Best Adjustable Mattresses For Back Pain

Adults spend about three-quarters of their lives sleeping which is why it’s vital to choose the bed that will satisfy. And what better way to get the best comfort than an adjustable mattress? Flexible bases let you lay on an incline which could assist in relieving back discomfort or, in certain instances, improve sleep apnea. The most suitable mattress to use for an adjustable bed might not solve your health issues but it could offer relief that you desperately need.

This is why the mattress experts from Mattress Advisor tested hundreds of mattresses to determine which ones work well with adjustable frames, and offer sufficient support for those who sleep on their backs all night. Here’s a list of the top mattresses that can be used for an adjustable bed.

Note Important: Mattresses that measure 8-12 inches thick usually fit into bases that can be adjusted. If they are thicker than that, they will not bend towards the frame.


How Do You Define An Adjustable Bed? And How Does It Function?

A bed that is adjustable consists of the base, which uses motors to lift or lower the bed frame. It permits sleepers to regulate the way they sleep that can relieve pain in the body. Adjustable beds are a great option to those who are recovering from injuries or who suffer from frequent back pain.

The bed is controlled by remote and simple to operate, meaning it is possible to alter the angle at any moment at the touch of one button. They are also available in split models, giving couples the ability to manage only one side or the entire bed.

Although this might sound like common sense but the most suitable mattresses for an adjustable bed are ones that’s the exact dimensions as the frame. So the queen-sized mattress must be placed in a queen-size frame.


The Advantages Of An Adjustable Mattress

There’s a reason that these electric bases have made a comeback out of hospitals.

Here are some of the benefits.

Better Sleep

Based on numerous studies the fact that you should keep your head elevated when you sleep may help alleviate signs of acid reflux and decrease the risk of sleep apnea. By moving your body forward the adjustable bed can help to maintain the proper alignment of your spine and reduce pressure on your back.

If you’re looking to lessen the amount of snoring, consider an adjustable frame that has the ” anti-snore” pre-set option that will allow you to tilt your head in a an angle that is created to reduce the amount of snoring.


By adjusting the base it is possible to alter the degree of comfort that you are able to enjoy. There’s no more twirling and turning until you have found the perfect position. Adjustable beds permit you to set pre-sets to your height preferences to allow you to easily settle into your bed whether you’re watching television or reading a book or trying to get ready for bed.

Some beds are even equipped with a zero-gravity mode that makes you feel completely weightless. This sensation is meant to give you a deeper sleep by relieving the pressure on pressure on your lower back.


A lot of adjustable bed frames have additional features like massagers built-in, USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also find beds equipped with lighting under the bed that make getting to the bathroom at the end of the night much simpler.


The Drawbacks Of An Adjustable Bed

Although adjustable beds typically include a number of interesting options, there are certain disadvantages when it comes to having one.

They are large and sometimes heavy pieces of equipment, which means they’re not exactly the most attractive alternatives.

Frames that can be adjusted are also very noisy and extremely difficult to move.

A queen size generally weighs in the vicinity of 120 pounds.


The Best Mattress Types For An Adjustable Bed


Innerspring mattress consist of coils that are covered with a thin layer of foam. their bounce works great with bases that can be adjusted. For those who want to purchase both a mattress and adjustable beds innerspring mattresses are usually an affordable option.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress are designed to conform to your body shape, providing professional pressure relief. These foams are elastic enough to adjust to the frame’s size.


Mattresses made of latex are naturally tough as well as breathable and comfortable to breathe. The mattress is durable when coupled with a base that can be adjusted because its springy nature is able to conform and adjusts to shifts in the position.


Like the name suggests it is hybrid mattresses hybrid mattress includes two or more components, usually foam and coils. It gives you the shape of memory foam, as well as the stability that an innerspring provides. The coils assist in shaping the mattress into an adjustable base, by rapidly responding to movements.


