12 Best Mattress For Spinal Stenosis For 2022

In this article we hope to help you find the best mattress for Spinal Stenosis.

When you sleep, your body tends to remain in the same position for the duration of the night.

In spite of the fact that this does not present a problem for the vast majority of people, those who suffer from spinal stenosis could experience a significant increase in pressure as well as discomfort as a result of this.

Spinal stenosis is a condition that can cause a narrowing of the spinal canal and/or foramen, which can lead to a variety of symptoms, including pain in the back and neck, as well as problems with the quality of sleep.

Changes in lifestyle can make the condition easier to manage, but there is currently no known treatment that can cure it.

By correctly aligning your spine and providing cushioning for pressure points, upgrading your mattress may help relieve some of the pain associated with spinal stenosis.

In this article, we take a look at some of the mattresses that are considered to be the best ones for people who suffer from spinal stenosis.


What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs when one or more of your spinal canal’s openings become constricted.

The spinal cord and nerves that branch off of it require a certain amount of room within the spine, and a reduction in that space can have negative effects on both.

Back pain and sciatica can result from the irritation, compression, or pinching of the spinal cord or nerves due to a lack of space.

Typically, spinal stenosis worsens over a long period of time. Osteoarthritis, or “wear and tear” changes in the spine that occur naturally with age, is the most common cause of this condition.

Because of this, you could not experience any symptoms for a very long time, even if alterations could be detected on imaging tests conducted for another purpose.

Pain, numbness, tingling, and/or weakness in the neck, back, arms, legs, hands, or feet may be symptoms of spinal stenosis, depending on its location and severity.


Best Mattress For Spinal Stenosis

There are thousands of mattress brands and models.

To help you out, we have narrowed down your choices to 12, if you suffer from Spinal Stenosis.

Each of the below brands have something to offer.

We recommend you keep in mind your bodyweight and sleep position when making your decision.

Amerisleep AS2


When consumers are on the market for a memory foam mattress, they are likely to stumble across the products that Amerisleep has to offer.

This company, which started out as a sole proprietorship in 2010, has built its reputation on the sculpting comfort of memory foam.

In contrast to conventional memory foam, the Bio-Pur memory foam that is used in all five of Amerisleep’s mattresses leaves a smaller imprint on the surrounding ecosystem than other types of memory foam.

In addition, every one of these mattresses has coverings that are crafted from a breathable combination of cotton and polyester.

The Amerisleep models designated AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5 have designs and materials that are comparable to one another, but there are significant distinctions in the models in terms of firmness, layering, and overall performance.

Another important distinction is the price, which ranges from the least expensive AS1 to the most expensive AS5, with the price going up in a linear fashion.

Recommended For

  • Those who sleep on their stomachs, who require a lot of support.
  • Those who sleep on their backs and require additional assistance.
  • Those who prefer a more supportive mattress

Not Recommended For

  • Those who sleep on their sides and require more pressure relief than what this mattress can provide.
  • Lightweight people that sleep on their backs.
  • People who want a more plush sleeping surface.


Zoma Hybrid


Zoma Sleep is a company that specializes in producing sleep aids that are designed to improve recovery in persons who lead active lifestyles, such as athletes.

The firm presently sells two different types of mattresses, in addition to pillows, foundations, and sheets.

These include the Zoma Hybrid Mattress and the Zoma Mattress, which is the company’s flagship all-foam model.

Within their respective comfort systems, both mattresses make use of gel-infused memory foam in addition to responsive polyfoam.

There are several significant variances between the mattresses, despite the fact that their construction is comparable to one another.

The flagship model of the Zoma Mattress has a polyfoam core, but the Zoma Hybrid Mattress has a pocketed coil support core with a polyfoam base.

This makes the Zoma Hybrid Mattress bouncier and more breathable, but it also makes the mattress less conforming.

The Zoma Hybrid Mattress has a feel that is comparable to a medium firm, although it is actually firmer than the flagship model.

In addition to this, it comes at a price point that is little higher than average, which is typical for hybrid mattresses.

