9 Best Mattresses Without Fiberglass 2022

Today, we take a look at some of the best mattresses without fiberglass, and we continue our discussion on that material as well as possible replacements.

Mattresses frequently contain fiberglass, which is a type of hard plastic that contains glass pieces.

It serves as a barrier against the flames, providing you with supplementary protection and additional breathing room in the event of an emergency.

But what about factors other than safety?

The best material is not fiberglass.

Your skin will react negatively to it, and it may also make asthma and allergies worse.

There are many different types of fire barriers available, despite the fact that fiberglass is frequently found in mattresses.

A lot of mattress manufacturers are switching to more natural fire retardants in their beds in order to maintain a healthier and safer sleeping environment for their customers


Fiberglass in Mattresses What You Should Know

We have already mentioned that most fiberglass is found in low-cost, sub-$1000 memory foam mattresses.

Fiberglass is a comparatively inexpensive piece of plastic strengthened with fibers to provide protection. In most cases, it’s not just used as mattresses. It is also in other substances.

But, what is different about it compared to mattress is the fact that it’s sealed off to avoid an entanglement of any kind. If fiberglass is placed beneath the mattress’s top cover, it’s very difficult to secure.

The Benefits of Fiberglass in Mattresses

A mattress with fiberglass in its cover typically has one function, that is to shield the mattress from burning. Since it is commonly used within memory foam mattresses, it’s main function is to protect the mattress away from dangers from fire.

Why? It’s because memory foam is a type of synthetic memory, and is constructed from poly-foam, which is in turn made of petroleum. As you might know, petroleum is a very flammable substance that could cause your mattress to explode and cause the house to catch in flames.

Keep this in mind: should your bedroom catch fire the fiberglass that is tucked into the exterior layer of the mattress cover could melt and protect the mattress from becoming flambé.

Its sole function is to protect the mattress. Certain manufacturers who have acknowledged making use of fiberglass for their mattress, for instance Zinus stated they use fiberglass concealed in the cover of the mattress , which is a more secure option. However, if you find an opening within your mattress you could be exposed to a range of risks for both your health and home as well.

Beds and Mattresses: Risks with Fiberglass

There are a variety of risks associated with living with fiberglass.

The tiny pieces of glass that contain plastic sheets within they can easily adhere to your body, clothes hair, and even your body, which could make them difficult to get rid of.

In addition, they could create acute health issues.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that exposure fiberglass may cause long-term health issues. But, exposure to fiberglass can cause irritation to the skin, as well as creating irritation in your eyes and red. It can also cause irritation to your eyes.

In addition, breathing in fiberglass can mean it is possible that you will feel irritation to your nose or throat. There are also instances of acute bronchitis which are due to inhaling the fumes. For allergy sufferers or children, this can be very dangerous.

Inhaling fiberglass or exposure to it may cause acute problems which can last for several days. It can result in swelling, itching as well as skin redness, irritation of the nose mouth, eyes, and mouth. Alongside the bronchitis that we discussed above Anyone who has been subjected to excessive exposure of fiberglass may be coughing for days, or going out to let the glass leave the atmosphere.

If your house was in contact with fiberglass particles you could be at risk of having it get into the ventilation system, heater or air conditioner and cause further damage.

Certain families had to move out of their homes due to this and hire professionals to take care of their house to remove the contamination with fiberglass. This process is often 10 times more costly as cashing in a high-quality mattress.

In the present it is not thought to be cancerous and there isn’t any chronic-related risk associated with it. But, researchers continue to study the issue and discovering more about its possible hazards, which prompts a discussion. There’s a debate over the findings of research which looked into the relationship between mesothelioma and fiberglass which is an infected tumor that is malignant.

Avoiding Mattresses With Fiberglass

One way to avoid dealing with a mattress with fiberglass is to conduct your homework prior to buying one. Read reviews, buy guides and buying tips which we provide on our site and learn about the various materials used to make the mattress.

Here’s how to stay clear of a mattress made of fiberglass. This can also be helpful when you’ve already bought an expensive mattress but you’re concerned regarding the fiberglass.

