Best Mattress For Cold Sleepers: 7 Picks 2022

If you are looking for the best mattress for cold sleepers, then this article hopefully helps you.

A cold sleeping surface will cause you to have a restless night’s sleep because you’ll be fighting your body temperature in addition to your partner’s body heat.

This is especially true if you and your partner share a bed.

In fact, when both of you are on one side of the bed, the colder side will affect your partner more than you.

However, a comfortable bed can help you sleep better, even in a cold environment. The right mattress is a great way to keep you and your partner warm and cozy.

Then, when the temperature starts to fall, you can turn down your thermostat and snuggle up under your soft bedding, which will be cooling your body temperature as well as your partner’s.

A good mattress will also promote circulation and breathing and allow your muscles to relax.


How to Choose the Best Mattress for Cold Sleepers

The best mattresses for cold sleepers have an additional layer of foam or foam-like materials on top of the springs in the core of the mattress.

This foam helps to keep you from sagging. This is most important for people who spend long periods of time in bed or who are overweight. A comfort system, on the other hand, is used to give the sleeping surface a feeling of softness. The foam on top of the springs is made of polyester, latex, wool, cotton, or other types of materials.

The comfort layer is usually the last layer that you touch when you get out of bed in the morning, and you will feel the difference between a soft mattress and a firm mattress.

Conversely, a firm mattress helps to relieve aches and pains in the back and neck by providing a stable sleeping surface. A good mattress should be able to keep your body at an even temperature, not too hot or cold, so as not to cause any discomfort.

If you live in a cold environment and are constantly cold, a sleeping surface that is constantly cooling you is the last thing you want. If you are living in a colder climate and have a heating system, it is a good idea to install a thermostat to regulate the temperature in your bedroom.


What Kinds of Foams Retain Heat?

Next, take a look at what types of foams retain heat best.


Foams that have a high percentage of foam are great for cold sleepers because they help to keep you warm while helping to keep your partner warm. This is why foam mattresses are a popular choice for those living in colder climates or who are overweight. A mattress with a high percentage of foam tends to be firm, so it will help relieve aches and pains in the back and neck and provide a stable sleeping surface.

A foam mattress also has a low risk of sagging, which is something you want to avoid. You want your bed to feel like it is supporting your body weight and not sinking into the mattress. This is why most mattress manufacturers use high percentages of foam in their mattresses.

Latex Foam: This is the most popular type of mattress. It is made of rubber and latex. Rubber is a natural substance that is derived from the sap of the Hevea tree. Latex foam is durable and hypoallergenic. Because of its softness and durability, latex foam is suitable for people who are overweight or have back problems. It is a popular choice because it is both soft and durable.

Wool-Filled Foam: Wool is a protein that can be found in many animals. It is the part of the animal that is used to produce hair and wool. The outer layer of the mattress is filled with cotton, down, or other synthetic fibers.


If you are a cold sleeper and you are looking for a mattress with lots of spring action, a mattress with springs is a good choice.

A mattress with springs is good for relieving aches and pains in your neck and back and keeping your body temperature at an even temperature. You will find that some springs have different heights and widths.

These are known as coil springs. The taller the coil, the better. The higher the coil, the more bounce. Foam Cushion A foam cushion is a popular option for cold sleepers because it has the added benefits of being soft and durable. It is made from polyester foam. You can use it to fill up a mattress or use it on its own as a pillow.

When you have a mattress with lots of spring action, you will feel the bounce. This is why you should consider getting a new mattress if your mattress is starting to sag.

Memory Foam: This type of foam is often used in mattresses for older people because it is soft. It is not as durable as a firm mattress, but it is a great option for cold sleepers. The benefits of memory foam are that it helps to relieve aches and pains in the back and neck. It also helps to keep your body temperature at an even level.

Foam Cushion

A foam cushion is similar to a foam mattress because they both are filled with polyester foam. They are made from latex foam, wool, or other types of foam.

A foam cushion is a good option for those who live in colder climates or are overweight because it is soft and durable.


Best Mattresses For Cold Sleepers

Here is our list of the best mattresses, if you are a cold sleeper:


best mattress for cold sleepersSaatva has seen a lot of innovation in their mattresses over the years.

Their first Saatva Classic mattress has become among the best mattresses on the market for those looking for the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress.

With an edge in terms of the quality of their mattresses, Saatva has decided to put money into more advanced coils to give sleepers a the most comfortable traditional mattress and pass on greater savings on their customers.

