Best Mattress For A Slatted Bed

If you’ve been involved in that excitement purchasing a brand fresh mattress and the ease the promise, you might already know how fast you’ll overlook matching it with the kind of mattress you currently have. Frames for beds aren’t a single size fits all when it comes to mattress support. This is an important factor to consider when selecting an appropriate sleeping surface.

Bed frames are typically classified as having the use of a box spring, platform or slatted surface on the mattress. The distinctions between these support types can affect the quality of sleep your mattress promises. They might even invalidate warranties when utilized with mattresses that don’t support.

What is the best mattress for a slat bed? Continue reading to find out!


What Is A Slat Bed Frame?

A slatted bed frame one of the types of platform beds that is designed to prevent the need for the use of a box spring for mattress support and ease of use.

The slats are affixed to the width of the bed frame to give you the support required to secure your mattress and offer comfort to the person sleeping.In many instances, the slats are adjustable, or bowed to offer additional support for different body weights.

Slats could be integrated into the frame to provide the most durable, solid structure, or joined with the use of a mesh or a fabric weave to keep them equally spaced and keep them from moving.This design permits for a variety of mattresses to be used regardless of whether you want to use an existing mattress, or buying the latest one.


Why Should You Choose to Have a Slatted Bed?

As stated, slatted mattresses generally are able to accommodate an array of mattresses without risk of invalidating a warranty or compromising the support it claims to provide. They also permit you to not use boxes springs unless you wish to increase the height of specific mattress types. They can also be used by combining a bunkie bed to give you a more solid, solid feeling base.

The slats can also increase airflow through the mattress. It is beneficial to the overall durability that your mattress will have. Mattresses are built to allow air circulation in order to aid in keeping it dry and clean as well as make the sleeper feel at ease.

They also provide an excellent weight distribution on your mattress. It also gives sleepers stability to stop transfer of movement. Additionally, slats offer the possibility of adjustable firmness for your mattress through the addition or removal of sliding slats.


Slatted Bed Concerns

All slatted beds can’t be constructed the same way, so look for reinforcements to the slats, especially for queen and King-sized beds.Slats aren’t sufficient to span the length of a bed and give support that isn’t warping or breaking with the additional weight, therefore, make sure you look for frames that are well-constructed.

Most slats will be between 3 and 4 inches each other, providing support for all types of mattresses However, the bigger the space is the less likely they will support specific foam mattresses because of the structure of foam. However, it is possible to put in slats if that’s the case and fix the problem.

Since a slatted mattress is a kind or platform beds, they is likely to be higher than a traditional frame. This could make it less tall than what you would like.However, it is possible to include a box spring to provide an extra height if you own an existing mattress that is compatible with boxes springs. If not, you could combine bunkie board to give support for other mattresses, or perhaps for ways to include a mattress topper to increase the height.


Best Mattresses For A Slatted Bed

If your slats are in close proximity the slatted design can be used to support any mattress you might have or are considering.

This makes it a great alternative for those looking to make use of this style because it is very adaptable. Because it allows to use it without a box spring and also provides sufficient support for every mattress, it also reduces your overall cost.

The types of mattresses that are included include:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Since memory foam isn’t solid, it needs the support of a solid platform to sit on. Slats placed about 3-4 inches apart are typically considered safe and stable enough. If the slats are longer then you should look into adding a bunkieboard or additional slats to give the stability you require.

If you are looking for memory foam mattresses, our choice for the top mattress for the slat mattress is:

Saatva Modern Foam

Best Mattress For Slat Bed

Saatva Modern Foam Mattress is the ultimate all-foam mattress. With moderate (5) degree of firmness it excels in the contours and should be comfy for sleepers who want pressure relief.

The cover is constructed from organic cotton that is breathable and is quilted using foam to provide cushion. The cover is quilted around the lumbar region and has a layer of latex underneath to provide added support for those in the back area. This is an excellent benefit for foam beds that are less comfortable than hybrid and latex beds.

Its comfort layer is created of a high-density convoluted layer that is followed by an infused memory foam layer with cool gel. Together , these layers offer excellent contouring. The channeled structure of convoluted foam assists in air flow, which helps reduce some of the heat that can build over the surfaces of foam. The support core is composed of polyfoam with high density.