The Best Adjustable Mattress For Back Pain

Here is our list of what we feel are the best adjustable mattresses for back pain:

Saatva Solaire


Its Saatva Solaire is an adjustable air mattress featuring six comfort layers and sleepers have the option of 50 different levels of firmness that are accessible through a remote. You can also alter the height settings to suit the height you prefer to lie down in the bed. Its innovative design includes premium latex and an elongated base that is supportive, the Solaire excels in adapting to changing movements, earning an 8/10 for its responsiveness at the Mattress Advisor testing lab. Solaire is way above and beyond its competitors with its white-glove delivery service , which will make mattress assembly a breeze. Naturally, the incredible degree of personalization comes with a the cost of a premium mattress however, a great quality night’s sleep is priceless.

  • Mattress Type: Adjustable air bed
  • Score: 9.3/10
  • Hardness From soft (3) to firm (8)
  • The Trial Period of Returns: 180 nights





DreamCloud can be described as a luxurious hybrid mattress which promotes good spine alignment , and offers a the comfort of a soft bed to sleep on. With an adjustable base the DreamCloud’s soft and comfortable foam layers help to improve the mattress’s ability to relieve pressure and provide maximum comfort. This is an excellent choice to back or stomach-sleepers who require a bed that won’t create back pain, and also provides an extra level of support.

The mattress also has the cover made of cashmere, memory foam infused with gel, and individually wrapped coils, a hybrid that isn’t often seen in a mattress that costs less than $2000. These materials helped keep the spines of testers in perfect alignment, earning the DreamCloud 9/10 out of 10 score in the area of spine alignment. While the bed is suitable in all sleeping positions however, side sleepers may prefer an extra-soft surface, such as the pillow top on the brand’s latest model called The DreamCloud Premier.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid (memory foam and coils)
  • Score: 9.1/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5/10)
  • Trial Time with Returns: 365 nights



GhostBed Classic

ghostbed classic

The best mattress can help improve your sleeping quality and enhance sexual satisfaction and performance. This GhostBed Classic’s layer of aerated, latex offers a smooth surface and keeps you cool. The same is true of the memory foam infused with gel. The cooling technology and the high-responsiveness makes it a perfect combination for both sex and hybrid sleepers, who switch position frequently throughout the night.

Contrary to other mattresses of similar price The GhostBed offers a free 100-night trial of sleep and a warranty of 20 years. The company offers an adjustable base however, its mattresses are suitable for other frame models available on the market.

  • Type of Mattress: Latex foam
  • Score 8.6/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (7.5/10)
  • The Trial Period of Returns: 101 nights





Nectar blends all the great characteristics that foam mattresses have into one mattress with contouring, comfort, as well as pressure point relief. Its soft and comfortable feel lets you relax into the mattress, while the sturdy base provides ample spinal support. The mattress’s three thick memory foam layers support your pressure points and they’re flexible enough that they can adjust to a frame that is adjustable.

Typically, you’ll find the queen size for the market for just $1000 and that’s a bargain considering the quality of the Nectar’s materials. However, what distinguishes this mattress from other mattresses is the year-long trial of sleep and a lifetime warranty that is not common for mattresses made of memory foam.

  • Mattress Type: Gel memory foam
  • Score: 8.7/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (6.5/10)
  • Trial Time with Returns: 365 nights





Medium-firm Puffy mattress features a supple memory foam structure. The cushy layer easily conforms to an adjustable base , and can withstand movement, which means that couples sharing the same bed do not have be concerned about disturbing one in the middle of the night. The Puffy also features a ‘Cooling Cloud Layer that makes use of the gel-like memory foam for dispersing heat which can be advantageous for both sexual intimacy as well as sleep.

However, despite the best efforts of Puffy but it’s still a foam-only mattress, which means it may not be comfortable enough for those who sleep hot. But, Puffy is one of the top mattresses from Mattress Advisor’s memory foam mattresses, and since the release of the first Puffy mattress in the year 2016 the range of models from the brand has grown to include the Puffy Lux along with the Puffy Royal models.