Recommended For

  • Those who prefer to sleep on their backs and seek a mattress that strikes a healthy balance between comfort and support.
  • Light- and medium-weight side sleepers.
  • Those who sleep too warmly and are looking for a mattress that can cool them off

Not Recommended For

  • Stomach sleepers who require more support under their hips.
  • Those who prefer a mattress with a classic memory foam feel.
  • Those who are looking for an extra soft or extra firm mattress.


Vaya Hybrid


Vaya is an Arizona-based firm that has developed its brand around reasonably priced mattresses that include a specialized polyfoam known as Vaya Foam.

The Vaya Hybrid is the company’s second mattress offering and is known as the Vaya Hybrid.

The manufacturer of this foam came up with its formulation in order to take advantage of the favorable aspects of other materials, such as latex and memory foam, while avoiding the drawbacks of those other materials.

A two-inch layer of Vaya Foam rests above a support core that is driven by pocketed innerspring coils and is fortified by a base layer of high-density polyfoam in the Vaya Hybrid.

The support core also lies on top of a base layer of high-density polyfoam.

The Vaya Hybrid has a feel that is between between medium soft and medium firm, and it performs quite well, obtaining quality marks in a number of different categories.

Because of its well-rounded construction and affordable price point, it is appealing to customers with a wide range of body weights and sleeping postures.

Recommended For

  • Those who are looking for a comfortable mattress for their spare bedroom.
  • Children and teenagers.
  • Adults with a lightweight build who do not have requirements for additional assistance.
  • Anyone looking for a mattress at a price that is quite reasonable.

Not Recommended For

  • Medium-weight or heavyweight side sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers.
  • Those who are looking for an extra-soft or extra-firm mattress.


Puffy Lux


In 2016, Puffy was established, and the company presently manufactures three different mattresses.

These beds are referred to as the Puffy, the Puffy Lux Hybrid, and the Puffy Royal Hybrid.

The Lux Hybrid and the Royal Hybrid both include support systems that are built on coils, in contrast to the original Puffy Mattress, which is made entirely of foam.

Customers who are looking for additional features at a price that is more affordable will find the Lux Hybrid to be a suitable middle ground option.

The Puffy Lux Hybrid with a 12-inch height features six layers that have been designed to give contouring as well as adjustable support.

The support core of this mattress consists of pocketed coils for added comfort.

Sleepers who place a premium on pressure reduction should find this mattress to have a medium feel (5) and find it to be appealing.

Recommended For

  • Hot sleepers.
  • People who prefer soft mattresses.
  • Back sleepers.

Not Recommended For

  • People who want an especially bouncy mattress.
  • Stomach sleepers.
  • Those who need more support.



nectar mattress


Over the course of the past few years, Nectar Sleep has emerged as one of the most popular brands of online mattresses and bedding products available in the United States.

The flagship Nectar Mattress is still the most popular option among the company’s offerings.

This model is made entirely of foam, and it has three separate layers, one of which is a comfort layer made of memory foam that molds to the shape of the body and distributes pressure evenly.

The Nectar Mattress features a thickness of 12 inches with a feel that is medium firm, which is equivalent to a 6 on the 1-10 scale that rates the firmness of mattresses.

The flagship Nectar model is a fantastic option for anybody who favors the trademark “body-hug” of memory foam, which generates the sensation of sleeping “in” the mattress as opposed to resting “on” the mattress.

This is one of the key selling points of the Nectar brand.

The even contouring can ease discomfort for sleepers who have pain or pressure spots in the shoulders, lower back, and hips.

Excellent motion isolation assures undisturbed sleep for the majority of couples.

The Nectar Premier and the Nectar Premier Copper are the names of two additional mattresses that may be purchased from Nectar Sleep.

These variants have a length of 13 inches and 14 inches, respectively, but they all have the same medium firm (6) feel as the flagship model.

