9 Picks For Best Bed Frame For Foam Mattress (2022)

Are you looking for the best bed frame for a foam mattress? We looked at the best memory foam mattress frames and bed bases on the market so you could make an informed decision.

Memory foam bed frames are ideal for those who require nighttime support as well as pain and discomfort treatment.

If you don’t have the correct bed frame for your memory foam mattress, all of this support will be for naught.

If you’ve recently purchased or are considering purchasing a new mattress that is foam, you’ll need to locate a new bed frame that complements your mattress.


What Makes the Best Bed Frame For Foam Mattress?

Is a memory foam mattress bed frame different from other types of bed foundations?

Not really.

However, there are some elements that determine whether a bed frame is a good or bad choice for a memory foam mattress. I’ll make a list for you below.


Today’s bed frames might be built of wood, metal, or a combination of the two. Let’s take a look at how each of these materials interacts with a memory foam mattress.

Wood: Wooden bed frames have a rustic appearance and are durable enough to withstand years of use on a solid base. Wide wooden slats, on the other hand, might obstruct airflow, making your mattress more prone to body heat and mold growth.

Metal: Metal bed frames are more strong and durable than wooden bed frames. However, because metal slats are typically thinner, you may feel them during sleep if you have a soft memory foam mattress or are heavier.

Composite: These are the most sophisticated. They can assist you deal with two key difficulties of memory foam beds: weak edges and drooping, by combining bouncy wooden slats and a solid metal perimeter.


Bed frames should, of course, support both you and your mattress, and this will be the case for the majority of bed frames when you first buy them.

Some bed frames, on the other hand, are not made to last and can break down with time. When purchasing for a bed frame, one of the most important factors to consider is durability.

Check the bed frame’s specifications to determine if it stops the mattress from sinking into the frame or causing sections to shift. After all, a bed is only as good as the bed frame it is supported by.

Keep in mind to always be setting your bed frame on a flat surface.

Slat Spacing

The distance between slats is crucial, especially if you intend to utilize your bed frame with a memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is robust and elastic, and it conforms to the shapes and surfaces it is in contact with. As a result, if the slat spacing is excessively wide, it may cause unequal support and premature sagging.

The optimal slat spacing for a memory foam bed, in my opinion, is 5-6 inches apart; making it great for small spaces.

However, if you choose for a firmer bed with a deep foam base, you may be able to accommodate larger spaces.


This factor may have an impact on one’s bed frame experience, thus it’s critical to choose the height while keeping the mattress thickness in mind.

Thinner memory foam mattresses, for example, work best with taller bed frames. The problem is that if the bed is too low to the ground, it can be difficult for sleepers to exit it (especially those with back pain or slight mobility issues).

Taller mattresses are often compatible with both low-profile and high-profile bed frames.

The bed can feel elevated with a taller frame and a thick mattress. Of course, this will make it appear bulky. At the same time, getting out of a taller bed is much easier.

A thick mattress may also appear sleeker and less dominating among other bedroom furnishings when teamed with a low-profile bed frame.


Size matters when it comes to bed frames. Despite the fact that bed frames will mention a general size for which they are manufactured, sizes will vary depending on the manufacturer, and they will not necessarily fit the bed that they are intended for, even though the general size is stated on the box.

When looking for a bed frame, make sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s exact specs and compare them to the dimensions of your memory foam mattress. You’ll be able to ensure that your mattress will fit into or onto your bed frame when you buy it this way.

Aesthetics and Overall Design

While design is probably the last thing on your mind, it is really essential to a lot of individuals.

Although some bed frames are excellent at supporting the mattress, they may not be aesthetically beautiful or fit the general style of the bedroom in which they will be used.

Take a look at the room you’ll be putting the bed frame in and ask yourself, “Is this bed frame going to work with my bedroom?” before you buy it. Also, consider whether having a matching bed frame is necessary.


For some people, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Although plain and simple bed frames can work, some people want extra drawers, wheels to move the bed frame about the room, and other amenities that make it more than just a bed frame.

If these kind of supplementary features are important to you, browse around to discover what options you have. However, it’s critical that you pay attention to important qualities like support and durability.

It’s fantastic to have more bed storage, but it’s not so great if your bed frame breaks down or degrades your sleep quality.


Last but not least, you should think about how convenient your bed frame will be to use. What exactly does this imply? So, you’ll want to examine how long it takes to assemble your bed frame, how easy it is to disassemble it, and how easy it is to move around while it’s disassembled or even totally assembled.

