Choosing The Best Bamboo Mattress – Ultimate Buyers Guide

What is the best bamboo mattress? And are they worth it or should you go with memory foam hybrid, gel, hybrid, and spring models?

You’ll agree with me Organic mattresses are becoming more popular. This is because of their Eco-friendliness.Unlike the memory foam and other synthetic types manufactured using non-renewable raw materials, bamboo mattresses are manufactured from natural renewable materials.

Additionally, they provide the highest level of comfort for sleeping. It offers a soft, firm feel and makes them the top choice for pressure relief. Hot sleepers will appreciate the wicking and breathability of the organic product.

Although many consumers recognize the advantages of sleeping on bamboo mattresses, choosing on the best mattress is the biggest elephant on the block. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of varieties as well as hundreds of different models available from both the well-known household names and the low-cost companies that sell knockoffs.

In this post, we’ve identified the best bamboo mattresses that should be at the top of your list of priorities. In addition, you will discover some important information about shopping and caring for your bamboo mattress.


Why Use Bamboo in Mattresses?

Bamboo is a plant that is used in the production of organic items like furniture , and even pants. Yes, we do have bamboo pants!

What is the reason to using bamboo for mattress fabrics? 

Well, the solution is quite simple.

  • Bamboo is environmentally friendly compared to synthetic materials.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing plantspecies, and is abundant, which means that when it is utilized, the replenishment rate is quick.
  • It doesn’t require any special care to develop;
  • No fertilizers or chemicals.
  • If you take a look at the foam, it is evident that the manufacturing process was degrading the environment. It doesn’t matter if the mattress is CertiPURUS accredited or not. For mattresses made of latest materials and gel, they’re not plentiful enough to be considered sustainable.


Different Types of Bamboo Mattresses

Bamboo mattress can be divided in two categories based on the way to bamboo structure.

  • The first kind of bamboo mattress is one that takes any regular mattress and is covered with an top layer of bamboo. The result is the bamboo mattress. The beds are generally made of memory foam gel, latex, or hybrid. They typically offer medium-firmness.
  • The other type is includes bamboo fibers within layer of comfort. It is the genuine bamboo mattress. It offers a plush firmness and is more durable than the previous type.

Bamboo Mattress Benefits

  • A sustainable raw material: Bamboo is a natural , abundant raw material that is easily depleted due to the rapid growth rate.
  • Excellent comfort: It doesn’t matter if it’s a bamboo mattress or charcoal bamboo, the feeling is unbeatable due to the natural softness that bamboo fibres. They’re also breathable and can wick away excess humidity if you sweat during the night.
  • Hypoallergenic: The bamboo is not treated with pesticides or chemicals are used in the cultivation of bamboo, therefore it isn’t harmful to sensitive skin and does not cause irritations in the nasal passages.


Bamboo mattresses can have disadvantages also.

  • Soft and firm: Bamboo mattresses charcoal infusions offer a soft, firmness, which might not work very well with sleepers who are heavy even when they are the largest models.
  • It sleeps very hot: It’s hot! Bamboo does not sleep hot, but models with bamboo toppers can sleep hot, particularly mattress made of memory foam.


Choosing the Best Bamboo Mattress

What are the best ways to determine the most suitable model? And, if you’re still not sure what criteria did we employ to select the models listed below?

There are many important elements to take into consideration when picking the bamboo pillow.

Brands with a high value are worth it.

What is the most popular bamboo mattress? There are hundreds of names and, as we suggest, you should not settle for anything lower than the well-known names in the market..

The list contains brands such as eLuxury, just to name one of the best.

While they’re costly but they are an excellent value when compared to affordable mattresses which will begin to lose shape after a couple of months.

But that’s not to suggest that all bamboo mattresses are bad Some brands such as LUCID are really trying.

The reading of reviews from customers about bamboo mattresses reviews of individual mattresses is a good option since they provide you with a the experience of a mattress.

Beware of frauds in marketing with glowing reviews, and , also, personal opinions.


