10 Best Mattress For Humid Climate 2022

If you are looking the best mattress for humid climate, then you are going to want to pay attention to mattresses made specifically for cooling.

So not only do you need to consider the high humidity, you need to also consider body temperature.

The average temperature of a human body fluctuates as a result of natural processes throughout the course of a single day.

According to the findings of a number of studies, the temperature of your body drops throughout the various stages of the sleep cycle, reaching its lowest levels just before NREM sleep begins.

This decrease in body temperature is generally associated with improved quality of sleep, whereas temperatures that are higher than normal have the potential to disrupt normal sleep patterns.

As a consequence of this, sleeping on a mattress that is breathable and has cooling components may help you sleep better and for longer.

Some people have a higher body temperature than others do when they are sleeping.

For people who have trouble sleeping because of excessive sweating during the night, a mattress that is designed to dissipate body heat can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a restless one.

The level of temperature regulation that a mattress provides can be positively or negatively impacted by the types of materials that are utilized in the mattress’ comfort layers, support cores, and cover fabrics.

In order to determine which mattresses would make the cut for our best picks, we put each one through a series of tests designed to determine not only how well it breathes and maintains a comfortable temperature but also how well it is constructed and how long it is expected to last.


Best Mattress For Humid Climate

We have compiled a list of the top 10 brands we feel are the best mattress for humid climate.

This is based off of the materials they are made with, along with their cooling properties.

Keep in mind these are not listed in any particular order.
Helix Midnight Luxe


If you’re looking for a new mattress but aren’t sure what firmness level to go with, Helix Sleep has a variety of memory foam hybrid models that are tailored to various body types and sleeping positions.

The pocketed coil design in each of our mattresses ensures consistent airflow and helps the mattress maintain a pleasant temperature.

Recommended For

  • Memory foam hybrids are preferred by sleepers who appreciate the contouring and responsiveness of a memory foam mattress.
  • People who have a lot of discomfort and pressure points
  • Those who sleep hot

Helix Midnight Construction

The Luxe series consists of thicker pillow-top hybrids that are equipped with additional features to enhance your sleep experience.

While the standard Helix models may appeal to shoppers on a budget, the Luxe series offers a more luxurious sleeping experience.

The Helix Midnight Luxe is the best choice for those looking for a mattress that falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum thanks to its medium firm feel and capacity to accommodate sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds.

The Helix Midnight Luxe features not one but two layers of memory foam, one of which is concealed beneath the pillow-top and works to create a surface that is exceptionally plush.

A polyfoam transitional layer offers additional support in addition to its conforming properties.

Following the layer of dense foam that serves as the foundation is a support core that is constructed out of pocketed coils.



GhostBed Venus Williams Legend


The GhostBed Venus Williams Legend is an all-foam mattress that was designed to enhance the rate of physical recovery experienced by athletes and other individuals who lead active lifestyles.

During the night, your head, neck, and spine will remain in the correct alignment thanks to the mattress’s well-balanced construction and medium firm feel (6).

Recommended For

  • Couples
  • People who lead physically active lives
  • Those who sleep in positions that cause uncomfortable pressure points

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend Construction

The cover of the bed is crafted from cooling fibers and REPREVE, a plush material manufactured from recycled sources. This serves as the foundation of the bed.

A comfort layer made of memory foam lies beneath, and its close conformity to the shape of the body helps to release pressure that has built up there.

The foam has a mineral that has been developed to absorb body heat and reflect it back as far-infrared light. This mineral has been integrated into the foam.

This light gently warms and relaxes achy muscles without making the bed too hot to sleep in.

A layer of Ghost Bounce foam can be found beneath the layer of memory foam. This layer combines latex-like responsiveness with contouring properties, preventing you from sinking in too much.

The bed’s foundation is made of high-density foam, which lends the mattress both sturdiness and support.



DreamCloud Mattress


The pressure relief and notable contouring of memory foam are both offered by the DreamCloud, which is a hybrid memory foam mattress.

