The 12 Best Daybed Mattresses

One of the most effective methods to maximize your space is to choose furniture that can serve more than one function.

In this case instead of a traditional footstool, consider an ottoman with an internal storage space. It is possible to find a coffee stable with a bench or seating that can slide underneath it. If you are looking for sleeping arrangements, for you or your guests, a daybed or sleeper sofa bed is something to think about.

In this article, we’ll look at the history behind daybeds and examine some of the benefits they offer. We’ll also offer helpful suggestions on choosing a mattress for your daybed and give you our top recommendations.


What is a Daybed?

When you hear “bed” it is likely to bring thoughts of sleep , which usually refers to the act of sleeping in the night. In fact, putting “bed” along with “day” within the same phrase or even the word “bed” could be a bit odd. Daybeds, however are increasing in popularity and are becoming very well-liked.

It is a daybed is essentially tiny bed that is usually one that is twin-sized, which is enclosed by three sides. It has the appearance of an extremely deep sofa, but it also functions as an actual bed. The typical sofa is depth of 18″ or 22″ depth, whereas an average daybed is 39″ deep. Also, you can find huge daybeds designed for the full or double mattress that can be as deep as 54″ deep.

The reason a daybed is suitable for homes with little space is the fact that it offers an entirely functional sleeping area that can also double as a couch.

However, it’s not taking up much more space.


What are the advantages of A Daybed?

The living room is not complete without a couch or a sofa. There must be a place to sit while watching television or reading as well as working from your laptop. It’s important to have extra seating for guests. If you’re dealing with a limited space and are looking to maximize your amount of value think about an alternative to couch to gain the benefits of having more sleeping space.

Here are a few of the advantages of having the daybed:

  • A daybed is great as couch (especially with cushions or throw pillows) but it could be used for daily or as a spare sleeping space.
  • Many daybeds include another sleeping space as the trundle bed, which is able to be lifted out from underneath the frame.
  • Certain daybeds have built-in storage options, such as drawers underneath the bed or shelves that are built inside the frame.
  • Daybeds are available in a selection of styles and designs which means you’ll be able to find the perfect one to your room – you can modify it you like by adding bedding or cushions.
  • A daybed can be used to seat guests like couches or sofas do however, it offers some extra depth, which makes it ideal for relaxing in, napping, or cuddling.
  • The frame-in style of a daybed gives some back support than a typical sofa or couch – you can adjust the amount in support with cushions.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that a daybed is something that you should have There are two things to take care of: select the right daybed and then choose a the mattress. Certain daybeds have mattresses, however most do not. Fortunately, the majority of daybeds can be used with regular twin mattresses.


Tips For Choosing Daybed Mattresses

The search for the perfect daybed mattress does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, it can be as easy as conducting an online search to find the top twin mattress. Most daybeds are compatible with regular twin mattresses. If you have a bigger daybed, then you might require a full double or full mattress.

When determining the ideal size of your mattress is not a problem however, many other aspects are. There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the kind of mattress you want along with other aspects such as the quality, firmness and even the grade. It’s essential to have an notion of what you want prior to shopping to get a sense of the options available there.

These are suggestions to be aware of when you are shopping for the perfect mattress for a daybed mattress

    • Materials Materials The latest mattresses can be constructed out of a range of materials like memory foam, coils encased in latex and many more. The material you select will affect the durability and comfort that your mattress will provide, therefore consider what you’re planning to do with the daybed when making your choice.
    • Firmness Firmness generally speaking moderate levels of firmness is ideal for daytime use as well as sleeping in the night. If you intend to make use of the daybed as your main sleeping surface but you might want to modify it more for this purpose than to general comfort.
    • Cost – It’s not necessary to spend a fortune on an extra-long daybed. It’s a good thing that you can find most affordable prices for twin mattresses, meaning you can find a top-quality mattress without spending a lot. Set a budget in mind before you begin looking.
    • Durability If you’re planning to purchase a modern piece of furniture you’ll want to ensure that you receive the most value for your money. Durability is even more crucial in the event that you’re using the daybed for daytime relaxation and sleeping at night. Take into consideration the quality of materials as they affect the durability of the bed.
    • Warranty Warranty Utilizing your daybed as couch will increase the chance of accidents and spills So, be certain to verify the warranty of the mattress you select. Some warranties are void due to the presence of stains. Therefore, you may want to consider buying an waterproof mattress cover.



