Best Mattresses For Autism: 3 Beds For 2022

A large number of children with autism have trouble sleeping.

The stress of exhaustion can increase the amount of negative behaviors and nonverbal aggressions including striking and falling.

It is the first goal to encourage relaxation by altering the sleeping environment to ensure your child has the best chance for having a restful night’s sleep. A safety bed purchase is one way to achieve this.

This article will help you’ll learn how to locate the best mattresses for autism and the reasons why a bed for safety is the ideal choice for a children’s best sleep.


Autistic Children and Beds

A restful night’s sleep is something that kids who have autism are often struggling to attain.

There are many reasons behind this issue, including absence of melatonin as well as environmental factors. While this can be frustrating to parents There are ways to alleviate the situation.

Modifying your routine and participating in certain therapies can be beneficial, for instance.

Additionally, using the safety bed may be the pivotal moment for your child, helping reduce their bedtime routine and helping your child to fall asleep to sleep.


What Can Safety Beds Help?

To rest well kids must be comfortable and safe. Even having the finest mattresses and bedding but it may not be sufficient to get the kind of sleep you want.

Ideally your child should sleep for about 10 hours a night.

A safety bed can help create the sleep space your child hasn’t had and can help them sleep at night and shut their eyes.

It might not be needed however, it’s an excellent tool when you are trying to establish an appropriate routine to your kid.

It is an investment however, it can also ensure your child’s safety during the night.

Certain models include features that will help your child fall asleep in the evening in addition to soft lighting, comfy bedding and even music for bedtime.

If your child is having trouble getting to sleep an adjustment to the environment could be the thing they need to return to a more regular sleep routine.


Why is Sleep So Important?

Everyone must get adequate sleep at the end of the day. But for those with autism, this problem is even more important.

Certain children have higher levels of melatonin that hinder communication and respond appropriately during social interactions.

Insufficient sleep patterns can make it harder for them to perform their daily tasks efficiently.

In addition, sleep deprivation may translate into a rise in negative behavior.

This can lead to more violent behaviors. Because children who suffer from ASD are often struggling with emotional or behaviors and sleep deprivation at night can only compound the problem.

It’s clear why it is crucial to ensure that the child get a good night’s sleep during the night.

This can be a very difficult issue to have to face when your child isn’t sleeping enough.

It is essential to remember that there are ways to improve the situation.

Making changes can be as easy as starting by putting the bed in.

There are numerous alternatives to a safety bed that are available and some of them offer plenty of value for money.

Be sure to think about your child’s specific behavior.

It is better to pick specific elements of the safety bed such as the mattress, keeping your child’s particular preferences in the back of your mind.


Picking the Right Mattress


The mattress market is so diverse available today that you will be able to locate an option that is the best for you. Here are some of the most popular mattresses to think about:

Memory foam mattresses: Memory foam provides an unending relief from pressure and help you sleep more comfortably.

They are shaped to fit the curve of the sleeping body which allows an autistic person to believe that the bed maker has made it specifically for him.

Also, you should be aware of the cost of the mattress and depending on the quality of the mattress, it can last for as many at seven or more years.

Innerspring mattress: Overall, they provide outstanding support.

They may be bouncey, but that is because they respond to pressure.

They are firm and protect children from falling over and make them exceptional.

One can sleep more comfortably than if they sleep on a normal memory foam mattress.

This can help with sleep disorders they may be suffering from.

Latex mattress: The mattress will conform to the body of the user like an memory foam mattress would perform.

However, its construction is made of natural substances that will last longer as they provide maximum support and are more air-conditioned.

It is vital to choose the right mattress.

This is especially important for those who suffer from sleep disorders or suffer from signs of autism.

The type of bed you select is dependent on both you and your kid.

But, be sure to think about the mattress you choose.

There are several different types that include memory foam, spring, and hybrid.

Mattresses made of memory foam feel comfortable and some adults love they, but youngsters might not enjoy the feeling of sinking the night.

A spring mattress can inspire young jumpers to play instead of sleep.

