Best Mattresses For College Apartment: 8 Options For 2022

Here is our guide on the best mattresses for college apartments.

If you’re a student looking for an upgrade to your mattress it may appear easy enough to test some at your local mattress shop. But once you begin searching for to find the “perfect” mattress, you’ll quickly realize the many aspects to think about.

Finding a mattress that will meet your needs can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you’re looking for a memory foam mattress for your dorm room or a latex mattress for your apartment, here’s what you need to know about choosing the best mattress for your college apartment.



The first step in finding the right mattress is determining which kind of bed you need. There are three basic types of mattresses:

  • Innerspring
  • Memory Foam
  • Latex

Furthermore, within each type, there are several different kinds of mattresses, such as standard, orthopedic, high-density and luxury models. The most important thing to look for when choosing a mattress is comfort. You should make sure that it is soft and has a good level of support for your back and body.

You may also want to consider the temperature of the bed; some are warmer than others, while some can get too hot. And if you sleep with your face or eyes down, you may also want to consider mattresses that have a low density in order to prevent the mattress from compressing.

Accordingly, these are some things to consider when looking for the right mattress for college. Luxury mattresses tend to be more expensive than other models, but they offer the highest quality sleep, comfort and value. You can expect to pay between $400 and $1,000 or more for the best models.

Memory foam mattresses have become popular among college students because of their ability to relieve pressure on the body’s joints and help provide support. While memory foam is one of the most comfortable types of mattresses available, it is less durable and requires proper care. They are typically made with foam and gel memory foam. Latex mattresses are generally very comfortable, and they do not add a lot of pressure on your joints.


How We Chose The Best Mattresses For College Apartments

We began by conducting a comprehensive survey among college students in search of an easy-to-clean, comfortable and durable mattress.

The participants slept in their dorms or apartments, and we asked them to describe their sleep experience in terms of comfort, support and durability. We then contacted the top three mattress manufacturers for more information on the models they produced.

In the course of testing mattresses, we look at the following elements:

  • Construction: Beds are cut open to reveal what’s inside and how they’re made.
  • Feel: Check whether the item has a stuck-inthe-mud memory foam feel or if it’s more neutral foam, or a pillow top that is plush or a pillow top.
  • Firmness: The firmness scale is our own scale for firmness, and can evaluate how this may depend on your body, and sleeping style.
  • Pressure Relief: We determine the optimal point for various sleeper and body types. Support and how it is affected by the type of sleeper or body
  • Edge Support: Edge Support is essential for couples sharing beds. Do you want to roll out of the bed, or sleep comfortably near the edges?
  • Motion Isolation: We employ the test of water to test how the bed’s performance is affected by motion transfer. This is an additional factor for couples who don’t want to wake one another in the event of a move.
  • Temperature Regulation: A temperature gauge to determine whether the bed gets warmer and stays in neutral, or cools as you rest.
  • Noise: It could be a problem with beds that have innersprings or coils.
  • Off-Gassing: Beds may be stale for a few weeks following packing, and we’ll attempt to inform you about it.
  • Corporate Policies: We also look at guidelines for return shipping, trial period , and warranty.
  • Value: We consider the price of a bed within the context of what it can offer with regards to features and the quality of construction and materials.


Buying A Mattress For A College Apartment

If you’re a student at college (or an alumnus recently graduated) You’re trying to find the most affordable mattress money can buy. It’s okay, we do not blame for you!

You may be searching for an twin size XL to replace your dreadful university bed, for only a few years at the most, trying to find out the size college bed you’ll need or maybe you’re in the country and are looking for an option to use a bed for a couple of years in your small studio and don’t think of carrying that dorm mattress after you have landed an employment opportunity in a place that’s not yet known.

College is a duration that involves a lot of learning and also an abundance of uncertainty. You’re learning to take care of your laundry however you’re not certain if you’ll get to the next class given you’ve got all your whites pink.

You’re learning about the importance of communicating however you’re not certain how it will aid you in your work profession (trust us, it’ll be useful).

While buying the cheapest mattress for college ever could be something to consider however, we’d like to think about your the comfort.

