Best Mattresses Without Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses may appear amazingly cozy however, not for everyone..

So, if you’re searching for an alternative I’ve got some good news for you.

We’ve picked a few of the most comfortable mattresses with no memory foam.

Each one of that has something that you will be amazed with.

Let’s look at what they provide and discover which one will work for you.

While top-quality memory foam mattresses may be an excellent choice for couples seeking a more peaceful mattresses, they do have negatives that make an un-foam mattress an excellent choice.

The main problems with memory foam refer to hot sleep and the use of synthetic chemicals which can “off gas” and cause allergic reactions in those who are sensitive.

As I’ve previously reported some of the unfortunate people weren’t aware of the fact that the memory foam mattresses had fiberglass until they took off the cover. Then, their homes were contaminated with the irritant, which was next to being impossible to eliminate and forced one family to leave their home.

It is a bad material to use in a crib mattress as it could cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) due to re-breathing of carbon dioxide which leads to death by suffocation.


Mattresses Without Memory Foam

Here are our picks for the top mattresses that have zero memory foam.

They are not listed in any particular order.

GhostBed Natural Mattress

Best mattress with no memory foam


The Natural Mattress by GhostBed. It’s one of the most comfortable mattresses with no memory foam that is perfect for those who dislike sleeping hot.

The GhostBed utilizes a combination of coils (which permits adequate airflow) as well as the latex (which isn’t likely to hold the heat).

The secret weapon is the natural wool. Wool is an excellent material for thermoregulating. It can keep your body cool on the summer heat and warm in the winter.

To prove this I decided to test the GhostBed mattress in the midst of a heatwave, without my bedroom fan. It was a blessing that I did not get too hot during my sleep.

I also love the solid edge support this mattress gives.

As a side sleeper often I sleep close to the edge and have my hands dangling over the edge.

A lot of mattress make me feel as if I’m about to fall off from this position. But with GhostBed I didn’t experience this issue.


  • Combines the breathable coils, neutral latex and thermoregulating wool to ensure cool sleep.
  • Extra-strong edges that provide more space for sleeping;
  • medium-feel to provide general comfort to a large spectrum of sleepers.



Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds

Plushbeds No Memory Foam


There are a variety of options to pick from among the top mattresses with no memory foam however, I believe this one, the Botanical Bliss deserves special attention.

The all-latex mattress has all the features you’ll need to have a comfortable and safe sleeping. The mattress provides bounce and helps to avoid the feeling of being trapped (which memories foam mattresses are known for).

However the Botanical Bliss does not compromise the relief from pressure. The mattress is able to conform to the body’s curves and provides exact support and tension relief.

Another great feature of this particular model is its range of comfort it provides. There are two levels of firmness offered, which means that each person will likely choose the best one. Furthermore, you can choose between three thickness options according to your personal preferences.

Plus, it’s more appealing: if you find that your Botanical Bliss does not feel completely comfy, you can simply take off the cover and switch the layers for an a little different feel.

Don’t fret: the mattress doesn’t feel comfortable (which I strongly would not bet on, to tell you the truth) You are able to return the mattress for a complete return within the first hundred nights. It appears that Plushbeds has made sure that no buyer will be disappointed following the purchase.


  • All-latex construction, natural and safe;
  • Three thickness level to accommodate greater numbers of users
  • Two firmness options will work with a broad spectrum of sleepers.
  • Adjustable firmness to ensure your comfort Guaranteed
  • natural temperature neutral, which is ideal well for sleepers who are hot.



Nolah Natural 11” Hybrid Latex Foam Mattress

Nolah Natural Without Memory Foam


Nolah Natural Latex Mattress is an 11-inch thick moderate solid (6) version.

A GOTS-certified organic cotton covering is wrapped around the mattress. Cotton naturally allows air circulation to cool the surface, and a breathable, temperature-regulating layer of wool adds to this effect.

After the wool layer, there is a comfort layer of 2 inches that is breathable and responsive Talalay latex that softly cradles the body. A transition layer of 1 inch of more firm Talalay latex enlarges the contouring and provides assistance. Talalay latex is more breathable and lighter than Dunlop latex due to the differences in their manufacturing methods. The latex in Nolah Natural is also hole-punctured to increase air circulation. It is also recognized as such by Rainforest Alliance for sustainable practices.