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Score: 9/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (7/10)
  • Test Period to Return: 101 nights




Casper Hybrid

Casper is an memory foam mattress of three specific support zones to ease pressure points and help maintain an ideal spine alignment regardless of the position you sleep in. If you use it with an adjustable foundation, it’s 12-inch foam profile is able to flex to conform to the frame.

The Casper will ensure you’re sleeping in a good posture throughout the night with soft foam under the shoulders, and a firmer layer under the hips and behind. It was rated a 10/10 in responsiveness according to Mattress Advisor, which is perfect for those who sleep in a combination who are prone to changing positions throughout the night. Because of its all-foam constructionand design, those who are hot may not feel the mattress to be cool enough. However, Casper has now introduced hybrid models such as Casper Wave Hybrid. Casper Wave Hybrid for those who want the more efficient airflow of innersprings.

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Score: 9.1/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (6/10)
  • Test Period to Returns: 100 nights



Saatva Classic


Saatva Classic lets you select between three levels of firmness at the time of checkout including plush-soft, luxury-firm and firm. If you’re worried about keeping an ideal spine alignment throughout the night, the luxurious-firm or medium-firm model is ideal for you. Side sleepers might prefer the plush-soft model which offers cushioning to the shoulders and hips as stomach and back sleepers will appreciate the additional support offered by the firmer model.

The Classic received top marks according to Mattress Advisor for spine alignment durability, endurance, and edge support. whatever firmness level you pick will be a great choice. The 11.5-inch height can be used with an adjustable base and Saatva provides free white glove delivery on all of its mattresses.

  • Type of Mattress: Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Score: 9.3/10
  • Firmness: The plush soft (3/10) Luxury-firm (6/10) plus firm (8/10)
  • Test Period to Return: 180 nights




layla sleep

If you often suffer from back discomfort An adjustable base lets you rest on an inclined position that reduces the pressure on your lower back while promoting a healthier sleep position. When you pair it with the Memory foam Layla mattress it will get the most benefit from pain relief. This is because the Layla has the most unique feature of memory foam mattresses It’s adjustable and flippable. One side is soft with a 4/10 on the firmness scale while the other is quite firm with 7/10.

Layla provides a wonderful balance of support and comfort on its firmer side, and the majority of people who suffer from back pain opt for a more comfortable, more firm mattress. Memory foam on top lets you to sink your hips just to the right level, and the solid inner foam prevents your body from sinking too much and keeps your spine’s naturally “S” shape. On the other part of the mattress, or the more soft side, there’s plenty of pressure relief when your hips and shoulders are aching and need additional cushioning. Whichever side you pick it’s a win in pain relief.

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam
  • Score: 8.8/10
  • Firmness: Soft to medium (4/10) with firm (7/10)
  • Trial Time with Returns: 120 nights



Bear Hybrid

Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid mattress stands out from other hybrid beds due to being GreenGuard Gold certified and comes with CertiPUR-US-certified foams to provide a more comfortable and healthier night’s sleeping.

The mattress works well with different elevation settings as its coils are bouncy and flex together with the frame that can be adjusted to maintain an upright posture and ensure your back is supported (Mattress Advisor has given it an 9.5 /10 for alignment with your spine). But, due to the coil structure the mattress isn’t able to restrict movement well (it received an 6.25 from 10 on motion transfer) which means that couples might prefer a different option to find a mattress.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid (memory foam and coils)
  • Score: 9/10
  • Firmness: Medium-firm (6.3/10)
  • The Trial Period of Returns:100 nights



What Is The Best Way To Buy An Mattress And A Bed For Back Pain

The purchase of a new mattress to alleviate back pain will require you to talk with your physician in order to identify the cause of your back discomfort and to determine the extent to which a new mattress likely to make any impact.

If the purchase of a new mattress is a decision that has been made and you are able to decide, then think about the kind of mattress, its degree of firmness, and other specifics such as zoned support, which may aid in helping to ease back discomfort.

You might also want to think about purchasing an adjustable frame as altering your angle on the sleeping mattress could have a huge impact on relieving back pain because of the distribution of your body weight with respect to gravity forces.

The three step mattress and buying guide to back pain can assist you in dialing into the details in greater specific detail.

