Best Mattress For Restless Leg Syndrome

Are you experiencing leg pain that subsides when they move? Best mattress for restless leg syndrome

Perhaps you’re experiencing an odd, uncontrollable desire for your legs to move. You might also feel them twitch as well.

If this is the case then you may be suffering from something known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). It’s not contagious or fatal however it can be annoying. It may also affect your sleep.

If RLS keeps you awake in the night, it could become an endless cycle of sleeplessness and discomfort. The symptoms of RLS could cause you to fall asleep. Also, the fact you’re sleeping less well can make the condition worse.

While we don’t know an answer, we do hope to help you discover the best mattress for Restless Leg Syndrome. In this post, we’ll talk about our top choices and provide some useful tips that can aid in easing your sleep-related symptoms.


Top Beds for RLS Reviews

Best Mattress For Restless Leg SyndromeNectar – Exceptional Value

  • CertiPUR-US(r) Certified
  • 365-Night Trial
  • Forever Warranty

Although traditional memory materials can cause you to feel cramped and uncomfortable Nectar’s improvements to this traditional material and reasonable prices could be ideal for people who want to enhance their rest and reduce motion transfer.

Modernizations to the foam has resulted in them being less likely to hold heat, and also the overall feeling is more responsive, which makes it much easier to shift positions or move your legs around without feeling trapped.

What’s so special to this? Nectar makes it easy to save for your sleep by keeping costs at a minimum while providing exceptional value. Eliminating middlemen through the use of an internet-based sales system was just one step. Rolling their beds into easy to deliver boxes was another. This allows customers to experience the showroom-quality at affordable prices.

To add more to the value of their beds the company provides one of the largest trial periods on the market. You’ll get the opportunity to test for a whole year whether Nectar is the ideal choice for your personal and sleeping requirements. In addition is a Forever warranty , and all foams that are used in the bed have been evaluated to strict safety standards by two separate third-party companies.

You can read our full Nectar mattress review here.



Casper mattressThe Casper – Spinal Alignment

  • CertiPUR-US(r) Certified
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA

Casper’s design was designed to be able to adapt to a variety in body types and weights , so that they don’t develop pressure points and stay aligned.

Their researchers are always on the lookout for the most effective methods to enhance your sleep by using a mattress that is flexible that can decrease motion transfer.

What’s different? The transitional layer of foam that lies in the middle of Casper was recently updated by a zoned support system that provides additional firmness to the middle region of the bed. If your midsection is slightly heavier than the rest in your body you’ll remain level and comfortable by utilizing a rest-inducing spinal alignment system.

The gentle balance of support and pressure relief will allow your body to unwind, and when you have for your legs to be moved you don’t have to fret about disturbing your partner’s rest due to the bed’s superb motion-isolation. Furthermore is that your partner’s body will be accommodated as well because the pliable feel of the mattress can be adjusted to different sizes and shapes of bodies.



Zenhaven mattress for restless legsZenhaven – Dual-Sided Latex

  • Dual-Sided
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX(r) Certified
  • 180-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

If you’ve looked around for latex, then you’re aware the bounce body conformity and rapid-response could be the ideal option for those suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome since the material will allow you to move with ease while also assisting your body ease into relaxation. Zenhaven is an eco-friendly luxury brand owned by Saatva Company, is a luxury eco-friendly brand. Saatva Company, delivers a dual-sided latex which helps enhance the chance of an ideal fitting for your specific requirements.

What stands out? Depending on which side you choose, you could experience a firmer, on-top-of-the-mattress feel with the Gentle Firm or be nestled deeper inside the materials in the Luxury Plush. It is possible to test both to discover which is the best fit for you. On either side, you will feel the same pressure relief that helps help distribute your weight equally.

The product is constructed from four layers of natural Talalay latex. It is made using an approach that creates a more stable and springy foam that is responsive to pressure, making it easy to maneuver. The entire structure is enclosed in a cover that is made of an organic cover which breathes easily and helps maintain the temperature in line with the neutral temperature latex that has been in turn aerated.

You can read our full Zenhaven mattress review here.



Layla mattressLayla – Great Pressure Relief

  • Dual-sided Firmness
  • CertiPUR-US(r) Certified
  • 120-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

If the key to ultimate relaxation lies in removing those pressure spots, then the traditional memory of Layla could be the perfect fit for you.

Modern cooling techniques, such as copper infusions, gels, and copper infusions within the cover are sure to keep you cool no matter the part of this double-sided memory mattress you choose to test.

With copper in the top layer of foam that is on each side of the mattress The designers of Layla offer one of the best conductors of heat that allow heat to move rapidly out of your body, so you don’t overheat on the mattress. It also offers two distinct mattress feels with a more firm feel that will keep you over the mattress and a more softer feeling that permits the user to slowly sink into the foam.

