Best Memory Foam Mattress Under $2000

Budget is important when shopping for a new mattress. In this review, we will go over the best memory foam mattresses that you can purchase for under $2000.

If you think about the fact that the average person will be spending about 25 years asleep, choosing the most comfortable mattress that will accommodate our sleep requirements is crucial!

In the present, with ever designers combining different materials and enhancing their relieving qualities, it’s more simple to choose the ideal mattress for under $2000.

If you’ve noticed indications that your mattress is in need of replacement or you’re looking for an easier, more comfortable model, this could be the right time to think about purchasing an entirely new mattress.

With cutting-edge technology, the latest mattresses can be equipped with numerous advanced features, like cooling properties as well as multi-layers of various types of memory foam to name the few.


Shopping Tips

Before you decide on a mattress, it’s essential to look over a variety of aspects, including those which follow:

  • Shop Online Or in-Person? In the past few years, the number and quality of mattress choices have drastically grown. The shopping experience online is different from shopping in the mattress store, as the process is not without its benefits and drawbacks. This guide is focused on choices that are accessible on the internet
  • What Do You Want Additional Bedding or Furniture? When determining your budget for your mattress, be sure to think about whether you require any additional furniture or bedding items to complete your mattress. For instance, do you require or want an additional frame for your bed? Do you have bedding and sheets that can be adapted to the new mattress? Do you have an adjustable pillow that works together with your mattress in order to improve the alignment of your spine? If the answers to these questions indicate that there are other purchases are required in addition to a new mattress, be sure to be aware of this when you create your budget.
  • Size of bed: when shopping for mattress, you’ll find that there are significant cost differences based upon the dimensions of the mattress. Therefore it is important to take into consideration what the best size mattress will be for your needs. There are many factors that influence your option, such as the dimensions of the space that the bed will be placed in as well as your height, whether or not you share the bed with someone else, the much space you will need to spread out on the your bed or spread out, etc. And you might be able save cash by considering these aspects prior to time so that you have a mattress that’s appropriate for your needs. Knowing the size you prefer can help you compare the prices of different models and brands.
  • Shopping for two? Do you want to purchase an individual mattress? Are you purchasing one that you intend to share with your partner? In the event that more than one individual plans to regularly use the mattress so it’s important to discuss issues such as your personal preferences for comfort prior to starting to narrow down your mattresses.
  • The preference for comfort: how firm or the feel of a mattress can be one of the major factors in determining which one is your ideal choice for. We recommend looking for a mattress that is medium-firm, which typically falls within the 5-7 range of the usual range of firmness. This level of firmness is ideal for the majority of people. If you do have a preference for a particular level of firmness that is different than this, be sure to choose mattresses that are available with a variety of firmness choices without significant price variations.
  • Retention of heat Some individuals naturally sleep cooler than other people. A hot, sweaty awakening could be detrimental to a peaceful night’s rest For those who are hot at night, it’s crucial to select an appropriate mattress that does not promote excessive heat retention. In general memory foam mattresses are more likely to be prone to problems with heat retention due to of their tendency to sink further to the bed in a manner which can restrict the circulation of air around the body.
  • Sex although most our attention is on how the mattress is designed for sleep sexual activity, it is a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing the right mattress. Certain mattresses are better at encouraging sexual activity over others. In addition, the majority of individuals want to make sure that their mattress pick will not interfere with their active sexual lifestyle. The general rule is that mattresses that encourage movementfor instance, mattresses that offer high levels of elasticity and bounce that doesn’t make you feel “stuck” in bed — are more suitable for sexual activity.
  • Additional Features: if you’re choosing to spend more on the mattress you sleep on, then might be seeking out specific characteristics or materials. For instance, you may consider an adjustable mattress that has built-in technology to help keep track of your sleeping habits. Perhaps you’d like an option that has special materials for layering or on the cover. While you look into various options, be aware of any design features that are important for you.


Best Memory Foam Mattresses Under $2000

GhostBed Luxe Mattress


The GhostBed Luxe Mattress tops our list of the best memory foam mattress under $2000.

