Best Mattress For Airbnb In 2022

What is the best mattress for Airbnb?

Finding a mattress that is durable and comfortable is vital, especially in the holiday rental bedroom.

Short-term rentals suffer much more damage than a house which can be used for a main residence which is definitely a draw in.

It’s the reason you need to ensure that you’re selecting the correct mattress for your short-term rental.

In terms of sleeping at an Airbnb the majority of guests would like the luxury of a hotel. There’s a one thing in your vacation accommodation that could determine the quality of your guest experience as significantly as the mattress. You can truly impress your guests with an excellent mattress that they will thinking they’d like to own.

It’s a good thing that you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to purchase a top quality mattress that guests will rave about. There are many top quality mattresses from trusted manufacturers for less than $500.

We went online to find the most reviewed mattress brands, with low-cost mattresses, and then we decided to check which one was the winner as the most suitable mattress for an Airbnb.

In this blog, we’ll be going through what you should be looking for when purchasing an Airbnb mattress and also our top recommendations.


Best Mattress For AirBnB

Saatva Classic

Best Mattress Airbnb

Saatva Classic offers excellent stability and comfort, thanks to its durable coil-on-coil construction. A layer of microcoils that transitions as well as a support core made of high-strength bonnell coils support the mattress extremely well, which results in an extremely responsive feeling and smooth moves across the mattress.

However, the Saatva Classic doesn’t feel too rigid. The mattress is Euro-top cushioned with polyfoam as well as memory foam to help cushion your body and help ease the process of getting in the bed. It is available in three levels of firmness – medium-soft (4) medium firm (6) or firm (7) So you can pick depending on your body type, sleeping location and general preferences on the way your mattress feels.

For many sleepers on the side moderate soft is the most comfortable choice since there is more cushioning for hips and shoulders which is crucial to maintain a balanced spine as well as less stress. Sleepers who sleep on their stomachs and backs are more likely to choose the firm or medium sensations because they offer more support around the midsection. You can also pick between 11.5 and 14.5 inches, based on the mattress thickness you want.

Saatva also provides complimentary White Glove delivery for all U.S. customers. This delivery service, which includes complete installation in the room you prefer and the removal of your old mattress an additional benefit for those who have a rental property to furnish. The company also provides its mattress by offering a 180-night sleeping trial and a warranty of 15 years.



Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress for airbnb

If you’re seeking a mattress for your rental property that is sturdy and affordable, yet at a price that is affordable The Nectar will meet the criteria. Despite having several layers of high-performance memory foam and is a good mattress for rent, the Nectar comes at a cost and is ideally suited for furnishing the interior of an Airbnb or holiday rental.

The Nectar is an all-foam mattress that has four layers of inner foam which include the top three layers which are constructed of memory foam. The first layer is gel-infused, measuring at one-inch thick and is quilted into your mattress’s cover. The second layer of memory foam is also gel-infused and 1 inch thick. The third layer measures three inches thick and is made of Nectar’s exclusive Adaptive Hi Core memory foam.

The comfort system is comprised of 5 inches of memory foam. This allows it to effectively cushion the body’s pressure points and eliminate movement. In addition the layers don’t allow an extensive sinking as conventional memory foam. This will help to prevent being stuck within the mattress. The gels that are infused into the top layers work with the air-tight Tencel cover to combat heat accumulation.

The top layer of Nectar is constructed from an underlying polyfoam which is much more dense than the ones found in many foam beds that provide a sturdy base for the mattress in general.

The Nectar’s feeling is medium-firm (6) which makes it an ideal choice to be used in rental on Airbnb or rental because it will provide the comfort and support needed by sleepers in various positions.

The mattress is accompanied by a 365-night trial of sleep and Nectar is able to protect against any problems with a lifetime guarantee.



