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Companies offering a discount to military veterans is nothing new. You have seen it in physical locations for years, from clothing stores to restaurants.

However, as the online world continues to grow, you are starting to notice online businesses doing the same.

Bear mattress is one of many bed in a box online brands that have started to offer military discounts to their customers.

With all that the US military does for us, it’s great to see companies such as Bear mattress give back.


Bear Mattress Offers Military Discount

Bear Mattress offers a generous 15% discount for military veterans.

Typically to get approved for military discounts, you have to have one or more of the following:

  • The customer’s military ID number
  • A copy of the customer’s government service record
  • A valid email address with the .mil suffix
  • A DD Form 214, which verifies an honorable discharge
  • Proof of membership in the USAA (a military-only insurance, investment, and banking firm)

You can find out more information on Bear Mattress and their military discount, by clicking here:

Bear Mattress Military Discount

So, if you are in the military, or a veteran in the market for a better nights rest – perhaps you should consider Bear mattress.

If you are not familiar with their mattress, feel free to continue reading our review below.

Our aim is to help you make an informed decision, when it comes to choosing your next mattress purchase.


About Bear Mattress

Bear mattress is a family run business, with over 25 years in the mattress business.

They have built the foundation of the company around honesty and value. They thrive on offering only the highest quality of products.

Bear actually has a list of Bear athletes that support them, along with a tight knit customer service team.

Some of these athletes include:

  • Sage Canady
  • Rose Lavelle
  • Nick Wammes
  • Bill Kolinske


Bear now offers three models of their mattress.


To give you a brief overview of each of these:

Bear Mattress – Bear’s most popular model. It is a 10″ thick mattress with a memory foam feel.

Bear Hybrid – Using coil technology, this mattress is 14″ thick; providing strong durability, without sacrificing comfort.

Bear Pro – Bear’s newest addition to the lineup. The Bear Pro mattress is 12″ thick and is probably their softest model.

This Bear Mattress review will focus on their most Popular Bear mattress.

All bear mattresses are proudly made here in the USA.

For this particular review, we will be focusing on their most popular model, the signature Bear mattress.


Bear Mattress Cover

Bear mattress uses Celliant® technology in the construction of their mattress cover.

Not only does this cover offer breathability, it is scientifically proven to both enhance muscle recovery and increase performance.

This is backed by science, as well as by many athletes who sleep on the Bear mattress.

In fact, the FDA has recently determined Celliant® to be the most established and clinically tested infrared textile in the industry.

This is great news for you, as it can be found in every Bear mattress they offer.


Bear Mattress Layers

Bear mattress military discount

Unlike most standard memory foam mattresses, Bear mattress offers 4 layers of foam, in addition to their Celliant® infused cover.


Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam

The first layer of the Bear mattress is what’s known as their “Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam”, which has a 4 lb density.

This layer is 1″thick, and is built to remove excess body heat, allowing you to sleep up to 7x cooler than other memory foam mattresses.

Most of the cooling properties of the Bear mattress is found in this layer. It is formulated to prevent you sweating through the night as you sleep.


Responsive Comfort Foam

The 2nd layer is 1.5″ of quick response foam, and is responsible for offering just enough bounce.

It also has a 3 lb density, and responds quickly to pressure.

This layer, working in conjunction with the 3rd layer, also is the reason why you don’t end up feeling “stuck” in the mattress.


Transitional Performance Foam

The 3rd layer of Bear mattress, known as their “Transitional Performance Foam” layer, is the layer most responsible for helping the transition from soft top layer, to the base support layer.

This layer is 1″ thick, also with a 3 lb density.

The Transitional Performance Foam layer also offers you pressure relief, while you transition to the final layer.


High-Density Support Foam

The 4th of final layer of memory foam in the Bear mattress.

This layer is a whopping 6.5″ thick, and is responsible for the overall durability and support of the mattress.

It has a 1.8 lb density, and is a very firm layer altogether. You will find this to be the norm for most memory foam mattresses.


CertiPUR-US Foams


All of Bear mattress foams are CertiPUR-US foams.

They also incorporate a water bonding solution, making the mattress environmentally friendly, producing little to no smell.

If you are not familiar with CertiPUR-US foams, they are:

  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)


Bear Motion Transfer

When it comes to motion transfer, Bear mattress does an excellent job.

Customers of Bear confirm that there is little to no transfer from their partners while they sleep.

If you find that you are a light sleeper, or you have a partner that causes a disturbance at night by moving a lot – the Bear mattress could be the answer to your prayers.


Edge Support

This is perhaps the only gripe about Bear mattress, from their customers.

You will experience a little sagging around the edges when sitting on the edge.

Most people only do this when getting on or off of the bed, so it really isn’t a factor when sleeping.

Also, it is important to note, that this is a very common theme for all memory foam mattresses. It is not narrowed down to only a Bear issue.

If you purchase any memory foam mattress, most likely you are going to notice that the edge support is average at best.


Bodyweight and Sleep Position

Here at Mattress Deals Online, we like to include this section in our mattress reviews.

All mattress companies are not made equal. And your experience will be different based on your weight, and your sleep position.

If you are under 130 lbs, you should consider yourself light weight. Anything over 230 lbs would be considered heavy.


Stomach Sleepers

If you are someone who prefers to sleep on your stomach, the Bear mattress is a good choice for light weight or average weight people.