The reason for this is its seven-layer cooling system and its state-of-the-art technology for sleep!

It is comprised of a ghost ice surface and fabric made of ghost ice, cooling fiber quilted gel memory and standard gel memory foam, and an additional ghost bounce layer. This is a combination of the top cooling technology across all layers to provide optimal support at the heart! The amazing sleep technology derives from the use of Ghost Ice through its construction.

If used on its fabric and its surface this distinctive Japanese pattern is effective at taking in heat and storing it using a method that is scientifically designed to produce the perfect temperature for sleep throughout.

With cooling properties that are woven into the fibres in the yarn with the addition of ghost bounce layers guarantees a durable and responsive design that can recreate that gorgeous enigma of floating, even though you’re not technically able to ever leave the ground!

It will instantly cool when you lie on the mattress this cooling effect lasts throughout the night , ensuring that you are refreshed each morning.

GhostBed believes that this mattress has the ideal balance of medium-firmness and softness that is all-encompassing and this is why they it is a great support for proper spinal health. The customers from GhostBed’s GhostBed Luxe Mattress are delighted by the cooling qualities of the bed, which earns the highest marks.

With many saying it improves the alignment of your spine It’s considered to be the top memory foam mattress available under 2000.


Amerisleep AS3

Best memory foam mattress under $2000

Amerisleep’s most popular mattress is the AS3 which is a memory foam mattress that has moderate feel. Many people love this mattress because it is suitable for all sleeping positions. It’s certainly one of our top mattresses for sleepers who prefer to sleep sideways. It also works well for couples who have different preferences in terms of firmness!

At 12 inches thick the AS3 is made up of:

  • Three inches of Bio-Pur(r)
  • Two inches of foam from Affinity
  • 7 ” of Bio-Core(r)

Although they have the identical quantity of Bio-Pur(r) foam as the AS5 Hybrid, the beds are firmer in two different ways. What differentiates them is the fact that the AS3 is equipped with Affinity transition foam whereas AS5 Hybrid has Active Flex transition foam. AS5 Hybrid has Active Flex transition foam.

The Affinity foam is equipped with HIVE(r) technology which is a zoned system that helps evenly distribute your body’s weight. It contains five zones. The foam is soft around shoulders and the hips and shoulders, while being it is firm around the head, back and the legs. The pocketed coils give the same spinal support and help to restrict movement.

Its Bio-Core(r) foam helps to prevent the mattress from sliding or forming soft spots.

As with like the AS5 along with the AS2 The AS3 can also be purchased as a more bouncier hybrid mattress. Much like its predecessor this AS3 Hybrid provides a firm, medium-weight feel that is perfect for a variety of sleeping styles.

  • Amerisleep’s best-selling number one
  • It is suitable for couples as well as combo sleepers.
  • It has a balanced balance of cushioning and support


Zoma Mattress


Zoma includes gel-infused memory foam as well as Triangulex(tm) technology that gives the user cushioning comfort and healthy support. The gel in Zoma helps to reduce body heat and ensure that you sleep at a temperature that is comfortable. Another layer in Zoma can be described as Reactiv(tm) foam. This is which is a flexible latex-like poly-foam. Reactiv(tm) increases the mattress’s bounce and keeps the mattress from feeling “stuck” within the mattress.

Zoma enhances their layer of support and cushioning by using the Support+ foam. It is a sturdy poly-foam. Support+ stops sagging and increases the lifespan of your bed.

Zoma has a 10-year warranty for each of their mattresses. If your bed is damaged by a an indentation or sag that is greater that .75 inches Zoma is able to repair it, or even replace it without charge.

  • Gel memory foam that has contoured cutouts gives a well-balanced pressure relief and supports.
  • A latex-like, buoyant Reactiv(tm) foam enhances the mattress’s ability to adapt.
  • Mattress resists indentation and sagging over time, because of the Support+ foam.