  • Review the label: Check the label on the mattress you’re buying. study the information about mattress retardants to find out more about the materials the business makes use of. The label should typically state that customers shouldn’t cut off the cover. This is a sure sign that the mattress has fiberglass.
  • Material: It may not always be a definitive indicator that the mattress has fiberglass, but you should always verify whether you’re buying one made of memory foam or a hybrid mattress.
  • Price: Memory foam mattresses that cost less than $500 tend to have fiberglass due to the fact that the manufacturer was looking to cut costs on the materials they supply.
  • Look at Organic Options: If you’ve not sure which mattress to purchase, it’d be better to choose an organic alternative like Latex mattress , or even Green Foam, which are fairly natural. The more environmentally friendly and organic choices are also made of foam or another material to shield the mattress from heat.
  • Take away your mattress made of fiberglass if its got holes: If you already have a mattress made of fiberglass and have just realized that it’s fiberglass, it’s best to see if it has holes. If they aren’t holes, you should cover your mattress with an appropriate protector. If it’s old and has a mattress protector, it’s best to dispose of it and purchase a new mattress.


Manufacturers That Utilize Fiberglass in Mattresses

One way to be aware of fiberglass is to determine what brands to stay clear of when making the switch to fiberglass for your mattress. Look through this list we’ve compiled to determine which brands you should avoid.

  • Nectar: Nectar is among the most sought-after, affordable memory foam mattresses. The inner layer of protection is almost 100 percent fiberglass. The good thing is that there’s an additional layer that offers greater protection for the people who sleep on it and the fiberglass.
  • Linenspa: Though it’s regarded as one of the most affordable and most value-for-money products in the mattress market however, it’s worth noting they make use of fiberglass as a fire-repellant.
  • Zinus:Similar similar to Nectar mattresses Zinus includes a layer of foam that shields the user from tearing the fiberglass inside the mattress when there’s tears. But, on a more secure note, we’re including this choice to ensure you’re aware.
  • Purple: The fiberglass used that is used in the Purple mattress is wrapped inside the mattress, and into the layer that provides the mattress’s safety. This clever design lets you sleep sure that fiberglass won’t get out. However, it’s best if you are aware.
  • Lucid: This is another alternative that is very popular on Amazon which makes it one of the most popular sellers. However, it’s important to know that their mattress is made of fiberglass.
  • Ashley Furniture: Signature by Ashley furniture gets the praise for its breathable and comfy hybrid and memory foam mattresses. However, they also include fiberglass in the mattress.
  • Layla: The company does not deny the presence the presence of fibreglass in its mattresses. However, they’re integrated into the fibers, which means it’s less likely for them to cause harm to your home as well as your home.


Best Mattresses Without Fiberglass

Amerisleep Organica

Amerisleep Organica


Amerisleep offers eight more mattresses, including five memory foam beds as well as three hybrids. Amerisleep is committed to ensuring that at the very least the mattress they offer is able to be adapted to the specific needs of each sleeper. But the Organica is the sole latex mattress that is available and is the reason we have chosen to include the Organica as our best recommendation.

As the mattress that is Amerisleep’s most eco-friendly Organica is Amerisleep’s most sustainable mattress. Organica is made of materials that have been that have been certified by

The mattress offers a balanced medium-firm feel, meaning that all users can benefit from this eco-friendly choice.

The cover of Organica is constructed from organic cotton and has rosettes that are tufted. The rosettes are more visually attractive. The tufts keep the organic shape and stop the layers from moving off-center.

The Organica’s initial layer is constructed from one millimeter New Zealand Joma Wool(r). The layer is a cushion for your body’s curves and acts as an natural flame barrier and thermostat. It will keep your body cool or warm when required all night long.

The next is three inches Talalay latex that is designed to help cushion your curves and ease any discomfort. While Talalay latex is a great choice for tension relief, it doesn’t make you sink into your mattress and feel trapped. It helps keep your body elevated and makes it easy to move around and move in and out of the bed.

Under this is the Organica’s eight-inch coil unit for support. Each spring is covered in a tough fabric to ensure motion-isolation. This prevents the coils from sliding as well as breaking very easily. A bonus feature of this coil unit is that the coils are sturdy in both directions, which means that you do not fall off the sides or sides of your bed.

On the base on the mattress lies 1 inch in Dunlop latex. Contrary to Talalay it is a latex that Dunlop has a long-lasting and hard, making it an excellent choice for a base.

It is Amerisleep Organica ships free and comes with an overnight sleep trial of 100 nights as well as a 20-year guarantee.