Like other foam beds, like many foam beds, the Saatva Modern Foam excels at pressure relief. It’s virtually silent and is able to block motion quite effectively, making it a popular choice for couples who are prone to wake one another up by nighttime movements.Side sleepers can greatly benefit from the soft layers of this mattress, as this position of sleeping places a lot of stress on the hips and shoulders.

Saatva provides free shipping, as well as White Glove delivery on all mattresses. The mattress is accompanied by a free 180-night sleep trial as well as a 12-year guarantee. Saatva will also take away your foundation and mattress free of charge.

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Latex Mattresses

Latex is also a form of foam that requires a solid support, however because it’s not as flexible like memory foam, it is able to generally be used on any surface without fear of losing any of the comfort.

Our most popular choice is:

GhostBed Natural Mattress

Best mattress for slatted bed

A majority of latex mattresses are ecological in comparison to other types of mattresses however, some mattresses are more notable than others when it comes to sustainable construction. GhostBed Natural Mattress GhostBed Natural Mattress is a excellent example of a comfy quality mattress that is also made of green materials. This includes layers made of natural Talalay along with Dunlop latex that are accredited through the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOTS) that indicates that they are primarily made of natural, unmodified materials. The cotton cover has been awarded identical organic certifiations from GOTS as well as The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the fire barrier comes of natural wool.

In addition to the organic components in addition to organic ingredients, GhostBed Natural is also organic. GhostBed Natural is Control Union certified. This accreditation recognizes businesses that place a high value on sustainability and safety of workers throughout their production chain. A OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate will also guarantee that the mattress isn’t made by using pesticides, heavy metals, or any other hazardous chemicals.

The mattress is medium firm (6) feel, and is suitable for those who weigh between 130 and 140 pounds, particularly those who lie on their stomachs or backs. A steady flow of air through the pocketed coils as well as an air-tight cover helps the mattress remain cool, which makes it a great choice for those who live in humid or warm areas. Another advantage that the mattress has is its the solid edge support. The core of the support is reinforced around the perimeter to allow for the ability to push back and avoid sinking when you move off and on the mattress.

The cost of this mattress is in line with other hybrid latex mattresses. GhostBed Natural provides free ground shipping throughout the continental U.S. Purchase includes a free 100-night trial period as well as a 25-year guarantee.

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Spring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are already designed for use on nearly any surface, which includes boxes that provide the bare framework that they rest on. It’s a strong design that is very self-supporting which is why it’s ideal for an slatted floor. You can make use of single-sided or double-sided spring mattresses with ease.

For the top innerspring mattress to use on a bed with slats We chose:


Best Mattress Slatted Beds


This is an internal spring mattress that is available with a variety of firmness choices. The bed offers solid edge support, as well as a flexible design that will attract a wide array of sleepers, regardless of their the weight or position of sleep.

A coil-on-coil structure drives its performance in the WinkBed. The support core is made up of individually wrapped coils specially designed to provide an even more solid feel at the edges. They also provide support to the more heaviest parts that comprise the human body. Over this are individual wrapped micro-coils that are wrapped to cushion our bodies in a specific manner. The top of the pillow contains polyfoam that is gel-infused to offer an even more rounded and comfortable hug, particularly for those who prefer the soft choices in terms of firmness.

It comes in three sizes: medium soft (4) and middle firm (6) and two firm choices (7 or 8) the WinkBed provides enough support for stomach, back as well as side sleepers. Sleepers who sleep on their stomachs and back prefer it is the moderately firm (7) option is the best for their needs. A specific model, referred to in the WinkBed Plus, is also offered with a design that is made specifically for people who weigh over 300 pounds.

Following delivery there is a 120-night return period that allows buyers to try the WinkBed to truly experience its capabilities. In the long run the product is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty policy.

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Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattress include an inner spring coil that is which is covered by memory foam and/or the latex outer. Sometimes, these mattresses can be flipped too. If the slats are at least 3 up to four inches from each other, they can be able to support this mattress very well.

To find the most suitable hybrid mattress to use as a slat bed we decided to go with:

DreamCloud Mattress

Best Mattress Slatted Bed


DreamCloud innerspring that is a hybrid design can be a perfect model. It is built with top quality materials and a number of optimized features and is priced at an affordable price compared with other premium models.