If a bed frame is worth the time and effort it will take to assemble or move it, go for it! Keep this in mind while shopping for a bed frame if you want one that is considerably easier in all of these aspects.


Best Bed Frame For Foam Mattress

Allow us to help you choose the right bed frame for you.

Below are our picks for the best bed frames you can get for your foam mattress.

All of the below picks are a great option and offer easy setup.

Ghostbed All-in-One Foundation

ghostbed foundationThe Ghostbed All-in-One platform foundation is one of the best bed frames for foam mattresses, and it would be ideal for someone who values versatility. Keep in mind this is not an adjustable base.

The frame is equipped with movable legs, allowing you to customize the height of your bed to your liking. Perhaps your memory foam mattress is too short for you and you’d want a taller bed? Or perhaps you’d like your overly-thick mattress to be a little closer to the ground? Whatever the situation, the GhostBed is here to assist you.

Furthermore, this bed frame is highly durable and dependable. It’s made entirely of metal and has an extra beam in the centre for further support. It may provide a strong base for your mattress and may even help it last longer (by preventing unwanted sags). It’s compatible with headboard brackets, so you may play around with different bedroom layouts and couple the frame with whatever nearly headboard you choose.

Overall, the GhostBed is a good option to explore, especially if you want a bed frame that you can customize.



Nectar Foundation Bed

nectar-platform-bedIf you’re seeking for the best deal, the Nectar could be the finest option. It can meet the majority of your requirements without breaking the bank. After all, the Nectar has all of the qualities that make it one of the best bed frames for memory foam mattresses, plus a few extra features that I’ll go over below.

To begin with, the Nectar is quite well-made. The primary is a metal frame, and the slats are made of wood. There’s also a core support beam that ensures your memory foam mattress is well supported from edge to edge. And here’s the best part: the Nectar bed frame is incredibly simple to put together. It includes all of the necessary tools as well as detailed instructions, so you won’t have to waste time putting it together.

The headboard is, of course, another amazing feature of this model. It’s a fantastic addition, especially given the low price. Furthermore, the headboard is really attractive and may simply refresh the look of your bedroom. It may also make lying in bed a lot more pleasant. You may easily lean your back on the headboard while reading a book, watching TV, or even eating breakfast in bed.

Overall, the Nectar bed frame would be an excellent choice for memory foam mattress owners looking for a solid all-in-one foundation.

They also offer an adjustable bed frame if you prefer.



Puffy Bed Frame

puffy bed frameWhat makes a good memory foam mattress bed frame? Optimal support, long-lasting structure, and attractive appearance. All of this is possible with the Puffy (and even more). This attractive upholstered bed frame comes with a headboard and is quite affordable. Plus, because to its streamlined appearance, it can blend in with practically any interior.

This is a slatted bed frame, which means it can keep your memory foam mattress fresh and cool by maintaining optimal ventilation. The slats are composed of sturdy wood and are designed to be noiseless. I was doubtful about this feature at first, but I put the Puffy bed frame to the test, and it didn’t squeak even when I moved about a lot on top of it.

Overall, this bed frame appears to be quite solid and attractive. I’m confident that the Puffy will satisfy a wide spectrum of sleepers, particularly those searching for a good deal.

Puffy also offers an adjustable bed base that can be adjusted to your personal preference.



Winkbeds Platform Foundation

wink-platform_foundationWhether your mattress is a little too soft or you (and possibly your spouse) desire to feel more safe in bed, the Winkbeds platform could be the answer. This type is one of the most durable and best memory foam mattress bed frames available. It is made of high-quality materials and has an excellent build quality. As a result, it should last a long time and be suitable for sleepers of all sizes.

Another feature you might like is the Winkbeds’ attractive upholstered style. It only comes in one hue, but it’s really neutral and would go with virtually any decor. This simple bed frame appears more expensive than it is because of the cloth encasement. It may transform your bedroom into a trendy addition, especially if you want to give it a new look.

In a word, the Winkbeds foundation is a worthwhile investment, particularly for someone who wants to feel extra safe and supported.



Amerisleep Bed Frame

amerisleep foundationThe platform bed from Amerisleep is one of the standouts in this list of the best frames for memory foam mattresses. Offering easy assembly, Amerisleep bed frame’s elegant appearance is the first thing that comes to mind when considering this type.