If you’re not getting eight hours of rest each night (you aren’t) it means you’re spending three-quarters of your day on your mattress. If you’re already sleeping less than you ought to consider, it’s best to be good quality sleep. The majority of mattresses that come in a box offer a mix of affordability, quality and comfortable.

Best Dorm Mattress Topper

If you’re in search of the top mattress topper for your college dorm rooms as opposed to a bed for you to reduce your expenses, we’ve looked at a number of good (and inexpensive) models that you may consider.

Have a look at our choice for best mattress topper for college dorms to discover which ones are most comfortable ones to cover your mattress with.


Common Mattress Materials

Did you know there are a variety of mattresses, each giving an individual experience and characteristics? These are the most popular varieties available in the market. It is likely that you will find something that you like. Remember that if you’re a college student with a budget Certain of these products are more affordable than other materials.

Spring / Coil

They are mattresses are made of coils or springs and, hopefully, have pillows for added convenience. The mattress you have in your college is likely to be a spring mattress however, without a pillow top. Spring beds are supple and lively They are also more durable and supportive. We typically recommend mattresses that have springs for heavier bodies because they are able to support heavier weights better, and will not fall apart as quickly like a mattress made of all foam. These kinds of mattresses are the best for fights with pillows.

Memory Foam

Memory foam gets heated up and then softens when pressure is applied It then takes a while to respond when that pressure is gone. When you lie down on it, it’s likely notice that you gradually sink into the foam as it conforms towards your physique. Memory foam is among the items that you are either in love with it, or dislike it. People who sleep heavily tend not to like memory foam since it is difficult to move about on, giving the feeling of being “stuck.” Also, the cheaper memory foam will alter its firmness as temperatures rise. In summer, mattresses are softer, but they’ll become firmer in the winter.

Gel Memory Foam

It’s just memories foam, which added some kind of gel in it. It’s typically for cooling purposes. Memory foam has the bad habit of storing your body heat, which means that it can sleep very hot and causes you to sweat. Gross, right? If you love memory foam, but prefer sleeping cold, you should consider Cocoon Chill. Cocoon Chill, which isn’t strictly a gel-based memory foam mattress but does include cooling covers.

Latex Foam

Latex is a very cool material. It’s bouncy and supple with great assistance and relief from pressure. It is made of the rubber tree’s sap and is usually punctured using a plethora of tiny holes that allow for great airflow. It’s environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic (i.e. great in terms of allergies and overall health) as well as anti-bacterial. But, it can also be quite costly. Here’s our selection of the most effective Latex Foam Mattresses and top organic beds made of natural materials..

Proprietary Foam

This is usually an elaborate way of saying “we made our own foam and don’t want to categorize it with your mainstream foams.” These are considered to be the indie children of the online mattress market. Sometimes they are successful, but occasionally they do not. Be sure to have a trial period in the case of the beds that do not function as you would expect.

Air Mattress

Most often, these are mattresses that you can pull out for on the go or lying on the floor for a week. However, there are also popular brands of air mattresses like Number. Number.

Polyurethane Foam

This foam is neutral in feel. It typically sleeps in a temperature neutral position and is extremely well-liked in the bed-in a-box market. The most popular brands such as Tuft & Needle, Morphiis, and Casper Essential are (majority) poly foam mattresses.

Gel-Like Materials

This is a less often used material, but the most well-known brand that makes a mattress with a gel feel has to be Purple. They offer four different designs ( original Purple vs three Purple Hybrid beds) which all feature great quality airflow as well as support. It is either loved by people or dislike it. Ross the boss sleeps with an Purple Hybrid Premier every night.


Best Mattress For College Apartments

After testing several models and comparing their performance and customer feedback, we identified 9 companies that we believe are the best in the business:



Ghostbed Classic For College ApartmentGhostBed, a name from Nature’s Sleep, has been since the beginning of time and have helped to revolutionize the market by introducing the’mattress-in-a box’ idea.

GhostBed offers a solution to the highly-marketed and well-branded mattress market, combining both latex and memory foam.