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Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

best mattress without fiberglass


Its Botanical Bliss organic latex Mattress from PlushBeds has made it onto our top 10 list due to its customizable design and numerous quality certificates. It is not just a 4.9 from 5 out of 5, but it also has a 4.9 rating in more than 4000 reviews, but chiropractic specialists and orthopedic specialists have recommended the mattress to those suffering from back pain due to its exceptional support.

The Botanical Bliss features a soft cover made of GOTS certified organic cotton. This soft knit improves the airflow and wicks away moisture, ensuring you can rest cool and comfortable. Because it is natural, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could disturb your sleep.

All Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress includes a layer of organic wool that is GOTS certified. Wool is soft, long-lasting and long-lasting. It assists in regulating your body’s temperature at night and keeps your mattress spotless.

The comfort layer of the mattress is made of Talalay latex. It’s true that how the latex feels will vary based on the firmness level you choose. However, in general it’s breathable, responsive and offers an excellent spinal support.

Then, there will be two layers made consisting of Dunlop latex. The firm layers help ensure a healthy spine alignment. Dunlop latex can also reduce soft spots, sags and wear overall.

The purchase of the Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress comes with a one-night sleep trial as well as a warranty of 25 years.

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Happsy Organic Mattress

Happsy Organic Mattress


You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a safe and environmentally friendly mattress without fiberglass. It’s the Happsy Organic Mattress is made of sustainable and green materials, but isn’t overly costly. Since it’s hard to locate a mattress inexpensive and natural and sustainable, we decided to highlight the Happsy.

Its Happsy Organic Mattress is rated 4.8 out five stars. The mattress is cool and doesn’t allow them to sink into.

The mattress is protected by natural cotton covers. It wicks away moisture and heat, but is soft under your feet. In addition, Happsy includes cotton filling around the edges of the mattress to provide edge support.

Happsy makes use of organic latex to make their mattress’s comfort layer. It has perforations to increase the flow of air while still giving your body a comfortable cushion. The mattress is covered with organic wool batting , which increases the mattress’s breathability and softness.

Its supportive system is constructed from steel coils that have been pocketed. This space assists to circulate air, while the coils in themselves block movement, help aid in supporting the spine and help keep your body elevated.

It is the Happsy Organic Mattress is a medium-firm mattress, that works great for those who sleep on their stomachs and backs. If you’re small or prefer sleeping on your back You might want to consider purchasing an additional Happsy Organic Mattress Topper, composed of 2 inches of the latex used in the mattress.

The Happsy is accompanied by an overnight sleep trial of 120 nights and an 20-year warranty and no-cost shipping and returns.

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EcoTerra Hybrid latex Mattress


Ecoterra Beds

Its EcoTerra Hybrid Mattress has made it to our list because it is a handmade mattress made of natural materials, while also maintaining a low cost. Many customers are raving about this mattress. EcoTerra Hybrid Latex Mattress for its ability to be both natural and expensive, and luxurious.

Contrary to many other eco-friendly mattresses, EcoTerra uses a stretchy organic cotton cover, rather than a weaved one. This makes the mattress more comfortable and more breathable, while being tough. The cover’s underside is GOTS certified organic wool , which improves cushioning and regulates the temperature.

The mattress has natural latex which is Eco-INSTITUT and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX(r) certified. This means that the foam is not contaminated by harmful or synthetic substances.

EcoTerra has two firmnesses available for the latex, namely moderate or medium firm. Medium is ideal for side sleepers and couples, whereas medium-firm is ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

For the best support For maximum support, for maximum support, the EcoTerra Hybrid Latex Mattress has recycled quantum coils. The coils are designed to offer edge-to-edge support. The coils are wrapped with an organic fabric that helps them:

  • Move independently
  • Help your spine stay in place
  • Improve the circulation of air

The EcoTerra Hybrid Latex Mattress includes free shipping, a 90-night sleeping trial and a warranty of 15 years.

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Nolah Natural 11” Hybrid Natural Latex Foam

Nolah Natural


This Nolah Natural mattress is the most comfortable mattress that is free of fiberglass that I personally tested , as I opened the mattress and verified that there’s no fiberglass within the mattress. Additionally, the specifications suggest that this mattress is ideal for any type of sleeper.

You can verify that there isn’t any fiberglass in the Nolah Natural mattress by watching my video review below.

Review the information below to assess the mattress’s suitability for your needs . Click that red link to purchase this mattress right now and save $600.


