weigh less than 230 pounds will also find themselves at ease in the mattress.

The sides are made of memory foam that is that are infused with copper.

This can aid in sleeping cool by alleviating discomfort from heat retention, which is one of the most frequent complaints about this kind of foam.

Copper also has antimicrobial properties that keep the mattress fresh.

The cover is able to be removed and removed at any time it’s needed to be cleaned.

Layla Hybrid’s shared support base is made up of pocketed coils that are separated into zones according to their level of reinforcement.

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GhostBed Classic

ghostbed classic

If you love lying on a mattress which is shaped equally to your body however you don’t like the heat-trapping properties of memory foam, then you must look into a mattress with the comfort layer of latex.

For many people such as yourself, it is the GhostBed Classic will be the most comfortable of both.

Its design mixes the soft and cooling contouring of latex with luxurious memory foam cushioning.

It’s an average firm (6) mattress, which eases the pressure, stays cool and doesn’t sink as significantly when you walk over the surface.

The layer of latex is ventilated to increase air circulation near the surface.

The memory foam is filled with cooling gel that is designed to lower heat absorption which could make sleepers feel uncomfortable warm.

The cover, which is made of an breathable mix of polyester and viscose is also a major factor in the GhostBed Classic’s superior temperature control.

After testing the mattress, we’ve discovered it most suitable for people who sleep on their backs and sides particularly those who weigh between 300 pounds.

The memory foam and latex layers offer enough cushioning to help improve alignment and decrease pressure points for people who sleep sideways as well as those who prefer sleeping in the rear position are able to sleep comfortably, without sinking too deeply in the lower back and hips.

Couples will also appreciate couples should also enjoy GhostBed Classic thanks to its solid motion-isolation. It won’t absorb as much motion as memory foam, however it should be able to absorb very less transfer between you and your partner when the latter shifts positions or moves up and down from the the bed.

This mattress retails reasonably and buyers get two free GhostPillows for their purchase.

Shipping is completely free for purchases within the adjacent U.S. GhostBed backs the Classic with a trial of 101 nights and a warranty of 25 years for the manufacturer.

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Is Firm Mattress Right For You?

A firmer mattress is right for you if you like sleeping on a firm surface, and you prefer a more structured sleep experience.

You should only choose a firmer mattress if your spine sinks into softer mattresses.

If you don’t feel pain or discomfort while lying on a mattress, it’s likely that your body is not sinking into the mattress.

Most people who sleep on a firmer mattress don’t report any problems. However, some people with lower back pain, arthritis, or other conditions may find a firmer mattress helpful.

In general, a firmer mattress helps reduce pressure on your joints, so it may help relieve pain and reduce stiffness.




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