Nest Alexander Signature Select


There are many reasons to purchase the Nest Alexander Signature Select however, perhaps the most important benefit is the fact that you can choose your own degree of firmness and comfort. Nest Bedding doesn’t claim to have one mattress that can be the best of all and they understand that each person reacts differently and better to different levels of firmness. In this regard, you have the option of choosing between medium, soft or firm and a variety of degrees in between. It appears that the memory foam mattress is slightly more firm than it is labeled as, therefore the medium firmness might be too hard for you.

Another benefit of this mattress is the fact that it is prone to no off-gassing. That allows you to sleep in it for the first time without having any unpleasant fumes choke the air around you. It offers good support throughout, including the edge. This is still an memory foam mattress, but it can be a little fragile however, you’re not likely to slide off the bed when sitting in the middle.

The top layer gives an enveloping feel to it however, the support layers beneath are there to alleviate pressure points. If you feel the bed to be too hard or soft, then you can contact Nest Bedding, and the support team will help you to find the perfect mattress for you without additional cost. You’ll have 100 days to test the mattress, however prior to calling to make a switch, Nest Bedding asks that you test it for 30 days since there is an adjustment period. The warranty of 20 years is a reasonable length and protects against buying a defective mattress.

  • There is very little to no off-gassing
  • The most comfortable
  • Change the firmness of the option
  • Decent edge support


Loom & Leaf


The standard memory foam mattress is priced at just under $1,000, meaning anyone who has a budget that ranges from to $2,000 will have plenty of exceptional mattresses to pick from. Loom & Leaf is a top memory foam option that is available not just elegant finishes as well as the most appealing appeal and top pressure relief we’ve ever seen.

Its main draw is its outstanding pressure relief and motion isolation and it’s no surprise that the Loom & Leaf earned excellent scores in both categories. It is also able to overcome some of the drawbacks of memory foam with its durable, high-quality design and superior edge support than its competitors that are priced lower.

The organic cotton covers make it Loom & Leaf appealingly soft to the feel. The comfort system of the mattress begins with a two-inch layer of memory foam that is convoluted and has been coated by cooling gel, and coated with a phase-change fabric that wicks away body heat. In order to provide better lumbar support it has a layer of gel zones that are placed beneath the sleeper’s abdominal region. Below that layer is another, 2.5-inch layer of memory foam, which provides a comfy system that is deep enough to support even the most hefty sleepers.

As with similar memory foam mattresses this one too Loom & Leaf features a support core that is made of high-density polyfoam. It provides the mattress with structure, and the top-quality foams that are used here are the primary reason for its superior quality and durability.

Fans of memory foam looking for lavish pressure relief need take a look at this mattress Loom & Leaf, which has a stunning design and top materials to create a mattress that will suit almost anyone. Eco-friendly touches, such as eco-friendly cotton as well as a naturally thistle retardant, make this mattress an environmentally-friendly choice.


Vaya Mattress

Best memory foam mattresses under $2000

Finding a mattress that is comfortable doesn’t need to be hard. Vaya Mattress is one of the top mattresses for couples because of its well-balanced feeling and easy, yet practical design. It is 12 inches thick. Vaya Mattress is 12 inches thick. Vaya Mattress contains two foam layers and is moderate firmness.

The cover of the Vaya is soft to the skin and breathable, keeping you cool throughout the night. The cover has the 3″ of Vaya Comfort Foam, a exclusive material that is recognized for its outstanding pressure relieving properties and flexibility. Under there you will find Vaya Base Foam, a solid layer that is able to support your back and spine, while keeping your bed from sliding.

While it’s true that the Vaya Mattress is so affordable however, it’s still manufactured within the USA and CertiPUR-US(r) certified. It also comes with free shipping, no-cost returns, a one-night sleep test, as well as a 10 year warranty.

  • Rated 4.7 out of five stars
  • Produced from America. USA as well as CertiPUR-US(r) certified
  • Simple design, made of high-quality materials


How to Select the Best Mattress for Under $2,000

With a budget of $2000 consumers will have plenty of choices. But, it’s important to prioritize certain elements to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

Price isn’t the only aspect to take into account when evaluating the quality of a mattress. Other crucial factors, like the construction of your mattress, your body shape, and sleeping position and whether you share a bed with your partner, are also to be considered.