Recommended For

  • Those individuals who are looking for one of the most comfortable mattresses available and who favor the feel of slow-moving memory foam.
  • Those who sleep on their sides and are light to average in weight and seek pressure alleviation in the shoulders and hips.
  • Back sleepers who are light to medium in weight and seek a mattress that strikes a balance between comfort and support.
  • People who are looking for an affordable mattress that nevertheless offers a high level of comfort

Not Recommended For

  • Those who are looking for a mattress that can support heavy people.
  • Those looking for a mattress that is both springy and responsive.
  • People who tend to sleep hot and who are concerned about becoming overheated during the night.


Dreamcloud Premier

best mattress for spinal stenosis

The newest mattress from DreamCloud is called the DreamCloud Premier, and it has an updated version of the brand’s first mattress design.

The high profile of the mattress has a Euro pillow top, which provides exceptional pressure relief and motion isolation of the highest caliber.

The fact that the DreamCloud Mattress, the DreamCloud Premier, and the more expensive DreamCloud Premier Rest all come with a lifetime warranty and are backed by DreamCloud’s generous 365-night sleep trial speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in the quality and longevity of its products.

In addition to the DreamCloud, the DreamCloud Premier, and DreamCloud Premier Rest mattresses, the company’s product line includes bedding and bed frames.

Customers will find that the DreamCloud Premier has an improved structure and comes at a little greater cost than the standard DreamCloud Mattress.

This is something that they will notice when comparing the two products.

The DreamCloud Premier, which is the model that this review focuses on, features strong edge support, an evenly quilted pillow top, and layers of memory foam and polyfoam that work together to alleviate pressure.

Both of the mattresses have a moderate level of firmness.

Like many hybrids, the DreamCloud Premier offers good temperature regulation for sleepers.

Layers of foam and coils work together to provide the perfect combination of shaping and support for your body.

Recommended For

  • People who have a tendency to overheat while sleeping at night.
  • Those who spend the night lying on their backs. Back sleepers will find that the DreamCloud Premier is one of the greatest mattresses available.
  • Individuals who sleep on their side and require a mattress that contours to their body.
  • Those who prefer mattresses with a pillow top.
  • Those who are interested in purchasing one of the most comfortable orthopedic mattresses.

Not Recommended For

  • Those who sleep on their stomach and require a more firm mattress.
  • People who are looking for something that is either extremely soft or extremely firm.
  • Those individuals who like a traditional memory foam mattress.


Brooklyn Aurora


Launched in 2009, Brooklyn Bedding is a “mattress-in-a-box” firm that sells its products only online.

Since it first started doing business, the company has presented a number of distinct mattress models to the market.

The Aurora, the Signature, the Spartan, the Bowery Hybrid, and the Bloom Hybrid are some of these.

The Aurora is an ultra-thick mattress that measures 13.5 inches in width and height.

The comfort layers of the mattress consist of a top comfort layer of Energex polyfoam that has been infused with copper and phase-change material, followed by a second comfort layer of TitanFlex polyfoam.

The mattress is made using these materials. However, the polyfoam is somewhat responsive, and the Aurora’s surface has a tiny bounce to it.

These two layers will shape themselves to your body.

The cover is also woven with phase-change material, which helps to limit the amount of body heat that is absorbed by the mattress while you sleep so that you may remain comfortable.

In addition to this, the Aurora has a layer of transitional gel memory foam, as well as a zoned, pocketed coil support core that is reinforced with high-density foundation polyfoam.

You have the option of selecting between three different feelings for your Aurora, each of which corresponds to a different number on the 1-10 scale of firmness: medium soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7).

Your regular sleeping position, body weight, and the preferred level of conforming pressure all play a role in determining the optimal level of firmness for you in a mattress.

You may also look through the various mattresses that Brooklyn Bedding offers if none of these alternatives work for you.

These include the hybrids Bloom, Bowery, Spartan, and Signature in addition as the all-foam Bowery.

Recommended For

  • People who sleep too hot and require a mattress that is more on the cold side.
  • Those who sleep on their backs and require a mattress that offers both comfort and support for their spine.
  • People who are looking for a springy and responsive mattress.

Not Recommended For

  • Stomach sleepers.
  • People who prefer a mattress with a slow-moving, memory foam feel.
  • Heavier-weight people, who will probably prefer the more supportive Brooklyn Bedding Titan.