In the past they’ve further pushed the boundaries by introducing their Saatva Latex Hybrid, their popular number bed named Solaire the mattress designed for bigger sleepers, called Saatva HD, a mattress for larger sleepers Saatva HD, and their latest Modern Foam mattress.




DreamcloudDreamCloud is among the most intriguing brands that has three of the highest mattresses for hybrids that are rated the highest that are available.

It is the DreamCloud provides the best quality in any mattress hybrid that offers the ultimate support as well as a balanced pressure relief and a cashmere-mix top.

Its DreamCloud Premier is an extremely luxurious dream that doesn’t compromise support and is ideal for anyone who sleeps all over the world.

The DreamCloud Premier Rest includes the pillow top that has an 18-inch profile to provide the ultimate in lavish, luxurious and comfortable.

Sleepers report better quality sleep when they sleep on these mattresses. And with the ‘Buy now and pay later’ finance via Affirm and a 365-day trial that is among the top price-quality bargains you can find on the market.



Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Sig for Cold SleepersBrooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker that manufactures various mattresses that come that offer various firmness choices.

Producing all their mattresses in their own Arizona manufacturing facility in Arizona, Brooklyn Bedding is in a position to offer the best prices and quality on their products to customers.

Additionally, learn about their top brands including Ultra-firm Plank Mattress, plus-size friendly Titan Mattress, customizable Rubix Mattress and latex Bloom Mattress, eco-friendly Ecosleep as well as Cooling Propel Sleep.




AwaraMeet Awara the maker of two pressure relieving hybrid mattresses with the GreenGuard Gold certified design and an eco-friendly mission at an affordable price that, in comparison, offers more worth for its 10 12 inches thick mattresses over other latex mattress manufacturers.

No matter if you’re allergic to chemicals or simply enjoy the refreshing feel of a latex mattress the mattress will ensure that the mattress you purchase is environmentally conscious as Awara has a certificate through the Rainforest Alliance and a partnership with Trees For The Future which plant trees for each mattress bought.

With one firmer and one smooth feel, Awara brings a comfy sleeping sigh of relief.




Winkbeds Cold SleepersWinkBeds began by manufacturing premium hybrid mattresses that are factory-direct that are made by the US to be competitive with the premium showroom market.

They have been innovating over the years and have now introduced two mattresses: the luxury-style , all-foam and a latex hybrid mattresses as well as a traditional hybrid.

Customers and reviewers alike are being satisfied with the superiority of their mattresses, WinkBeds is one of the top brands to think about when you are on a mattress selection.




Allswell for cold sleepersAllswell is a mattress brand that was launched in the year 2018 to compete with the direct-to-consumer market for mattresses and to introduce some fresh innovations.

They have four mattresses available including The Allswell, Allswell Luxe Allswell Supreme, the Allswell Supreme and the new, more firm Allswell Brick.

All of them come with the adaptable and supportive advantages of pocketed coils and layers of foam on top to provide pressure relief.

If you’re on the lookout to find a bargain Allswell’s mattresses are an option to think about.



Nest Bedding

Nest BeddingEstablished in 2011, Nest Bedding is an exciting new product to the mattress market.

The mattresses are made from the US and comprise the top-of-the-line hybrid mattress organic and natural latex , hybrid mattresses with a flippable mattress, and many more.

With prices that are competitive compared to mattresses from name brands and a long-standing tradition of innovating according to feedback from customers, there’s plenty to like regarding Nest Bedding.



Things To Consider

Here are some important things to consider, when purchasing a mattress:


The number of people who will be sleeping in the bed will determine the size of the mattress that is required for the bed.

Although a full mattress can technically accommodate two people, twin and full mattresses are better suited for use by a single individual.

Mattresses with a twin size are perfect for children, while full-sized mattresses are more appropriate for adolescents who have outgrown their previous twin bed or for adults who sleep alone.

Both queen and king mattresses are roomy enough for two people to sleep on at the same time.

The majority of individuals believe that a queen bed provides them with adequate private space, but if you want to stretch out or if you have children or pets that sometimes join you in bed, a king bed is your best option.


There is a wide variety of hardness levels available for mattresses in general, and this includes options for people who sleep chilly.

Those that are too soft do not provide the necessary level of support, whilst those that are too firm might feel unpleasant and even painful to the user.

When evaluating firmness, it is important to take into account the sleeper’s weight as well as the posture in which they sleep.

Soft mattresses, for example, can offer sufficient support for people weighing less than 110 pounds, but anyone weighing more than that will report that they do not feel supported.

