Best Bed Frames For A Heavy Person

More than 70% of Americans aged 20 or over are more overweight than the average ( 1).

Yet, finding a reliable, suitable bed frame can seem overwhelming .

Don’t worry, though:

We have you covered if you fall into the larger category.

The list below contains the top 5 best beds frames for a heavy person.

Each one can provide you with comfort and optimal support. We will also share shopping tips and tell you about the best bed frames for a heavy person.

Continue reading to learn more.


What Are The Best Types Of Bed Frames For Heavy People?

There are two options when it comes to bed frames for larger individuals: wooden or metal.

There are many types of both, but the metal models tend to have a cleaner, simpler look. They are often chosen by shoppers who desire a minimalist, stylish, and simple bed frame. Wooden models have a more warm and cozier appearance. Natural wood is unique and wooden bed frames can be a focal point in your home.

Both wood and metal are long-lasting, even if you take out the aesthetics. Wooden models can be more expensive because they are stronger and less susceptible to squeaking. Metal is also easier to maintain. This means that it will last a lot longer if it is taken care of properly. Metal bed frames are often cheaper. Metal can squeak over time. It is for this reason that a little greasing at the junctions would be a good idea.

When choosing between metal beds frames for larger persons, be sure to consider how thick it is. This material can be bent. It’s best to choose models with thicker metal pieces unless you want to purchase a new bed frame.

Talk about saving money and prolonging your furniture’s life…

Wood is very easy to clean up. You only need a bucket of paint ( 2 ) or a small bottle of wood stain ( 2 ). If you’re tired of the look of your wooden bed frame, it is possible to make it more appealing and save money on buying a new one.

There are foldingmodels for metal beds frames that can be won over by many users. Foldable designs are convenient for storage and transport. This is useful if you move frequently, or if you need to store your bed frame compactly.


What Type Of Slats Should You Choose?

You should pay more attention to the material of the main frame if you are a heavier user.

You should also consider the type of slats, as they might offer different levels of support. Even if your frame is strong, the slats could be a problem.

There are two types of slats on the current market: flat (also called solid) or sprung.

As their name implies, solid slats are flat and provide stable support.

They are usually made of solid, sturdy wood, such as pine.

They are ideal for large users because they have a firmer feel.

These slats are also compatible with extra firm mattresses for heavier users, particularly those who are over 230 pounds and need extra support.

Solid slats can also be made of metal.

These are stronger and can withstand heavier weights.

Sprung Slats have a visible upward-facing design (an arched).

These slats are usually made from more flexible wood, and in some cases slightly thinner wood.

The sprung slats bed frames offer softer, more comfortable support.

If you prefer firmer support and more pressure relief, you can pair it with a firmer mattress (for example, if side sleepers).

Sprung slats can reduce the strain on your mattress and increase its lifespan.

One important point to keep in mind:

Whatever slat style you choose, ensure that the spacing between them are suitable for your mattress.

This is particularly important if you’re looking for a good frame to support a memory foam mattress.

Foam can slip through the slats, causing sags.

Most mattress manufacturers recommend bed frames that have a minimum of 3 inches of slat spacing.

However, the requirements will vary depending on the model.


Best Bed Frames For A Heavy Person

Here are our top 5 picks for the best bed frames for heavy people.

They are listed in no particular order.

So, check them all out before making what you feel is the best decision for you.

Lineal Adjustable Bed Base by Saatva

Best Bed Frames For Heavy Person

The Lineal by Saatva is an adjustable base that made our top 5 list.

It can help you feel light and free from tension.

There are many configuration options for the Lineal, including Zero-Gravity which can make you feel light as a feather.

It was especially great after a hard workout, when you feel a little sore. You can also adjust the position of your head and feet to suit your mood and needs.

The highlight of the Saatva bed frame is the larger retainer bar for the mattress.

These bars will keep your mattress in place throughout every frame setup, even if you move around in bed.

This is great news for restless and combination sleepers.


  • Wall-hugging design to increase convenience
  • Quiet hidden motor for zero-noise operation;
  • For unsurpassed relaxation, you can choose from head, leg, or wave massages.



GhostBed Adjustable Base

Best Bed Frames For Heavy People

The GhostBed adjustable bed base is a model that offers an all-in-one solution.

It is extremely sturdy and also offers multiple configurations for your better comfort.

The fact that the footrest can be adjusted to any degree is a plus.

This allows for a variety of positions.

The GhostBed frame also offers multiple massage modes.

They are also super quiet.

Your relaxation sessions will be enjoyable, and you should fall asleep peacefully.


  • Lifetime warranty for your protection as a customer
  • Adjustable design for increased comfort and multiple settings for sleeping and lounging.
  • Soft under-bed LED lighting will guide you in darkness and protect your toes from being accidentally stomped.


Puffy Bed Frame

Best Bed Frames For A Heavy Person

Puffy is the next bed frame that should be considered among the top for heavy sleepers.

Although this model was not made for large users the Puffy is capable of providing reliable support.

The mattress foundation is made of sturdy wooden beams and can provide decent support for heavier users as well as their mattress.

The Puffy bed frame was tested with an extra-heavy hybrid mattress.

The Puffy did not squeak once.


  • Lifetime warranty for your peace of mind
  • Sturdy wooden slats provide unsurpassed support
  • Soft upholstery can be used to create a cozier and warmer appearance.



Nectar Bed Frame

Best Bed Frame Large Person

Are you looking for the best bed frame for heavy sleepers, that will provide both support and additional comfort?

This upholstered bed frame from Nectar comes with a tufted headboard.

The Nectar is ideal for people who love to lounge in bed.

It provides extra support for your back while sitting.

Plus, it looks extra cozy.

