Best Mattresses With A Lifetime Warranty

The process of buying a mattress can be stressful since every person has their own preferences and it can be difficult to find the perfect bed for you. As you’ll be sleeping in your bed for several years you’ll want it to last for a long time.

Therefore, look for an all-year warranty mattress. This means that you’ll be able to be assured that you’re covered even if the mattress you purchased is defective. After reading this post, we’ll go in depth on what to expect from your mattress’s warranty.

They are shipped to your residence in a container, and you are able to test them at your own home and return them for full reimbursement if you’re not happy.

The duration of time that you are required to return an item is known as”sleep. It’s the minimum of 100 nights. This is distinct from an insurance policy that is designed to detect problems and is much longer (lifetime warranties are listed in this list).


Mattresses with Lifetime Warranty

We have compiled a list of the best mattresses with a lifetime warranty below.



NolahNolah utilizes their own exclusive polyfoam (AirFoam) to build mattresses.

The Nolah Original Mattress is an all-foam mattress built by a AirFoam cushion for comfort. Nolah has additional mattresses available like All-Foam Nolah Signature, Nolah Evolution hybrid, and Nolah Natural latex hybrid.

The Nolah Original features two foam comfort layers atop seven inches of Polyfoam with a high density. The cover is made of air-tight Tencel fabric keeps sleepers at ease by wicking off excessive moisture.




NectarNectar Sleep is a U.S. mattress and bedding firm based located in Palo Alto, CA. The Nectar Sleep’s most popular memory foam bed is named”the” Nectar Mattress.

The Nectar Mattress is constructed by a cushion made of gel memory foam then a layer of transitional of polyfoam.

The mattress also comes with the support core, which is comprised of polyfoam with high density. The cover is made of a polyester blend. The mattress is 12 inches in thickness.

The mattress’s feel is classified as medium-firm that is equivalent to an octave 6 in the 1-10 scale of firmness.




Layla HybridLayla Sleep is a U.S.-based mattress and bedding business which has been operating since. The company’s flagship mattress is called the Layla Mattress that is an adjustable memory foam model that can be flippable. The present version of this mattress first came out in 2019.

The one aspect one side of Layla Mattress is made up of 3 inches of memory foam infused with copper and another layer of polyfoam that is convoluted. This side has a medium soft feel , which corresponds to a rating of 4 to a 4 on the 1-10 scale of firmness.

The other side is comprised of 1 inch of memory foam that is copper-infused and it has a comfortable (7) feeling. The bed’s shared support center that is located between the comfort layers is made up of 4.5 inches of polyfoam with a high density. The Layla is completed with a polyester-blend cover. In total, the mattress is 10 inches in thickness.



Puffy Lux

Puffy LuxU.S. mattress manufacturer Puffy introduced its top-of-the-line all-foam mattress in the year 2017. The company has just revealed an updated version, dubbed The Puffy Lux that comes with an additional cushion of foam for extra comfort and contouring.

In addition to the Puffy, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal mattresses, Puffy also makes a range of bedding items, like foundations for mattresses and sheets for beds.

The Puffy Lux has a layer of memory foam that is gel-infused, an additional layer of memory foam and the layer of transitional polyfoam, and a high-density polyfoam base layer. The Puffy Lux comes with moderate firmness, which is 5 out of 10. on a scale from one to 10.



Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding Latex HybridNest Bedding is a mattress and bedding company that is known for their exceptional services to customers, their American-crafted items, and affordable prices for top-quality items.

They have more than eight storefronts in physical stores and an impressive online presence You can purchase an Nest in person or on the website Nest Bedding is also one of the very few Factory Direct online mattress providers.

Nest Bedding provides exceptional customer service and a lifetime warranty on comfort, and a luxurious feeling and beautiful new mattress for an affordable cost. The Mattress made of foam is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who sleeps. Although there are some cheaper hybrid mattresses available, for those that require the support of the innerspring coils this mattress is a tough one to beat.




Molecule mattressMolecule is an U.S.-based sleep-related brand which first came out in the year 2018. Alongside to sheet sets and mattresses, Molecule has two models of mattresses called Molecule 1 and 2. Molecule 1 and Molecule 2.

The Molecule 1 is the brand’s most popular all-foam mattress, and features an elongated memory foam layer. The mattress also has an interlocking layer of polyfoam that is divided into three degrees of firmness to give more support to the body of the sleeper as well as the high-density polyfoam base. Overall, the mattress measures 12.25 inches in thickness. In terms of firmness it is Molecule 1 is considered medium-soft and is 4.5 in the 1-10 scale for firmness.

The Molecule 2 shares many similarities to its predecessor, the Molecule 1, including a foam comfort layer, a zoned polyfoam layer for transitional use, and high-density polyfoam core support. The two models measure 12.25 inches in thickness. The Molecule 2 has a slightly thicker and more comfortable comfort layer, which gives the mattress a moderate (5.5) experience. In addition the transitional layer is split into five zones of firmness for greater support and a more precise fit.