Factors We Look At

Before making a purchase choice, it’s crucial to be aware of bamboo mattress advantages. When it comes down to sleep I am a serious person. I’m not a boring person or whatever, but I believe getting 7 hours of sleep (at minimum) every night is crucial. So, when I try to find a bamboo mattress I give particular attention to the most vital aspects, including:

  • Construction
  • General comfort
  • Back assistance
  • Pressure relief properties
  • Motion transfer
  • Materials and safety certificates
  • Price
  • Warranties


Why Switch To Bamboo Mattresses

The number of people who are aware of the advantages of bamboo increases each per day. And there are several reasons why that are.

If you’re thinking about what makes bamboo mattresses superior over regular spring mattresses or foam ones check out the advantages you’ll get when you choose a bamboo mattress:

  • Bamboo is an natural and environmentally friendly material. Bamboo doesn’t require any chemical during its growth, meaning you don’t have to be concerned about pesticides or other hazardous chemicals. Bamboo grows quickly and its roots do not become damaged after harvesting. So, when you choose the bamboo mattress helps save our planer. This is a great feeling, wouldn’t you think?
  • Bamboo is more comfortable to sleep on as compared to other mattresses because it is naturally resistant to dust, bacteria, and mold. As we all understand, mattresses can’t be completely cleaned, which means it collects all sweat, dust and other unpleasant things over time. Bamboo this process is slow. There aren’t any dust mites on your bed, which means you can you can sleep at ease and relax!
  • Bamboo mattresses are fantastic for the regulation of temperature. Bamboo is a fabric that is breathable, which means that the mattress will keep you cool even in the summer heat. Bamboo also absorbs moisture and aids in the rapid evaporation of moisture and you won’t get sweaty in the morning (like the majority of normal mattresses). Add some premium bamboo sheets and you’ll forget about the air conditioner.
  • Bamboo can be an anti-allergen. Therefore, if you’re allergic to smells or fabrics , and may experience an allergic reaction, a mattress made of bamboo is the ideal choice for you.
  • Bamboo mattresses are an excellent alternative for buyers who are environmentally conscious since bamboo trees are fast growing and can be easily grown.

Bamboo’s benefits does not end there however you’ll can see the whole picture. It’s no wonder that people aren’t afraid to change their mattresses for the latest healthier, more natural bamboo mattresses.


How To Take Care of Your Bamboo Mattress

Since bamboo mattresses aren’t the most well-known option in comparison to other types (yet) there are a few who aren’t sure what to do with bamboo and how to take care of mattresses made of bamboo. The most crucial things you should be aware of:

  • Most mattresses are shipped compressed and sealed with a vacuum seal inside the box. When the mattress arrives remove it from the packaging, but you must be extremely cautious because the plastic wraps tight around your mattress. Be sure not to cause damage to it using the scissors in the process of opening it. To ensure you are on the safe side, you should avoid sharp tools.
  • Next step involves to remove the mattress , and then allowing it to relax. I know, you’ll be waiting to test it and perhaps even do what you see in the films (please not do that!). But, your mattress requires time to expand correctly. It is only then that it can give you the relaxation you desire. Some mattresses could take several days to completely decompress and so, be patient.
  • It’s always recommended to air the mattress for a few hours. Just take off the sheets and then open the windows. Repeat the process two times a year and the bamboo mattress will remain clean and fresh for longer.
  • If you are feeling that your mattress isn’t at ease, a bamboo mattress topper could make a difference. It can provide more comfort and give you an additional layer of comfort. It’s also not necessary to shell out a lot of money to buy an entirely new mattress.
  • Get a mattress protector with a waterproof cover and especially if you love having tea at night. While it may relax you but it could cause staining to your mattress, therefore a mattress protector that is waterproof protects your mattress from dirt and moisture.
  • Cleaning your mattress at least once a month can keep it clean and more fresh. Because , let’s face the facts no matter how well the mattress material is, it’s bound to accumulate body hair as well as dead cells from your skin. Vacuuming can help you eliminate the dead skin cells.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Bamboo Mattress

