Best Mattresses For Tall People – Our Top 10 For 2021

Sleeping isn’t a universally-fitting exercise. Finding the best mattress for tall people can be a daunting task.

If you’re just over 6 feet tall, or are gaining toward seven feet tall, sleeping in bed when you’re large and tall isn’t an easy task.

California King beds, which are the longest standard size that is available, are 80 inches in length. This could be a challenge for those who are taller than 6’8 inches.

Some sleepers are side-sleepers and other people prefer “starfish” in their rears (we are starfish-ers, we see you!). And based on the sleeper’s physique weight, that mattress may appear squishy and soft for one and another may find it supportive and firm.

The possibilities are infinite.

However, while mattress firmness and preferences for sleep are different there are only a limited number of dimensionsa mattress can have.

In that scenario which would be the best mattresses for the tall people?


What’s The Ideal Bed Size To Someone Who Is 6 Feet Taller Or Higher?

At 6 feet, you could be able to sleep on an queen-sized mattress perfectly, however when you’re taller than 6 feet, many people are thinking about king and California King sizes for a comfortable and spacious sleep.

Of course, they are a significant portion of space in the bedroom. For beds that occupy less space and are more compact, the twin XL is an ideal choice for a single tall sleeper since it’s five inches more than the normal twin.

The best choice for you depends on your personal preferences. In the end, your decision is based on factors such as your preferred sleeping style, how you share the bed, the amount of space you have for your bed, and the best option with your budget.

However, we tried our best to locate a few beds that might be suitable for people above 6 feet tall.

What are the best mattresses for tall people?

  • Review by customers: We combed through reviews and personal experience of mattresses that are consistently excellent scores, particularly for larger and taller people.
  • Features: We kept in the mind important features such as high stability on the surface and low transfer for those who are tall and share their bed and require an option that accommodates various sleep preferences.
  • Company’s Reputation: We chose mattresses and brands with an established track record of producing top quality products.
  • Company Policies: The mattresses listed on the list above are backed by customer support and are clear regarding the specifics of warranties as well as trial period and returns policies.


Pricing Guide

We attempted to include mattresses at different price points, to fit diverse budgets.

We’ve listed the prices for mattresses that are king (as they’re the ideal fit for people who are tall) however, taking into consideration that a queen mattress could be cheaper.

Here are our choices for the best mattresses for tall people:




Best mattress for tall people

The name “Saatva” seems like it could be located in Sweden, it’s actually is based on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, which is basically the exact contrast to Sweden.

The company also partners with the non-profit group Austin Pathways to offer mattresses and bedding for the newly-housed.

This Loom as well as the Leaf model was designed to offer you a supportive fit and durability. Plus, it’s constructed using organic cotton that is certified organic as well as high-density memory foam as well as a patented Gel cooling layer.



Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn Aurora


A bed-in a-box alternative, the Aurora Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is an excellent choice for those who like to sleep hot.

The mattress’s top foam layers have cool gel particles that change into solid and liquid forms based on the temperature in the space to keep your body cool. It is also available in three different options for firmness to help you narrow down the level of support you want.

There aren’t many reviewers who boast about their height, however one couple believes the firm option offers enough support for a pair of short and tall.

Brooklyn Bedding provides free shipping and returns, a trial period of 120 nights and a 10-year guarantee should things not come out as planned with the Aurora.



Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid


Dreamcloud Premier

Despite being the cheapest bed on our list The Dream Cloud Luxury Hybrid has many advantages.

It’s the only mattress listed on this list that provides a one-year trial. In addition, they offer free shipping and returns in addition to an unconditional guarantee for life. This is a lot of trust from a bed-in-a box company!

This mattress also has excellent reviews from tall people. One person who is 6 feet 7 claims to sleep comfortably even though it is less firm than the mattress he was previously sleeping on.

On the other hand many reviewers comment on the mattress being more tall than they anticipated, and sheets that were too small.



Purple Hybrid Premier

Purple Hybrid for tall people


Purple has been gaining popularity since its introduction in 2015, which is mostly because of the brand’s distinctive “Purple Grid.”

The Grid is an organic gel layer that’s made to adjust to your body and provide support at pressure points without hindering support. Hybrid Premier Hybrid Premier offers 3- or 4-inch Grids, which allows you to decide the best option for you based on your needs. assistance (3-inch) and/or more comfortable hugging (4-inch).