Sweet Zzz

Sweet ZzzSweet Zzz is a brand new mattress retailer online that has introduced not one, but four distinct types of mattresses. Their most well-known model can be described as The Affluent Rest mattress. The mattress is an 12 inch mattress made of gel mattress with the best middle to middle to firm feel. It has 3 layers of foam and two of them comprise memory foam. Memory foams are both dense and comfortable as well as extremely comfortable. They provide the best comfort, pressure-relief and an ideal orthopaedic support and align. The comfort layer is a thick support foam which permits for long-lasting durability and an enduring foundation.

Sweet Zzz has incorporated the modern technology to make materials that make a statement. Their foam is O-Cell which is an revolutionary and secure foam that comes with a variety of advantages. It’s not only more secure and practically indestructible but it is also more durable, cooler and equally as comfortable like standard memory foam. The cover is made of natural, soft cotton for an incredible feeling that is durable and wears well.




DreamcloudThe DreamCloud is an innovative hybrid mattress that has five layers. The DreamCloud Mattress is 14 inches thick and scores 6.5 which is medium-firm in the 10-point range of firmness.

Alongside to mattress, DreamCloud also sells bed frames, blankets that weigh sheets as well as mattress protectors and pillows.

The DreamCloud Mattress contains two layers of comfort beneath an cashmere-blend cover. The top layer of comfort consists consisting of 1.5 inches of memory foam that is gel-infused. Next is an 2.5-inch transitional layer of traditional polyfoam. The core for support is made of eight-inch pocketed coils, together with 1.5 inches of polyfoam below.




AwaraIt was first launched in 2018. Awara Sleep offers one bed called it’s the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid and 3 bed frame.

A latex-based hybrid A hybrid of latex, the Premier Latex Hybrid pairs a four-inch layer of natural Certified by Rainforest Association Dunlop latex, with a nine-inch base of pocketed coils.

The product is certified as latex by Rainforest Alliance, meaning it has been tested for economic, social and ecological sustainability and impacts.

It also has been recognized through GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) which means that the latex is natural. The soft Euro Top Cover is made out of New Zealand wool and organic cotton.



How to Purchase a Mattress with a Lifetime Warranty

A warranty is legally binding guarantee given by the manufacturer to ensure that the product or service offered is suitable for use in the manner stated and can be repaired or replaced if it is found to be defective, at no additional cost to the purchaser [3].

If, for instance, your mattress was brand new and it was wobbling significantly in the middle due to springs were damaged, it would be an issue and you can claim the warranty for repairs or replacement according to the conditions of the contract.

Federal law requires that you have to go through the warranty prior to buying the item – even when you shop online [44.

In the event that you look to the end of almost every mattress manufacturer’s website you’ll find an hyperlink to their warranty, where you can click and go through the conditions.

I highly recommend taking the time to read the entire warranty for the mattress you’re considering purchasing.

However, as they’re usually stuffed with legal jargon and typically presented as a huge page of unreadable text it’s sometimes hard to comprehend everything.

This is the reason I’ve put together the three steps below that will explain how warranty on mattresses are implemented and the exact steps you need to follow to purchase a mattress that has an excellent warranty and be sure to not void it.

A table lists the various kinds and lengths of warranty for the most well-known mattresses on the internet to assist you in saving time.

1: Know the Way Mattress Warranties Work

Mattress warranties can be implied , or written.

Implied warranties are formulated by the law of each state and every state has implied warranties. They are in place to make sure that you can seek recourse even if the mattress doesn’t have an explicit written warranty, unless it’s marked as an “as-is” sale, in which case implied warranties may be excluded [5] or the seller expressly declares in writing that no warranty is provided.

“As is” sales are not permitted in certain states, including Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and other states.

A implied “warranty for merchantability’ implies that the product will perform what it’s intended to perform, whereas an implied warranty of the suitability for an a specific purpose is a guarantee that it is fit for specific purposes.

Although not mandated by law, many major mattress makers online offer their mattresses under a written warranty, which is accessible to review prior to purchasing.

While I will discuss the distinctions between mattresses warranties in the subsequent section, it’s first important to be aware of the advantages, drawbacks, and terms of operation that impact written warranties for mattresses overall.


The major advantage of having mattresses covered under written warranties is that in addition to being protected for problems like broken seams, damaged coils and other physical defects, many manufacturers also offer security against sliding and bodily impressions, which are not caused from improper use or wear and wear and tear (typically beginning with 1.5 inch).

If you have a non-prorated insurance policy, any defects can be fixed with repair or replacement without the need to pay for the repair or replacement – though there may be additional charges to pay for shipping or inspection.


