Best Mattress For Co Sleeping: 6 Picks For 2022

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If you’re considering sleeping together with your baby, you’ll require a mattress that is safe for co-sleeping. For many, it’s important to find the best mattress for co sleeping that they can afford..

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t sleep on your current mattress, take a look at the reasons you shouldn’t remain sleeping on your old mattress.

Why should you buy a fresh mattress?

Hygiene and safety are the primary issues in this. However, there are many other reasons to replace your mattress:

Composition of a mattress

A lot of adult mattresses have various types of materials and some are toxic. They could cause the mattress to be less than safe for babies be aware of the materials used in the mattress. The best option in this situation are 100%natural, organic mattresses that are free of hazardous materials.


Baby sleepers need more firm surfaces for an optimal sleeping experience. Some adult mattresses could be not firm enough for babies. If the mattress you’re sleeping on that same mattress for a long time the firmness of it becomes uncertain. The mattress could have become more supple and stretched throughout the many years.


After years of usage mattresses aren’t as clean as they did when they were brand new. This isn’t the most suitable surface to lay your baby on. Even if you’ve kept the mattress clean The long-term utilization of any type of surface is likely to be affected and cause a decline in hygiene.


If you are looking for a mattress that you can sleep on, you should only look at models made from light and breathable materials. If you’re sleeping with a small infant be sure not to use pillows that are too full, which could be a risk to sink the head of the infant and create a safety risk.


Pick a mattress easy to tidy. Consider mattresses that have a an easily removable zippered cover that can be tossed in the washer whenever you need to.

Keep these points in mind, let’s take a an examination of the top mattresses for co-sleeping on the market today:

How can you make sharing a bed safe for babies?

Although most medical organizations recommend against sharing beds with newborns but bed-sharing on a secure mattress and a healthy baby and non-smoking parents are less of a risk.

I’m also trying to find research that shows that putting a baby within a crib can be not as dangerous than sharing a bed in a potentially secure sleeping arrangement.

Let’s review the suggestions for making bed-sharing secure for your baby.

  • The mattress should be firm.
  • A mattress must be free of harmful chemicals in case you don’t want your baby to breathe toxic chemicals that are released from a typical mattress.
  • There shouldn’t be a space between the headboard or footboard, nor railing. There should be there should be no headboard, footboard or railing that is attached to the bed.
  • Nothing on the bed that could cause the baby caught.
  • Baby should be laid on their backs to rest.
  • A no-lounge blanket beddings, comforter or a pillow in the vicinity of the baby.
  • A comfortable temperature in the room to avoid overheating.
  • Baby should be dressed appropriately based on the temperature in the room.
  • You might think it’s safer for your baby to lie on the floor, so they won’t fall out of the bed, however this sleep position increases the likelihood of being pushed around by a father.
  • The baby should remain on the one edge of bed, but away from the bed’s edge.
  • It is safer to share a bed in the case of a mom who is sharing an infant’s bed. This is exactly what we did with our twins. Dad was temporarily relocated in the bedroom of the guests.
  • If mom has hair that is long and she wants to tie it back. She should avoid wearing a dress with hanging items in order to minimize the possibility of being choked.
  • The mother must be a non-smoker, non-alcoholic, or not intoxicated by any substance.

Therefore, removing the well-known dangers from the environment of sleep can reduce the chance of SIDS in infants.


What is the Best Mattress For Bed Sharing?

Here are some of the things you must be aware of when selecting the right mattress to share with your baby.

Mattress Surface

The sleep safety guidelines of AAP suggests a firm bed mattress for babies to rest on. Therefore, the mattress must be firm and not incline while the baby sleeps on it.

Mattresses with soft and fluffy surfaces could pose a danger of risk of suffocation. It is essential to choose a mattress which is sufficiently firm to hold its shape. Organic wool or cotton mattresses are superior to memory foam mattresses. They are more likely to sink, and emit toxic chemicals in a sleep space.

The size of mattress

There are a variety of factors to be considered when choosing an appropriate mattress for bed sharing. If you are planning to share a bed with your child it is essential to have a bigger mattress.

