Best Mattress For Ottoman Bed

Ottoman beds come in many different styles and designs, so you can easily find one that works with your room’s decor. Whether you choose a modern or traditional style, you can find a bed that will work with your current style and make your room look more spacious.

The best part of this type of bed is that they can be stored away easily when not in use. Ottoman beds are a great option for anyone who wants a simple design but still wants to have more room in their room.

An ottoman bed is an excellent choice for small living spaces or apartment. It can be used as a coffee table, side table or even as extra seating. And you don’t need a lot of space to fit one in.

Furthermore, the shape of the ottoman can be modified to suit any style of furniture or even wall décor. You can get a stylish and durable bed that will last you for years to come.


Benefits of an Ottoman Bed

The Ottoman bed is a beautiful, ancient piece of furniture. With its distinct lines and patterns, it has the ability to add style and elegance to any room. And it’s so versatile. The Ottoman bed can be used in many ways. For example, you can use an Ottoman bed as a footstool, side table or even as a coffee table. The Ottoman bed can also double as a storage unit.

Design – Ottomans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose one that fits your needs. For example, if you have limited space, you may want to go with a smaller sized ottoman because it will take up less room. If you have a lot of space, however, you may want to go with a larger ottoman that has more storage space.

Easy Storage – Since Ottomans are designed to be stored away when not in use, they are an ideal choice for small rooms or apartments. In fact, you can find an ottoman that will fit perfectly under your desk or sofa.

Durability – Make sure that the ottoman that you choose can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. For example, if you are going to be placing heavy items on top of it, such as a bed frame or a desk, make sure that the material of the ottoman is sturdy enough to withstand the weight.

Style – If you are looking for a bed that can blend in well with your current furniture, then the ottoman bed is perfect for you.


Drawbacks of Ottoman Beds

These beds are big, heavy, and expensive. You’ll need a strong, solid and sturdy frame to support it.

The frame is very hard to dismantle, so you may have a difficult time moving it. If you don’t have enough space to put it in, you’ll have to look for a bigger house.

This type of bed doesn’t have many features. It doesn’t have a headboard or footboard, so you may not be able to fit a bedframe on top of it. The only thing that you can add is a mattress.


Best Mattress For An Ottoman Bed

The best mattress for an ottoman bed is going to be memory foam.

Memory foam and ‘mattress in a box’ types of mattresses are extremely light however, because they are the most dense kind of foam provide the full necessary support to get a good night’s rest.

They’re an investment however, you shouldn’t place too much value on a restful night’s sleep!

If you’re going to invest in a spring mattress, then choose one that is a little smaller than the norm, to ensure you don’t add an excessive amount of weight, and also putting extra strain on the mechanism that lifts the mattress.

Here is our picks for the best mattresses for an ottoman bed:


Emma Original Mattress


Emma Original is a great mattress for those looking for the most comfortable sleep possible regardless of your body preference. They designed the perfect foundation that provides the perfect level of support and cushion. The thick layers of German-engineered foam that’s light but exceptionally strong to provide the comfort you need. Emma Original is engineered to be able to stretch to different dimensions and shapes to ensure that the sleeper can be perfectly all night long.

Best For:

It’s fantastic if you love to change positions in the evening regardless of how often you move, Emma Original will offer full comfort and support throughout the night. Emma Original is ideal for people who sleep with a partner.

A 10 inch thickness is the standard for any size,. So it’s great for stomach and back sleepers.


  • Easy return and delivery
  • German-engineered foam
  • 2 million customers
  • Top layer that is washable


Emma Original weighs in at Emma Original is 40-70 pounds (depends on the size of the mattress). It’s not ideal for those who have ottoman beds.



Aslan GEL Memory Foam Mattress


Aslan Medium Plush is 100% made in the USA using CertiPUR-US certification foam, and evaluated against dangerous chemicals. It comes with 365-night trial for no risk and an An Infinite Warranty.

The mattress can be able to accommodate any sleeping position – back and side or stomach, so you can choose the best sleeping position for you! It has 13 inches of top-quality materials that support your body, helping to ease pressure and offer the best comfort for all your sleeping needs.

Best For:

It’s a great mattress for those who prefer to move around while sleeping. Additionally, Aslan Medium Plush has an excellent thickness for big and tall individuals.


  • Free sleep trial for 365 nights
  • There is no smell
  • Breathable comfort layer


It’s not the ideal mattress for those who suffer from chronic back pain or who prefer sleeping on their stomachs or backs.



Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam Mattress


Environmentally-friendly Nano Stain Terminator finish guards against repellent spills and permanent stains.

The mattress comes with a different depth top layers made of premium memory foam with gel swirl, that will provide you with a more comfortable sleep with additional cooling.

High-density foam base is adjustable to ensure it lasts the lifetime of your mattress, while providing enough comfort to meet your demands.

Best For:

Brooklyn Chill will be good for those looking to enjoy the coolness of a mattress while reducing their sweating.

It is possible to purchase Brooklyn Chill in many types of thicknesses. Therefore, 6 and 8 inches of thickness is ideal for kids up to 12 years old and for those with a weight of less than 100lbs. 10 pounds are suitable for stomach and back sleepers 12 to side and sleepers who combine. The 14-pound weight is suitable for people who weigh greater than 300 pounds.

Brooklyn Chill is perfect for ottoman beds due to its light weight. It’s also sufficient to give back support.


  • Trial mode for 120 days
  • Free shipping and return
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Cool effect


Because it is made of foam, it may stink over a period of time following it’s delivered. However, it is gone in 2 days, on average.