Mattresses for Daybeds Features


There isn’t a standard measure of firmness. Don’t attempt to measure one company’s “very solid” to any other company’s. Choose the one that feels most comfortable to you.


Although firmness and support are closely related, they are different things. Support refers to the weight that a mattress is able to support while maintaining its shape. While firmness refers to how it feels when you squeeze it.

If you’d like your mattress to remain solid and sturdy when you lie or sit near the edge, choose the best daybed mattress that has integrated edge support. This will prevent you from falling off as you get up and change shoes.


The types of mattresses include pillowtop, memory foam coil, or a combination these materials. Select the one that best suits your individual preference.

The mattresses that are designed for daybeds consist of various layers made to perform different tasks. For better daybed mattresses, there is an support layer along with a cooling layer as well as the memory layer.

A mattress that has cooling layers that have an excellent heat transfer capability will absorb heat from your body and release it to the mattress, that will make you sleep cooler and feel better.


Mattresses that are able to flip over last longer than those which can only be used only on only one side. Increase the lifespan of your mattress for the day by selecting one that has similar texture on both the bottom and top, so you can flip it whenever you want to.


Certain people are allergic to foam mattresses due to the chemicals that are used in the making of mattresses. If you fall into this category, you may prefer a mattress for your daybed made of organic or chemical-free substances. Hypoallergenic mattresses are a great option for people suffering from allergies.

The Top Mattresses for Daybeds

Finding the ideal daybed mattress shouldn’t be a hassle in particular if you’re making use of the daybed as an additional seating.

But it’s important to invest some time and thought into the selection process to ensure you choose one that is durable well and is comfortable.

We’ve made every effort to come up with a variety of daybed mattress choices across different categories to help find the best one for you.

These are our top choices for the top daybed mattress:


Saatva Classic

Best Mattress For DaybedsIf you’re in search of an ideal daybed mattress that has the traditional innerspring feel we suggest this model: Saatva Classic. The Saatva Classic mattress is a coil-on coil design and the distinctive Perimeter Edge Support system to keep the mattress from sagging no matter which side you’re within the mattress. It is the Saatva Classic is highly durable constructed on the support of steel coils that has over 800 coils individually wrapped to the top.

Saatva Classic mattress Saatva Classic mattress comes in the 6 standard US sizes as well as three different degrees of firmness. Select from Plush (3/10) and Premium Firm (5-7/10) or Firm (8) in accordance with your preference and whether you intend for the daybed to be used solely to sleep or for seating. The mattress is equipped with Lumbar Zone technology to ensure an optimal alignment of the spine during sleep with a natural cotton cover and a tufted Euro pillow top for all-day comfort. Additionally, you’ll receive the delivery service that is free of charge.

  • Advantages 3 firmness options to choose from, luxurious hybrid construction that is flexible and breathable
  • Con: Hybrid mattresses tend to be quite heavy, less sculpting/hugging, and less rounded than foam mattresses.



Zenhaven DaybedMemory foam is a great option for pressure relief, however certain people find it sinks too deeply to be comfortable. If you’re planning to use your daybed for sitting and relaxing, you might require something a bit more flexible to ensure you’re not having trouble getting up. Latex is a good choice and we highly recommend the Zenhaven mattress made by Saatva. It is available in two levels of firmness, plush and firm.

Zenhaven mattress Zenhaven mattress is made up of five comfort zones made of 100 percent natural Talalay latex that provides solid support exactly where you require to be for optimal alignment of your spine. Each layer is fitted with pinholes to allow to allow for airflow. The mattress is covered with organic cotton covers and a wool layer underneath to provide breathability and fire retardance. As with other Saatva mattresses that are available, Zenhaven is also flame retardant. Zenhaven is backed by the 120-night trial of sleep and free delivery with white glove.

  • Benefits Natural and organic material, it has a flippable design, two firmness levels, and no off-gassing
  • Con: Significantly more expensive than other models, neither of them will be the best choice for side sleepers.