The principal downside to written warranties on mattresses is that usually you’ll need to cover for shipping to return the mattress and substituted (but it’s not the only case) or incur additional hidden costs, such as to pay for home inspections.

Another drawback could be paying more for the lifetime warranty in which the majority of mattresses need replacement after 10 to 15 years (usually prior to) in response to regular wear and wear and tear. This isn’t covered under the warranty.

Similar to that, while the 20-year mattress warranty might appear extravagant, when you look at the conditions, you’ll discover that the last part of that warranty comes by “prorated” coverage. In this case, you’ll have to contribute to certain costs of replacing defective components.

What’s Covered?

The majority of written mattress warranties be able to cover the following concerns:

  • Sagging that is defective: premature sagging, or sinking that is greater than the limit of depth specified by the conditions (usually beginning at 1 – 1.5 inches, though some brands begin with the lower or higher end of that range).
  • Broken wires: The coils which are damaged, bent or push through material will probably be covered (and could be the cause of the sagging being defective).
  • Zippers, seams, and handles: seams that are snagged and broken handles and zippers that do not function well are typically covered by the warranty.
  • Bunching: or lumps may be covered when they relate to problems with the strength of the material (such as manufacturing defects in memory foam and polyfoam).
  • Broken springs or frames: If you bought an appropriate frame or box spring and it fails to work through the fault of you and you are unable to repair it, you might be eligible to be covered within the terms of your warranty. However, many mattress makers offer separate warranty policies for their frames, pillows sheets, toppers and accessories.

What’s Not covered?

The majority of written mattress warranties will be void if you have the following problems:

  • Personal preferences for comfort: Mattress warranties do not permit you to return the mattress solely because you’re uncomfortable on it (unless the discomfort is due to defects such as the spring that is broken). Luckily, many top mattress brands provide a trial of their products, in which you are able to return the mattress in the event that you feel uncomfortable.
  • Minor Sagging: sagging that does not exceed the threshold specified isn’t covered by warranty.
  • Body impressions of minor importance:Body impressions that do not go over the stipulated threshold for sagging are categorized as ‘normal wear’ and are not covered under warranty.
  • Damage caused by the owner:Damage to the mattress like burns, tears and staining and discolouration is not covered by the warranty.
  • Damage due to poor care: damages that result from improper use or maintenance of the mattress (such as using the wrong mattress) is typically not covered.
  • Wear and tear: minor modifications to the mattress’s structure that result caused by repeated use like drops and body impressions that are less than the threshold specified are not covered.


Most of the time the warranty will only be applicable if the mattress was provided to you from – or you purchased it from the first buyer.

Similar to buying mattresses from an unlicensed dealer or private vendor (such as Craigslist or auction sites) is usually in violation of the warranty.

The mattress can be purchased directly from the site of the manufacturer or from their store is the most effective method to make sure that the warranty remains valid.

Warranty vs. Sleep Trial

A mattress guarantee is not the equivalent to a sleep trial.

While a mattress’s warranty could last for at least to 10-years or longer, the warranty does not permit the user to take it back just because you’re uncomfortable or do not like it. This is what a sleep test allows users to do.

The typical sleep trial lasts for three month (or up to one year or more in certain instances) and they allow you to utilize the mattress in the same way as you normally would and take it back for any reason, if dissatisfied with it.

One of the hidden rules in the majority of sleep tests is that you have to test it for at least a certain period of time (usually between 10 and 30 days) in order to make sure you’ve given the mattress material enough time to adapt to your body’s weight and form.

2: Verify the authenticity of the warranty

Although many of these generalizations apply for the majority of warranty on mattresses, there can be some differences between different brands and some versions for similar manufacturers.

It’s the reason I advise studying the warranty completely for the mattress you’re contemplating buying before making a purchase.

Here are a few details you need to be clear on prior to buying your first item.

Fully Warrantied

A complete warranty includes fix or replacement of any qualified defects within a fair period of time [66.

Limited Warranties

A limited warranty applies to specific parts, or specific types of defects as specified by the manufacturer. Limited warranty on mattresses are more prevalent than full mattress warranties.

Non-Prorated Coverage

A mattress warranty that is not prorated is that you don’t need to make a contribution to the cost of replacing defective parts or for the purchase of a new mattress.

But, you might have to be able to contribute to transportation and inspection fees , however, this is not always the case.

Warranty on mattresses that last for at least 10 years are usually completely non-prorated.

Rated Coverage

A prorated mattress warranty implies that you are required to contribute a specific percentage to the repair of damaged parts or the an exchange of your mattress.

Warranty on mattresses that last more than 10 years are usually prorated for the last half of the time or for the last few years.

Graded Coverage

There are many mattresses that are split between prorated and covered by prorated.

Usually, the initial 10 years are not prorated and each year after that experiencing a percentage increase in expenses that have to be borne by the owner on prorated conditions (usually 50 percent in the year 11 and thereafter 5% each subsequent year for 20 years of warranty).