What’s different? Memory foam excels at reducing pressure and motion isolation. these attributes in Layla will allow your muscles relax and minimize interruptions to your partner’s sleeping in the event that your legs are to move quite a bit. Although both sides give sensational feel, it is important to note you’ll find that the Firmer side might be easier to move around in than the soft side.

You can read our full Layla mattress review here.



Restless Leg Syndrome Buyer’s Guide

Consider Memory Foam

One of the best options for people who suffer from RLS is one that is a Memory foam mattress. Although the kind of mattress you select won’t significantly change your symptoms, it may greatly affect your partner’s sleep in the event that you share a bed with someone else.A memory foam mattress is a winner in motion isolation. You’ve seen the commercials in which people drop a bowling ball on a mattress and an entire glass of wine on the top. In all likelihood, the glass of wine placed on the bed shown in the commercial won’t move.If you suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome and sleep in a bed with someone sleeping on a memory foam bed or any foam mattress could just be a necessity. Anything else could pose the risk of making that your spouse to get up each time you move.Another thing to consider is the fact that memory foam is known to enjoy the best satisfaction score for reviewers. No matter if you’re suffering from pain or not, everybody needs the most comfortable mattress to rest on.


Avoid Innerspring

Innerspring beds, often called coil beds, can be a bad option for those with RLS. As we’ve mentioned before you’ll likely require an option that reduces motion transfer. If you’re tossingand turning and twitching around and twitching, you’ll want to be careful not to wake your spouse.Due to the coils in the and around the mattress the innerspring mattresses are prone to bounce. This means that every time you move or stand up and down, you’re impacting the springs surrounding you. If you’re having a difficult night, your partner might wake up together with you, which can put tension to any marriage. But, if you’re deeply entangled in this type of relationship you can find individual pocked solutions to help you make it harder to track movement.


Medium Level Firmness

It’s tempting to look at a cushioned mattress or a more firm, rigid alternative, but the truth is that something between will probably work best for you.The reason for this is that people with RLS tend to turn and toss, changing positions often all night. While we usually suggest different levels of firmness based on the preferred position of sleep however this doesn’t always apply to people with RLS.As you toss and turn and turning, you could be spending some time on your sides as well as your stomach as well as your back. Due to the various positions of your body, you might need mattresses that can accommodate all three. So, a bed that is medium-firm could be a great option.


Look For an Adjustable Bed

It’s not easy to relax, especially when you’re experiencing one of the nights when your body doesn’t seem to be working. But adjustable beds enable you to be more mobile and more comfy.In addition Look for an adjustable bed with an integrated massage function. If you’re RLS is causing you pain A gentle massage could provide the relief you require.


Consider a Heated Mattress Pad

Heating muscles that are sore can help them to relax. Thus heating a mattress pad that is able to cover the entire long length of your body could be a great option. It can provide the same relaxing impact that hot baths provide. Your entire body is encouraged to unwind and get ready for sleep.With the help of a heat pad it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of a heated pad without getting wet. This is especially helpful if your symptoms from RLS go beyond the legs to your arms and torso. It’s virtually impossible to purchase enough compression pads to completely cover you A pad that is able to warm everything in one go can simplify your life.


Try a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can be beneficial for a range of illnesses, including Autism, ADHD, and RLS. The experience of sleeping with a blanket that is weighted can be like receiving an in-depth massage, as it applies gentle pressure to areas that are in pain.The reason why this is effective is the weight of the blanket creates a relaxing and comforting impact. As a result of this kind of weight your body releases serotonin that is the hormone that causes happiness.It is the same chemical that makes up the precursor to the sleep hormone melatonin. The serotonin spike that is present in the blanket is converted into an organic sleep aid.


Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers RLS at the night?

The most frequent causes of RLS are iron deficiency, obesity or having a genetic condition. If you’ve suffered from RLS for any period of time it’s likely that you’ve noticed symptoms are most noticeable in the evening.This is because movement and motion can relieve symptoms, it is natural that if you slow down for evening it is more likely that you will cause the RLS episode. A stroll through the neighborhood, or even just around your backyard or the house before bed could help reduce the severity of your symptoms.You might also think about adding iron-rich foods into your diet, such as fresh greens, seafood beans, peas and beans and dried fruits. Before making any drastic lifestyle or diet adjustments, consult your doctor.

What should you do if your companion has trouble sleeping?

If you have a partner who is unrestful legs, you could be at a loss. The constant motion of their legs could be keeping you awake also! Try getting an Memory foam mattress (or the latex!) with as much motion-isolation as possible. So, even while they’re movement, you’ll be able sleep comfortably.



Although there isn’t a cure to treat Restless Leg Syndrome, some simple lifestyle changes can minimize or even eliminate your symptoms.

Researchers have found connections to RLS and the consumption of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine.

Although we wouldn’t tell anyone to quit their coffee drinking habit in the morning however, if you are using one of these substances you might want to consider getting rid of them for a week or two to determine the effect on your condition.

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