Then, a support core made up of HDMax Tri-Zone coils strengthens the mattress’s surface. The layer is surrounded by additional coils at the center of the mattress, to prevent the sagging of the midsection and to promote the best posture. Additionally, the coils have been pocketed to limit motion transfer and help conform to the shape of the sleeping person.

A layer of cotton and wool is used as a base for coils.


  • Design hybrid: 3 inches of breathable natural talalay foam on top of 8 inches of pocket coils for tension relief, cushioning as well as heat loss.
  • Cover made of organic cotton: The cover that is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton cover is completely free of synthetic chemicals, thereby avoiding allergic reactions.
  • Luxury firmness: The luxurious firmness means that the mattress is sufficiently firmness to offer excellent pushback and support to those who sleep in the back and front However, it’s also soft and flexible enough to accommodate side and lighter weighted sleepers.
  • Zoned Support: The support core is made up of 8 pocket coils. They are separated into 3 zones. The middle part of your mattress feels more firm to keep your hips and supported, while the bottom and top thirds have more give to accommodate your legs and shoulders.
  • Fiberglass-free: The fire barrier is constructed from natural wool instead of harmful fiberglass.

Highly Recommended for

  • Back and front sleepers: with the hybrid design, zoned support and latex foam offers an ideal balanced assistance and relief from pressure to ensure you are comfortable while you lie on your stomach or back. Personally, I find it hard to sleep on my side on most mattresses because of my shoulder arthritis. However, I was able to stay in this position for longer with this mattress Nolah Natural.
  • Side-sleepers: with zones of support and the adaptive latex foam gave enough ‘give’ and relief for my hips and shoulders so that it was comfortable for me to lie on my back with Nolah Natural. Nolah Natural.
  • Hot sleepers: This is the Nolah Natural is an excellent alternative to memory foam mattresses as its hybrid foam construction is one of the most cool mattresses you can purchase and the heat-retention characteristics of memory foam make these mattresses the best choice for those who sleep hot like me.
  • People who sleep with allergies: The Nolah Natural is a fantastic option for those suffering from allergies, sensitive skin and breathing problems that are caused when you sleep on memory foam mattresses because the Nolah does not contain chemical substances that can aggravate these conditions. My allergies to dust mites and hayfever did not get worse during my time sleeping on Nolah Natural. Nolah Natural.
  • Sleepers who are lighter weighted: If the weight of your body is lower than 150lbs and you are between 150-150 lbs, the adjustable support as well as the latex foam will help distribute your body weight effectively across the bed, removing the stress from your joints , allowing for an easier night’s rest.
  • Sleepers with heavier weights: like the Nolah Natural can hold up to 350lbs on each side of its mattress (700 pounds to total) The springs do an excellent job in preventing excessive sinkage , keeping your spine in good alignment.
  • Sleepers with a thin skin: If you’ve got an average body fat of less than 15%, the latex foam could help reduce pressure points on the more angular parts that are located on the body.
  • Sleepers that combine: The bounce of springs and the adaptability from the latex foam make Nolah Natural Nolah Natural very easy to change positions and move within.

Extra Benefits

  • The Nolah Natural is free of fiberglass: the Nolah Natural is free from fiberglass, a harmful irritation that is commonly located in the mattress’s fire barrier which contain memory foam.
  • 120-night trial of sleep and lifetime warranty: You can test Nolah Natural for 120 nights. Nolah Natural for 120 nights and return it at no cost should you not like it. It also comes with a lifetime warranty to protect you from any defects.



Zenhaven Latex Mattress from Saatva


If you’re looking for the top mattress that doesn’t have memory foam, then you must take a look at this model from Saatva. The Zenhaven mattress comes with everything you require to be completely secure and comfortable, since it is made of organic latex that conforms and is comfortable at the same time.

But, the company takes one step further and utilizes the Zoned Comfort System which is something no other contenders on this list can claim to have. The comfort latex adapts differently to the different body parts and provides more comfort for the lumbar portion of your spine. This is why the Zenhaven is able to guarantee the best weight distribution and quick relaxation of the tension.