If just mom and baby share a bed and sleeping together, a mattress of the same size should suffice for you. With my first child my son and I had (without dad) the queen-sized mattress with my newborn , to ensure that my baby had plenty of space to sleep. However, you can use an extra-large mattress even if just two of you share a bed.

However, if dad and mom share a bed with their baby, it is possible to require an extra-large mattress to provide sufficient space between baby and parents, especially if the baby sleeps on the middle or either side.

When you consider the amount of time your child is likely to spend in your mattress (10-18 hours per day) It is important to stay clear of mattresses made from vinyl/polyurethane, memory foam or other synthetic.


Mattresses constructed of polyurethane memory foam, the soy foam that is off gas toxic chemical substances, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The heat that is generated when you sleep on a mattress, and long-term exposure to the mattress can result in an increase in VOCs emissions through the mattress.

In addition, since babies breathe in a higher volume of air than adults which means they are more susceptible to the toxic effects of VOCs.

Flammable retardants

To satisfy the US open fire flammability test requirement, the manufacturer employs chemical flame retardants within the form of a polyurethane foam mattress that is highly flammable.

These chemical flame retardants are extremely harmful and have been associated with causes of reproductive toxicity, cancer and thyroid dysfunction, as well as lower IQ and puberty that is advanced and decreased fertility.


PFSA is a synthetic chemical utilized in the production of mattresses due to its anti-grease or water-proof properties. These and other plastics are permanent chemicals that are highly durable in the surroundings and your body. Once they’re in your body remain there for the rest of your life.

PFSA Exposure to PFSA has been associated with the development of obesity, high cholesterol thyroid disease, obesity, and cancer.


Vinyl/Plastic is utilized because of its water-resistant qualities. They are utilized to make mattresses that are waterproof. Also, these mattresses contain phthalate as well as heavy metals. They also release dangerous chemicals that are known to cause birth defects, endocrine disturbances as well as cancer.

Certifications to be looking for in the mattress

Greenguard Gold, GOTS and the GOLS mattress are the ones that you should consider as mattresses that are non-toxic.

Greengurad Gold-certified mattresses have been tested for the emission of harmful VOCs as well as other ingredients and guarantee that the mattresses emit a lower concentration of VOCs. Additionally GOTS and GOLS certified mattresses make sure that the fabric and latex used in the production process are organic and are not processed with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. which are linked to birth defects, cancer and hormonal disruption.

Be mindful of greenwashing. For instance, many manufacturers will claim that it is GOTs certified or GOLS certified. However, in fact, only a portion that is certified, while the rest of it is stuffed with toxic materials.

Our Picks For Best Mattress For Co Sleeping

We have provided a list of what we feel are the best mattresses for co sleeping.

These are not listed in any particular order – so feel free to review them all, before making the decision on which mattress is right for you.


Naturepedic Serenade

Best mattress for co sleepingThe Naturepedic mattress is my top option if you’re seeking a non-toxic baby mattress or an adult mattress. They come with Greenguard Gold, GOTS, and MADE SAFE certified , and manufactured by the USA.

Naturepedic Serenade Adult mattress comprises organic cotton certified by GOTS organic wool batting organic latex, food-grade PLA and encased coils that are supportive.

The organic latex layer forms your body when you sleep to provide the necessary comfort to help you sleep better. While at the same time the enclosed coils offers solid support and it provides a firmness.

The Serenade is offered in two firmness choices that are firm and cushion-firm. Both options are firm, but neither will allow you to sink deep into the mattress because the mattress is made of natural latex. Additionally, it is airy, which means that when infants start resting in their stomachs (around three to four months) they’ll be able breathe through the mattress comfortably.




Plushbeds Plushbeds is another non-toxic company to look into as a mattress for adults to sharing with a baby. They have mattresses that come with Greenguard Gold, GOTS, the GOLS certification, and OEKO-TEX. They are produced in California.

From the Plushbeds natural and organic mattresses, The Botanical Bliss as well as the Natural Bliss are the top choices to think about. The Botanical Bliss is handmade by hand in the USA and is made from organic latex that is GOLS certified organic cotton, GOTS certified organic and certified organic wool from GOTS. It is naturally resistant to fire as well as mold and mildew. It also acts as an excellent thermoregulator, which is great to protect your body from excessive heat.