You can make your bedroom feel more inviting with the Nectar bed frame.

The Nectar is a minimalist, universal bed frame that can be used in any room.

It is available in two colors: gray (linen), and beige(linen).

Both are very neutral so they would fit in any room.


  • Special set-up for easy and hassle-free assembly
  • Two color options are available to suit different interiors.
  • It comes with a tufted upholstered headboard, and is a great value.


Winkbeds Platform Foundation

Best Bed Frame For Heavy Individual

This platform bed frame is ideal for heavy people who want a minimalist, sleek design that provides adequate support.

Winkbeds are lower to the ground, and will work well with thicker mattresses.

The extra-sturdy, hardwood legs are a great addition to the Winkbeds.

For added support, there are extra legs in the middle.

Its upholstered corners are also something people love.

Winkbeds foundation is a great foundation.

Its foundation has soft edges, rounded legs and no chance of bumps.


  • Additional support can be provided by additional legs or a central beam.
  • Interlocking connectors for fast and simple setup;
  • Wooden frame + slats, and steel end-brackets provide reliable, long-lasting performance.



The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Bed Frame

A heavier sleeper will place more weight on the mattress and bed frame.

The foundation should be strong enough to support the load and prolong the life of the mattress .

This is why heavier people need to spend more time searching for the right bed frame.

A well-made bed frame will last longer and can help users save a lot of money.

But, it’s not all about durability.

Proper bed frames could provide sufficient support for the mattress.

This would ensure proper support for the body, and especially the back, of the sleeper.

Good spinal support means a better alignment of the spine during sleep, and thus, a healthier back.

Unsupportive bed frames can lead to premature mattress sag, which could result in poor back support and other painful symptoms.

This is why heavier people need reliable bed frames.

This would not only make them more comfortable, but it could also keep the back healthy.


Other Factors Worth Considering

After you have made the decision to choose the frame material and type of slats you will want to think about other aspects that might be helpful in making the right choice.

  • Mattress compatibility. If your mattress is not compatible, even the best bed frame will not work. Even more so if you’re looking at an adjustable frame. The slat spacing may not be appropriate for your mattress type. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure to check the specifications. A sturdy bed frame won’t save a mattress that is too old or not as supportive. It might be worth looking at some of the best mattress for heavy people. They would work well with a sturdy bed frame.
  • Weight Capacity. A bed frame’s weight capacity is an important factor for people who are larger than average, especially if they have a heavier mattress like latex or hybrid. Although most manufacturers list the maximum weight capacity of their products on their website, some companies may not provide this information. In these cases, customers will need to contact customer service to find out more. If you share a bed with someone, don’t forget about your partner’s weight.
  • Easy assembly. You might want to prepare for the tedious process of setting up a bed frame. Check to see if the model you’re interested in requires tools, and if so, whether they are included. You might need to purchase additional tools, or ask someone to assist you in assembly. Modern bed frames are not designed to be used with tools. You can choose from a variety of options if you don’t want to spend too long or effort setting up your mattress foundation.
  • Extra support. A bed frame must provide extra support for heavier people, such as additional legs in the middle. A bed frame with only four legs is not ideal. You should choose something stronger (9 legs is ideal, but 6 should be sufficient in most cases). You could also use a center support beam to prevent your mattress’s sagging from pressure applied.
  • Partnered sleeping. You should consider getting a stronger bed frame if your partner is also heavier than you. There are models that can hold 1,000 pounds or more. Bedding should be considered in addition to the mattress’s weight. A sturdy, solid bed frame is essential for a peaceful sleep environment. You can see some additional options .
  • Children. You might consider a bed frame with rounded edges if you have children who often play in your bedroom. In this instance, a model with rounded edges and upholstered edges is a great choice.
  • Noise. A heavier sleeper will put more pressure on the bed frame. This can lead to squeaky sounds, especially if it is made of fragile material. For increased stability, choose models with thicker wood or metal frames and legs. For quieter operation, ensure that the bolts are tightened properly before assembling the frame. To see how noisy your bed frame might be, you may also find it useful to review other buyers’ reviews. To warn others about potential pitfalls, many people leave reviews after long usage.
  • A trial and warranty. This isn’t something that many bed frame companies offer, but some do offer an in-home test to allow users to try out their new bed frame. Look for companies like Nectar if you’re a little hesitant. The warranty can be a reflection of the product’s quality. In most cases, the longer the warranty period, the more reliable your bed frame will be. It’s best to choose models with at least a few year’s coverage. For heavier users who want something more reliable, there are companies that offer lifetime warranties.
  • Height and storage A taller bed frame with plenty of storage space under the mattress is a good choice if your bedroom is small. Hidden drawers and shelves are also available. You might prefer minimalism, but a bed frame that is too low to the ground may be more difficult to remove.
  • Headboard. Bed frames with a headboard tend to be more expensive. There are also models with brackets that allow you to attach a headboard to your bed frame later. This construction allows users to experiment with their bedroom’s style by choosing different headboards.



You can be a bigger person and still enjoy a good sleep.

Many good bed frames can prove this.

Be careful when selecting a mattress foundation.

You need reliable support and durability .

You should choose models with thicker metal/wood and additional legs.

Before you buy your bed frame, make sure to check the warranty period.

The longer the warranty period, the better protection you’ll get as a customer.

Don’t forget about checking the weight capacity, especially if your partner is sharing your bed.

If you’re open to suggestions, the GhostBed is a great recommendation.

The adjustable bed frame is extremely sturdy and comes with tons of bells & whistles.

With a simple button, users can adjust the position of their bed to get more comfort.

For reliable performance, it also features extra legs in its middle.

You can also choose from a variety of massage modes for fast relaxation and sleep before falling asleep.

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