What to look for in the Mattress

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when buying the right mattress. Although the following aspects could be important in selecting the right mattress suitable choice to you, your individual requirements and preferences are the essential.

In some instances marketing campaigns may distract customers from important details through fancy buzzwords which can leave shoppers feeling confused or confused or. To avoid distractions, consumers must usually be focused on the following aspects.


For many buyers, cost is the primary consideration when it comes to choosing the right mattress. Although higher-cost mattresses might have extra features, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’re better. Buyers should take into consideration price in conjunction with the quality and material. The most value overall usually blends quality, performance and cost.

Sleeping position

The stomach, back, and side sleepers vary in regards to the firmness they feel is optimal. Side sleepers are more likely prefer a slightly soft feel with more contouring , so their shoulders and hips relax and stomach sleepers generally prefer a firmer choice that is more comfortable. For back sleepers, they typically prefer an average feel or a firmer that supports their hips and prevents them from getting sagging. Finding the ideal mattress for your posture and body type will help you achieve a good sleeping posture and ease tension.

High Quality Materials

The materials of a mattress are crucial to its performance. The materials affect breathability, pressure relief the ability to isolate motion, durability and other aspects of the mattress’s performance. Certain elements are more expensive to manufacture than others which lowers the cost of a mattress, but not necessarily cutting corners on the quality. However, certain materials of poor quality might wear out before they are fully worn out and cause mattresses that are sagging, indentations or even deterioration.

Firmness Level

The level of firmness is usually measured using the scale from 1-10 where 1 is the tiniest with 10 as the most firm.

The weight of your body and the position you sleep on determine the level of firmness you’re likely to favor. People who sleep on their sides and weigh less than 130 pounds typically have a more supple mattress to provide extra support. Sleepers who stomach sleep and who weigh over 300 pounds typically require the firmer mattress to give them greater support.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief can help reduce the pain and aches caused by the body’s pressure against the mattress. Lack of pressure relief can cause painful pressure points or the misalignment of the spine.
Mattresses are able to alleviate pressure and help support the spine by evenly dispersing the weight of the person sleeping without sliding. Selecting a mattress that is suitable for your body shape and sleeping position is essential to maximize the relief from pressure.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is the term used to describe the degree to which a mattress is able to reduce the impact of motion on the top of the mattress. This is vital for couples who’s sleep could be disturbed by one person’s movement. Mattresses with a lot of foam comfort systems usually are able to absorb vibrations, but other materials may also perform well in this field.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is the way the mattress disperses heat. Overheating is a possibility in the event that the mattress absorbs heat, and then traps it in the body. Memory foam has a tendency to suffer from this issue, and numerous models made of the material come with particular designs or features to reduce the effect. Mattresses that are comfortable tend to offer better temperature control.

Edge Support

Edge support is a measure of how solid the mattress is around the edges. In general, hybrid and innerspring mattresses contain stronger coils beneath the edges to provide more secure support. Many also employ an encasement of foam to strengthen the perimeter. A solid edge will ward off sliding and allow you to make use of the entire mattress surface without feeling as though you’re going to fall off.


Contouring refers to how well a mattress fits with your physique. Memory foam is typically associated with excellent contouring, however polyfoam as well as latex are also often effective. A good amount of contouring may increase the relief of pressure to reduce body discomfort.

But, a higher degree of contouring may restrict airflow and also retain heat. Many models that are close-conforming come with cooling options to combat the retention of heat.


What Is The Most Important Factor That Affects The Cost Of Mattresses?

There are a variety of factors which can influence the cost of a mattress.

These include the materials used, the construction process and the expected life span.

Quality and the type of material: Mattress materials and the quality of their materials affect prices. Since premium components generally require more money to manufacture or buy, buyers will be charged more for mattresses made of the best materials. Products made within the U.S. also tend to cost more because of the costs that are associated with labor and facilities.

