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When choosing a mattress, you have a lot to consider. Quality, pricing, warranty, and other things have to be a priority.

The Purple mattress is quickly becoming a favorite among most people because it provides unsurpassed quality according to virtually everyone that has purchased it.

There are several mattress sizes available. They include all standard bed sizes including the Twin XL and California King. Now, Purple has come out with a mattress that is said to be even better than their Original mattress.

In order to put it to the test, we have put together the best Purple mattress comparison and review for you.


The Original Purple Mattress

The Original Purple mattress promised to be only as soft or as firm as you needed it to be in all the right places when they were first discovered on Kickstarter in 2015.

In only 45 days, the company raised in excess of $170,000 to jumpstart their success.

It was released in January 2016 and achieved success quickly.

These mattresses are designed to provide optimal support to your entire body while remaining cool throughout even the warmest summer nights.

As a bonus for couples, there is virtually no motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

This means that partners can finally sleep together without disturbing their better half on those long, restless nights.


The New Purple Mattress

The New Purple, released in 2018, takes every feature that owners of the Original love and adds more comfort.

At release, it promised to be more comfortable, more supportive, and thicker than the Original. It has the added feature of support coils rather than just support foam.

Current owners seem to agree unanimously that it improves their sleep experience beyond anything they could have imagined. Most say that it is indeed better than the Original.

If you are like many other people, you may question if it can really make that much of difference. We decided to put it to the test in our own quest to figure out which Purple mattress is best.


Purple Mattress Comparison

Best Purple Mattress Comparison

When you look at the Purple in a store, you may not see anything that indicates that there is a big difference between them. This is because most of the differences are inside of the cover, where you are unable to see.

It is differences in the way that it is put together.

There are several layers of material in each mattress and the height of each layer is one of the most noticeable differences.

Most people notice it slightly because of the overall thickness when you compare them side by side.

If you were able to look inside of the mattress cover, you would notice even more differences.

These features are all important and set these two mattresses apart on many levels.


Feature Differences

grid-purple-mattressThe Original Purple features a responsive knit cover, a Purple Smart Comfort Grid, Plush Comfort Foam, and a layer of support foam.

These layers of material sit on a mattress base to ensure that every part of your body is supported while you are sleeping.

On this mattress, the Smart Comfort Grid layer is 2-inches thick. Therefore, it does remain more firm than soft.

In most cases, it is considered a medium-firm. This is where the differences start to make an impact.

The New Purple mattress features a thicker, Premium Stretchmax Covering on the top.

Under it is the Purple Smart Comfort Grid, the responsive support coils, and the base which features Plexus Side Panels.

The Smart Comfort Grid level on this mattress can be 2″, 3″, or a very impressive 4″ for ultimate softness and added comfort.

When shopping, if you see a number 2, 3, or 4 on the mattress, you should know that they are the numbers that show its firmness level.

These numbers indicate firm, medium, or soft.

A lower number or a lack of a number will tell you that the mattress is going to be on the firmer side.

Original Purple mattresses did not have a number on them and they are slightly firmer according to some people.

The number four will be soft enough to make you feel as though you are resting on a cloud in dreamland.


Pricing Options

Our Purple mattress comparison does reveal that there is a difference in price that some people may feel is a little much.

SizeHeightOriginal PurpleNew Purple
Twin XL9.5"$629$1169
Cal. King9.5"$1169$1709


When looking at the New Purple, you can purchase any size mattress from Twin XL to a California King.

Obviously, the size of the mattress will change the price of it.

This also extends to the thickness of its Smart Comfort Grid.

You should be prepared for this before you go shopping.

For instance, a firm mattress with a 2″ Smart Comfort Grid has a starting price of $1169.

Medium firmness pricing increases to $1709 and the softest can run as much as $2249.

The price for a full-sized mattress will range from approximately $1349 to $2429.

Each mattress size will raise the cost of it by approximately $200, with the largest California King topping it off at a price point of between $1709 and $3149.

Admittedly, the price is a little hefty for someone who may be on a tight budget.

This does not make it an unattainable mattress to own. Many owners say that it is worth it if you are tired of waking up sore in the mornings or have a bad back that does not allow you to rest comfortably throughout the night.

By contrast, the Orignal Purple mattress is substantially cheaper. It is a high-quality budget mattress that provides optimal comfort to anyone who needs a good night’s sleep.

A twin mattress costs only $584.00. The twin XL price is $629.

Each mattress size does continue to increase, but only by approximately $100. The California King is available for only $1169.