Another great feature of this mattress is the flippable design. The Zenhaven is a combination of Luxury Plush as well as Gentle Firm comfort options. This means that you have two levels of firmness in one mattress and you can play around to find one that is perfect for your needs (or change between them based on your requirements).


  • 100 100% natural construction, safe even for users with sensitive skin;
  • Extended in-home sleep trial at home for your peace of head;
  • The flippable design allows for additional possibilities for comfort.


Latex For Less

Latex For Less No Memory Foam


If you’re in search of a mattress that doesn’t have memory foam which is more affordable, then this Latex For Less mattress is an excellent choice.

Since we work directly with farmers directly, Latex For Less are able to lower costs and still provide a premium latex mattress that is free of the polyfoam, memory foam fillers and harmful chemicals.

The mattress has two sides – medium on one side , and it is firm the second to accommodate all sleeping styles.

Highly Recommended for

  • Sleepers on the side: The middle side is suitable for the majority of side sleepers.
  • Back and front sleepers: You can change between the medium and the firm to find the perfect side for your back or front sleeping preference.
  • Combo sleeping pillows: Both sides must be responsive to the latex to allow for switching places smooth and easy.
  • Couples: The all-latex style can slow motion transfer and allow you and your partner to rest peacefully.


  • 9 ” profile The slightly less thickness shouldn’t cause any problems unless you’re very heavy.

Other Benefits

  • 120-night sleep trial enough time to become accustomed with your bed.
  • 20-year warranty to protect your from any defect.
  • Uses the ability to adjust base Add the Latex for Less adjustable base to your purchase.
  • Payment on Finance to improve the affordability (click the link below to find out more).


The Latex Hybrid created by Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding Hybrid


Another model that is worthy of its place in the top mattresses that do not have memory foam are the latex-latex hybrid made by Nest Bedding.

It’s a great way to win every user by its clever construction and solid construction. The model is made from scratch, meaning every single aspect is considered.

This is probably the reason why Nest Bedding is backed by an unconditional warranty for life. The company is certain of their product’s high-quality This means that you won’t need to fret about your investment.

Another point I’d like to highlight is the different comfort levels. Nest Bedding’s Nest Bedding hybrid is available in medium, plush and Firm selections. It’s firm enough for almost any person and any sleep position. It’s worth noting that not all hybrids available provide this kind of choice (for instance Eco Terra is the only one that Eco Terra comes in 2 different comfort levels).


  • Three firmness options are available to suit a range of sleepers
  • lifetime guarantee for unbeatable customer protection.
  • individually wrapped coils to provide specific support.



Eco Terra

EcoTerra Beds


Although many foam mattresses that are not memory-based utilize durable, strong substances like latex, it’s difficult to find a suitable mattress for people who sleep sideways in the crowd.

That’s where Eco Terra comes in. Eco Terra comes to the rescue. This hybrid of latex has additional thick layer of comfort and utilizes an airy Talalay latex.

The result is a fantastic pressure relief even for those who sleep on their sides. The layers of comfort that are thick on the mattress conform to the curves of the body and gently embrace the protruding areas. In addition the core of the coil will provide specific support and help maintain in ensuring a neutral spine alignment while lying on the side.

There are two options for firmness that are available and the Eco Terra would work for all types of sleepers. The medium model is suitable for people who sleep on their backs (or even light users who plan to rest in a back position).

The Medium-Firm model will be suitable for side sleepers who weigh more (folks with a weight of more than 230lbs). There’s the best news for everyone Eco Terra: Eco Terra sleeps cool even while cradling your body in an oblique hug (unlike many Memory Foam mattresses).


  • natural Talalay latex to provide gentle pressure relief
  • Support coils that have been treated with heat for durable performance and long-lasting durability;
  • makes use of moisture-wicking and breathable materials (such as wool and cotton) to ensure an environment that is temperature neutral;
  • Two firmness options could be suitable for a broad spectrum of sleepers.
  • Fabric-encased coils with a breathable fabric to minimize motion transfer.



EcoCloud Hybrid By WinkBeds

Winkbeds Without Memory Foam


Are you looking for the ideal mattress with no memory foam that can offer your back pain the relief you need? Check out EcoCloud. EcoCloud from WinkBeds.