Nectar Original

Best Mattress for DaybedMattresses can be costly however, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money for. If you’re searching for the top daybed mattress, you can get a better deal by opting for the twin size rather than purchasing a larger mattress to fit your bedroom. If you’re looking for affordable choices, we recommend Nectar.

The Nectar mattress has an innovative multi-layer foam construction, and is topped off with a quilted foam cover. The mattress is constructed upon a base layer of memory foam that is stabilizing which is then topped with adaptive high-core memory foam as well as gel foam. Nectar mattresses are affordable however they are a great value considering that you can test it for the duration of a year and return it for free. For the firmness, Nectar is rated 6.5/10 which is suitable for the majority of people who sleep and is suitable for use on a daybed as well.

  • Benefits Affordable price, lengthy 365-night trial with multi-layer foam construction comfort and assistance
  • Con: May not be sufficiently firm for those who sleep heavily The foam could be slow to react


Puffy Original

Puffy For DaybedIf you’re searching for an ideal daybed mattress that’s soft, comfortable and reasonably priced, you cannot choose better than Puffy. Pick between two models: that of the first Puffy 10-inch mattress and Puffy Lux. Puffy Lux mattress, both is constructed of several layers of high-quality foam. The original Puffy might be the most suitable choice for daybeds simply because it’s not as thick , and also because it’s slightly more firm as compared to Lux.

The Puffy mattress is built up of three foam layers, starting with the base layer of Firm Core Support foam. On top of that you’ll find a layer of Puffy’s temperature-stabilizing Climate Comfort foam, topped with a layer of Cooling Cloud foam. This mattress provides the perfect combination of support and comfort regardless of whether you’re lying down, sleeping on the couch, napping, or just relaxing. Additionally, it includes a free 101-night sleeping trial, a lifetime guarantee with free returns and shipping.

  • Benefits 3 layers of foam that are premium, cool comfort and support, superb pressure relief
  • Pros: Could be stronger in support for edges, but foams could be a bit slow to react


PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

PlushbedsIf only the finest is possible, we suggest PlushBeds. They offer the Botanical Bliss mattress is a premium, natural mattress that is made using 100 percent natural latex. It comes in two firmness levels (medium and tough) as well as three different thicknesses (9 10, and 12 inches). It is ideal for daybeds due to its the flexibility of customization and also because it’s made with the highest quality materials, lasting durability and ease of use.

Its Mattress PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress constructed on several layers of natural Dunlop latex, topped by an natural New Zealand wool for breathability and support. It is covered with an organic cotton soft cover. The mattress isn’t contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, since it’s all-natural and organic it is anti-microbial as well as resistant to mildew, mold and dust mites. This is a great benefit when you are planning to install the mattress in your living space and want to be able to be able to accommodate guests who have allergies.

  • Benefits It is made of organic and natural materials, it absorbs pressure and offers support, three levels of firmness
  • Pros: Significantly more expensive than other models


Amerisleep AS1

As1 DaybedMemory foam is a great material for mattresses, whether you’re sitting or sleeping The trick is to find the right level of firmness. Amerisleep has five different types of mattresses for standard use, and their AS1 model AS1 is their firmest choice and is also the only model with a 10-inch width that can be used with the daybed.

Its Amerisleep AS1 mattress comes with two layers of memory foam that features a strong and Bio-Core base layer, which is then and Bio-Pur open-cell foam. This open-cell foam molds to your body, but it absorbs heat more efficiently than conventional memory foam. This combination provides maximum comfort and support, regardless of whether you’re sleeping or sitting. Furthermore, Amerisleep mattresses offer a trial of 100 nights with no cost shipping and returns.

  • Advantages The standard 10-inch-wide profile is suitable for any bed frame sleep-promoting layers, open-cell structure to cool
  • Con: May be too firm for some tastes


Layla Memory Foam

Layla DaybedDaybeds can be used in a variety of ways that other furniture pieces don’t. A daybed can serve as a daytime seating option as well as a place to relax and relaxing, but it also can be used to sleep. If you’re hoping to build on the versatility of a daybed, think about a dual-sided mattress such as that of the Layla Memory Foam mattress.