However, the traditional issue of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to trap heat.

Because of these appealing features, the bed should be quite comfortable for a wide variety of different people when they are sleeping in it.

Recommended For

  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Couples
  • People of varying heights, weights, and sleeping positions

Dreamcloud Construction

The DreamCloud offers a well-rounded and balanced sleeping experience thanks to its combination of layers of premium foam and a supportive base of coils.

The cover is made of a plush cashmere blend that is pleasant to the touch and has a cosy appearance.

This is quilted with polyfoam to create a surface that is instantly padded and comfortable.

Following a layer of gel-infused memory foam that closely contours to the body and creates a deep body hug is a layer of polyfoam that promotes further contouring but has a firmer feel to prevent excessive sinkage. This layer is located beneath the top layer of memory foam.

The next layer is a bed of coils that allows air to pass through but prevents any part of the body from sinking in too deeply.

Because of this, it feels as though you are sleeping both “in” and “on” the mattress when you use the DreamCloud to get some shut-eye.



Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress

Many people who weigh more than average need a mattress that will reinforce their bodies and keep them on an even plane while they sleep.

This is because uneven support and excessive sinkage can make the pain that results from poor sleeping posture even worse.

The Saatva Classic boasts a luxurious design that provides exceptional support without compromising on the level of comfort or pressure relief it offers.

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers
  • Those looking for a mattress that provides strong support all the way to the edge
  • Individuals who are in need of assistance in assembling their new mattress

Saatva Construction

The first layer of the Classic model is made up of zoned memory foam, which is followed by a Euro-top that is cushioned with foam and soft fibers.

The support core is made up of thick bonnell coils made from recycled steel, while the transitional layer is made up of pocketed minicoils.

It is much simpler to get in and out of bed thanks to the dual coil layers, which offer excellent pushback along the edges of the mattress.

Both of the coil layers work together to promote excellent airflow, which will keep you cool and comfortable all through the night.




Best mattress for humid climate

It can be difficult for people who sleep on their sides to find a mattress that is adequately cool.

The majority of people who spend the majority of their time in this position report feeling pressure buildup along the spine.

As a result, these individuals require a mattress that is adaptable, one that encourages even alignment and cushions the shoulders and hips.

We believe that side sleepers who are looking for a mattress that is breathable, comfortable, and supportive should give serious consideration to the WinkBed, which achieves all of those goals thanks to a combination of foam layers.

Recommended For

  • Both side and back sleeping positions
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples

Winkbed Construction

The WinkBed is available in four firmness levels: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), firm (7), and a firm (8) WinkBed Plus option.

All mattresses start with a layer of polyfoam quilted into the cover, followed by another layer of polyfoam.

Quilted polyfoam conforms to the body, resulting in more even weight distribution and less pressure buildup.

The transitional polyfoam layer offers moderate cushioning and acts as a buffer between your body and the support core.

The medium soft model has an additional layer of polyfoam for extra cushioning.

The WinkBed, as a hybrid model, relies on pocketed coils for stability.

These coils are designed to move independently of one another, resulting in a strong support system with minimal bounce or motion transfer.

Extra reinforcement around the perimeter prevents deep sinking when getting in and out of bed.

The entire mattress is wrapped in a breathable Tencel fabric cover made from eucalyptus.



Nectar Premier Copper


The Premier Copper memory foam bed from Nectar stands out for its higher profile and improved cooling properties when compared to other all-foam models.

Because of the thick comfort layer, this bed is ideal for side sleepers who prefer plush, comfortable sleeping surfaces with deep pressure relief.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers weighing more than 130 pounds
  • Couples
  • Those looking for a memory foam bed with cooling properties

Nectar Premier Copper Construction

The thickness of the mattress is 14 inches, and it is entirely made of foam.

Copper strands are woven into the quilted cover, and their purpose is to dissipate heat away from the body.

Following that is a layer of memory foam that is 4 inches thick and is injected with cooling gel as well as phase change material.