The mattress has a flexible latex that can adjust to your body and disperse pressure and consequently, reduce the discomfort. In addition, it has a support core that is zoned.

It responds to pressure in a different way and provides the most optimal levels of support for every region that you’re in.

This helps to maintain proper alignment, and also eases pain. I felt this result when I slept in the EcoCloud after having strained my back during a less-than-satisfactory yoga class. I began feeling better after just a couple of nights.

It’s also nice to learn that EcoCloud comes with a EcoCloud comes with the lifetime guarantee. That’s not very often found on mattresses (only that the Nest Bedding on this list is comparable to the EcoCloud). So, the EcoCloud provides a remarkably high level of customer protection. The chances are that this purchase will prove to be an ongoing, worthwhile investment.


  • Zoned support system that assists in the proper alignment of sleepers;
  • A thick layer of latex comfort for the ultimate pressure relief
  • A breathable cotton cover that provides cooling.



Types of Non-Memory Foam Mattresses

If you’re looking to stay clear of mattress memory foam there are several other alternatives.

Let’s have a look at these to determine which one could be the best to provide the ideal bed for you.

  • Latex: Today, when it comes to mattresses made of latex you can easily make any person happy by their natural and safe components. In other words, even while there are plenty of great latex mattresses with no fiberglass however, certain sleepers are concerned about the ingredients that go into the manufacturing of foam ( 1). With latex mattresses, you do not need to worry about it. Mattresses made of latex can be considered safe, and are free of any chemicals that could be harmful. Furthermore, they are non-thermal and does not trap body heat. These mattresses offer bounce and support, as well as a resilient stress alleviation ( 2). Latex is able to mold to the curves of your body (just as memory foam) however it won’t cause you to feel trapped. In addition, mattresses made of latex are very robust. However they can be expensive. Additionally, latex isn’t able to provide exactly the same level of conforming that memory foam.
  • Hybrid: A lot of hybrid mattresses include coils and layers of memory foam for comfort There are numerous latex + coils choices. These mattresses provide bouncy support with strong edges and can typically be able to accommodate larger sleepers. Latex hybrids are able to transfer motion however they typically have sturdy edges and provide more space to sleep in a paired position.
  • Innerspring: Spring beds are among the least expensive mattresses available and are therefore perfect for those who are on a tight budget. These mattresses provide an even, bouncy support across the entire surface. But they do not typically provide significant pressure relief, and are better suited for tight stomach or back sleepers.


Non-Memory Foam Firmness Levels

Finding the perfect mattress may appear to be a simple job given the number of choices available today.

How your mattress is feeling (in the sense of comfort) is determined on the basis of what physique and preferred mattress position. Naturally, you’ll have to select a suitable firmness level based on those aspects. So, let me explain it in more detail:

  • The back sleepers: If you are lying in a back position, the mattress should provide an adequate amount of sinkage for your buttocks and hips, while also supporting your natural curve your rear ( 3). So, the an average people who sleep on their backs generally select the medium or moderate-firm level of comfort. Smaller people (less that 130 pounds) require a cushion that is soft enough that their weight will suffice to reduce that comfort zone (for that the hips sink). This is why back sleepers who are light are advised to choose a mattress with a moderate firmness. For those who are heavier (over the weight of 230 pounds) will require more support while lying on their backs and must choose a medium firm or mattress that is firm.
  • Side sleepers: These people can develop painful pressure points when they lie on one side, and they require more support and gentle cradling of their body parts that protrude. For those who sleep on their sides, it is recommended to select a mattress that is soft to medium (an too soft one will likely not keep the spine in a proper alignment). Smaller sleepers may feel most at ease on a medium or even a mattress that is extra soft in accordance with their weight. Larger side sleepers should choose medium or medium-firm mattresses to provide the best support as well as plenty of snuggling.
  • Stomach sleepers: When you sleep in a stomach position, there is no sinkage necessary as it could result in the spine being misaligned. Thus, those who lie on their stomachs require sturdy, stable support throughout the mattress’s surface. This is the reason that average people should pick a mattress that is firm and light-weight medium or medium-firm and heavier – extra-firm mattresses for sleeping on their stomach.


Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping For a Mattress That is Non-Foam

A quality mattress is more than its comfort level and its construction. Also, you need to consider other elements which can determine the success (or disappointing) your mattress purchase is likely to be. The following are some key factors to be aware of:

  • Adequate support: When it comes to a healthy night’s sleeping, alignment of the spine is essential ( 4). To ensure your back is healthy it is essential to have a mattress that can provide an appropriate balance of pressure relief and firmness that is suitable to your sleep design and your body kind (which we’ve already discussed).
  • A coil gauge: If you’re thinking of buying a hybrid mattress you should check the gauge of coils. It is a measure of the size of the coils and typically ranges from 12 up to 18. (with twelve being most thick). These coils that are thicker are more reliable and long-lasting. They also carry heavier weights more effectively.
  • The number of coils: In essence, it’s the amount of coils that are used in mattresses. However, it doesn’t necessarily impact durability or comfort levels (meaning the gauge of coils is more significant). Most mattresses will use between 800-1,000 coils for a queen and will give a substantial amount of support and ensure solid performance.
  • Latex ILD: As one of the most robust mattresses the latex mattresses vary in firmness based on the material, measured by the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection). The tiniest score is 12 which can allow you to sink to the layer of latex. Anything with a rating of 39 or higher is considered to be the strongest latex choice.
  • Latex density: Like memories foam, the latex is available in a variety of density levels determined as PCF (pounds per cubic foot). Anything that is less then 4.3 PCF is deemed to be low density. If you’re in search of moderate density look at models that range between 4.3 up to 5.3 PCF. High-density latex is classified as 5.3 PCF and above. Naturally, more dense latex is more robust.
  • Durability: We all know that thicker and latex coils are more durable however, you should review the reviews to be sure. Check for complaints about premature sagging, loose stitching or indicators of wear and tear.
  • Edge support: It is vital to have a good edge support for those who require more space for sleeping or who rely on their edge of the mattress to rise. When we take a look at foam mattresses, hybrids and innerspring models provide superior edge support over latex beds.
  • Sleep trial and warranty: Always verify the terms of the warranty to ensure that you’re covered. Remember that warranties do not typically cover physical or normal wear and damages (which some companies do not disclose) ( 5). In terms of the sleep trial, many companies provide 100 nights and the requirement of a 30-day break-in period. If you’re concerned that 100 days will not be enough to allow you to the decision There are some companies that offer a whole year trial (or even 18 months, like the Idle we’ve discussed today).
  • Motion isolating: Since most foam-free mattresses are more supple feel, some are able to allow motion transfer. This could pose particularly problematic for couples specifically in the case of one an individual who sleeps lightly. In this case, the user may want to consider independent coils instead of conventional ones. For latex, it may permit some motion transfer, especially if it’s more dense and firm. Therefore, if their sleeping patterns allow to allow it, couples should look into a soft latex mattress to reduce motion transfer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is memory foam harmful to you?

However, most people are concerned about the off-gassing in memory foam as well as certain chemicals that the foam contains (the chemicals which provide the foam with its viscoelasticity properties).

Who would profit from a foam mattress with no memory?

People that are sensitive smells or are eco-conscious shoppers, and people who do not like getting “enveloped” with their mattresses could be better off sleep on mattresses that doesn’t have memory foam.

Are mattresses made of pocket-springs superior to memory foam?

Pocket-spring mattresses are best for sleepers who need more bouncier support, less hugging, and a more airy sleeping environment.

What’s more superior, memory or latex? foam?

It all depends on what you’re looking for in the mattress. For example, both and memory foam work well for relieving pressure, however latex isn’t as firm. In the same way the latex material is more secure and cooler. It’s also more durable than memory foam.

What is the duration of foam mattresses that are not memory-based endure?

Hybrid mattresses last as long as 10 years and the typical lifespan of latex mattresses can be 20-25 years.



Many people think that the selection of memory foam mattresses isn’t that impressive.

Now, you are certain that it’s not the case.

There are many options to pick from, all you need to do is select the right degree of firmness.

Don’t forget to look into the materials that the mattress is made of (and specifics like latex density and coil gauge).

Also, to ensure your safety, don’t forget to check reviews of other customers to find out about any issues that could be present.


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