The Zenhaven is an all-latex mattress that is 10 inches thick and can be flipped over.

Each side features a unique amount of firmness.

The mattress is made with eco-friendly materials such as organic Dunlop latex, organic cotton, and organic New Zealand wool.

These ingredients are all sourced from the United States. Dunlop latex has a solid, robust composition.

It maintains a cooler temperature during sleep than memory foam and has a small bounce to it, which is excellent for sex.

Saatva, a well-known American mattress firm that first gained notoriety for its high-end Saatva innerspring mattress, is the company that is responsible for manufacturing the Zenhaven.

In addition to the all-foam Loom & Leaf, Saatva also manufactures the Solaire airbed, the Saatva Youth innerspring mattress, and the Saatva HD hybrid mattress.

The Zenhaven, like like all of Saatva’s other mattresses, is not compressed in any way before being shipped.

White-glove delivery and disposal of the customer’s old mattress are both included in the cost of each mattress.

Recommended For

  • People looking for a mattress made entirely of natural materials.
  • Hot sleepers.
  • Those interested in making an investment for the long term.
  • Those who sleep on their stomachs or backs.

Not Recommended For

  • Individuals looking for a mattress at a lower price point.
  • Side sleepers.
  • Those individuals who prefer a mattress that is not springy.




WinkBeds is a New York-based direct-to-consumer mattress firm that specializes in the production of premium mattresses at pricing points that are more accessible to the average consumer.

There are now three primary models available from WinkBeds.

These include the GravityLux, the EcoCloud, and the WinkBed.

The GravityLux is an all-foam model, the EcoCloud is a latex hybrid mattress, and the WinkBed is a hybrid model.

Each of these mattresses has their own unique characteristics and advantages.

There are four different levels of firmness available for the WinkBed Mattress: softer, luxury firm, firmer, and PLUS.

On a scale from most firm to least firm, the Softer variant falls around around 4, which indicates that it has a medium soft texture.

The Luxury Enterprise has a score of 6, making it possible to classify it as a midsize firm. Both the Firmer and PLUS options have a texture that may be described as being quite firm.

The Firmer option scores a 7 while the PLUS option scores an 8.

Different structures are used for each of these stiffness variations in order to achieve the desired sensation.

Polyfoam and a pocketed coil core can be found in the variants labeled as Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer, respectively.

The PLUS model of the mattress is constructed with polyfoam, latex, and a core made of pocketed coils.

Recommended For

  • Those individuals who prefer the feel of a regular mattress.
  • People who are in desperate need of support.
  • Combination sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers.

Not Recommended For

  • People who sleep better on a mattress made of memory foam.
  • Those who are on a limited budget.
  • Couples who are concerned about waking up the other member of their group during the night.


Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear Elite Hybrid

Bear is an American mattress company that was founded in 2014 and is based in the United States.

Bear is known for its high-quality beds and sleep accessories.

The Bear Elite Hybrid was added as a luxury option to Bear Mattress’s expanding product portfolio in the year 2022 with the introduction of the Bear Elite Hybrid.

In addition to the Bear Hybrid Elite, Bear Mattress carries a limited number of mattresses that are, however, designed to meet every need.

The Bear Mattress collection consists of the following products, each of which has been carefully crafted to accommodate a diverse assortment of spending limits and individual preferences about levels of comfort.

The Bear Hybrid: A mid-range hybrid mattress

The Bear Pro: A mattress made of gel-infused and copper-infused foam for enhanced temperature regulation.

The Bear Mattress: An inexpensive model that is made entirely of foam and has three layers.

There are three distinct levels of firmness available for the Bear Elite Hybrid.

On a scale that goes from 1 to 10, the level of firmness that corresponds to luxury plush is a 5.

The luxury firm is comparable to the medium firm (6), and the extra firm is comparable to the firm (8).

Recommended For

  • Those who prefer a foam that has a balanced feel.
  • Combination sleepers.
  • Hot sleepers.

Not Recommended For

  • Fans of mattresses that move slowly.
  • Overweight stomach sleepers.
  • People with limited funds.