GhostBed Classic

ghostbed for airbnb

Owners of rental properties that reside in hot climates might think about the possibility of a mattress with features that are specifically designed to control temperature. This model, the GhostBed Classic is a medium firm mattress that makes use of materials such as gel-infused foam and latex to control temperature and keep the sleeping people cool all night long. This mattress’s firmness is also in the range that the majority of people prefer to sleep in, so it is likely to be a hit with many of your guests in your rental.

The support core of the GhostBed Classic is composed of 7.5 inches of polyfoam with a high density. The comfort system includes latex and memory foam. The memory foam contours to relieve pressure and boosts cooling through the use of gel that is in the foam directly. Its top layer is aerated latex has been created to hug your body and offer a the most responsive support. The combination of these materials creates GhostBed Classic GhostBed Classic best suited to back and side sleepers and stomach sleepers. prefer a bed that offers more support.

GhostBed has its Classic model in seven sizes, including split-king. It is possible to try the mattress for as long as 101 nights and the requirement of a 30-night break-in time. Shipping is free in the contiguous U.S. and your purchase is covered by a twenty-year limited warranty.



Zoma Mattress

Zoma mattress airbnb

Zoma Mattress has design features that are appealing to a broad spectrum of sleepers, which makes it an ideal choice for rentals on vacation. For those who exercise, specifically will appreciate Zoma’s dedication to tension relief and muscle recovery. A layer of memory foam that is zoned helps to relieve sore muscles and reduces tension by supporting your shoulders and hips while helping to support your back. This Zoma Mattress is priced at a reasonable price and is a great feature to Airbnb hosts.

The support core is constructed out of 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, which helps keep your spine in a straight plane during your rest. In addition, there is Reactiv Polyfoam, a patent-pending polyfoam-based transitional layer that serves as a cushion in between the support core and the upper layer. The memory foam comfort 2 inch system is filled with gel, which helps you sleep cooler than standard memory foam. A stretchy cover constructed of spandex and polyester covers the mattress.

The moderate (5) degree of firmness of Zoma Mattress is medium firm. Zoma Mattress is well-suited to people who sleep on their backs and sides and weigh less than 230 lbs. A few stomach sleepers might like this model but a more firmer mattress is suggested for stomach sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. Overall this mattress is a flexible mattress that all sleepers can take advantage of. Airbnb hosts that are catering to people who are active must consider Zoma Mattress. Zoma Mattress.

People who reside within the continental U.S. enjoy free shipping and a 100-night trial of sleep. Zoma will require you to utilize the mattress for 30 days before you can send it back. The purchase is also covered with a 10-year guarantee.



Allswell Mattress

Allswell airbnb

The Allswell Mattress – also called simply The Allswell – is a affordable hybrid mattress designed to provide outstanding support. A comfortable (7) feel guarantees that the mattress will be suitable for the majority of AirBnB guests that weigh between 130 and 130 pounds particularly those who rest on their stomachs or backs.

The comfort layer is comprised of memory foam that is infused with graphite and copper, two substances that are naturally and breathable. Copper is also antimicrobial, which helps to ward away harmful bacteria and keep the mattress fresh and clean. The quilting of polyfoam into the cover to stop the surface from feeling too stiff. The addition of more polyfoam under the comfort layer provides an extra layer of support that helps transition and prevent the sinkage in the midsection of your body.

The Allswell includes an inner support core made of pocketed coils which provide great overall stability. Because of a zoned arrangement to this layer, the thicker coils run along the perimeter, allowing you to feel more secure while sleeping close to the edges, or when going into and out of bed. The coils also help to maintain air circulation, which helps the mattress’s core to maintain an ideal temperature.

The Allswell distinguishes itself from the other hybrids because of its affordable price. The customers who live in the continental U.S. also qualify for free ground delivery. The mattress comes with the 100-night trial period and a 10-year guarantee.



Layla Mattress

Layla mattress airbnb

To accommodate the diverse guests’ preferences Many property owners put the highest importance on adaptability. For them who want to be flexible, Layla mattress is a great choice. Layla mattress, which comes with an reversible design of firmness that has an individual experience on both sides is a great alternative.

