Best Mattress For Your Guest Room

Have you spent the night at a relative or friend’s house only to wake up to a uncomfortable, hard, creaky or uncomfortable mattress?

You know how uncomfortable an overnight stay can be.

It is important to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable in your guest room.

Your guest’s experience can be made or broken by the mattress.

We can help you find the right guest mattress for your needs.

We have looked at a wide range of guest beds, including adjustable airbeds and economical foam and innerspring options.

We’ll be sharing our top picks and tips for choosing the right guest mattress.


Best Mattress For Guest Room

The best mattresses for a guest room are:


Saatva Modern Foam


This is Saatva’s very first all-foam mattress. It comes with an super-comfortable lumbar support pillow. A layer of natural latex foam is placed underneath the cover. This adds a nice responsiveness. Side sleepers may also like the Saatva Modern Foam, especially the comfort layer of egg-crate-style foam.

What makes the Saatva Modern Foam stand out?

  • This mattress is not packaged in a box to keep it from being too compressed, as per the Saatva brand.
  • There is a lot of airflow in the egg-crate foam. This mattress should have a cooler sleeping temperature when combined with the 1″ gel-infused memory foam.
  • The support layer is made from high density foam which should last at least 10 years.



WinkBed Mattress


The WinkBed is an excellent choice if you have guests who like a firm mattress. The WinkBed’s layer of individually wrapped coils provides a lot of support. A Euro-style pillow top with multiple layers of foam will provide pressure relief for sleepers. This combination of support and comfort could prove to be a good choice for guests suffering from back pain.

What makes the WinkBed stand out?

  • You can choose from Soft, Luxury Firm, or Firmer.
  • A WinkBeds Plus model is also available, which is made for heavier sleepers.
  • The WinkBed technically is a hybrid but it still feels like an innerspring.


DreamCloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Premier

Most people are looking for the lowest price for a mattress in their guest room. But what about those who would like to spend a little more and get a luxurious mattress for themselves? The DreamCloud is a luxury, hybrid mattress that will make your guests feel as if they’re sleeping in style.

The DreamCloud is a hybrid mattress. It contains individually wrapped coils, comfort layers of memory foam and a cover of a breathable cashmere mix. For added softness, the cover is quilted with a little bit of foam.

The hybrid construction of the mattress provides a great balance between comfort and support. The DreamCloud has a firmness rating of 7.5/10. This means that it is firmer than average beds. The DreamCloud is a great choice for back sleepers and light sleepers in all positions. The coils are supportive and the memory foam provides excellent pressure relief.

What makes DreamCloud stand out?

  • DreamCloud mattresses have a luxurious feel with high-quality materials such as soft memory foam foam, individually wrapped coils and a cashmere covering.
  • Cashmere covers are quilted and breathable. They also feel soft to the touch.
  • The DreamCloud is a good choice for hot sleepers because of its cover and airflow-promoting coils.
  • The mattress is a great choice for back and light sleepers in all positions.


Nectar Mattress


Many people love memory foam mattresses today – this material provides great pressure relief, contouring and an overall comfortable feeling – anyone who feels a memory foam mattress would make a good choice for their guests should consider Nectar.

The Nectar has 3″ of gel memory foam on top of a transition and base layer. This mattress gives off the slow-moving feel many people expect from memory foam mattresses. House guests can sink slowly into the Nectar and feel the mattress conform to their bodies by lying on it.

Side sleepers will find the Nectar to be a good choice because it has 3 inches of soft memory foam. Guests should not feel any pressure on their hips or shoulders when side sleeping. They should also be able switch to their back to get good support and contouring.

The Nectar is reasonably priced for a memory foam mattress. A Queen size currently costs around $1298.00.

What makes the Nectar stand out?

  • The Nectar has a classic memory Foam feel that allows sleepers to sink slowly into the mattress.
  • The mattress should provide great pressure relief for side sleepers as well as good support for back sleepers.
  • To prevent the mattress from retaining too much heat, the memory foam is infused with gel.


Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Mattress

Brooklyn Bowery

While luxury is wonderful, some people want the best price for a guest bedroom mattress. Brooklyn Bedding is the best value when it comes down to value. Brooklyn Bedding owns its own factory so its beds are competitively priced. The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery is their most affordable option for a mattress. It’s a simple, all-foam mattress. It retails for less than $900 before discounts and sales, which is a remarkable price for such a high-quality brand.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery is made up of three layers of foam: a comfort layer and a transition layer. The base layer is the base layer. Energex foam is used in the comfort layer. It’s a more comfortable and breathable option to memory foam. Guests should not feel trapped in the mattress and shouldn’t sleep hot.

The Bowery will be an excellent choice for light sleepers like teenagers and children. The Bowery can provide exceptional pressure relief for side sleepers who are lighter.

What makes the Bowery stand out?

  • The Bowery is a great value . The price for a queen-size mattress is only $699.00
  • Lightweight side sleepers should find the mattress to be comfortable.
  • Guests shouldn’t complain about being stuck on the Bowery or getting hot while they sleep.


Nolah Original 10″ Mattress



A queen-size bed is the best choice for guest rooms. It has 6 feet more space, which allows for more people. Grandmas, aunts, uncles, and grandpas should pay close attention to the Nolah mattress. It is a perfect match for nieces and nephews who are coming to visit. The bed is solid and provides motion isolation so that the little ones who share it won’t feel like their legs are slipping off. They also shouldn’t wake each other up during the night.

The Nolah’s all-foam construction makes it a great choice for people who sleep in a variety of positions. The brand’s AirFoam, which is a medium-firm mattress, should provide comfort and support for average weight back sleepers. side sleepers will also benefit from some pressure relief.

What makes the Nolah stand out?

  • The mattress is suitable for children, teens, and all adults, from the smallest to the largest.
  • AirFoam mattress is more responsive than standard memory foam and breathable.
  • It comes with a remarkable lifetime warranty, and a 120-night trial period.


What Type of Mattress is Best for a Guest Room?

Your preferences will play a major role in choosing the right mattress for your guest room. We’ll show you the various options available. If you have only houseguests a few times a year, it may be a good idea to buy a affordable mattress. We’ll show you how to get a great product at a lower price.

Memory Foam

Because the memory foam molds to the body of the sleeper, this material is universally appealing. This category has a variety of prices, so these are some things to watch out for.

  • Temperature: Memory foam can cause some people to get hot because your body sinks into it. Some brands also offer copper or gel infusions that conduct heat away from your body to help stop this. You should look for something that can keep your guests cool if you live in a hot climate.
  • Support: Memory foam is a top choice for comfort. However, low quality foams won’t provide the necessary support. This is mostly due to the foam’s density. Look for products that have either a high density support layer or a medium density comfort layers.
The top layer should have a minimum of 1.8 and the support layer should not be lower than 3.5. A mattress with only one layer should be avoided. These specs should be readily available on the website of the company.


It looks and feels similar to memory foam but has some notable differences.

  • Latex is generally more environmentally friendly than memory foam because of its makeup and manufacturing process. This applies only if natural latex is obtained from the sap of an a rubber tree .  Although it is more expensive, it is also more durable.
  • It provides the same pressure relief as memory foam but is more responsive.
This mattress has more bounce, which is great for guests who are elderly or require assistance with repositioning.


Coil mattress, also known as innerspring, is made up of springy coils that act as the sleeping surface. There is also a cover. Although there are many types of coils, individually pocketed coils offer some significant benefits. Each coil performs independently, so your body can sink into the mattress exactly where it needs.

The continuous coil system gives the bed a flat surface. However, this can cause it to feel too firm when it is brand new. Over time, however, it will start to sag in the wrong places. Is there a correct place to sag in a bed?


These beds are considered the best of both worlds. A hybrid is a mixture of materials. It will include memory foam, latex, and blending coils. Sometimes, all three.

Some brands offer customization options within this category. You can even list your preferred sleeping position.

If you are looking for something medium-firm and with bounce, or if you’re heavier, the automated system at the company will create a bed that suits your needs.

Hybrids are more expensive than some other models but they can still be very comfortable.


Considerations When Buying a Guest Bed

How Often Will It Be Used?

This is the most important question to ask yourself. It will determine how important quality or durability are in your decision.You already know that higher-end products will be made with better materials and last longer. The process of sagging in beds is similar to that of people as they age. If a bed is used nightly, it will accelerate this process.Most people feel comfortable in their bed the first night they sleep on it. You’d think it was soft and cushiony.Low density foams and coils made cheaply can lose their structural integrity over time and leave you with a bed that leaves you with sore, achy muscles every morning you get up.If you aren’t planning on hosting guests often, it may be more cost-efficient to purchase a bed with a lower price and greater comfort. Although it will sag over time due to the fact that even the most expensive mattress can take several months to deteriorate, a guest bed can last many years.