Determine The Root Of Your Back Pain

Before you purchase a mattress that may alleviate lower back discomfort, the initial thing you should do is speak to your doctor or a licensed medical professional to identify the source of the back discomfort.

It is then advisable to ask whether purchasing a mattress is likely to have an impact in resolving the issue, and, if yes, what specific specifications they suggest for the mattress you have chosen (soft spring, firm memory foam, etc.).

In spite of what the marketing materials could make you believe that buying an orthopedic mattress specifically designed to ease back pain could not have any effect.

Because the final outcome will depend on your specific medical health condition, and the type of treatment recommended by your physician.

Below is a list of most frequent kinds of back pain, and the possible causes. They range from physical issues to the mattress and way of sleeping.

Different kinds of back pain

Here are a few of the most popular kinds of back discomfort:

  • Low back pain: Lower back pain can manifest as any of a range of symptoms, from a mild discomfort to a stabbing or shooting sensation which could be the result of an injury to the muscle or more intricate medical problem.
  • Mid and upper back discomfort: The upper and middle back pain usually covers discomfort that extends from the top of your neck all the way to the top of your ribcage. The discomfort could be caused by the pull of a muscle, osteoarthritis, pinched nerves and poor posture or any other problem [1111.
  • The pain of axial back: Axial (or mechanical) back pain is generally limited only to lower back area and isn’t a cause of pain that can be referred to other areas in the body.
  • The pain of the back is radicular: Radicular back pain can radiate through your hips and back and down your spinal nerve root . This may cause the sensation of tingling, numbness and muscle weakness as a result of pressure or pinching of the spinal nerve. This may result from an arthritis or herniated disc 12.
  • Back pain that is acute: Acute back pain can last for a few days or weeks , and typically occurs as a result of an injury that occurs suddenly or the sudden onset of an illness.
  • The chronic backache: chronic back pain usually lasts many weeks or more and may be caused by an injury or an illness.

The Medical Causes To Treat Back Pain

If you see with your physician, you stand a good likelihood that you’ll find that the pain in your back is caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Strain: torn or stretched ligaments or muscles due to injuries or improper lifting are the most common causes of back pain.
  • Sciatica: sciatica (also known as Radiculopathy) results from the compression on the sciatic nerve. It usually causes a shivering or burning discomfort throughout the lower back area and possibly to one side of one leg.
  • The disc that is slipping: A disc that is slipped (prolapsed or herniated) disc occurs where the soft tissues between your vertebrae expands outwards and creates discomfort throughout your lower back (although some cases can cause no symptoms at all) [1313.
  • Arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis spondylitis and other inflammation conditions that affect the spine could result in back pain caused by arthritis.
  • Osteoporosis: A decrease in bone density could result in painful vertebrae fractures.
  • Abnormal curvature of the spine: such as scoliosis and lordosis and kyphosis are instances in which the spine curves or arches too much and can cause discomfort.
  • Other ailments: There are numerous other ailments that may be causing back pain. These include congenital disorders like spina bifida or degenerative conditions that affect the spinal cord and nerve issues, and other causes such as kidney stones, fibromyalgia tumors, cancers or pregnancy.

The Cause Of Back Pain May Be Caused By Your Mattress

In some instances it is possible that your mattress could be the reason for your back pain . This is typically the case when you wake up with an aching lower back which eases over the day but then resurfaces in the morning because of your posture being unbalanced.

Poor posture while sleeping could cause back pain as it places excessive stress on joints and muscles and joints. This can also hinder you from going to sleep deeply and wake you up frequently due to your nerves and muscle fibers being stimulated in an attempt to alleviate the strain being put on your body.