  • Fiberglass-free: The fire barrier is constructed from natural wool, not harmful fiberglass.
  • Design hybrid: natural latex foam rests on eight inches of individual enclosed pocket coils.
  • Luxurious firm: The luxurious firmness means that the mattress is built with pushback that helps to prevent sinkage, yet is flexible enough to permit the body to be able to relax from pressure.
  • The natural Talalay latex: The naturally Talalay latex is not made of synthetic substances and is more flexible and breathable than memory foam, but it can offer an excellent degree of pressure relief with adaptive.
  • Support for zones: Pocket coils are divided into three zones to provide more ‘give’ in knees and shoulders as compared to the more firm feeling around the hips to help you maintain a good posture.

Recommend For

  • Sleepers who are sensitive and have allergies: The latex foam is 100% natural and the cover is organic cotton it is completely free of synthetic chemicals. There is a low risk of experiencing an allergic reaction or worsening of eczema, asthma, dust mite, or hayfever allergies while you sleep on Nolah Natural. I had no problems with my allergies whatsoever.
  • Sleepers who are hot: The combination of the air-breathable Talalay latex along with its pinhole-shaped core works in conjunction with the wide coil to help disperse heat effectively, making Nolah Natural Nolah Natural perfect for hot sleepers like me who tend to overheat on memory foam mattresses.
  • The Nolah Natural is a great choice for front, back as well as side sleepers: The arrangement of the zoned coils as well as the addition of the bouncy and flexible latex foam make Nolah Natural Nolah Natural perfect for front as well as back sleepers as well. I personally was able to be comfortable in all these positions, which is amazing as I have shoulder arthritis and knees.
  • Sleepers with a combination of restlessness and insomnia: If you shift places frequently throughout the night, it’s the bounce that latex foam and coils creates it Nolah Natural easy to move around within. I found it easy to move around in and I didn’t feel as if I was stuck in the material even once.
  • Light and heavy sleepers: The Nolah Natural can support up to 350lbs on each side of its mattress (700 pounds total) due to the sturdy coil core. Likewise, the flexible Talalay latex gives lighter-weighted sleepers with less than 150lbs an ability to sink deep into the mattress to relieve pressure from your joints.
  • Sleepers with a thin skin: The latex foam is able to ease abrasion points on joints and bones in the event that you are a person with lower body fat percentage.


  • Edge support is limited: If you weigh over 300 pounds and you sleep close towards the edge your mattress, then choose a mattress with edge reinforcements like DreamCloud to get more edge support.

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DreamCloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Premier


Its DreamCloud hybrid mattress can be described as the most comfortable mattress made of no fiberglass if you’re seeking a mattress that has more firmness and great edge support.

You can view the video above to confirm yourself it’s true that the DreamCloud mattress doesn’t have any fiberglass. I’ve opened the side that is the DreamCloud and expose the interior materials.

DreamCloud DreamCloud comes in both the US and UK and is an excellent choice for those seeking a mattress that is not made of fiberglass that is available in UK.


  • Hybrid design: Hybrid design memory polyfoam and foam rest on pocket coils for the relief from pressure and provide support.
  • Medium firm:the medium-firm feeling means that it is possible to lie on the mattress from your front or back without sinking too deeply, and the memory foam provides pressure relief , keeping your back and shoulders comfortable. Personally, I feel that the DreamCloud feels a bit more firm than other mattresses with a medium-firm feel I’ve tried, which suggests it has an edge towards the back and front sleepers who are heavier.
  • Reinforced edges Edges reinforced with reinforcement:the coils reinforced around the edges of the mattress can prevent the mattress from sinking far into your bed when lying in the DreamCloud. The DreamCloud is among the strongest edge support I’ve experienced from all the mattresses I’ve tried thus far.

Ideal For

  • Edge sleepers: The strengthened edges make the DreamCloud ideal for sleeping on the mattress’s edge while you sleep.
  • Back and front sleepers: The firmer sensation makes DreamCloud ideal for back and front sleepers who require a little more pushback to keep upright.
  • More weighted sleepers: If you weigh over 200 pounds, the DreamCloud’s superb support and strong coils will protect against sinkage and keep you in good shape.
  • Sleepers that combine: The movement of DreamCloud makes it simple to move between positions and around.


  • Not as suitable for those who sleep less than 130lbs: The Nolah Natural is the better option for those who are in the middle of the pack due to its more flexibility as well as pressure relief.

Other Benefits

  • Cooling: Though the mattress is made of memory foam however, Personally, I found the mattress extremely cool because of its hybrid construction.