Both of these components are designed to assist in the upkeep of temperature neutrality on the surface of the bed.

After that comes a small layer of transitional polyfoam with a higher level of firmness, which is followed by a 9-inch base layer of high-density polyfoam that helps to keep the mattress in place.



Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid



The level of comfort provided by a mattress is a matter of personal preference; nonetheless, certain beds are constructed to provide a pleasant sleeping experience for a diverse range of individuals.

One example of such a mattress is the Aurora Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding.

It is available in three different levels of hardness, making it suitable for a wide variety of sleepers.

Recommended For

  • Both side and back sleeping positions
  • People who tend to sleep hot
  • Those who feel a buildup of pressure when they are sleeping

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Construction

The Aurora Hybrid can be had in three different firmness levels: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and hard (7).

Every choice comes with a top layer of CopperFlex foam, which molds to the shape of the body while also providing a touch of responsiveness.

Following that comes a layer of TitanFlex foam that has a more solid consistency.

Underneath these two layers of the medium soft and medium firm models is a transitional layer of gel-infused memory foam; the firm model, on the other hand, makes use of TitanFlex foam, which provides increased support.

The support core consists of pocketed coils that are localized to provide additional support to the midsection, and it is included in all firmness options.



Nolah Evolution 15


The Nolah Evolution 15 is a hybrid mattress that combines the firm support of a coil system with the contouring properties of foam for a comfortable and supportive sleep surface.

The end result is a mattress that is not just comfortable for side sleepers but also for other types of sleepers who find that they face increased pressure during the night.

Recommended For

  • Side sleepers
  • Those who suffer from a buildup of pressure when they are sleeping
  • Hot sleepers

Nolah Evolution 15 Construction

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a high-profile bed that features a luxurious comfort system and is 15 inches in thickness overall.

The Euro-top cover is quilted with foam, and then a comfort layer made of the company’s proprietary AirFoamICE foam is placed on top of that.

These two comfort layers provide cushioning that is superior to what you would expect from a hybrid mattress.

Following that comes a layer of polyfoam that is slightly more firm and acts as a buffer between you and the support core. This layer gives you some modest contouring.

A system of 8-inch pocketed coils can be found underneath the foam, and it provides specialized support to various parts of the body.



Bear Hybrid


The Bear Hybrid is a bed that promotes physical recuperation while you sleep, making it a good option for individuals who are looking for a mattress that helps ease aches and pains.

The mattress contains a foam and coil design that helps alleviate pressure points, and a Celliant textile cover that was engineered to support pleasant sleep.

Both of these features contribute to the mattress’ overall comfort.

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers
  • Both side and back sleeping positions
  • People who report feeling a buildup of pressure during the night

Bear Hybrid Construction

The cooling cover has gel-infused polyfoam that is quilted into it, which helps to draw heat away from the body.

A second layer of polyfoam provides further contouring and assists in maintaining the natural alignment of your spine.

Following that is a transition layer of polyfoam that aids boost pressure relief and distributes air throughout the comfort system.

The support core is made up of pocketed coils that are reinforced all the way around the edge.

The entire bed benefits from the added resilience provided by a thin covering of high-density polyfoam.



Eight Sleep Pod


The Eight Sleep Pod is an all-foam smart mattress that gives users the ability to tune the bed to specific temperatures at predetermined intervals.

When co-sleeping with someone who has differing temperature preferences during the night, this is a viable option to consider.

Recommended For

  • People who tend to sleep too hot
  • Couples
  • Those who like smart products

Eight Sleep Pod Construction

The Eight Sleep Pod has a thickness of 11 inches and is built with three layers of foam in its construction.

The first two layers of polyfoam are molded to the shape of the user’s body, and a support core made of high-density polyfoam serves as a stable foundation.

A grid of tubes is contained within a layer that is located in the middle of the foam layers.

In order to either cool or heat the mattress, a pump that is required to be placed adjacent to the bed circulates water of a temperature that may be adjusted through the grid.