Here are the most important motives for why your mattress might cause back discomfort:

  • Sagging: Mattress that is sagging is usually identified by a dip that is greater than 1-2 inches in depth and extends across a substantial space of the mattress, typically along the middle of a single-sleeper mattress or in the lower half of the mattress of a double sleeper. Sagging that is deep can result in back pain because of the joints and muscles being in a stifling position throughout the night.
  • Body impressions: Body impressions are regions of sagging that coincide with the areas you rest on. It’s typical to observe body impressions developing in mattresses that are old around the hips, where a substantial portion of your weight will be centered and can cause lower back discomfort in the event that the hips dip cause them to fall into bad posture.
  • Too soft: If your mattress is in general too soft, you could suffer from back pain because you sink too deeply into the mattress and your posture can be compromised. This is a major danger when you weigh over 300 pounds, or sleep on your side, or use a mattress that is old (especially when it’s made out of polyfoam with low density and memory foam).
  • The mattress is not firm enough: Your mattress could cause back discomfort if it’s too hard since you won’t be capable of sinking deep enough into the material to provide pressure relief for the more noticeable areas of your body like your hips. This can cause problems when you weigh less than 150 pounds because the weight of your body is lower, which means that you’re inclined to lay on top of your mattress (which results in a build-up and pressure to the top of your body as well as in the joints).
  • Lack of support: If the support core that lowers your mattress is in a state of sagging, damaged, or has a defect, it’s likely that you’ll experience a poor posture which could result in back discomfort. This is common among old mattresses that have been worn down.

The Cause Of Back Pain May Be Caused By Your Sleeping Position

Alongside the mattress and your sleeping position, your posture could be contributing to your back pain, particularly when your mattress is stretched.

This is because every sleeping position has its own pressure points on your mattress that are different from sleeper-to-sleeper according to your body weight and the specifics of the mattress.

For the most common sleeping positions (stomach/front side, stomach, and rear) The following guidelines are applicable to every position in relation to the possibility of back discomfort:

  • Stomach sleeping: If you sleep solely on your stomach, this is the position most likely to result in neck and back pain if you sleep on a loose mattress or one too soft as the more your hips are pushed into your mattress the more pressure increases in your neck and lower back. The more weight you carry, the more risk you run – therefore an extra firm mattress with smaller pillows (under 3 inches of the loft) is the most effectively if you’re a back sleeper who weighs more than 230 pounds.
  • Side sleepers: If you’re side sleepers is more likely to suffer from discomfort in your hips or shoulders if the mattress you sleep on is too hard due to the amount of pressure that is placed on these regions, while the mattress that is extremely soft (especially for those who weigh more than 230 pounds) could result in your hips sinking too deeply into the material, which can cause lateral accumulation of pressure on the lower part of your back.
  • Back sleepers: sleeping on your back is generally considered the ‘safest’ position if you have back pain, however, you can still experience lumbar discomfort if the mattress is too soft or too firm to the extent that it causes you to sleep in poor posture or results in pressure points building up on your hips/spine/shoulders.

Back Pain Caused By Your Body Weight

Alongside the quality of your mattress and your sleeping position the weight of your body can influence the probability of suffering from back pain in the following ways:

More than 230 pounds

If you weigh over the weight of 230 pounds, you’re much inclined to fall down into mattress’s materials, which could increase the likelihood of ending up with an uncomfortable posture, especially if resting on mattresses that are lax or worn out. too soft. With heavier front sleepers who are heavier the most prone to suffering lower back pain because of the possibility of back being hammocked.

As a more weighted and heavier sleeper, it’s likely that you’ll be more comfortable on the middle of a mattress that is slightly firmer – for example, medium-firm or extra-firm, when you’re a front or back sleeper as the extra surface tension may help keep your hips in alignment to prevent back pain.

If, however, you’re a side-sleeper over 300 lbs, things become slightly more difficult because , while you’ll require some extra force to ensure you’re in a an upright position, you’ll require a little more flexibility in the upper layers to allow your shoulders to rest and not feel on the edge.

In this scenario, I would suggest going for the hybrid spring memory foam mattress or hybrid foam spring that has individually wrapped coils, which are available in moderate or medium firm (consider extra-firm or firm in cases of extreme weight or you’re certain that you prefer a more firm mattress).

Since the foam provides sufficient material compression to relieve the stress on your shoulders. Moreover, the firmer feeling combined with the adaptive support of springs will keep your posture in good shape to avoid back pain.