Recently, they have also introduced their GhostBed Luxe as well as Ghostbed 3D Matrix, more expensive mattresses that focus on general comfort.

With high customer satisfaction and innovative designs for mattresses, GhostBed is certainly worth taking a second look.




Nolah for College DormNolah was introduced to the market in 2016 , when they created their own foam, dubbed Nolah AirFoam(r), in response to mattress made of memory foam.

The reason it is unique is because it holds less heat than other memory foams, or the more common visco elastic foams. It is also less prone to pressure than high-end memory foams, which means it’s less prone to rubbing the shoulders and hips.

Nolah’s testers say it’s also more robust and ideal for those who sleep on their sides. With many mattress choices, Nolah is a brand that anyone can feel confident about!




Nectar mattress for college apartmentA renowned and adored mattresses, Nectar changed the market for all-foam mattresses by introducing designs that concentrate on the universally comfortable support and firmness.

With three mattresses to select between, users have been able to report an increase in comfort and superior pressure relief in their Nectar Premier & Premier Copper.

With benefits that are value-added, such as the full year of trial, and a ‘forever’ guarantee, thick quality materials at a reasonable cost, optional white glove delivery and “Buy Now Pay Later’ financing via Affirm it should be an option for all value-conscious customers.



Bear Mattress

Bear mattress college dormBear mattress has three fantastic mattresses that have been receiving glowing reviews from customers.

Their memory foam is the first to have received acclaim from those on a tight budget, and the Bear Hybrid is great for people who want an extra-soft, pressure-relieving feeling, and the Bear Pro is perfect for those who want a super-cooling comfort.

The range of mattresses includes Celliant(r) to Celliant(r) to the Copper cool, the mattresses are made to be better at cooling, relieving muscles pain and aiding in the support of spinal.




Puffy mattress college dormPuffy is an internet-based mattress company that produces three mattresses including the Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress and the Puffy Royal Mattress.

They all offer extremely rated, comfortable feel which is making waves in the mattress box market.

With coil hybrids available with Their Lux and Royal customers, they find the mattresses more comfortable than other choices that are great for those who have a more light body style.

The goal is to offer the comfortable, soft experience for less than what you can find in stores and offering all-foam and hybrid styles.

The Puffy mattress is definitely worth checking out again!




Layla mattress college apartmentLayla was founded in the year 2015, as a mattress that came in a box to end homelessness with each mattress bought.

Since then, they’ve concentrated on creating two models of mattresses that are based on the cool, copper-infused design and the ability to flip it to provide softer or firmer feel.

With flexible designs, the hybrid as well as an all-foam variant and a long history of technological advancement, Layla is definitely a name worth looking into.



Loom And Leaf

Loom & LeafLoom and Leaf offers a lot to offer.

At less than 12 inches It has a variety of layers of premium foam that not only can help reduce pressure points and it also allows the spine to be properly supported.

If you’re frustrated with mattresses that do not properly support your spine and back, Loom and Leaf can definitely aid.

It comes with a medium firm alternative that’s acknowledged by chiropractors as well as other spine experts.

Additionally, its thickness and firmness help to ensure long-term durability.




best mattresses for college apartmentLeesa is a well-known foam mattress manufacturer that produces its signature Leesa mattress, which has 3 layers of foam one cooling foam layer and an additional layer of memory foam, and a final core of support.

If you are looking for the best support and comfort, the Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend mattresses provide a mix of supportive foam as well as pocket springs.

Leesa’s latest model to their mattress range, Studio by Leesa is an all-foam mattress at a cheaper price.

The mattresses are adored by a large number of customers.

They also have a positive corporate mission, donating 1 out of 10 mattresses to charities that help the poor.




There are different kinds of mattresses, and some can be used for longer than others.

The best mattresses for college apartments should be comfortable, durable and provide a long service life.

Naturally, you want to make sure that your bed is comfortable and durable enough to keep you sleeping comfortably for years to come.

The best mattresses for college apartments should offer great support, along with superior comfort and durability. They also need to be easy to clean and maintain, so that they don’t lose their quality in time. 

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