Durability The term “durability” refers to the length of time a mattress can maintain its advantages. Selecting a mattress that is durable is vital to get the most from the purchase. A mattress of high-quality that lasts for a long time is likely to cost less in the end than replacing a cheap mattress every couple of years.

Mattress Layers They are made up of different layers that have different functions. Three kinds of layers are the most popular. The comfort layer typically reduces pressure, the transition layer prevents the sleeper from engaging with the firm core while the supporting layer helps prevent excessive sinkage. Other layers can raise the price for the mattress especially when they are made of specific materials or expand the profile of the mattress.

Density The Density is the measure of the weight per cubic feet (PCF) of foam. Dense foam layers typically raise the cost of the mattress, and also improve its durability, motion isolation and the ability to contour. The ones with lower density tend to be cheaper, more comfortable, and breathable however they can also be less durable.

Patented Technology A few manufacturers utilize special technologies to set their products apart. The materials used in proprietary models are usually designed with specific objectives, such as increasing the temperature control, enhancing bounce, or offering more pressure relief. These attributes typically make mattresses more expensive, however they can be a great feature for some buyers.


Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

  • Make sure you keep your mattress covered with a high quality fitted sheet .
  • Consider investing in a mattress protector to increase the longevity of the life of your mattress.
  • Wash your sheets often.
  • Be sure to clean your mattress frequently as well .
  • Give your mattress a periodic cleaning.
  • Make sure to keep drinks and food out of the bed.
  • Clean your mattress every when you’re in the process of changing your sheets.
  • Think about rotating or flipping your mattress regularly.
  • Keep pets off the mattress along with any children that bounce



Finding the most comfortable memory foam mattress that costs less than $2000 isn’t difficult. With the many options available the search for a top mattress is simple. You should think about the features you’re looking for by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do I sleep?
  • Is there a particular kind of material that I like?
  • What size mattress will I require?
  • Do you have a sleep trial and warranty?

The answers to these questions prior to shopping can dramatically narrow your choices to a handful of options. The price tag isn’t the only factor that determines the level of comfort, but weight and body form do.

One could invest thousands of dollars for a premium mattress and not be content because it’s not a good fit for the body. Similar to that, the mattress you’re looking for isn’t going to cost you an enormous amount of money. Numerous companies sell quality mattresses at affordable prices. You’re sure to find the most comfortable mattress for under $2000.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is $2000 too much for a mattress?

It’s contingent on the kind of mattress you’re thinking about. $2000 is quite a high cost for an innerspring or memory foam mattress, typically reserved for more expensive models. But, $2000 is a mid-to-high-end cost for a hybrid or latex mattress, with more expensive manufacturing costs.

Which one is better: spring or foam mattress?

Innerspring and foam mattresses offer benefits and drawbacks. A conventional foam mattress conforms to your body to provide relief from pressure, but it could absorb body heat and disrupt your sleeping. The innerspring mattress is generally more breathable , but offers lesser pressure relief. It is possible to get all of the benefits worlds by resting on a high-quality hybrid mattress.

Should you have your bed low or high?

The ideal bed height for you could be determined by the age of your child. A lot of older adults with mobility issues are able to climb out of a bed that is higher. If you have to raise a frame that is low like an adjustable bed, you can try using a bed riser.

Make sure you sit at one side of the bed and your feet flat in the flooring. If your knees are parallel to your body and not being lowered or raised, then your bed is most likely in a suitable level for you.

How long will the memory foam mattresses last?

The life expectancy of the memory foam mattress is contingent upon the high-quality of the materials used and how often you use it. In general the memory foam mattress can last for around seven years. But a top-quality memory foam mattress could last 10 years or more.

Do you require a box spring fitted with memory foam mattress?

There is no require a box spring to mattresses made of memory foam to be comfy and supple. Actually the box spring could harm a mattress made of memory foam and reduce its support. Box springs are able to have space between their inner coils and even the mattress may slide into these spaces and make the bed stretch to the point of being out-of-shape.

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