Keetsa Cloud Mattress


Keetsa Cloud can be described as a mattress that is firm and free of coils constructed of BioFoam. With 2.5 inches thick this premium foam gives the best support and bounces back effortlessly for maximum relaxation.

It is made of high-density memory the mattress won’t sag due to the weight of your body or from a distance to the rollers which could disrupt the other people sleeping in the bed during the time of night.

Best For:

The Keetsa Cloud was specifically designed for stomach and back sleepers, with 2,5 inches of supple BioFoam.


  • 12-year warranty
  • Simple return
  • Transportable and easy to carry


It’s not a great choice for those who prefer to sleep on their side or for those with large bodies. Additionally, it could be too costly for someone who requires an extra-large mattress.



Bear Original Mattress


Bear Original is non-toxic, 100 percent manufactured in America in addition to being Greenguard Gold certified by UL for its low emission and fashionable mattress. The mattress will keep you comfortable and cool thanks to four layers of flexible and supportive foams that adapt to your body’s form regardless of sleep posture.

It has an open-cell design which doesn’t trap heat and hinder airflow, this natural mattress will make you feel cosy all snug and secure every time you lie down. It’s also the ideal option for a bed with an ottoman because it’s made of light memory foam. The fabric is soft to the touch and ensures a restful sleeping experience for any.

Best For:

  • Back sleepers who seek an ideal mix of support and comfort
  • Sides that are light or average weight sleepers that want excellent pressure relief
  • Hot sleepers seeking the memory foam sensation
  • People who enjoy exercising and who are in search of the most optimal mattress for athletes.


  • Made from high-quality materials, it’s an organic mattress.
  • Shipping and return shipping is free.
  • 100-day trial at your own home.
  • Environmental-Friendly.
  • Hypoallergenic and insensitive to dust mites, so it does not affect allergies in any way.
  • Lightweight, it is ideal for ottoman beds.


For some they may find it too costly, since the materials utilized in Bear Original is natural and non-toxic. Therefore, the mattress is higher than other foam mattresses.



Other Things To Consider

Here are some other things to take into account, when choosing a mattress for your ottoman bed.

Heaviness Of The Mattress

The weight of the mattress is directly related to how simple it is to get access to your storage area. It is because the majority of ottoman beds feature a lift mechanism that lifts the bed. It is essential to ensure that the mechanism works flawlessly.

In order for lift mechanism function smoothly and quickly it is essential to keep the weight of your mattress in your mind. When the mattress weighs too much, it will struggle to lift. The spring mattress might not be the right option for an ottoman bed.

They may be inexpensive but they’re not useful in the long run. The ideal option for a mattress to be used in an ottoman mattress is an memory foam mattress. They are light and provide plenty of support for the person.

But, many don’t buy mattresses made of memory foam because they’re expensive. They’re an investment for your sleeping and offer an excellent return on investment over the long term.

Slats In The Ottoman Bed Frame

The majority of stores on the marketplace sells Slatted Ottoman beds, which differ from the standard ottoman bed when compared to solid tops in terms of quality, construction and quality and.

To give the mattress the best support for you it must be supported by the frame of your ottoman. Because when there are places that are sagging, you won’t be able to get an excellent night’s rest. This is why you must make sure that the mattress you purchase will work with slats of the ottoman.

Certain mattresses require slats that are close together while some mattresses require a wide gap between the slats. The requirements for these mattresses will be based on the style of the mattress as well as the material used. When you make the decision to purchase an item of mattress, be sure it’s compatible with slats.

Personal Preference

Not last, it is all based on your personal preferences. Choose the mattress that you feel the most comfortable and check out how it will fit in the bed you have in your ottoman. Many people opt for hypoallergenic mattresses since they are delicate, and an ottoman bed can be paired to any mattress.

Therefore, you are able to utilize any mattress that fits for the bed with an ottoman however, you must consider the weight and size of your mattress in account.



Similar to all bed bases the personal preferences of the bed’s user take precedence. There are instances when the mattress of one kind could perform better than the others. Fillings can have a significant impact on the way that one mattress will work with the ottoman mattress.

If you’re buying the ottoman bed for your adult or child, there are spring systems and materials to consider.

The dimensions of mattresses are an important thing to think about. the measurements of your ottoman bed are vital.

An ottoman bed that is single with a mattress. be looking at a 90cm the 190cm mattress.

The thickness of a mattress could be an issue and also determine the type of headboard that is best suited to.


Frequently Asked Questions

What the weight an ottoman bed support?

It’s crucial to ensure that the bed you’ve chosen for your ottoman is made of solid material, especially since they’ll have to be able of lifting anything between 40 and 80kg (if you own a high-quality mattress that’s king-sized).

Does an ottoman bed worthwhile?

It’s important to keep in mind that they can be more costly than conventional alternatives. However, as they offer excellent levels of support, without straining the mechanism for lifting an ottoman bed, memory foam , and mattress in a box are well worth the money.

Are ottomans equipped with a weight limit on the mattress?

It is crucial to ensure that your ottoman bed is sturdy built, particularly since they’ll be required to lift anything between 40 and 80kg (if you own the best mattress size for king size). If you opt for a low-quality or poorly constructed ottoman bed, it’s more likely to fall apart when you put it under pressure.

What can you put inside an ottoman bed?

The storage space that ottoman beds provide is perfect for big objects that take up a lot of space. These are things that you’ll only use every now and then or things you’re content to keep for extended lengths of time.

For instance: Duvets, duvet covers pillows, sheets for bed and bed. Jumpers and winter coats.

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