The Layla mattress is able to be placed both sides. It is medium soft (4) to one end, and hard (7) to the opposite. With the soft side in the front and the layering following the following pattern:

  • Three inches of memory foam with copper infusion
  • 2 inches of Polyfoam that incorporates Surface Modification Technology (SMT) that gives zoned, individualized support to the heavier areas of the body.
  • Four inches of polyfoam for support
  • One inch of memory foam infused with copper

The sides provide an incredibly firm feel they also have memory foam which can ease tension, improve the alignment of the spine, and reduce the movement transfer across the mattress’s surface. The ThermoGEL cover reduces heat accumulation, while the copper infusion helps to combat heat retention within the foam. It also has antibacterial properties, and could be an advantage for landlords who rent their property.

Due to its 2-for-1 firmness design, those who rent are able to ask guests to share their preferences and alter the bed to suit which will increase the comfort of guests while giving an additional level of service to customers.

After delivery, customers can enjoy an overnight sleep trial of 120 nights, and Layla offers customers lifetime warranty, which covers the manufacturing defects and defects in materials.



Awara Premier Latex Hybrid

Awara Mattress Airbnb

For all kinds of products More and more consumers are putting a greater importance on sustainability. Awara Premier Latex Hybrid Awara Premier Latex Hybrid utilizes natural materials, which appeals guests who are eco conscious and at the same time, it delivers outstanding performance for all kinds of sleepers.

The Awara Premier Latex Hybrid has an easy-to-use yet durable design. The comfort system is a single layer that is made of the natural rubber latex that is four inches thick. The latex, made using the Dunlop process is a soft and bouncy feel however it can also help cushion pressure points. Dunlop Latex also is renowned for its strength and durability. thanks to a thick layer of 4 inches which is guaranteed to last for many years of continuous usage. Along with its ease of use as well as support used in the Premier is manufactured following rigorous environmental standards. This is confirmed throuAgh the recognition that it’s Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The support base that makes up the Premier Latex Hybrid is 8 inches of individually wrapped coils. The coils are hefty and offer reliability across the entire mattress as well as around the edges. The coils’ responsiveness complements that of the latex creating a mattress that is simple to get over.

The cover is comprised of organic wool and cotton and wool, and both are highly comfortable and aid in natural temperature control. Because latex and coils excel at keeping cooler, each of Premier Latex Hybrid’s ingredients are ideal for rental properties located in hot temperatures.

The mattress is medium-firm (6) and therefore, the majority of sleepers will feel comfortable . its solid construction means it’s suitable for anyone with a weight of more than 230lbs.

If you’re looking for a premium hybrid that is of high-end, it is recommended to buy the Premier Latex Hybrid has an reasonable price and includes a 365-night sleeping trial and an unbeatable lifetime guarantee.



How to Choose a Mattress for an Airbnb

Selecting the most suitable mattress to fit an Airbnb (or rental) property begins by knowing what you should be looking for.

Property owners must consider a variety of factors that are crucial that are unique to rental properties in order to determine the best mattress.

What to Look For in a Mattress

Deciding on your top priorities is an essential first step towards picking a mattress that is suitable for you. There are certain aspects regarding mattress performance that will be similar regardless of the place you want to put it in use, other elements could vary and are more crucial for those who rent units.

Although mattress marketing is a large amount to sift through, there’s an option to narrow your narrowing your. Examining the following aspects and considering which are important most to you and your potential clients can assist you in filtering out the noise and choose the most suitable mattresses for your Airbnb and rental.