Reviewers who are taller generally prefer this Hybrid Premier over other models However, feedback on the feel on the Grid is mixed. certain people feel it’s too soft, while others think it’s too hard. We also have a reviews of the Purple Original mattress here.

The good thing is that Purple can be one of those brands that you’ll be able purchase and then lay on in a partner store like Macy’s and Mattress Firm. If you opt to buy from the Purple website, within the 21-day period (and at least 100) you are able to exchange or return your mattress for free of cost.

In terms of negatives this Purple Hybrid Premier is notoriously heavy because of the additional grid of gel. It’s also quite expensive and you may want to think about sizing it up to the size of a queen size if you’re sleeping on your own.



Bear Hybrid Pro

Bear Hybrid


The New Jersey-based Bear founded in 2014 It is a direct-to-consumer bed-in-a box mattress business.

Bear Says the Hybrid is ideal for couples or people who want to have a traditional look since the top layer has been quilted, which makes it feel like a hotel. It’s certified by Greenguard Gold that means it complies with strict third-party emission standards for exposure to chemicals and air pollutants.

With just one option for medium firmness with a medium firmness option, the Bear Hybrid doesn’t offer much in terms of cusomization. However, the combination of coils and foam will provide the support that taller bodies require — which includes additional edge support in order to prevent rolling.

Regarding customer feedback You’ll need an eye-to-eye to spot an unfavourable review among the 16,496 reviews on the Bear website (*raises eyebrow*).

With a trial of 100 nights and free shipping to the continental United States, and a 20-year warranty, you are able to be sure to return or exchange your Bear Hybrid if it isn’t the perfect bed for you.






WinkBeds began by manufacturing high-end luxury hybrid mattresses that are factory-direct that are made by the US to rival the premium show-room market. ‘

They have been innovating over the years and are now offering two mattresses: an high-end, All-Foam mattress and a latex hybrid mattresses as well as their traditional hybrid.

With both reviewers and consumers being awed by the quality of their mattresses WinkBeds is the top name to think about when you’re on your mattress hunt.




Avocado Green Mattress


Avocado is a top quality organic latex mattress and organically grown brand.

Their most popular Green Mattress is an organic latex hybrid mattress that isn’t stingy in its. For those who are sensitive to chemicals, or people with airborne allergies, an organic mattress is an absolute must however, Avocado is a step ahead.

They are organically certified and not just employing organic materials, but also going through rigorous procedures to get their raw materials as well as their factory and product certified organic by GOTS.

They also have an Certified Vegan Mattress, a healthier, more organic Latex Mattress as well as an Vegan Latex Mattress, and an organic Luxury Plush hybrid mattress.




Best mattress for tall individuals


Layla was born in 2015 when it was a mattress in the box was attempting to end homelessness with each mattress bought.

Since then, they’ve been focusing on making two mattresses with a concentration on the cool, copper-infused technologies and an adjustable design that can be flipped to provide more or less firmer feel.

With its diverse designs, the hybrid as well as an all-foam model and a long history of creativity, Layla is definitely a brand worth looking into.




Amerisleep for tall people


Amerisleep provides a range of top-of-the-line hybrid and memory foam mattresses which offer the benefits of plants-based materials.

Every mattress contains a blend of bio-foams to provide the comfort layer that is more sustainable than traditional memory foam made of synthetic materials.

Amerisleep offers five different mattresses with different firmness choices three popular types of firmness that are pocketed in a hybrid construction and a natural latex-based hybrid.

Customers love their product and have nothing but positive reviews about the quality of their products compared to the more well-known brands.




Awara mattress for tall person


Meet Awara manufacturer of two pressure relieving hybrid mattresses that feature the GreenGuard Gold certified design and an eco-friendly mission at an affordable price that is comparatively much better worth for its 10 12 inches thick mattresses over other latex mattress manufacturers.

If you’re allergic to chemicals or prefer the refreshing feeling of latex, can be assured that the mattress you purchase is green because Awara has a certificate from the Rainforest Alliance and a partnership with Trees For The Future which plant trees for each mattress that is purchased.

With one firmer, and one and soft feeling, Awara brings a comfy breath of relief for sleepers.


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