Selecting a Firmness Level

Remember the story of Goldilocks, and the Three Bears. She desired a bed that was both soft and hard. She desired something “just right.” This is what most of your guests feel, in fact the vast majority of people.Everyone should feel comfortable in a bed with a medium-firm or medium-firm comfort.

How to Choose the Perfect Size Bed

You can get more bang for your dollar by sizing down from Queen to Full. You can even opt for a twin-size if you host guests. Downsizing to a Full may save you $100 or more.It’s actually not that much smaller. It will be approximately five inches shorter and seven inches wider. There will still be plenty of space for most people and couples. Consider the guests you are hosting and consider if it would be a good idea to get a smaller room.

Take Into Account The Needs Of A Sleeper

If you have the same guests every time, this is easy. However, it can be a bit more difficult if there are multiple guests.These are some tips to help you think about the preferences of your guests.

  • Airflow and cooling: You will need a mattress with temperature-neutral or cooling qualities if you live in a hot climate or host people who are prone to feeling hot. While latex and coil beds are naturally cool, memory foam is a good choice if you prefer to sleep on gel or copper-infused foam. Copper draws heat away from the body while gel cools and copper draws it away, so both these materials will make your guests feel comfortable.
  • Motion isolation : Choose a bed with excellent motion isolation if you are hosting couples. This means that even if one person moves or gets up, the other won’t be disturbed.
This is especially important because people don’t sleep well when they’re unfamiliar or in unfamiliar places. Your guest doesn’t want to be disturbed by their sleeping companion.This is where memory foam excels.

  • Movement is easy: You should consider whether your guests require mobility or have physical limitations that prevent them from moving around the bed. Avoid memory foam and look for latex or coils.
  • Support and alignment of the spine: If you have ever had a stiff neck or achy lower back after sleeping in a hotel or guest room, this is a sign that your mattress did not provide adequate support or alignment.
This is a failure to host guests in the hosting world.The ideal bed should offer pressure relief, comfort and support that allow the body to stay at a neutral level.These memory foams are of higher density and perform better.

Tips To Make Your Guest Bed Experience Better

A Great Mattress Topper Is Worth The Investment

You can make a mattress topper if you have a guest room bed that is getting tired. You can get them for as low as $20 or more than $100. However, they are still much cheaper than buying a new bed.

Toppers are great for adjusting the firmness of a mattress or reducing its sagging.

To Increase Your Life Expectancy, Use Mattress Protectors

Your mattress can be damaged by liquids, especially if guests are present, especially if they are children. A waterproof mattress protector will protect your mattress from any damaging substances and keep it looking brand new.

You should also know that if your warranty is void due to mattress stains, it can be voided. Getting one can make you a safer investor.

Rotate the Mattress

Rotating the bed’s surface will prolong its lifespan. Because people sleep in the same area, the mattress that is closest to their bodies will experience the most wear. Flipping your mattress or rotating it can help balance the wear. It’s almost the same as rotating your tires.

However, we will warn you that rotating a mattress can be a pain. This is not something that everyone should do, but it might be worth the effort if your mattress is old or has been used a lot.


Last Things To Remember About A Mattress For Your Guest Room

Are you ready to start mattress shopping? After you have looked at all your options, here are a few things you should keep in mind before making a final decision.

Which Mattress is Best for You?

When guests are concerned about their comfort, the most expensive and specialized mattress is not always the best. No matter what size or shape they are, the best guest mattress will provide a restful night’s sleep. Many mattresses are made with certain populations in mind.

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Investment I Need To Make?

Your budget will not determine how much you spend on a guest bed. How often are guests invited and how long do they stay? A mattress that is only used once or twice per year may not be worth the money. If you host guests over night, it might be worth spending a bit more on a durable mattress.

Mattress Warranty and Other Policies

Some mattress companies offer lifetime warranties, while others allow customers to return their purchase within a specified time frame without any fees. Before you make a purchase, ensure you have read and understood the warranty, return policies and exchange procedures.

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