Nolah Evolution


Colorado-based Nolah Sleep is a technology-driven company that creates its own unique foam formulations, which it uses in its mattresses to give them a distinctive feel and improve their overall performance.

The product portfolio of the company also comprises three different models of bases, pillows, mattress protectors, and sheets, in addition to the mattresses.

The Nolah Signature is the company’s top-of-the-line model, and it is a 12-inch flippable all-foam type that has a softer side and a firmer side.

The Nolah Original is another model that can be purchased from this manufacturer. It is an all-foam model that is ten inches thick and has a medium feel.

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid, which is the hybrid version of the Nolah mattress, is not only the most expensive but also the most luxurious option available.

The Nolah Evolution Hybrid has a thickness of 15 inches and is sometimes referred to as the Nolah Evolution 15.

There are three different levels of firmness that can be selected for the mattress.

On a scale from one to ten, the firm feel registers as an 8, whereas the luxury firm registers as medium firm (6) and the plush registers as medium firm (8). (5).

Recommended For

  • Those who sleep hot.
  • People looking a luxury mattress.
  • Back sleepers and side sleepers.

Not Recommended For

  • Those looking for something with a lower price point.
  • Stomach sleepers.
  • Those who prefer a more supportive mattress.




The Layla Memory Foam Mattress and the Layla Hybrid Mattress are the two options for sleepers looking to purchase a bed from Layla.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is the company’s flagship product, and it will serve as the primary focus of our review.

Both the comfort layers and the support core of the Layla Memory Foam Mattress are constructed out of a combination of memory foam and polyfoam.

It is possible to flip it over, just like the Layla Hybrid Mattress.

With both of Layla’s mattress options, sleepers may choose between a medium soft (4) or firm (7-8) level of firmness all while remaining in the same bed.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress has a standard thickness of 10.5 inches, making it a mattress with an average profile.

In contrast to the 13-inch Layla Hybrid, which could require deep-pocket sheets, the standard sheets will fit just well on the 15-inch Layla Hybrid.

The two mattresses are differentiated from one another not only by their distinct feelings, but also by their vastly varied prices.

While the Hybrid has a more responsive feel to it, the Layla Memory Foam Mattress has excellent shaping capabilities.

Sleepers who enjoy the sensation of being “hugged” by their mattress might consider purchasing a mattress made of memory foam.

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is available at a lower price point than the Hybrid Mattress due to the differences in construction.

There are two different levels of firmness available for the Layla Memory Foam Mattress.

The side that they refer to as “soft” has a firmness level of four out of ten, which indicates that it is moderately soft.

On the scale of stiffness, the “firm” side registers between 7 and 8.

Recommended For

  • Those who are looking for a mattress that is both soft and comfortable.
  • Those who sleep on their sides and seek extraordinary pressure alleviation for their shoulders and hips can benefit from this sleeping position.
  • People who suffer from hip discomfort (it’s one of the best mattresses out there for those who suffer from hip pain).
  • Those who enjoy the traditional sink-in feeling that memory foam provides and who choose to use it.
  • Those who prefer memory foam but are concerned about getting too hot while sleeping.
  • Those who are interested in purchasing one of the top mattresses that may be customized.

Not Recommended For

  • Those who want a mattress that is somewhere in between soft and firm.
  • Individuals who weigh more and sleep on their stomachs and require additional support.
  • Sleepers who prefer not to sink too much into their mattresses when they are asleep.


What Type of Mattress is Best for Spinal Stenosis?

Because the recommendations are comparable to those that would be given to the vast majority of individuals in general, it is not necessary to purchase a specialized or tailored mattress for spinal stenosis.

This section will provide a quick overview of each of the four primary categories of beds, after which we will offer our thoughts on whether or not they are suitable for individuals who have this condition.

Memory Foam

The vast majority of people in our community sleep on this style of bed, particularly those who suffer from problems that are related with having a bad back.

Memory foam is a more comfortable sleeping surface than traditional foam because it responds to the weight of the body and contours to the shape of the body.

When you lie down, your body’s mass is unevenly distributed across the body.