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SweetNight Twilight

Sweetnight Twilight

If any of the mattress listed aren’t affordable for you, then the cheapest mattress made of fiberglass that I have found is called the Twilight hybrid mattress by SweetNight.

Here is my complete SweetNight Twilight mattress review.

For the sake of being certain, I contacted their customer service and the memory foam mattresses made by SweetNight do contain fiberglass – however, the hybrid models don’t contain fiberglass (which implies that you’ll be fine for their Twilight, Island, and Ocean Blue models):

Recommend For

  • Side sleepers: the memory foam infused with gel is combined with the coils to offer the support and pressure relief in the position of sleeping on your side.
  • Back and front sleepers: the slightly more firmer bias and the adaptive coil support core will help you ensure good posture while sleeping on your back or back.
  • Edge sleepers: the edge-to-edge support will help protect against sagging and roll-off as you lie near the edge of your bed.
  • Sleepers with insomnia:the memory foam is able to ease pressure points that could result in frequent awakening while their buoyancy may enable you to change locations without getting caught by the material.
  • Sleepers with heavier weights: The steel coilsthe steel coils have the capacity to support weights of upwards of 230lbs. They also protect against sinkage that is too high.
  • Couples: the foam and coils individually wrapped can aid in damping movements so that you both rest peacefully.


  • US exclusively : This mattress is only available to buy this mattress from the US.

Additional Benefits

  • CertiPUR-US(r) accredited: to assure it is not contaminated from harmful chemicals and VOC counts are maintained at less than 0.5 parts per million, which will reduce gases (smells).
  • 10-year warranty :provides protection against problems for assurance.
  • 100-day refund policy: Get a full refund if you’re unhappy with the mattress you purchased.
  • The Twilight is a steal at this price: The Twilight is among the most comfortable mattresses for cost compared to the value you’re getting.

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Naturepedic EOS Classic

Naturepedic EOS mattress


Naturepedic does not contain chemicals that are flame retardant in their mattresses.

Instead, they comply with standards for flammability making use of organic wool organic cotton fabric organic cotton batting and non-GMO PLA batting that is plant-based instead of using a fire barrier that is soaked with chemicals.

It means there’s no fiberglass or other harmful or unwanted chemicals in Naturepedic’s mattresses like modacrylic, antimony, respirable crystallized silica boric acid, rayon.

In addition, Naturepedic’s mattresses are been approved with MADE SAFE(r) This signifies that they don’t contain harmful substances or release gases, vapors or by-products that may affect human health.

In particular specifically, specific to the MADE SAFE(r) accreditation signifies it is a guarantee that your mattress was checked for carcinogens, fire retardants neurotoxins, heavy metals, harmful VOCs, and much more.

Furthermore it is worth noting that it is also worth noting that the EOS Classic mattress has some of the highest-rated certifications, including those of GOTS, GOLS, and GreenGuard certifications to make sure that the mattress you sleep on is one that is non-toxic and safe for your health.

Beyond that Beyond that, beyond that, the EOS Classic Organic Mattress can be customized to meet your personal preferences and sleeping style.

This implies it is that EOS is ideal for sleepers who are single as well as couples as well, since it is possible to select different levels of firmness on each side of the mattress in case the two of you share distinct preferences.

Click here to see the price for the EOS and purchase it directly via Naturepedic Click here for more information.


  • Hybrid spring-latex: 3” GOLS-certified Organic latex comfortable layer 8” of encased coil support core, and organic wool and organic cotton quilt that has PLA padding for additional moisture wicking, keeping you dry and cool.
  • 12″ profile: Deeper profile for better capacity to relieve pressure and support.
  • Split firmness choices: Choose from one uniform firmness, or two firmnesses that are different that are available in queen, king and Cal. king sizes.