In general, people who sleep on their sides require a mattress that is not quite as firm as those who sleep on their backs or fronts, who typically have a greater need for support.


Choose a foam mattress with the CertiPUR-US certification when you go shopping for one.

This certification verifies that the mattress is free of a wide range of chemicals that could be hazardous to your health.


Mattress Features


Mattresses constructed of foam, as opposed to mattresses made of wool or other natural materials, are inherently more hypoallergenic.

Memory foam mattresses have a naturally occurring antibacterial property that helps reduce the number of dust mites in the mattress as well as the accumulation of mold and mildew over time.


It is advantageous for a mattress to have a cover that can be unzipped and washed in a washing machine.

However, just because you have a cover doesn’t mean you don’t need to use a fitted sheet too.


At the very least, the depth of a decent foam mattress should measure 8 inches, but 10 to 12 inches deep is even preferable.

In order to make up for the additional space that is required by the innerspring component, hybrid mattresses typically have a depth of at least 10 inches.


Mattress Pricing

Budget: A number of standard foam mattresses, including some memory foam alternatives, can be found for prices ranging from about $100 to $300. These mattresses are inexpensive

Mid-price: In the middle of the price spectrum, you’ll find a wide variety of memory foam and hybrid mattresses that are perfect for people who sleep chilly. These mattresses cost between $300 and $800.

Expensive: The most luxurious, comfy, and supportive mattresses for chilly sleepers can be found at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. The price might range anywhere from $800 to $2,000 for one of them.


Tips For Cold Sleepers

  • Invest in two different comforters:  If you and the person you share a bed with are more likely to experience hot sleep than cold sleep, you might want to consider using separate comforters. You may use a more substantial one, and your companion could go with something more lightweight.
  • Adjust the firmness of the mattress to how you prefer to sleep:  In order to avoid placing an excessive amount of pressure on the hips and joints, people who sleep on their sides typically require a mattress that is softer than those used by people who sleep on their backs or stomachs.
  • Maintain a consistent temperature in the room: If you find that you wake up shivering in the middle of the night, make sure that you don’t let the temperature in your bedroom drop too low during the day, and keep the door to your bedroom closed while you sleep so that you can keep the heat in.
  • Do not rely solely on your mattress to keep you warm: While the appropriate mattress can help you sleep a little warmer, don’t expect miracles. You’ll still need a thick comforter and warm jammies if you’re always cold when sleeping.


Best Mattress for Cold Sleepers Conclusion

There is no one right mattress for everyone. It’s best to know what your needs and preferences are so that you can make a purchase that works well for you.

It’s important to do your research and ensure that you’re purchasing a mattress that will fit your budget and suit your requirements.

Remember that not all mattresses have the same price tag, so it’s important to do a little comparison shopping before purchasing the mattress of your dreams.

Hopefully we’ve narrowed down your search for the best mattress if you are a cold sleeper.



What does it mean to be a “cold” sleeper?

A person who has a tendency to feel chilly during the night is said to be a “cold sleeper,” as opposed to a “hot sleeper,” who has a tendency to feel warm during the night.

It is typically far simpler to assist a warm sleeper in becoming warmer than it is to assist a hot sleeper in becoming cooler.

There is no limit to the number of layers that may be added, but there is a finite number of layers that can be removed!

What can I do if I feel cold in the night?

If you discover that you get cold throughout the night, there are many different things you can experiment with. One of these things is searching for a mattress that is designed for those who get cold while sleeping. This is something you are probably already thinking about if you have made your way here.

In addition to selecting the most appropriate mattress for your needs, you could also find it helpful to use sheets that are both thick and soft, as well as a warm comforter or duvet. You might also keep additional blankets in storage, which would allow you to put them to your bed on particularly chilly evenings and then take them off when you no longer require them.

It will also assist to keep you warm if you get into bed dressed appropriately for the occasion. Long pajamas made of a material that allows air to pass through it, such as cotton or cotton jersey, will prevent you from overheating while yet keeping you warm.

If you become very cold at night, sleeping with a hot water bottle or an electric blanket can help you maintain a comfortable body temperature. Another option is to wear socks to bed.

Should I replace my bed frame at the same time as my mattress?

There is no reason to replace your bed frame at the same time as your mattress unless you are purchasing a mattress that is significantly larger or smaller than the one you now have.

In spite of this, it is a good idea to purchase a new bed frame whenever you purchase a new mattress. This is especially true if your current bed frame is old and worn, or if you simply desire a new appearance.


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