A hybrid mattress could provide the perfect combination of both.

The personality of your child, however an important factor in the selection.


Children who have ASD tend to be more sensitive to irritating stimuli.

This is the reason the comfort of your mattress is crucial even though this may not be the most important of concerns.

You may want to stay clear of the most prevalent traits associated in autism, such as those that can impact your child’s ability sleep.

In this situation, you need to choose mattresses that have the following features:

  • Spring-free or quiet mattresses

Someone who is very sensitive to sounds is usually one who is likely to have autistic features.

If this is the case for you Avoiding mattresses with springs would be a great idea.

It is possible to locate mattresses made of foam, such as latex foam, poly-based, as well as one that is more costly memory foams.

They will be quieter than the ones with springs.

But, there are a few points to be taken into consideration.

The very young child or baby shouldn’t be placed on an inflatable mattress and especially one that’s too firm and could result in the mattress becoming suffocated.

  • Motion isolator

When your children or your partner has ASD, they could be getting up and down during the night.

A mattress made of all foam could be the ideal option in particular if you have noisy springs that are in your bed.

Select a mattress that has the density of 4-5 PCF that’s the best solution to absorb any movement.

Another option is the hybrid mattress.

They are made up of coils that have been wrapped with the addition of a blanket of foam.

Thus, hybrid mattresses aren’t as loud and are much superior to conventional Bonnell coil mattresses.

  • Fewer odors

Another thing to think about as well, aside from being extremely sensitive to sound is that those suffering from ASD may be also sensitized to specific smells.

If this is the case then you must consider a hybrid mattress , which has innerspring and a form of upholstery on top layer.

Maybe bamboo or natural latex mattress, rather than cheap polyfoam or a memory foam mattress due to the smell of off-gas that they are known to release.

In the simplest case you must be looking for an indication on the label whether or not the mattress contains VOCs (they must be less than 0.5 per milligram).

  • Mattresses that are free of toxins

If formaldehyde is utilized in mattress manufacturing these models may also be sullied by unpleasant smells.

Find a mattress that is not contaminated by harmful chemicals.

The majority of mattresses is covered by MADE SAFE or CertiPUR US certifications.

  • Available from the fiberglass

In the process of making mattresses, to reduce the risk of fire manufacturers might make use of fiberglass.

It can cause an issue, since it can be extremely irritating for the skin. So, even if do not suffer from autism or other developmental disabilities, an mattress made of fiberglass would be the ideal option.

  • Durability

Its topmost layer needs to be robust.

Natural latex or organic latex is recommended.

They are sturdy and will not shrink in time.

  • The top layer is adaptive.

People who have difficulty sleeping will need to find the most comfortable mattress.

Select mattresses with adaptive memory foam, or the top of a latex foam to ensure less pressure on the body’s points.

Thus, you will get greater comfort for the sleep-deprived person who sleeps.

Instead of an upholstered surface that is thin that makes it extremely hard to rest on, and causing frequent awakening.

  • Regulation of temperature

The fluctuation in temperature can be a problem for autistic people.

If that’s the case, the best choice is a spring hybrid with a latex top mattress.

It will help to reduce temperature fluctuations mainly due to the pinholes in latex that allow to allow air circulation.

  • Waterproof

Your child could also be suffering from problems with bedwetting.

If that’s the situation, a waterproof covering will make dealing with this issue much easier.


Accessories Are also Important

The overall comfort of your bedroom – beyond selecting the right mattress that is suitable for an autistic person be sure to consider his sleep style and the overall sensitivity of the ambient.

It could mean taking into consideration not just his preferred sleeping position.

It can also aid in matching colors for walls, bedroom furniture, decor and bedding, as well as the headboard.

There are many things to go with the bed like sheets, blankets and more.

Do your children have concerns with their sensory system?

It is crucial to take into consideration since some children may like particular fabrics better than other fabrics.

The most important thing of course is to ensure that the child is comfortable and happy at night.