  • Size: It’s essential to understand the measurements of your space rental as well as the size of mattress that is the best fit. A larger or full size can allow two persons to sleep together which will increase the appeal of the rental to couples. However you do not want your space to become cramped particularly if furniture, such as nightstands, are located next adjacent to your bed.
  • Cost: Finding a well-priced mattress will increase the ROI of your rental. Although it might be tempting to choose a cheaper option, keep in mind that paying little more on an excellent mattress could result in more satisfied guests, higher ratings and more business in the near future.
  • Firmness Level: Everyone’s idea of the perfect firmness differs, which can cause it to be difficult to select a mattress to rent a property that is likely to be occupied by guests who have different preferences. The way most hotels address this issue is to find an appropriate middle point that’s generally middle (5) or medium-firm (6). This is great for sleepers who are side-sleeping who comprise the majority of sleepers and is generally acceptable for stomach and back sleepers too.
  • Contouring In order to accommodate for the body’s weight dispersed Many mattresses are designed with distinct contouring. The feeling of hugging can enhance spinal support but for some sleepers, contouring that is deep can be too much and restrict motion. If you are renting a property an acceptable compromise moderate contouringworks best.
  • Sound: A loud mattress which is squeaky may cause problems for sleeping soundly and with discretion when it comes to intimate activities. The majority of foam beds are quiet and some hybrids are made to cut down on noise too.
  • Temperature Control: No guests want to awake in sweat and a mattress that has higher than average temperature regulation could help to avoid this. This feature is crucial when renting units in warm locations. Of the many types of mattresses the hybrid and latex mattress tend to hold the lowest amount of heat.
  • Quality: Having to keep replacing mattresses at a property rental house is time-consuming and expensive choosing a sturdy and durable mattress can result in enormous savings. The most important factor in longevity is the high-quality of mattress that make up the mattress, so choose the mattress that’s built well from the top to the bottom.
  • Pressure Relief: The neck hips, shoulders, as well as the lower back, are the areas of the body that frequently feel pressure and pain when you sleep. The pressure can result from an impact that is hard on the mattress, or strain caused due to a person’s position while sleeping. Mattresses that are able to support the body and customize the cushioning to the body’s needs will reduce the likelihood of achy morning. Foam mattresses are known to provide the greatest relief from pressure, however hybrids and latex mattresses are also able to relieve pressure.
  • Motion Isolation: For mattresses in rental units which are full size or greater and designed to be used by couples and couples, motion isolation could be an important consideration. A mattress that is able to isolate motion can help prevent a person’s motion from disrupting the sleep of their partners. Memory foam is the type of material that has the most reputable name for motion isolation.
  • Mobility: If the mattress has lots of sink but a low bounce, some people will find themselves stuck in bed. This could be a barrier to both comfort and sexual. A mattress that is more responsive has an effervescent feel and is easy to move around on. It is the most common type of responsiveness in hybrid and latex mattresses.
  • Edge Support: The Airbnb must have a sturdy and stable mattress that has an edge support that is strong, as the property owner doesn’t want to hear about guests falling out of bed and falling onto the floor. Though almost every mattress will expand more around the perimeter so look for a mattress that is sturdy near the edge. Hybrid as well as latex mattresses generally offer the highest degree of edge support however many foam beds provide enough support in this area also.


What Types of Mattresses Are Best for Airbnbs

If you are looking for a mattress to use in an Airbnb or a vacation rental, it’s not long to realize that there is numerous possibilities. Numerous brands and models are offered and keeping everything in order can be a struggle.

One method of organizing the mattresses is to concentrate on the mattress’s type. Classifying beds based on their inner structure gives an overall framework to determine their potential performance , and narrowing your choices to the ones that will best be suitable for your rental property.

There are five major kinds of mattresses, and although every mattress within a particular type share certain characteristics, bear the fact that there will always be a variation in the model of the mattress.


Definition: An all-foam mattress is made entirely from memory foam, polyfoam or latex, in its inner layers. Its support layer is nearly always a dense polyfoam. There aren’t any innerspring coils within the mattress.