If you find that you are a heavier person, then Bear will still do a fair job. But, it will probably not stand out as your best choice.


Back Sleepers

Bear performs best for back sleepers all around, when compared to other sleep positions.

Light weight and average weight people will still notice a slightly better performance, when compared to a heavier weight. But, the difference is very small.

If you are a heavier weight back sleeper, this is definitely still a great choice, if you are in the market for a new mattress.


Side Sleepers

As a side sleeper, Bear mattress is certainly a good choice.

The performance all around is best for average weight individuals (130 lbs – 230 lbs).

However, if you are light weight or heavy weight, the Bear will still be one of the best mattress choices on the market; as it performs very well for these two weight classes also.


Pressure Relief

Bear mattress does a fantastic job overall when it comes to alleviating pressure from the most sensitive spots of the body.


  • Hips
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders

Depending on which position you sleep in, you may notice a little more or less pressure relief. (With back and stomach sleepers seeming to feel more relief than side sleepers.)


Is Bear Mattress Good for Couples?

If you have a significant other, then chances are that you’re going to want a mattress that limits motion transfer.

This way, if your partner tends to move a lot, you are still left undisturbed while you sleep.

As previously mentioned, Bear mattress does a decent job here, as it seems to keep most of the movement isolated to one side.

You may still feel some movement, if you or your partner tend to be a restless sleeper, and toss and turn a lot.

But, it’s very minimal.


Bear Mattress Pricing

The below chart illustrates the size, dimensions and prices for the standard Bear mattress.

Twin39" x 75"10"$440
Twin XL39" x 80" 10"$540
Full54" x 75"10"$640
Queen60" x 80"10"$740
King76" x 80" 10"$840
Cal. King72" x 84"10"$840


The prices reflected are part of Bear Mattresses current sell, and are subject to change without notice.

You save $100 on orders over $500. Save $200 on orders over $1200

You can click the button below, to assure you are always getting the latest pricing and specials.



*Disclaimer: We will receive a commission if you decide to purchase through our links. This does not increase your price. In fact, many times we can negotiate a cheaper price for you, as we work directly with the vendor.*

Bear mattress does offer financing through Affirm, where you can set up payments for 6, 12 or 18 months. You can also qualify for 0% APR.


Award Winning Mattress

The Bear mattress signature foam has gained recognition from some of the largest companies in the world:

Bravo – Best mattress in a box

Business Insider – One of the best mattresses for back pain

Inc. 500 – Ranked #7 Fastest growing company in America

Sports Illustrated – Best mattress for athletes

Entrepreneur – One of the best mattresses for 2020

As you can imagine, this type of recognition from these sources don’t come easy.

So, this should speak volumes for Bear mattress, as far as the quality and reviews of the mattress company.


Bear Mattress Sleep Trial

Bear mattress offers free shipping, and you can try out your mattress for 100 nights; to determine if it is the right mattress for you.

In any event that you are not satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. Even the return charge is free, which is uncommon with many mattress brands.

Bear requires you to try the mattress for 30 nights, but we recommend trying out your mattress for 50 nights before making an informed decision.

It takes the body some time to adjust to a new mattress.


Bear Mattress Warranty

Bear mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

This is the average warranty you could expect from most brands. Even though there are brands which offer longer warranties, such as Nectar or Dreamcloud.

Bears warranty is laid out as follows

What is Covered

  • Any visible and lasting indentation (body impression) greater than one inch not associated from a sag in the foundation, box springs, or platform (mattress support).
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress causing the memory foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • During the first ten (10) years of original ownership, if the mattress is deemed defective, Bear shall be responsible for the repair or replacement costs of the mattress with the exception of any handling or transportation costs associated with repairs or replacements.
  • Bear mattresses are designed for use on a firm, solid-surface, or adjustable bed base (mattress supports). This warranty is contingent and based on tests conducted on “sets” that consist of our mattresses and acceptable mattress support.
  • The outer mattress cover is warranted for one (1) year from the date of original purchase against faults in material or workmanship.


What is Not Covered

  • This warranty does not cover normal increase or decrease in the feel or any normal decrease in the recovery feature of the Bear Mattress memory foam material, neither of which affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the materials.
  • All warranties contained herein shall not apply if the product or cover has been physically damaged, burned, cut, torn, stained or is abnormally soiled or unsanitary.


Like all brands, the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser, and can not be transferred.

Bear does require a proof of purchase when filing a claim.


Bear Mattress Summary


Bear Mattress has a lot to offer when it comes to a high quality product.

Not only does Bear offer a military discount of 15% off of anything online, they also offer a mattress geared towards athletes and performance.

Add to this their use of Celliant Technology, free shipping, a 100 night sleep trial, and a 10 year warranty – and you will find that Bear mattress can go toe to toe with any of its competitors.

If you would like more information on Bear mattress, or to view their deals, simply click the button below to visit the Official Bear mattress website.



Other Related Questions

How would you rate the firmness of Bear mattress? The Bear mattress has a firm core support. It has been scored a 6.5 out of 10 when it comes to firmness.

Does Bear mattress have any smell? You can expect little to no smell. If there is a slight smell, it should dissipate in a couple of days.

How do you clean the Bear mattress? Bear mattress should be spot cleaned only, with warm water and a mild detergent.


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