Before jumping into the fray and purchasing a bamboo mattress due to its popularity or cost you should conduct the research yourself first. There are many aspects that could drastically affect your sleep experience when you sleep on the bed. Here are some factors to consider prior to making your choice

  • Support and firmness: When you are buying a mattress, do not settle for a lower quality of firmness. Instead, choose an intermediate-firm or firm mattress as it will help your spine and body correctly.
  • Layers: It’s true that just two or three layers won’t provide the right comfort and support. Choose a mattress that has more than three layers since they all have their own advantages depending on whether it’s assistance, pressure relief or, say heat reduction.
  • Certifications: They confirm that the mattress does not contain any hazardous materials or harmful chemicals. This is why, when you’re looking at the purchase of a mattress, make sure that it’s CertiPUR-US , or Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Warranty: It could be a good indicator of the quality of the mattress. A long warranty duration indicates that the company trusts the product and is confident in its longevity.
  • Size: This is a simple one however, many people fail to consider this crucial factor. Your mattress must be suitable for your weight, height and your number of guests who will be sleeping on it. For instance, if prefer sleeping alone you can get it is likely that a Twin or Twin XL is likely to suffice. However, If you are sleeping with your partner think about investing in the size of a King or Queen.


Who Are Bamboo Mattresses For?

The structure of the mattress is the most important aspect to take into consideration when purchasing bamboo mattresses.

What kind of sleeper is you?

There are stomach, back side, and side sleepers. Also, it is important to take into consideration if you’re either a couple, single sleeper, or even a child. I mention all of these because there is no one mattress that will be ideal for every person.

  • In our selections there is many mattresses suitable for various sleepers. When selecting the ideal mattress, take into account the construction which is everything about the dimensions, the covers, comfort/support layers the firmness, motion isolation and the thickness.

The size will determine if it’s a couple who sleeps on the bed , or one person. If it’s an a taller sleeper or a smaller one.

In general there are five common sizes for mattresses. It is crucial to comprehend what they all compare to.

  • King  – 76″ x 80″
  • Cal King  – 72″ x 84″
  • Queen  – 60″ x 80″
  • Full XL  – 54″ x 80″
  • Full – 53″ x 75″
  • Twin XL  – 38″ x 80″
  • Twin  – 38″ x 75″
  • Cover material – When it comes to the covermaterial, you have two choices; Rayon as well as Lyocell. The first is the most widely used, however it’s chemically processed, so it has a smell that can irritate skin that is sensitive in its first few days of use. In the case of Lyocell it is more costly and, the best aspect is that it’s 100% hypoallergenic , making Lyocell bamboo mattresses ideal for people suffering from allergies.
  • Core material – under the cover is the mattress’s core. it also includes layers of support and comfort. How comfortable and supportive the mattress is going to depend on the type of material or the method of use. The most common kinds of bamboo mattresses are bamboo memory foammattress, the bamboo gel-infused memory foam mattress, as well as bamboo-based latex mattresses. Bamboo may be included in the mattress’s core of the mattress or on the mattress. We also have bamboo coil mattress and bamboo hybrid mattress. Both have bamboo toppers since the main includes a coil or spring system, and comfort layers are the only ones available.
  • Firmness – refers to how hard or soft the mattress is. When discussing firmness, there is one thing that comes to mind: the weight of the sleeping person. People who sleep lightly may find mattresses extremely hard, while the mattress could be excessively soft to a heavier sleeper. The firmness of a mattress is typically measured by a scale ranging from 1 10- 10, with higher scores indicating greater rigidity. The most suitable mattress is an average firm mattress with a scale of 6. it’s about 6.
  • Thickness – Again, the body weight and the person sleeping can play a part. If you’re a light sleeper, choose the thin mattress. However, for heavier sleepers it is recommended to choose a mattress that is the ideal. A person who sleeps heavily on the thin mattress will experience more sinkage, which results in less comfort and dipping in the bed. A person who sleeps lightly on a heavy mattress will not be comfy, as the mattress becomes tough.

However, when you are building it is best to choose bamboo mattresses whose other elements are eco-friendly.

If it’s an bamboo-based latex bed or memory foam one, the foam that is used must be CertiPUR-US approved.