It would effortlessly fit into almost any interior. The Amerisleep bed frame also has a low profile, making it appropriate for mattresses that are taller. It will provide adequate support for a thick mattress while remaining unobtrusive. It’s also easier to get in and out of the bed foundation when it’s not too high.

The Amerisleep platform bed’s slat design, on the other hand, would be ideal for memory foam mattresses. Solid wood slats are used in this model. Because they are extra-wide and strong, the Amerisleep can provide dependable support.

To be honest, when I installed my mattress on this bed frame, it seemed a little stiffer (which I appreciate, as sturdier support is better for proper spinal alignment). A slatted design like this is also more likely to keep a memory foam mattress from developing soft areas.



The Frame by Keetsa

Keetsa FrameDon’t be fooled by the frame’s simplicity; Keetsa’s The Frame is a fantastic bed frame that will easily hold your memory foam mattress.

The Frame from Keetsa is a robust, stylish bed frame made of gold brushed steel that gives off an earthy yet elegant vibe.

A wood slat system with birch slats spaced 3 inches apart is utilized to support your mattress on any solid surface. The frame is simple to put together, has plenty of storage capacity with 14 inches of space, and can handle up to 2,000 pounds of weight!

Many users can attest to the bed frame’s durability, and only a few have expressed dissatisfaction. However, one of the most common complaints is that the frame squeaks for certain users. Apart from this little imperfection, Keetsa’s The Frame is nearly flawless.

Built with simplicity, elegance, and support in mind, Keetsa’s The Frame is ideal for consumers who value stylish, long-lasting bed frames.



Purple Mattress Base

the-purple-foundationPurple’s base is an excellent alternative for your memory foam mattress.

It’s a straightforward, and elegant upholstered bed frame that offers sturdy support. The Purple Foundation is incredibly simple to set up and does not require any tools.

This product has been tested to withstand a weight of 2,000 pounds.

It includes headboard attachments and is an excellent bed frame for any mattress.

The fabric cover on it can be washed.

You may return the product for a full refund if you don’t like it, thanks to a 5-year warranty that ensures your purchase is risk-free.



eLuxury Platform Bed Base

eluxury platformThe eLuxurySupply platform bed frame is surely one that satisfies both of these characteristics for individuals who are big on a bed that is easy to use and even support.

The eLuxurySupply platform bed frame is made of 100 percent North American Pine wooden frame and holds up to 900 pounds of weight in an aesthetically beautiful hardwood platform.

Rather than requiring users to spend hours putting this product together with power tools and screws, the eLuxurySupply platform enables a quick snap-in assembly. The bed is supported by wooden slats in this frame. The frame is also shock-resistant and long-lasting.

Fortunately, the bed frame performs just as it should. There are only two concerns associated with acquiring this bed frame, according to reports.

The first issue that many customers have reported is a squeaking sound that occurs over time with use.

The second concern, which is minor in nature, is the lack of a headboard attachment point. These flaws, however, are not significant enough to discourage you from purchasing this bed frame.

Overall, the eLuxurySupply platform bed frame is a well-made piece of furniture that is designed for comfort and longevity. This is a bed frame you should check at if you like bed frames that do the job and don’t take up a lot of time.



Zinus Smartbase Foundation

Best Bed Frame For Foam MattressIf the last bed frame on our list wasn’t easy enough for you, the Zinus SmartBase mattress foundation might be a better fit.

Consumers who have personally experienced the benefits of a memory foam mattress type, like as the Nectar, have quickly gained in popularity. With its modern design and robust support, the Zinus SmartBase mattress base is the ideal complement to your Nectar mattress.

The Zinus SmartBase mattress foundation is a two-piece metal bed frame that looks like two portable folding tables when put together.

This bed frame, like the last one, requires no tools to assemble and can be completed in minutes. This frame is around 14 inches tall and has plenty of room underneath to store extra stuff.

This bed frame is also touted to be noise-free, capable of supporting up to 500 pounds, and capable of supporting a headboard if ordered with the manufacturer’s brackets.

There have been relatively few complaints or difficulties with this bed frame. Some of the concerns that have been observed include squeaking if the bed frame is not properly constructed and the bed frame moving on hardwood floors due to its lightweight.

However, these are minor flaws that have little bearing on the bed frame’s overall performance.

Zinus also offers a steel frame option.



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