The Natural Bliss mattress is handmade and constructed with 100% natural latex that is free of chemical additives or synthetics. The latex is enclosed in an GOTS Certified organic cotton covering. Natural Bliss Natural Bliss is an excellent alternative for those who are who are allergic to wool since it is vegan, hypoallergenic wool-free, non-animal-friendly, and wool-free. Additionally, in order to satisfy the federal requirement for flammability They use patent-pending natural plant fiber that is organically grown and does not contain pesticides or other chemicals.



My Green Mattress

My Green mattressIf you’re in search of an affordable and secure mattress that provides even support for both you as well as your kid, think about this Pure Echo organic cotton mattress from My Green Mattress. With a pocketed innerspring system, this mattress can help even out your weight and assist you in avoiding tension points while the child and you rest. The innerspring provides spine and edge assistance, which makes it more difficult for a person who is sleeping on the edge to fall off.

It’s also constructed to last, and will not likely to lose its shape over time. The mattress can be set up on any flat, stable area, such as a conventional bed frame or even the floor and is an ideal alternative for sleeping together.

The mattress you are buying has been Greenguard Gold certified, with organic materials certified by GOTS, which means that you can be sure that there were no harmful chemicals incorporated into the mattress’s construction.


  • Constructed using certified nontoxic organic materials
  • Durable design that will not get sunk by regular use.
  • Extra-firm
  • Innerspring provides excellent edge support


  • Because of organic materials certain customers complain that the mattress smells
  • There’s no pillowtop choice
  • If you are planning to put this mattress in an existing bed frame it could be a little short


  • Dimensions: 80 X70 Dimensions: 80 X 70 10.2 inches
  • The height of the assembled unit is 10.2 inches
  • Firmness firmness




nectar mattress featureNectar is another company that offers inexpensive memory foam mattresses with an excellent quality that could easily be compared to the top brands. The mattress was designed to offer you the highest levels of the firmness and comfort you need.

As with all mattresses that have gel-infused memory foam You can be certain everybody will be cool and comfortable all night. The mattress features two layers of memory foam that keep it cool on hot nights.

The mattress is medium-firm to accommodate all sleeping preferences simultaneously. It offers excellent edge support, which is a typical problem with foam mattresses, to decrease the risk from falling over.


  • Two Gel memory foam layers to provide an extra cooling
  • Edge support and motion isolation to accommodate more people
  • It can be placed on any surface
  • Material that is certified safe


  • Some customers feel the mattress is too firm.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 76x 11 inches
  • Assembled height 11 inches
  • Firmness firmness



WinkBeds GravityLux

Within the Comfort System of GravityLux, a layer gel-infused polyfoam which measures 2 inches in thickness and quilted into the cover, is placed over that of AirCell foam. Below it, the AirCell layers is zoned layer of polyfoam that gives support to the most heavy areas of the body, such as the hips and shoulders. Polyfoam with high density is the core support.

How It Was Performed

Its dynamic nature of GravityLux is largely due to AirCell foam which is created with thousands of tiny air pockets. These pockets provide the foam with the ability to shape to fit the body of a person as well as, at the same it allows cooling and ventilation. This creates AirCell foam an ideal choice for those who appreciate the comfort of memory foam, but fret about getting hot sleep.

The GravityLux’s structure provides superior movement isolation as well as conforming. It gives people with the support and peaceful sleeping they require. Both temperature control and the ease of movement are advantages in comparison to conventional memory foam.

Couples can pick between different versions of the GravityLux which have a comfortable medium, firm or feel. The majority of users prefer the medium however stomach and back sleepers could prefer the more firm. The people who weigh less than 130 pounds will get better contouring with the soft version.

The GravityLux comes with a a 120-night trial of sleep to try it out. WinkBeds is a reputable player in the field of online mattresses, gives an unconditional guarantee that covers the manufacturing of defective materials.