It should not emit offgassing for longer than 24 hours.

The mattress should be able to absorb heat faster and also provide a comfortable airflow.

Additionally, the mattress must be hypoallergenic, specifically the cover. Bamboo’s natural nature that it’s hypoallergenic, you’ll not experience issues such as skin itching or irritations to the nasal passages.


Warranty, Sleep Trials, Shipping & Delivery

A warranty will protect your mattress in the event that it gets worn out faster or suffers damage caused by poor craftsmanship. Many mattresses nowadays have extended warranties, therefore, you should consider the bamboo mattress that comes with at least 10 years of guarantee. However, this does not suggest you will get a mattress that lasts 10 years.

The most durable Bamboo mattress should last about seven years.

Another thing to think about is the sleep test. Mattress experts and orthopedics all believe that you must have at minimum thirty days of sleep in order to determine if the mattress’s suitability for your requirements. A minimum of three months sleep trial is required, but the most popular is a whole year-long trial. If you aren’t satisfied with this mattress could request a return, and then receive the money back.

  • It is important that you read and comprehend the conditions and terms of the sleep test.

Also, think about your transportation. Although most mattresses are shipped to all regions, a few peripheral areas are not covered.

For certain brands, shipping costs may be applicable. The ones we’ve recommended are available to all areas of Canada and the US in addition to Canada and also offer free shipping. If you are looking for a few models with certain shipping charges however, they are reasonably priced, particularly when you need speedy shipping.

If you’re talking about the expedited delivery, could ask, how long the bamboo mattress take to arrive? It all is dependent on the brand and the service used. Some times, it will take under 24 hours but generally your package will arrive within 48 hours.

Finally, there’s an option to avail the white Glove Service. This package will ensure that the delivery crew will not just speed up your delivery however, your mattress can also be taken away before the mattress that you want to replace it with. It can be put up for you for no cost or at an additional cost. It is certainly an excellent service.


How To Maintain A Bamboo Mattress

There’s no definitive amount of time the bamboo mattress will last. If you buy it one of the best brands, it’s the maintenance that determines if it lasts for 10 years or only two.

How do you care for the bamboo mattress?

  • Machine washable mattress topper: It can come handy to shield your mattress from staining.
  • Do not let your pets in: Sharp claws from cats could damage your bamboo son. As much as you cherish your cat, your mattress is important in the same way.
  • Do not eat food in the bed: Breakfast in bed is romantic but stains aren’t good to put on the mattress. Certain stains are permanent


Where Can I Purchase A Bamboo Mattress?

There are two choices: purchasing from local stores or buying online.

If you buy from the local shops The benefit I’d like to mention is that you could try the mattress before you purchase it. It is possible to feel the mattress. Additionally, there is no need to wait as you can pack the mattress inside your truck and then sleep the next day on it.

When it comes to purchasing mattresses on the internet you can choose from many options at affordable costs. The ease of delivery from your home and white glove service is another reason to be happy about.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a summary of the most frequent inquiries we receive from our readers about bamboo mattresses.

1.What is Bamboo foam?

It is a form of foam made of natural and soft bamboo fibers. It is often known as the bamboo charcoal.

2. Is a bamboo mattress any good?

Yes. Bamboo mattresses provide excellent comfort and temperature control. In addition to the ease of use, bamboo is a sustainable product that is low impact on the environment when compared to synthetic materials such as memory foam.

3.What is a bamboo mattress cover and is it necessary?

Also called a topper this is a mattress pad that transforms any normal memory foam latex, gel, gel or hybrid mattress into bamboo mattresses. Bamboo is combined with other materials, such as Rayon as well as Lyocell.

4. Do you know how to wash a mattress protector made of bamboo?

If it’s machine washable, then you should wash it with commercial machines. Otherwise, wash it in cold water, without bleaching agents.

5 .Is Lucid a good bamboo mattress manufacturer?

Yes. While it’s not the top mattress brands however, it has stood the test of time quite well. Bamboo is also a popular choice for mattresses for sale at a reasonable price.



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