This Layla Memory Foam mattress is an elongated mattress with two sides that provide the soft and plush feeling on one side, and more firmness in the second. It allows you to alter the mattress to suit your personal level of comfort sleep or daytime use, or to alter it to suit the needs of your guests at your sleepover. The Layla mattress is made of copper-gel memory foam, which helps to wick away body heat and also the Thermogel cooling cover that has the ability to cool your body by using body heat. The cover also features an opening zipper that lets you take the cover off for easy cleaning.

  • Benefits Two-sided flippable design Memory foam infused with copper to cool, comfort and support
  • Con: Slow response foam could make it difficult to shift positions



DreamcloudModern mattresses are available in many different types of materials, which can be quite intimidating. If you’re not confident about trying something new, but want to be able to try something different The DreamCloud hybrid mattress may be the best option. The DreamCloud is a premium mattress that combines ease and support familiar to coils with the relief from foam.

Its DreamCloud mattress is built on an extremely thin layer of foam, which is then topped by the Targeted-Support Coil , which is a layer of coils individually wrapped that adapt to the body of your. Then there’s the Sink-In Just-Right layer of foam, which is topped by an incredibly comfortable pressure-relieving layer of memory foam gel. The entire thing is wrapped in the exquisite softness of quilted foam as well as cashmere-blend fabric. The DreamCloud is shipped for free and comes with a 365-day trial to ensure you’ll are going to love it.

  • Benefits The memory foam mattress and coils encased in a breathable shell Comfort and support high-end materials and designs
  • Pros: Hybrid mattresses tend to be quite heavy



Happsy Organic MattressIf you’re planning to purchase a new mattress for your daybed it is important to make certain it’s a top quality mattress and especially if you’re planning to use your daybed to sit and sleeping. Unfortunately, mattress companies that are cheap frequently use low-quality materials that can negatively impact the life span of the mattress. They may even release dangerous substances into the air of your home. If you’re searching for a secure organic alternative, look into Happsy.

The Happsy mattress is made from organic materials such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, organic latex that is GOLS certified and organic wool that is GOTS certified. This mattress is built with a strong base made of springs individually pocketed, with no chemical-laden foams joined using adhesives and glues. It’s naturally flame-resistant it comes with assurance of a warranty of 20 years. Test it out for 120 nights with no cost shipping, no return, as well as a 100% money-back warranty.

  • Benefits organic certified material Hybrid construction to provide support and comfort Individual springs
  • Con: Latex materials have some bounce, but not as much as memory foam. They may not be the best choice for those who sleep a lot.


Bear Original

Bear Original For DaybedIt’s always about comfort regardless of whether you’re relaxing throughout the day or sleeping in the night. If you’re in search of a mattress for your daybed that will keep you cool and comfy then the Bear Original is the way to choose. This foam mattress has three layers and is specifically designed with eco-friendly materials, and it can be adjusted according to your posture to give you the comfort and support that you require during the day and evening.

Bear Original mattress Bear Original mattress starts with an incredibly thick layer of high-density foam that provides long-lasting durability and unequivocal support. Then comes a supple cushion of transition foam to provide pressure relief. It’s topped off with an icy layer of graphite-gel memory foam to eliminate unnecessary body heat. All of this is protected by the comfortable Celliant cover, and is backed by a risk-free 100-night trial.

  • Benefits The construction of three layers with the highest assistance and relief from pressure ecologically friendly
  • Con: May not be sufficiently firm for large individuals Some off-gassing may occur at first


WinkBed Plus

WinkbedsWhen you’re enjoying your leisure time in the daytime or sleeping in the night, a non-supportive surface isn’t comfortable. If you weigh more than the average individual it could be an issue you encounter often. Luckily, WinkBed offers a specific mattress model that is available with the perfect daybed size. It’s rated as 8/10 on the scale of firmness.

Its WinkBed Plus mattress comes with seven zones of support composed of coils individually wrapped and an Extra-Edge support system that prevents the mattress from sagging. The mattress also has two layers of Euro pillow top quilted with gel-infused foam to provide cool the body and providing comfort. It’s wrapped in the Tencel cooling cover that will keep your sleep comfortable throughout the day and night. The price of WinkBed Plus WinkBed Plus may be a bit more expensive than what you’d expect for a twin-sized mattress, but it’s definitely worth it. To prove it, WinkBed offers a 120-night trial period , which includes free shipping and return.