Affordable options for Pressure Relief: All-foam mattresses typically offer a high-quality pressure relief that will help sleepers avoid awakening suffering from pains and aches. Although the level of contouring could differ the overall relief from pressure points is generally a benefit as an added benefit, there are a variety of all-foam mattresses that are available at reasonable cost.


Defined: To be considered a hybrid mattress it must have an innerspring support core coils as well as a comfortable mattress made from foam, latex, micro-coils or fabrics such as cotton and wool.

Stability, Reliability, and balance: Combining components that are found in different mattress types they can provide stability and a broad appeal for the back, side or stomach sleeping. The coils provide the edge support and durability, and the thick comfort system provides a more balanced and comfortable feel, along with greater pressure relief.


Definition: When the main part of a mattress comprises an underlying support system that is made of coils it is classified in the category of an innerspring. For these kinds of mattress, there’s not any comfort mechanism to speak of There could be a small layer of polyfoam or fabric.

Cost-effective: Innersprings won’t win the approval of many people who sleep because they be lacking in pressure relief and the ability to contour, motion isolation and general comfort, however they can be an economical alternative for landlords of rental properties who want to keep their costs low. Mattress toppers that are inexpensive can be put over an innerspring to make it more comfortable and more comfortable.


Defined: All of the inner layers of a mattress are constructed from latex rubber. The most commonly used kind of latex utilized in mattresses is the natural latex that is made from sap of trees, however certain mattresses use synthetic latex.

Flexible and Durable: As a bouncy material, the latex used is a mattress that keeps the sleepers from being stuck in their position or sinking into the mattress. The mattresses are moderately shaped sufficient to alleviate the pressure, while being extremely durable in time.


Definition: The support core of an air mattress has an air space that is inflated or deflated in order to make the mattress feel more firm or soft. The level of air can be controlled via the remote or mobile. The comfort system could be large or small and may comprise foam, latex or fabric materials.

Personalized Firmness: Since airbeds can be costly, they aren’t often located in hotels or rental properties. Their ability to let every person sleeping adjust the firmness according to their preference level is an enormous benefit , and is a possible selling point for luxury rental properties.


Last Things to Consider With a Mattress for an Airbnb

Although we’ve discussed the most essential things to think about when you’re looking for an appropriate mattress to fit your home There are additional things to take into consideration to make sure you maximize the value of your new mattress.

Ease of Care and Cleaning

It’s common for an Airbnb host to for their mattress is spotless and smells fresh prior to the arrival of guests however certain mattresses are easy to wash. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure the mattress and not void the warranty.

In the majority of cases mattresses must be cleaned spot-on, which means using a non-abrasive cleaner only on areas that are stained or dirty. To facilitate cleaning, certain mattresses come with a cover that can be washed in the machine.

The owners of rental properties might need to buy mattress protectors. They have a zippered encasement that covers the entire mattress. Mattress protectors that are waterproof tend to protect against spills, and can also act as a protection against allergens, dust as well as bed bug.

Long-Term Use

Most mattresses of good quality should last at least 5 years of continuous use. If your rental isn’t constantly busy, like during low seasons the mattress could last longer.

Utilizing a sturdy bed frame and mattress protector will increase the life span of your mattress by giving it an enduring foundation and protection against any accidental damage. Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer on maintenance, such as regularly turning the mattress increase the durability of the mattress as well.

Property owners who rent their properties are advised to periodically examine mattresses by lying down on it for at minimum 10-15 minutes to ensure there aren’t any signs of sagging that is premature or other imperfections.

A Mattress to Fit Many Preferences

Similar to many other items it’s easy to believe that our individual preferences for a mattress are shared by the majority of people. However, in reality there’s plenty of variation in the way people would like for their mattresses to look like. Keep this thought in mind while shopping for a mattress and find a mattress that is a hit for everyone.


Most mattresses you purchase online will come included with free delivery. The usual method for delivery is making the mattress smaller in plastic and delivering it in a box by delivery by ground to your doorstep. It is then necessary to take the box into your bedroom and take it out to allow the mattress to be decompressed to its original size. For most mattresses, and especially ones that are large or full size It requires two persons to accomplish this in a safe manner.