What To Consider When Buying A Mattress For High Humidity

Because waking up sweaty is such a prevalent complaint, several of the leading mattress manufacturers have been working to alter their products to have greater ventilation and cooling capabilities.

When searching for a cooling mattress, it is important to keep the following in mind.


Because hybrid designs leave empty areas in between the coils on the base layer, they are inherently better at promoting airflow.

You might also look for businesses that specialize in producing their own unique materials, such as impregnated foams, gels, and fibers designed to make the wearer feel cooler.

Last but not least, you should seek for mattresses that have coverings that can be touched throughout the night and still feel cool.


There are other factors besides maintaining the right temperature that contribute to a restful night’s sleep.

Think about the level of hardness that will provide you (and your partner, if that’s the case) with the optimal balance of comfort and support (more on that below).

If you are unclear where to begin, choices that are medium-firm are typically the optimal starting point.

Sleep Style

You should also look for a mattress that can accommodate your own tastes and requirements on how you want to sleep.

Factors to consider here would be your bodyweight and your sleep position.

Delivery Method

Consider looking into bed-in-a-box possibilities if the idea of transporting a cumbersome mattress gives you the willies.

Many manufacturers have perfected the process of vacuum-sealing their mattresses into more compact boxes, despite the fact that mattresses can still be quite heavy.

The mattress returns to its normal dimensions after being removed from its packaging and its seal broken.

Sleep Trial

When making a significant purchase online, without first seeing or handling the item, it’s natural to have some reservations.

Because of this, the majority of large mattress firms provide lengthy risk-free trial periods (some as long as a year), so that you can test out your bed and determine whether or not it is worth the money before making the purchase.

Before making a final decision, it is important to find out the return policies of each brand.


Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Hot Sleepers?

Big names in the industry have been working to find a solution to this problem, which was previously associated with earlier versions of memory foam mattresses and its reputation for retaining an unpleasant amount of body heat.

A lot of memory foam mattresses are made to encourage ventilation, and they have numerous layers of different cooling materials and covers, plus they’re engineered to be that way.

If you are still undecided, hybrid mattresses, which include a base layer of coils for support and a top layer of sink-in foam for comfort, are an excellent alternative to consider.


Are Cooling Mattresses Worth The Cost?

If you tend to get too hot during the night, purchasing a mattress with built-in ventilation and cooling features is an excellent investment.

Having stated that, the construction of different cooling mattresses might vary greatly.

One thing that you should think about is the kind of cooling “tech” that will be most suitable for your requirements.

This may be gel-infused memory foam, phase-change covers, or well-ventilated coil layers.

You have the option of purchasing a high-tech mattress that comes equipped with an in-built thermostat. This will allow you to adjust the temperature of the bed to meet your specific requirements.

Make sure the cooling mattress you buy comes with a trial period so you may try it out before making a purchase decision.

This is important regardless of the type of cooling mattress you decide to purchase.

However, a cooling mattress that offers a full year trial will give you the ability to sleep on it throughout all four seasons, which makes sense if you are more prone to sleeping hot from late spring to early fall.

Most cooling mattresses come with at least 100 nights to try it free; however, a cooling mattress that offers a full year trial will give you the ability to sleep on it throughout all four seasons.


Best Mattress For Humid Climate FAQs

Can humidity affect my mattress?

Cheaper foams can have its performance negatively impacted and its decay accelerated by the presence of moisture.

Moisture has the potential to deteriorate the mattress by causing the adhesive that holds the layers together to become weakened.

How can I protect my mattress from humidity?

Before putting your mattress into a mattress protector, you need to make sure that it is totally dry and that it has been cleaned.

After that, use tape to seal all of the gaps and corners of the container so that no water or moisture may get in.

Even though it is unlikely that water or vermin may make their way into your unit, you should still take precautions to protect yourself just in case.

How can I lower the humidity in my room?

  • Improve your home’s ventilation.
  • Make sure the air conditioner is turned on.
  • Use a dryer or hang your clothing to dry.
  • Maintain a dry environment.
  • Make use of desiccants.


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