Certain children may prefer sheets with a slicker texture but others might react more strongly to cotton or a “t-shirt” fabric.

Do not shy away from designs or prints that are fun and avoid products which inspire your child to be active and engaged instead of shutting their eyes.

For certain children, thick blankets or ones that are weighted provide the pressure needed to help them slow down and let them relax.

If you’re not sure about blankets, you might want to consider the compression sheet!

It serves the same function as a blanket that is weighted.

Sensory rooms serve a vital role for children with autism.

You could set up an area for sensory deprivation in the bedroom of your child or to establish an area in the playroom.

No matter what you decide there are a myriad of options that are useful for your child for example, a teepee or fidget toys, or even the bed tent.

The majority, possibly over 80 percent of children suffering from autism spectrum disorder struggle with sleeping.

If this is the case with your child, making modifications to their bedroom is an ideal starting point.

The proper design will ensure that your child is secure, calm and comfortable within their home.

You can keep the space fun for your child, too!


What Are The Best Mattresses For Autism?

Below are the 3 mattresses or beds that we feel are best for those with autism.

We have included options for kids, teens and adults.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

Best mattress for Autism


We’ve chosen my favorite mattress PlushBeds Botanical Bliss as the ideal mattress for adults and teen autistic people.

This is because it is extremely quiet, reduces movement transfer and is not high in odors and odors.

It’s toxin-free and can regulate the temperature of your body.

It’s durable and sturdy, and is able to offer a relaxing pressure relief that can help with the hypersensitivity that can make it difficult for autistic people to sleep and not wake up during the night.

If, like me you’re extremely sensitive to noises and movements you should consider including the With the PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation and Quiet Balance Bed Frame to your purchase to make your bed virtually silent.

In contrast, if you’re looking to treat other conditions such as acid reflux, sleep apnea and snoring or back pain, you may be better off with an item like the MorehBeds M555 adjustable base.

Since you can adjust the frame to allow you to achieve the ideal sleep/relaxation posture.


  • Type: certified organic latex mattress (all foam with there are no springs).
  • Thickness options include: 9 10 12 inches, and 12 inches profiles.
  • Firmness choices: medium or firm.
  • Cover Materials: knitted organic cotton and organic wool (GOTS certified).
  • Layer of comfort: GOLS Certified organic latex.
  • Layer of support: GOLS Organic Latex Foam.
  • Size options: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, Cal. king, split king, split queen, split Cal. king.
  • Origin of manufacture: handcrafted in the USA.

Particular Benefits for Sleepers with Autism

  • Silent: The Botanical Bliss mattress from PlushBeds does not have any springs, but is instead constructed entirely of latex foam, which doesn’t create any sound when exposed motion. This is a great option for those (like me) you’re sensitive to sounds and aren’t able to stand the discomfort that creaking springs cause.
  • Dampen motions: When you sleep together as a couple with one (or both) is extremely susceptible to shock waves which move across the mattress when your partner moves about in the night or lies on the mattress. this shouldn’t be too much of a problem contrasted with a traditional spring mattress since the all-foam construction absorbs motions very effectively.
  • Few odors: If you’re sensitive to scents (again one of my most prominent autistic characteristics) This mattress won’t trigger an over-olfactory sensation due to the fact that organic latex has a virtually undetectable and doesn’t have the harmful chemicals that many memory foam mattresses contain. Its GreenGuard Gold certification signifies that the mattress has met rigorous criteria to ensure that the levels of VOCs that cause odors (volatile organic chemicals) are minimized to ensure the mattress is safe for those who are more sensitive (including those with a disability and the elderly as well).
  • No toxic substances: The Botanical Bliss is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that the mattress is harmless to the human body’ and doesn’t contain allergens, toxins and irritants, such as mercury or lead. PBDE fire retardants.
  • Cooling: The organic latex is extremely air-tight, meaning that if you’re extremely hypersensitive to sweating or overheating in the night, you’ll have an increase in comfort due to the pinhole shape of the latex foam ensures that the warmer air in it is replaced by cool air outside as you shift places.
  • The most durable and sturdy: Organic latex is among the strongest and longest-lasting foams you can find in mattresses and can stand up to more wear and tear, compared to cheaper polyfoams.
  • Soothes pressure:  The process of getting and from sleep are the major issues faced by people with autism; this is why the adaptive latex foam can help. By changing to your individual shape, it will assist in reducing the pressure that is placed on the more acute areas of your body, which could cause delays in the onset of sleep and late night awakening.