  • Advantages It is designed specifically for those who weigh over 300 pounds Support layer with 7 zones with maximum heat transfer
  • Pros: May not sink as deeply as traditional foam mattresses, but some feel it is too firm.


Saatva Solaire

Saatva For DaybedThe thing that people love about daybeds in comparison to traditional sofas and couches is their flexibility. Daybeds are ideal for sitting or lounging in the afternoon and also offers ample sleeping space. If you enjoy having guests over, this is the perfect solution, particularly when you don’t have the luxury of a separate guest room. If you’re purchasing the bed for your own use or guests, if you’d like the possibility of adjusting it to your personal preferences Try Saatva Solaire. Saatva Solaire.

The Saatva Solaire is a exclusive mattress that combines luxury substances like organic cotton Talalay latex and gel-infused foam, all that is accompanied by an adjustable system of air. At the push of the button, you will be able to modify the mattress to 50 precisely-set degrees of firmness that make it easy to adjust the mattress to your preferences for nighttime or daytime use. The Power Edge Enclosure you get all the strength you need and vulcanized air chambers provide the ability to adjust.

  • Benefits It is made with five zones of Talalay latex 50 levels of adjustable softness and firmness. Organic cotton pillow top
  • Con: Smallest size available is Twin XL, significantly more expensive than the other options.



Get Rid of that Old Mattress

If you have purchased a brand new mattress you might be thinking about what you can do to dispose of the old mattress. The websites do not provide mattress disposal services , so you’re on your own to find the best way to dispose of the mattress.  A mattress is about $80 to dispose.

In the end, picking the right the right mattress to fill your bed comes down to your personal preferences and preferences.

The companies on this list are respected by the market and offer an excellent product that you’ll be pleased with. The most important thing to remember is to pick a mattress with a firmness that is suitable for relaxing or sleeping and avoid one that is too heavy.

Daybeds are best suited to more standard or smaller mattresses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are daybeds suitable for adults?

Daybeds are a good option for adults who sleep alone. The majority of daybeds are twin beds, which means they are small and narrow, however you can also choose a full daybed to have more space. Daybeds are, even the largest ones, somewhat narrow for two people to comfortably lay down on each night, even though they work for temporary sleeping for when you need it.

Do you want to sleep on a daybed all time?

You can rest in a daybed all night, but the level of comfort and support depends on the mattress’s quality. Make sure you purchase a heavier quality mattress that is of higher quality to ensure it’s long-lasting and comfortable for nighttime use.

What weight capacity can a daybed support?

The capacity for weight of a daybed is dependent on the frame. However, most daybeds will carry 200-600 pounds. Given this is a wide area, it is important to verify the capacity of the bed prior to purchasing.

Are daybeds or a futon more cozy?

Futons are sofas that fold into a mattress . They work well in small studios or apartments because they can be designed for lounging and sleeping, much like the daybed. However, daybeds are more ideal for sleeping on as they can be used with a standard mattress instead to a futon mattress that is thin. Futons are ideal for relaxing and sitting on as they’re not as thick like daybeds.

How can you tell the difference between the daybed and the bed with a trundle?

A trundle bed can be described as an ideal sleeping space that is two-in-one it’s similar to twin (sometimes full) bed frame, and the option of a pop-up or sliding mattress drawer under it. With a trundle bed you can put two beds into the space that can be used for storage in one.

In contrast, daybeds are sofa bed duos, but they can occasionally come with trundles, and they can allow two people to sleep. But there are exceptions to the rule that Trundle beds are daybeds, or all daybeds can be classified as Trundle beds. Both are spacious and suitable in small spaces, for children or guests.



When you are done with the day, take into consideration your requirements and desires when you are shopping for the perfect daybed mattress. If you intend to use your daybed for sleeping you, make sure to budget to purchase a better mattress.

But the daybed you have is predominantly used for sitting and for the occasional guest, you do not require as expensive.

We hope that our guide will make purchasing a mattress less difficult and will help you narrow the options.

If you’re not sure what’s best for you, many mattresses have sleep trials , which allows you to try them at home and determine whether they meet your requirements.

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