The mattress is made up of an upholstered cover that is made of cashmere and wool blends for outstanding comfort and excellent temperature control. Although the DreamCloud is medium-firm (6) feel it’s cushion of memory foam offers exact body contouring and weight distribution, which ensures the best alignment and less pressure for the majority of sleepers, regardless of the position they sleep in. The support core has pockets of coils that are individually wrapped to support the mattress well and help to protect the edges to prevent sinkage, but without making the bed feel stiff enough to sleep on. With a thickness of 14 inches, the DreamCloud is regarded as an extremely high-profile mattress. It is an ideal option for those who favor sleeping on thicker beds.

With its rounded texture and top quality materials The DreamCloud has the ability to check a variety of areas for sleepers. The mattress is comfortable enough for sex and ought to be easily movable for the majority of people. However, the memory foam is also able to absorb the movement to reduce transfer and lessen the disturbance to sleep for couples. Furthermore, the coils don’t make a lot of noise and will not cause trouble when your partner is into and out of the bed. They also create steady airflow through the mattress to provide a cooling effect.

Due to the top-of-the-line design of the DreamCloud the price is affordable. The company also offers free ground shipping across the continental U.S. The mattress comes with a 365 night trial period, giving the user a full year to test it before deciding if you want to keep it or return it. The mattress also comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers any problems for the duration of your ownership the mattress.

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Additional Factors to Consider

here are other aspects to take into consideration when you are shopping for a new mattress or platform mattress. We will go into more detail below.



A favorite choice for children A twin is the ideal size for those who are looking to save space.

Twin XL

Twin XL can be found in dorms at colleges because it’s slightly bigger than the twin. It is ideal for taller people or those who have pets at home.


Fulls are great for singles looking for some extra and space to get up and down a lot during their bed or couples who aren’t afraid of the spooning.


The most popular size queens are an excellent choice for couples who can be accommodated in the majority of bedrooms.


Kings provide the largest space across the entire bed which is ideal for people who sleep with pets, kids and spouses.

California King

It is slightly less wide than a king, however more spacious than a California King, a California King can be the best option for taller sleepers.

Thickness of Bed

With a box spring the thickness of the bed is not as important since there’s already a sturdy foundation the bed will be laid on. Platform beds require mattresses that must be a bit more substantial to offer the appropriate amount of support and comfort.  Choose models that fall within the 10-to 12-inch range , which allows for a small amount of deflation. Mattresses that are thinner can be ideal for the elderly or other able people, since they will not be so far off the ground.

Frame Height

It really is dependent on your height. The more taller you are the taller you’ll likely want your bed frame to be to enable you to get into or out the simplest. Frame height may also offer additional storage space, provided that the frame is tall enough to hold containers and boxes or whatever else you wish to keep under the bed.


Storage is often found in the top of the bed, however, it is also possible to find within the frame itself. Many alternatives today provide fantastic options in terms of making space. Since there is no need for the box spring, there’s an extra space under the mattress for storage drawers and cabinets. Some frames even lift the mattress foundation using a handle to reveal the space to hide blankets, clothes, etc.


The level of firmness is essential for any mattress; it will determine the likelihood of an enjoyable night’s sleep. It’s a subjective matter since everyone will feel pressure and firmness differently, however we typically suggest medium-firm to firm mattresses for sleepers who are average.


We’re all aware of how traumatic it is for a peaceful night’s sleep to be disrupted because of overheating caused by inadequate heat regulation in your mattress. So, hopefully you see how crucial it is to find the best mattress for a slat bed.

If you have a particularly hot sleep or wake up sweaty or are pregnant, cooling mattress is likely to be on the top of your list of things to do. Memory foam is typically the warmest of materials, while innerspring mattresses tend to provide more breathability.

The ones with higher density foams can provide more support, however they sometimes trap heat, creating discomfort for some people. However there are numerous foam mattresses that fight this issue by using technologies like gel, low density the top layer of foams, moisture-wicking fabric along with air pockets.

Hybrid mattresses can be the most comfortable of both that utilize springs to create airflow, and foam to provide comfort. The foundation can also assist in cooling. The slatted platforms allow the mattress to breathe, which is vital for foam mattresses to function at their peak.


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