Highly Recommended for

  • Side sleepers: If you weigh over 130 lbs and are sleeping on your back, then the middle firmness option will be the best option for you as the mattress’s surface tension will be enough for your hips and shoulders to relax into the cushion but it also provides enough pushback to ensure that you can maintain a good posture.
  • Front sleepers: If you sleep on your stomach/front and weigh between 130lbs between 230 and 130 lbs, then the middle option will be adequate. However, you may want the firm option if weigh more than 230lbs due to the fact that the higher surface tension could be more effective in keeping you from sinking far into the mattress and causing back discomfort.
  • Back sleepers: If you are sleeping on your back, the middle option should give you adequate support, pressure relief and support if are between 130 and 230lbs and the stronger option might be the better option if you’re heavier in order to prevent sinkage.
  • Restless or Combo sleeepers: Those who frequently turn and toss at night, and you sleep with a medium level of firmness, it will give you the proper level of tension that allows to move smoothly between sleeping positions, without getting trapped by the foam. But, you may be interested in a more firmer feel when you weigh over the 230-pound mark for greater buoyancy.


  • The mattress should be allowed to breathe: Even though the mattress is not likely to be awash in smells, I would advise allowing the mattress to air out for at minimum one hour in a properly ventilated room prior to sleeping on it in order for the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to disperse.
  • Side sleepers who weigh less than 130lbs: If you’re a side sleeper who is light with a weight of less than 130lbs (especially in the event that you’re a person with a low body fat percentage as well) then you might feel that the middle degree of firmness slightly too for you. If this is the case, I would recommend the gentle variant of Natural Bliss because it allows you to sink further into the material for more comfortable sleep.
  • Sensitivities to wool: If you’re sensitive to wool, then I suggest The Natural Bliss because it’s a wool-free mattress made from vegan ingredients and doesn’t have any animal by-products.

Additional Benefits

  • 100-night trial of sleep: You can test your Botanical Bliss mattress over 100 days and return it if you’re satisfied after purchasing directly through the PlushBeds website by clicking this link.
  • The 25-year Warranty: You are covered for certain defects up to 25% of 100 years.
  • Free shipping or returns: It is available as a normal.
  • Pay in installments: You can pay using Klarna at checkout to spread the cost across many months at the 0% rate to improve cost-effectiveness without paying more.
  • Save $1100:  Click the link below to purchase the Botanical Bliss and save $1,100 on all sizes for a limited period.

Click Here To Save Over $1200 On Plushbeds Botanical Bliss

Compatible Orthopedic Foundation

If you’re sensitive to sound and movement then it is essential to make sure you have your Botanical Bliss mattress is placed on a sturdy bed frame so that you don’t hear creaks or sounds as you move about.

In that case, I would recommend including this PlushBeds Orthopedic Foundation to your order as it’s solid foundation that can hold up to 1200lbs of weight. It can also provide greater stability and quieter than traditional box springs.

A solid foundation is crucial when you buy an appropriate bed for someone with autism, who can be prone to intense’meltdowns’ that can cause the bed to be under stress.

Compatible ‘Quiet Balance’ Bed Frame

If you’re looking to take your sound-reducing to the highest stage and get rid of motion-isolation, while protecting your back from pain with head-to-toe support.

I suggest having your PlushBeds Silent Balance bed Frame along with the Orthopedic Foundation (a foundation or box spring is recommended) to complement your Botanical Bliss mattress.

The advanced polymer resin is able to absorb sound, it can be used that is generated between the foundation, mattress and frame while also providing edge-to-edge support.