Recommend For

  • Sleepers on the side: with a soft firmness option might be more suitable for those who sleep on their sides who weigh less than 230lbs to provide pressure relief for the shoulders and hips while heavier-weighted side sleepers might prefer a moderate.
  • The front sleepers: If you prefer to prefer sleeping on your back, the more firm options could suit you best to keep your hips aligned to avoid back pain.
  • Sleepers who back sleep: moderate degree of firmness could work best for you for back sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds while more firm options could be better suited when you weigh more and the cushioned-firm or plusher is a better choice if your weight is lower.
  • Combination sleepers: The combination of the responsive latex and coils of support gives this mattress enough buoyancy that allows users to move around without becoming entangled in the material – particularly in the case of more firmness to increase your mattress’s surface pressure.
  • Edge sleepers: Edge sleepers with reinforced support allows you to rest close to the edge of your mattress without risking rolling off.
  • Sleepers with a skinny appearance: The plush degree of firmness provides greater pressure relief as well as material sinkage to relieve the pressure off your joints and bones.
  • Couples: In conjunction with the option to split your firmness the coils individually encased aid in reducing the isolation of motion so that you don’t wake one another awake, while the reinforced edges permit you to make the most of the mattress space.
  • More comfortable sleepers: The porous latex and the core of the coil make for a fantastic airflow, which helps to keep your temperature in check and help keep your cool.
  • Sleepers who sweat: The PLA layer that is near the cover is constructed from sugarcane that is not genetically modified and absorbs moisture and helps ensure that you stay dry.
  • Allergy sufferers, as well as sleepers with sensitive skin: due to the absence of harmful chemicals and possibly anti-fungal properties of the organic latex mattress makes it less likely to cause asthma-related symptoms, irritation of the airways and irritation to the skin.


  • More expensive: With the fact that this is an organic mattress it is possible to opt for the financing with 0% APR option to to make this mattress more affordable.

Extra Benefits

  • Ships to Canada and the USA: which makes it among the top mattresses available for Canadians.
  • Switch your layers by yourself: You can open the mattress (with no fiberglass to be concerned about) and swap the mattress’s layers around to alter the level of comfort for many the years to come.
  • Numerous organic as well as safety certificates: which include the GOTS, GOLS and GOTS certifications, GreenGuard, and MADE SAFE(r).
  • 20-year warranty: 10 year warranty that is not prorated Years 11-20 are graded according to prorated (50 percent in the year 11, followed by an 5% reduction after that).
  • Free shipping charges and return: Only to regions within the continental US zones only.
  • 90-night sleep trial: If you are not satisfied, return your mattress within the 30 to 90 day trial period if required.
  • Pay at 0 APR %: There are financing options to help you afford your mattress

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Plushbeds Natural Bliss

Plushbeds Latex


If you are looking for an alternative mattress that doesn’t have fiberglass , and is vegan The Natural Bliss from Plush Beds is probably the ideal bed for you.

This mattress isn’t made of wool or other materials made from animals.

Instead, the patent-pending Eco Fire Barrier is made out of plant fibers that are naturally grown, while the rest of the all-latex mattress is made of natural latex as well as organic cotton cover to cut down on the amount of toxins.

The mattress comes in soft medium, medium-firm and extra-firm, making it ideal for almost every position of sleep as well as couples as well.

Recommend For

  • The side sleepers: The soft degree of firmness is probably the most firm level for pressure relief on your shoulders and hips.
  • Sleepers who sleep on their backs and fronts: The moderate and firmer ones will likely be more comfortable when sleeping on either your side or back, to ensure an ideal hip alignment and posture.
  • Couples:The foam design is able to take in motion more effectively than spring mattresses ensure that you don’t disrupt each other while you move about.


  • Allergies to latex: If you suffer from an allergy to natural latex , this may not be the right mattress for you since I couldn’t figure out if the mattress has been free of the problematic latex protein (unlike that of Beausommet which has latex proteins eliminated).

Other Benefits

  • Huge selection of eco-friendly and organic certifications: that include GOTS, USDA, GreenGuard Gold, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 eco-INSTITUT and Forest Stewartship Council.
  • Toxin-free: No mercury lead, heavy metals, lead, CFCs Chloroform, cyanide as well as PBDE Flame retardants.
  • 100-night sleep trial: 100% refund is available.
  • 25-year warranty: Better than the industry’s average of 10 years.
  • Pay at 0 APR %: Click the button below to read more about.

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Naturepedic Organic

Naturepedic 2in1


If you’re in search of an all-fiberglass mattress for your child or infant, then the most suitable mattress I’ve found were directly from Naturepedic.

Since they offer a selection of crib mattresses made of fiberglass that can be cleaned with a wipe, including Breathable and Breathable Ultra models.

Breathable as well as Breathable Ultra models offering washable and removable washable surfaces as well.

The 2-in-1 fiberglass-free mattress is ideal to be used in bunk beds, platforms beds and trundles. Moreover, the Verse comes with an upgraded support system that’s suitable for young children as well as older children.

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