In reality regardless of your sleep position, as a heavy sleeper, I strongly suggest hybrid memory foam/latex foam mattresses due the balance between the relief of pressure and support since it’s a fantastic combination to reduce the chance of having back pain all over.

Under 150lbs

In the event that you are less weight than 150 pounds, then you’ll have the opposite issue as heavier weight sleepers . Instead of sinking into the mattress most likely, you’ll be prone to resting on top of the mattress.

This could lead to a accumulation of pressure in joints as a result of internal compression forces. In turn, the more visible areas of your body are likely to be a source of pain, generally resulting in back hip, shoulder and shoulder discomfort (depending on the position you sleep in and the quality of your mattress).

To alleviate this you should consider an extremely soft or medium-soft mattress when you’re a side-sleeper less than 150 pounds (maybe perhaps an even-soft mattress if you weigh less than 130 pounds) to ensure the tension is lessened from your hips and shoulders.

A medium or medium-soft firmness could be the best choice if you’re person who sleeps in the back or front, so that you’re still getting the slightest amount of surface tension to maintain your posture and ease compression pressures in your back.

If you are a light-weight sleeper (especially when you have an incredibly low percent of body fat) and then memory foam and latex foam-topped mattresses are recommended because they can mould around your body’s shape more precisely , thereby preventing back pain that is caused through pressure point.

It is possible to choose all-foam models if you prefer (especially in the case of an unweighted couple as the foam material is able to slow down movements quite well) But hybrid mattresses are an excellent option.

Choose the Mattress

If your doctor believes that a new mattress might be able to ease your back pain, then it is important to ask them which kind of mattress they suggest to treat your specific condition.

If they aren’t able to provide the name of a brand, ask them if they have a link an extra firm or soft mattress is the best choice and also the most popular materials.

In most instances, the doctor will not be able tell the exact model of mattress to purchase (unless they have a good understanding about mattresses) Therefore, you may make use of the information below to get some guidelines (which is more reliable than guessing).

Select The Type Of Mattress

The purchase of a mattress online is a fantastic option to save lots of dollars (up up to 50percent or greater as compared to purchasing in-store, if you take into account discounts).

If you haven’t bought one for some time and you’re somewhat overwhelmed by the terminology , especially considering the hybrid and memory foam and latex mattresses are more likely to be sold by stores more so than traditional spring mattresses.

Here’s a brief review of the most popular mattress types , along with some tips for which one to choose to help prevent back pain based on your personal sleeping habits and physical features.


Hybrid mattresses feature springs that are made up of memory foam, latex foam polyfoam, or a mixture in the top layer.

The best hybrid mattresses are ideal for preventing back pain since the foam that is in the top layer can relieve the pressure that normally accumulates in your shoulders, back and hips. Likewise, the support core beneath can aid in keeping you in good posture.

Hybrid mattresses that have individual wrapped coils or zoned support are particularly beneficial for those who are heavier and have back pain as the springs may prevent you from sinking far into the mattress while conforming to the curves of your body, providing better pressure relief and support.

Memory Foam

Mattresses that have Memory Foam in their upper layers are ideal for relieving back pain as the foam is made to react to the body’s heat and weight in order to adapt to the precise shapes of your body.

It can help in decreasing pressure points in your body. This can be helpful if your back discomfort is caused by pressure (such as sciatica, slipped discs back curvatures, arthritis, etc.).

Hybrid memory foam mattresses offer this pressure relief while offering excellent postural support There’s also the possibility of an ‘all-foam’ memory foam mattress in which the support layer beneath is usually made of polyfoam.

Although I personally think the hybrid mattress is always the most suitable choice for sleepers of all types These all-foam mattresses may be more suitable for couples since the all-foam construction will result in a less noisy mattress, while also reducing the transfer of cross-mattresses to lessen nighttime disturbances.

Latex Foam

Similar to memory foam Latex foam is great in providing pressure relief. It will benefit you if suffer from back pain that is caused by pressure.