The portion of the mattress that is responsible for supporting your head, waist, and feet is going to take on less of your body’s weight than the area that is responsible for supporting your shoulders and hips.

Memory foam’s sensitive nature helps absorb that weight, allowing your heavier parts to sink in securely to the bed so that you can have a good night’s sleep.

As a consequence, your spine maintains its natural alignment, which is essential for people who suffer from spinal stenosis since it helps relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

The one significant drawback of memory foam is that it has a propensity to make people sleep overheated.

This implies that when you lie down and the mattress hugs your body, there is not much airflow, and the bed can trap a significant amount of your body heat; however, some firms have found a way to account for this by carefully constructing their products.


Coil mattresses, which are often referred to as innerspring mattresses, contain a layer of springs that serve as the base of the bed.

However, these beds have a tendency to wear out more quickly since the springs that bear the majority of your body weight lose their integrity and cause the surface to droop.

Although this style of mattress is great for jumping, these beds tend to wear out more quickly. It relies on the components that are used and how they are constructed.

When this occurs, the mattress is no longer comfortable for everyone, but it is particularly unsuitable for people who suffer from degenerative disc disease.

There are certain brands on the market that feature individually pocketed coils, which can provide superior specialized zonal support.

If the sensation of an innerspring mattress appeals to you, you should look into these options.


There are two kinds of latex: natural and synthetic. Natural latex comes from rubber trees.

The natural variety is created from the sap of a rubber tree, making it a more sustainable and long-lasting substance than the synthetic variety.

Because it is, in a sense, a kind of rubber, it also has a springy quality.

Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is produced using a petroleum base; hence, despite the fact that it has the same texture as natural latex, it is not entirely natural.

Beds made entirely of latex are typically quite pricey, so if you are shopping for a mattress on a budget, you may want to consider purchasing one that is made of a combination of natural and synthetic latex.

Although some people may find these mattresses to be too firm for their liking, they are often a good option for those who suffer from spinal stenosis.

Memory foam mattresses are typically the most comfortable for people who sleep on their sides.

On the other hand, if you have a tendency to sleep on your stomach or back, a latex mattress might be the best option for you.


The term “hybrid bed” refers to the straightforward combination of two distinct types of beds into a single product.

It is not nearly as sophisticated as it appears to be from the outside.

The base of a hybrid mattress often consists of coils or innersprings, and the top of the mattress typically features soft layers of latex or memory foam.

Popularity can be attributed to the fact that hybrid mattresses provide sleepers with the buoyant sensation that is associated with coil mattresses in addition to the cozy support that is typical of latex and memory foam.

Some companies that manufacture hybrid beds provide customers the opportunity to construct a more personalized bed depending on their own tastes.

Before you make a purchase, you will be asked a number of questions, and the company will use your responses to design and manufacture a bed that is customized specifically for you.

Your age, weight, gender, sleeping position, and other factors will be taken into consideration when determining the level of firmness and the type of material used in the mattress.


Spinal Stenosis FAQs

What firmness of mattress is best for spinal stenosis?

Mattresses that range from medium-firm to firm are ideal for people who sleep on their backs and have spinal stenosis. These are the kinds of beds that provide support for the spine without leading to a buildup of pressure around the lumbar spine.

What is the best way to sleep if you have spinal stenosis?

Many people who have spinal stenosis find that sleeping on their side in the “fetal position” — that is, with their knees curled up against their abdomen — provides them with the greatest amount of comfort. An other option is to make use of a bed or recliner that is both adjustable and able to maintain an elevated position for the user throughout the night.

What type of mattress is best for spinal problems?

Mattresses made of memory foam or latex are frequently regarded as the most effective treatments for back pain because of its ability to mold to the shape of the sleeper’s body, cushioning pressure spots while also providing support for the spine and helping to keep it in its natural alignment.

Does spinal stenosis affect sleep?

According to PubMed.gov, The current research showed that a condition known as “poor sleep quality” affects 63.5 percent of people who have symptomatic LSS. The poor quality of sleep that symptomatic LSS patients experience has a negative impact on their functional impairment and their quality of life as it relates to their health.

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