*Disclaimer: We receive compensation if you were to purchase through our links. This does not in any way sway our opinion in our reviews. It also does not increase your price. In fact, we can usually negotiate a cheaper price, as we work directly with the vendor.*


Warranty Coverage

One undeniable fact is that Purple mattresses have a warranty that is impressive considering they are a relatively new company.

The warranty coverage extends for 10 years from the date of purchase.

It covers all Purple mattresses, regardless of which one you choose to own.

The warranty is designed to protect the purchaser of the Purple mattress, but it can be transferred to another party as long as the receipt showing the date of purchase is available.

This means that it is very important to keep your receipt for the entire time you have the mattress and up to 10 years.

However, in order to avoid voiding the warranty, you do need to keep some things in mind.

Most importantly, the mattress must be used on a firm, flat, foundation that does not have springs.

This means you should have a solid frame before putting your mattress into your bedroom.

The warranty is also voided if you intentionally try to abuse the mattress.

Intentional damages include:

  • Have Tears That Are Not From a Defect
  • Have Stains: Including Blood, Urine, and Other Stuff
  • Foul Odors are Not Covered
  • Dirty Living Conditions that Damage the Mattress
  • Rodent Damages are Not Covered
  • Folded Mattress Voids Warranty
  • Intentional Damage is Anything Not Linked to Defects

As long as you use the mattress for sleeping, relaxing, and other normal circumstances; you should never need to file a claim.

If you attempt to file a claim and it is proven to be a defect, you will not be charged for repair or replacement of the faulty mattress.

The decision to repair or replace will be made at the discretion of Purple.

When you call to report the damage to your mattress, you may be asked to provide a photograph of the area that is damaged so that it can be viewed by Purple.

This will allow them to determine your eligibility for warranty coverage.

It is noted that over time, your mattress may have slight changes in firmness.

This is considered normal and will not be covered by the warranty.

You should also keep the mattress covered to protect it from UV light, which can degrade the cushioning materials of it.

Damage from sun exposure will not be covered by the warranty. However, for as important as the covering is, the Purple website also states that if you notice a sudden or drastic change in your mattresses firmness, you may want to consider changing your sheets.

There is proof that using a tight-fitting fitted sheet or covering will make the mattress feel firmer.

The zippered cover of the mattress is excluded from the 10-year warranty.

The cover is warranted for two years from the date of purchase against faults in the material and defects.

During the two-year warranty period, if you notice damages that were not directly related to your actions, Purple may replace it with the same or a different cover.

Before purchasing a Purple mattress, you will want to read through the warranty information that is located on their website.

There are a lot of rules, but most of them are reasonable and in the event of a problem; there will be no cost out of your pocket.

This could make it worth the effort of being informed before you actually need the coverage.


Sleep Trials of Each

No one buys a mattress hoping for a worse night’s sleep. We want to know that we will wake up feeling refreshed and without pain in our back, hips, and other areas.

This is where reviews can be helpful.

Discovering how well other people sleep when they use the Purple can give you clues about how well you may sleep on it.

Most owners of the Purple mattress agree that it has provided them with an excellent night’s sleep since the purchased it.

When you read the reviews, you will find comments that indicate they find relief from pain, fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and find it difficult to sleep on other mattresses after using the Purple.

When doing research for our Purple mattress comparison, we discovered that there have been many sleep studies and trials done on all of these mattresses.

Since we feel it is important for you to know what you are getting if you upgrade your mattress, we are providing it here.

The Original Purple

  • Weight: 70-140 pounds
  • Type: Foam
  • Firmness Rating: 6.5
  • Price: Queen Average is Around $900
  • Fabric Type: 67% Polyester, 29% Viscose, and 4% Lycra
  • Safe CertiPUR-US Certified Polyurethane Foam
  • 100-Night No Pressure Guarantee
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

The Original Purple mattress measures up quite well in sleep trials.

It is very durable and though you order it online, you will not have to deal with gassy odors when you open the packaging.

It does an excellent job of conforming to your body’s natural shape when you are resting on it.

Most people agree that it is unbeatable in sleep comfort.

If you share your bed with a partner, you do not have to worry about noises or motion when one of you move throughout the night.

It also has the ability to keep even sleepers that get hot during the night cooler than traditional mattresses, even those that are made of foam.

One concern is that you may feel it is lacking in comfort along the edge.

The edge of the mattress lacks some support, which can allow you to sink a little when you sit on it.

This is minor, but may be unappealing to some customers.

It also lacks the traditional bounciness of some mattresses, which can be a downside for some couples and some situations.

Kids may not enjoy a bed that does not have a lot of bounce to it.

If you are curious about how your sleep style may impact the way this mattress supports you, you should know that we did find some sleepers could be more comfortable than others.