However, unlike many types of memory foam latex foam doesn’t need your body heat to change its shape to conform to your body’s shape.

This is a good thing, but it also means that the latex foam isn’t able to mold exactly as closely to your bodyshape, it does mean that it generally retains lesser heat (which is great if an individual who sleeps warmer) and is more bouncy (making it more comfortable to move around on case you’re a combination sleeping with a restless habit).

There is the option of selecting an all-foam hybrid spring mattress (which is the coolest kind of mattress) or an all-foam mattress (which could be a fantastic method to reduce dust mite allergies as well as sensitive skin because of its Hypoallergenic qualities of this latex).

However, you should search for mattresses made from latex made of natural latex rather than synthetic SBR latex as natural latex is generally more durable and has a less unpleasant smell.

Traditional Spring

Traditional spring mattresses feature an upholstered top layer , which is typically not as durable or as adaptable as the foam used in the top-quality hybrid mattresses.

So, while springs are able to give you a good back support, they are more likely to suffer from back pain caused by pressure points due to the high-intensity of springs.

However, this may not be the case however but you might find that a standard spring mattress is the cheapest alternative to buying mattresses that assist in protecting against back discomfort.

If you want to increase the odds to your advantage I would recommend opting for a high-quality hybrid mattress due to the relief properties of memory foam and latex foam.

‘Orthopedic’ Mattresses

It could be that your doctor is having you purchase an orthopaedic mattress to ease back discomfort.

But, there’s no official standards that make one mattress more orthopedic than the other which means you’re generally dependent on the marketing strategies of every mattress manufacturer14.

In general it is common that mattresses with a ‘orthopedic’ design tend to be more firm side. They also have characteristics (such as zones of support) that could offer more support for joints and bones which could or won’t aid in relieving back discomfort.

I’d say you’re much more likely to end with a mattress that’s appropriate for relieving back pain if first you visit your physician to determine the cause of the problem. If they give you the approval to purchase an entirely new mattress and choose the level of firmness and material that is according to your position of sleep and your body weight (as explained within this guide to buying).

Mattresses Recommended From Chiropractors And Doctors

When you shop on the internet for a mattress that can ease back pain, you could find mattresses recommended by chiropractorsand doctors, and/or supported by “scientific studies”.

Although some mattresses may be recommended by such experts, it is important be aware that the majority of the “studies that were mentioned were conducted by the mattress companies themselves.

I’m not saying any person is lying however I do suggest that you investigate these studies if you are able to access the papers published and make your own decision as to the credibility of these claims.

Choose The Firmness, And Support

As mentioned earlier In the past, the degree of firmness indicates the level of tension on the surface that makes the mattress feel soft or hard when you lay down on it.

Support differs from firmness because while it’s a preference mostly influenced by the top areas of the mattress (with some carrying over to the bottom layers) The support is determined by the lower support layer in particular.

“Good support” is an essential factor when purchasing a mattress. It is especially important when purchasing a mattress that will aid in relieving back pain since an insufficient amount of support could cause back pain from poor posture.

For you to ensure you buy the mattress that has outstanding support, take a look into consideration the shape for the support and the materials used . Strong individual wrapped steel coils are generally the most effective.

However, if you’re planning to purchase an all-foam mattress, be certain that the polyfoam or latex layer is composed of high-density foam.

The right amount of firmness can be a challenge due to the fact that it is based on your body’s weight, sleep position, and personal preferences.

Search For Specifications

Are you looking for a mattress that has the following features? It could be able to assist you alleviate or even prevent back pain.

Zoned Pressure Relief

Mattresses that have zones for pressure relief generally contain a firmer, more padded upper comfort layer that surrounds the hips to offer more support. The shoulder foam tends to be more softer to allow more material compression.

This can create a more customized sleep surface , which can also help to fight pressure and postural back discomfort.

Zoned Support

Mattresses with zoned support work exactly the same way as mattresses with pressure relief zones however the difference in firmness comes from the support core that is lower which is typically made up of springs with different gauges or foams of different degrees of firmness.