The most common mattress warranties run for the duration of 10 years and aren’t prorated. However 15, 20, 25, and lifetime (‘forever’) warranties are also available.

Hidden Costs

If a mattress warranty isn’t prorated it is important to examine your fine print to determine the conditions under which you will have to pay for the return shipment and the shipping of new components, inspection fees or pay for an “home inspect kit’ to validate the warranty claim.

It is crucial since if you purchased the mattress through an importer and it is returned, it will cost you $100 for return shipping , though many manufacturers will waive the shipping cost in the event that your warranty is legitimate, or as a standard feature of their agreement.

Home inspections can cost between $40 and $60, whereas the home inspection kit could cost anywhere from $30 to $30 to buy.

Paying Too Much For A Worthless Warranty

Although a 15-year, 20-year 25, or even a lifetime warranty may sound appealing but you need to ensure the cost isn’t for this “perk”.

Since most mattresses last for more than 10 years with normal usage (which would not result in an acceptable guarantee claims) and need replacing – thus a longer warranty is basically useless in most situations.

In particular, when you consider you could have to pay for the equivalent of up to 90percent of expenses under prorated terms during the last period of a long warrantee (meaning that it makes more sense to simply purchase a replacement mattress).

To make sure you’re not getting scammed, try selecting a mattress you’re considering with identical specs and keep track of any price hikes, in which the only distinction is a longer warranty.

3. Do Not Void the Warranty

It is also important to examine the terms of the warranty to make sure you are aware of what is able to cause the warranty to be void.

The adhering to these guidelines can frequently assist you to keep warranty from being void:

Make sure you use the correct support

If you are using a non-compliant damaged, broken, or unsuitable bed frame or resting area This could invalidate your warranty.

If, for instance, you’re using a base with slats the majority of warranties will stipulate that the slats should be not more than three inches in distance and that there must be a central support for frames that are queen-sized and beyond.

A bed frame that is compatible from the manufacturer at the time you purchase your mattress will aid to reduce the risk of future problems and protect against mattresses that are sagging.

Get Your Mattress Unpacked As Soon as Possible

If your mattress is delivered in a container, ensure you remove it from the box in the shortest time possible.

Certain brands require that you leave your mattress in its box for too long could void the warranty (and might prevent the mattress from expanding fully).

Do Not Flip Your Mattress Unless It is Flippable

The old-fashioned advice to flip your bed to prolong its life is no longer a good idea as the majority of modern mattresses are two-sided.

Flipping the mattress with one side is not a good idea as it is more likely to cause the mattress to be uncomfortable for sleep, result in damage to the mattress, and make it impossible to claim the warranty.

If you’re planning to turn your bed, be sure the mattress is double-sided.

Rotate Your Mattress (Unless You Are Not Allowed)

In lieu of turning your mattress it’s better to turn it around 180 degrees each 3-6 months to make sure that your mattress isn’t exposed to similar pressure points nightly that could result in to the mattress to sink or body impressions and the mattress slipping.

But, if your mattress is designed with zones of support or has a distinctive design of lateral layering, you may not be able to turn your mattress around without breaking the warranty since one side of the mattress could be constructed to help support the body and shoulders, while the other side has an entirely different style to assist the legs and your lower back.

Make certain to examine carefully the small print.

Do Not Remove Law-Related Tag

The tag that says “do not take off this tag in violation or law’ may be directed towards the vendor, many warranties will be invalid in the event that you remove the tag.

Make use of a Mattress Protector or Topper

Using a mattress protector and/or topper can aid to protect the warranty by protecting your mattress from the effects of damage and staining, while also aiding to prolong the life that your mattress will last.

Take Care of Your Mattress

As well as avoiding doing obvious things like jumping up and down on your bed or placing hot items like hair straighteners on the mattress, you should also make sure that you clean your mattress regularly, and use appropriate methods for cleaning your mattress cover.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to file the Mattress Warranties Claim?

If you want to initiate a warranty claim for the mattress you purchased, first examine the warranty policy to make sure you are able to make an appropriate claim to reduce time (and perhaps cash) before you contact the retailer or manufacturer to begin the claim. It is important to inquire questions about the charges associated with the claim and follow the steps recommended – which could involve the inspection of your home or asking you to capture photos of the damaged portion or the entire mattress.

Which mattresses have the Best Warranty?

The mattresses with the most favorable warranties are those that have extensive and non-prorated protection (10 plus years) and have sagging that is defective beginning at 0.5 1 inch and don’t have customers to pay for return shipping , or additional hidden charges.

How Do Mattress Warranties Last?

The majority of mattress warranties last for minimum 10 years, with certain brands offering 15-20 or 25 year warranties. Some even offer life-long (‘forever’) warranties.


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