GhostBed Luxe

GhostBedLuxeGhostBed Luxe GhostBed Luxe is an all-foam mattress that is designed with a variety of cooling elements. It’s also among GhostBed’s most luxurious models, which makes it a fantastic choice for couples who want an extremely contoured bed and motion-isolation.

What’s It Made of

With an overall firmness moderate (5) The Luxe features a quilted cover with memory foam, followed by a two-inch comfort layer of memory foam, both of which wrap around the body with great care and provide great pressure relief. The layers absorb the motion in the bed, which can cause disturbances to sleep when sleeping partners change positions in the course of the night. Below is a 2 inch layer of transitional Ghost Bounce polyfoam that prevents excessive sinkage , while being able to contour to a certain degree with an inner support core of high-density foam which stabilizes the mattress.

What It Did

The Luxe is a great option for back and side sleepers. Sleepers on the side require beds that have cushions for pressure points such as shoulders and hips, and back sleepers require the right balance of shaping and support. The Luxe comes with a variety of features that are designed to ensure the temperature in a neutral manner that is an outstanding feature of foam beds which are designed to retain the body’s heat.

The cover is constructed of Ghost Ice fabric designed to be cool to the touch. Additionally, the comfort system is comprised of phase change fabric which is designed to absorb the body’s heat. These memory foam layer are coated by cooling gel.

GhostBed provides mattresses for free in the continental U.S. The mattress comes with a 100-night trial period and a warranty of 25 years.




Have you had the time to consider the options available to you in terms of co-sleeping safely with your baby? The choices you have are likely to be different according to the stage of development and age of your child, and your needs could change as your child gets older and grows bigger. Be aware of the key features of co-sleeping mattresses that were discussed in the beginning of this post and you’ll be able pick the best option for your family within a matter of minutes.

How do you determine which is better: the traditional type of mattress over opt for the floor sleeper instead? If you’re weighing it, the best alternative is to choose an upholstered floor sleeper. It is possible to choose a product made for long-term rest like the Japanese-style futons that are listed above. You can continue to make your most out of sleeping devices for the years to be.

If you’re not sure that one bed offers enough space You can always buy two sleepers and combine them so that you can give yourself along with your partner and your child ample space to rest in a safe and secure manner without worrying about being thrown off of the mattress, or getting too hot or suffocated through the night.

If you’re still a fan of sleep on a traditional Western mattress, you could place one of them on the ground as well. Keep in mind that memory foam tends to perform a bit better overall when it is placed on the floor , as opposed to innerspring-style mattresses which may be sagging and form “pits” in time.

Hopefully you have found our guide for the best mattress for co sleeping helpful.



What type of mattress is best for co-sleeping?

A mattress that has a firmness of at least medium, preferably higher. Babies should not sleep on mattresses that are very plush and sink in even a little bit.

If they have excessive padding, there is a greater chance that their lips and nose will be covered.

The perfect mattress is one that is sprung and is both firm and of high quality.

Is memory foam safe for Cosleeping?

If you do decide to bed share with your child, the most crucial thing you can do to ensure their safety is to have a mattress that is nice and firm.

You need to keep an eye on your child while they are sleeping to make sure they are not sinking into the mattress, since this might make it more difficult for them to breathe.

In addition, the use of memory foam as a surface while co-sleeping with a baby is not recommended.

How can I make my Cosleep bed firmer?

  • Memory foam pillow – This particular pillow is designed to keep its firm shape throughout the entirety of the night.
  • Buckwheat pillow – Buckwheat pillows are naturally rock-solid and absorb less body heat than memory foam does. Buckwheat pillows are a great alternative to memory foam pillows. Try this one out if you’re always sweating!

Can you safely co sleep with a newborn?

It is recommended that infants sleep in a crib or bassinet near to their parents’ beds throughout the first 6 – 12 months of their lives.

The practice of parents sleeping on the same surface as their infants is referred to as “co-sleeping.”

It’s not safe for babies to sleep in the same bed as their parents.

Is it safe to co sleep on the floor?

There are no exemptions to the rule that your bed needs to be completely and utterly risk-free for your child.

The safest option is to position the mattress on the floor, taking care to ensure that there are no cracks or openings into which your child could become trapped.

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