The result is typically similar and is usually employed in conjunction with zones of pressure relief to create mattresses with a zoned profile which could help alleviate back discomfort.

Edge Support

Mattresses that have edge support feature the option of a high-density section or more firm springs that go along the edges of the mattress to counter the sinkage as well as roll off.

Edge support can be beneficial If you suffer from back pain and you tend to rest on the edges of your bed when you sleep as it could help to create a more level sleeping mattress.

All-foam mattresses that do not have edge support are the most susceptible to sagging. Therefore, seeking out edge support in these models is essential – or you could opt for the hybrid mattress to have more support overall.

Modifications And Preferences

The design and firmness of the mattress decided The last few elements of choosing the right mattress for your backache are related to personal preferences that could lead to a better sleeping experience when it is chosen in the right way.


If you are an uneasy couple, then an all-foam latex or memory foam mattress is a great choice as the foam could aid in reducing the sensation of motion while decreasing pressure points that could be contributing to your insomnia.

If you both suffer from back pain, it might be worth considering the split firmness option if you’re sleeping in two different types in order that each part of the mattress comes with an individual degree of firmness for each one of you.

If you prefer, you can choose a split king adjustable frame that comes with two twin xl mattresses , giving you total control of your sleeping habits (more about this in the following section).

“Sleeping Cool”

If you’re a sleeper who is warmer with back pain , then opting for an hybrid spring mattress with an inner layer of comfort foam made from latex is likely to be the best option since the coils and foam will help in promoting airflow and keep you cool while changing to assist your back and decrease pressure points.


Mattresses with a thickness of less than eight inches have a higher chance to cause back pain due to the higher chance of sliding through the upper layers of support and transition and contacting the more firm base layer below (especially in the case of weighing more than 230lbs and are sleeping on a foam mattress) that can cause back pain due to pressure or postural imbalance.

To lessen the chance of this happening it’s recommended to choose mattresses that are at least 10-12 inches in thickness and features an extra comfort layer at least 3 inches thick to ensure sufficient cushioning.

If you weigh between 250-275 pounds, you might opt for a thicker mattress in order for a better capacity to support and relieve pressure.

However, the strength of the materials is an important role, along with the type of material that are used. The springs in high-end hybrid mattresses tend to be the most effective and can be considered among the most durable mattresses with no sagging as well.


In terms of stopping neck, upper back and shoulder pain, the correct level of your pillow height (height) is essential as it affects the posture of your spine as well as the muscles surrounding it.

The right pillow loft isn’t easy due to the fact that it is dependent on your position while sleeping the body type and the level of firmness of the mattress in relation to these two (because the heavier you are or the more soft the mattress is, the deeper you sink and the lower the loft should be, with the reverse being the case).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do adjustable beds harm mattresses?

If your mattress that is compatible, there’s no chance of damaging it. However, it’s important to be aware that it could get worn out more quickly. The weight and pressure exerted on certain components of it can lead to faster degradation.Avoiding extreme angles, and placing it flat while it is not being used can extend the lifespan of the mattress.Are mattresses able to be used with beds that are adjustable?

The majority of mattresses can be put in an electronic base however there are some limitations. The following mattresses aren’t or shouldn’t be used with an electric base that is altered:
  • Mattresses that are made of hard materials in them, such as wires at the edges, foam panels, or even wood
  • There are many coil and innerspring mattresses (check the manufacturer’s description of the product)
  • Air chambers in beds are blocked as the base bends
  • Waterbeds (haha, can you imagine?)
  • The products explicitly mention in the warranty that they cannot be used by an adjustable base

Should I choose the mattress that is firm or soft?

The medium-firm option is the good option. The surface which is overly hard may not be able to settle to the bottom, particularly in angles with more curves. But a surface which is soft isn’t likely to last for as long.Additionally, a surface that’s too soft can make you feel that you’re sinking too deeply particularly when you’re at an angle that’s like zero gravity. Softer surfaces may make your body to slide beyond the comfort layers onto the hard surface, which can result in an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
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