If you prefer an approach that is more relaxed you should look for a mattress manufacturer that provides White Glove service for delivery. This is a service that involves the technicians visiting your home to set up the bed. They will also remove the mattress that was previously used. The price associated with White Glove services depends on the mattress firm and the area of residence.


Warranty protection is provided against the possibility of defects within the mattress. Although warranties are beneficial in certain situations but rental property owners must be aware that warranties won’t offer coverage for damage caused by accidents (including spills) or normal wear and tear and sagging that occurs as time passes.

The most suitable kind of warranty for consumers is one that is not prorated, as it means that the protection remains the same throughout the period of. When the guarantee is prorated it means that the longer the client has used an item, the greater the portion of the costs they will have to cover to replace or repair the mattress.

In general, we suggest homeowners renting properties take a look carefully into the small print in the mattress warranty. This could shed light on the nature of the warranty and the costs for customers incurred by an claim for warranty. Furthermore landlords of rental properties must be sure there aren’t any special conditions in the warranty that apply to mattresses used in commercial spaces.

Pillows and Bedding

A great mattress could be overlooked by guests if your pillows and bedding aren’t up to the mark. Make sure there are at minimum two pillows on Twin or twin XL mattress and at least four pillows on beds that are bigger or full. Consider zippered pillow enclosures to guard against the possibility of damage to pillows as well as to prevent the accumulation of allergens that can cause issues for guests.

The blankets and sheets are essential to take into consideration. Naturally, you’ll want to ensure you select the right size for your new mattress. A variety of bedding sets will allow you to offer new bedding and sheets and have an extra set in the event of a accident or stain. If you’re renting situated in a warmer climate cooling sheets can provide more comfort to guests.

Bedroom Furniture

Alongside the mattress, give some consideration into the furniture for your bedroom to complement the decor of your rental or Airbnb property. If you can fit an extra bedside table (or two) or a dresser or a desk, it will improve the convenience and comfort of your room. Make sure there are outlets for electrical power that are accessible, as almost every guest will require an outlet to charge their tablet, phone, or any other electronic device.

Blackout Curtains

The extra effort you take to ensure that guests can get a restful night’s rest can ensure you get good reviews and repeat business. The excessive light that is inside the room is a concern that is frequently overlooked when renting properties. If your bedroom is large with windows, you should consider installing curtains with blackout or heavy drapes to allow tenants to sleep peacefully and not be disturbed by the light that is streaming into.


If you own a property for rental which caters to families like many vacation and condo homes, you should taking into consideration having a crib mattress inside the property. This extra benefit can help potential clients who are looking for parents to enjoy convenience of travel without the burden of bringing a crib.

If you choose to furnish your home with a crib sure you choose a crib that meets the necessary safety standards for the design and construction.

Space-Saving Beds

For certain rental units it’s extremely beneficial to have a second bed. If you’re working with a small space, but you want to accommodate the capacity of your guests staying, there are a number of options of space-saving beds to think about:

  • Twins which can be combined: A few twin mattresses or twins XL may be combined using the connector to allow them to be used in a king size or California King. Although this does not increase capacity in total however it allows you to give guests a greater amount of beds.
  • Bunk Beds: The perfect choice for those who have a vacation home and want additional space for children. bunk beds make use of vertical space , allowing for double bed capacity.
  • Murphy Bed: They are beds which are placed vertically within an item of furniture (like cabinets) and then lifted to create a “hide-away” mattress.
  • Sofa Beds: The sofa beds come in a variety of sofa beds. However, the majority have a pull-out which converts the sofa into beds.
  • Futons: As a type of sofa, a futon can serve as both a sofa and bed, however, the mattress doesn’t fold down. Its frame alters its position from angled to flat.

Hopefully our guide has helped you find what we consider the best mattress for AirBnB.

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