Compatible Adjustable Bed Frame

If you’re in the market for an adjustable frame for your bed that can aid in the process of getting into the bed and out a lot easier and help manage ailments such as acid reflux, back pain COPD, sleep apnea or snoring, adding an adjustable bed frame like the PlushBeds M555 adjustable base might be the perfect frame be used with you Botanical Bliss mattress.

Additionally, you’ll be capable of elevating your feet or head with the zero gravity preset sleep, anti-snore and lounge and TV settings.

There’s an energizing massage option that can help you relax your mind, as well as soft lighting under your bed so that you can go back to your bed in the evening without having to turn on the bright lighting in your room or the bright lamp.

Naturepedic Verse

Best Mattress For Children With Autism

I have chosen the Naturepedic Verse as the best mattress for children with autism due to its organic materials that help to eliminate toxic substances and eliminate smells and odors.

All while the individually enclosed coils block out noises and the comfort layer can alleviate pressure points that cause irritation and the cover is water-resistant to protect against spills.

That means that your autism-prone child will be more protected from stimulation that often triggers meltdowns and trigger sensory irritation which can disrupt their sleep.

The Naturepedic Verse is suitable for older and younger children.

The MADE SAFE(r), GreenGuard as well as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifications offer assurance of the bed’s safe and free of toxins.

If you’re looking for an excellent foundation, it’s the Naturepedic Organic Deluxe Foundation is suitable.

Click Here To Shop The Naturepedic Verse


Naturepedic 2-in-1

Best Mattress For Austistic Kids

The ideal mattress to support autistic toddlers as well as youngsters is the Naturepedic 2 in 1 Organic Kids Mattress because the waterproof side can be helpful in the event that your child gets wet on the bed, while the quilted side is used by more mature children who require greater pressure relief.

The mattress is also constructed out of organic materials, and is SAFE(r), GreenGuard, and GOTS-certified for quality assurance.

You could also utilize this Organic Deluxe Foundation to create a sturdy and compatible base.

Click Here To Shop The Naturepedic 2-in-1


Additional Sleep Disorders That  Can Be Found in Children

There is a lot you know about sleeping and autism however, there are also other children with sleep disorders that aren’t related to autism. Here the list:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea is the most frequent kind of sleep apnea that results from a total or partial obstruction of the airway in the upper part. It is often due to old age, head trauma and muscle loss or obesity, among other causes.
  • Parasomnias are is a term used to describe bizarre movements, behaviours and emotions, as well as perceptions and dreams that take place when you sleep or fall asleep. Parasomnias can be classified as sleepwalking or confusional awakenings, sleep terrors or nightmares, and sleep terrors.
  • Behavioral insomnia in childhood The condition can affect about 25 percent in children. They appear in the difficulty to fall asleep or to stay asleep for longer periods of time.
  • Delayed sleep phase disorder The disorder is sometimes referred to as sleep-wake disorder. It is a disruption to a child’s circadian rhythm that affects the time of their sleep. If your child suffers from this condition, it’s likely they will fall asleep at midnight and has trouble getting up in the early morning.
  • Restless legs Syndrome The syndrome of restless legs is a long-term disorder that triggers the desire to move the legs because of unpleasant sensations that occur in the legs that include burning and burning. The sensations usually occur while the child is asleep and can make it difficult for them to sleep.



In the case of ASD, there’s no universal diagnostic.

The condition is wide-ranging, ranging from mild to extreme, and ASD symptoms and signs vary widely.

In general, those with ASD may have difficulty communicating with others and show certain patterns of behavior.

ASD can also be linked to sleep issues for both adults and children.

The most effective method to deal with sleep disorders is determined by the person and how serious the problem is any serious sleep problems need to be addressed with a doctor.

Adopting good habits for sleep hygiene and having a consistent routine for bedtime will go a large distance.

There’s an ever-growing number of resources that are available to people who suffer from ASD and their caregivers and family members.

These include the latest research and data to forums for community members where you can talk to other people who are understanding.

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