We have discovered that the Original is ideal for side sleeping and people who sleep on their back.

If you sleep on your stomach, there is a chance you will suffer from some discomfort. This has been a complaint from a few people, so it is worth mentioning.

Overall, it is a quality mattress at a reasonably affordable price.


The New Purple Mattress

  • Weight: 91-175 pounds
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness Rating: 4.5-6.5
  • Price: $1169-$3149
  • Fabric Type: 67% Polyester, 29% Viscose, and 4% Lycra
  • Safe CertiPUR-US Certified Polyurethane Foam
  • 100-Night No Pressure Guarantee
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

The new Purple mattress solves any slight issues that the Original couldn’t.

There are many sizes available and all of them meets or exceeds expectations in every way.

It ranks very well on every aspect of its durability, motion isolation, ability to conform to different body types, and more.

The edge support has also been increased so that you can sit on the edge and never feel as though you are sinking.

If you want the comfort of foam, the coolness of an open grid design, and the bounciness of traditional mattresses, it is all here.

This makes us love it and our fondness for it only increased when we realized that all sleep positions are more comfortable on it.

The New Purple is excellent for back sleepers, though both stomach and side sleepers will find comfort when they sleep on it.

The only thing you may want to consider is heavier sleepers may want to try the 4 model for added comfort.

Lighter sleepers or people who are lighter weight will benefit most from the smaller, 2 foam.


Try It Before You Buy It

Purple is confident that everyone who tries their mattress will never want to go back to a traditional mattress.

This is why they offer a 100-night trial of all mattresses.

Their goal is to give you peace of mind before you purchase it.

It arrives at your home, you set it up, and you sleep on it for the full 100-nights.

If you feel that you are getting a better, more restful night’s sleep, then you keep it.

In the event you are not happy with your new mattress and do not get the best sleep possible on it, you simply return it to Purple. No questions will be asked and the return is 100% free.

Overall opinion on the new and improved Purple, is that it could be worth the extra cost for some people.

Pros and Cons of Purple Mattresses

As with all things, there are pros and cons to which mattress you choose.

The Purple mattress comparison has proven that it is not free of this ultimate rule of life and shopping.


  • Original and New Purple Mattresses Are Affordable on Any Budget
  • Both Provide Cool Sleeping Environment
  • Conforms to All Body Types* Excellent Motion Isolation Rating on All Mattresses
  • Free Shipping in the U.S. Regardless of Mattress Size
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes from Twin to California King


  • Price of New Purple is Pricy
  • Low Profile of Mattresses Could Prove Difficult for Some People
  • Mattresses are Slightly Heavy
  • Weak Edge Support on Original Mattress is a Minor Problem


Our Final Thoughts

Some people may worry about purchasing a mattress from a store that does not have a traditional brick and mortar type space.

They want the option to go to a store and pick it up.

Purple offers free shipping to anywhere in the United States to anyone willing to give their mattress a try.

Therefore, if the idea of shopping from home is holding you back from a purchase, we feel that it is a mistake.

We live in a world where it is possible and there really is no downside to it.

You may be worried that the company is faceless when you order online. This should also be dismissed from your mind.

There have been people who needed to contact customer support and most have been satisfied with their experience according to 7-out-of-10 people. Of all who have purchased a Purple mattress, they have never mentioned a foul odor or having to let it air out.

This is a typical problem when ordering things online, especially mattresses, that also does not have to concern you. In our opinion, this is quite impressive.

The confusion comes when we try to figure out which Purple mattress is best.

Both mattress types offer features that we love to see in our bed’s mattress.

We love that you have all the comfort and support of a standard foam mattress, but none of the heat that is common with them.

You will stay cool and this will further enhance the comfort of lying on a surface that is extremely comfortable.

We do feel that if you can afford it, the New Purple is perhaps more comfortable.

Most people seem to agree with us. However, we feel that it is unattainable in some situations.

Newlyweds and people who live on a budget may not be able to have their king-sized bed if they choose to go with the New Purple.

In this situation, the couple may need to start out with the Original and upgrade when they are able or start off with a smaller mattress size.

Smaller mattresses mean more cuddle time, and considering motion does not transfer, it could end up being perfect.

No matter which mattress you choose to go with, we feel that you will be making a wise investment.

There is no downside to giving the Original a try or the New Purple and one of its firmness options. Both will most likely meet your needs for supportive comfort while you sleep.

For this reason, there is no simple answer to, Which Purple mattress is best. They are both guaranteed to be solid purchases and you can try them out from the comfort of your own bedroom for 100 nights.



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