Best Twin Pillow Top Mattress 2021

If you are trying to find the best twin pillow top mattress, this article will help you narrow down your selection by a lot.

Pillow top mattresses have replaced traditional innerspring beds.

They are a more durable and supportive option than the foam mattresses, but they lack the comfort and support of the foam ones.

These mattresses used to have a thin comfort layer of cotton or wool, but they were almost entirely made up of innersprings.

If you needed a more cozy layer, you would need a separate mattress topper, such as a memory foam or quilted one. Pillow top mattresses are made with a moderate amount of foam, a firm coil base layer, and a fluffy pillow topping that softens the firm steel beneath.

Pillow top mattresses are my favorite and I have been using them for several years. It may be listed below, but I’m not sure. Although I don’t like the feel of memory foam I do love the pillow-like comfort that pillow top mattresses offer. This mattress roundup will highlight the top pillow top mattresses I tested, as well as the best side sleepers pillows and eco-friendly options.

It can be difficult to narrow down the right pillow top mattress from the sea of brands available, especially if you are looking at spending more than $1,000. You can trust me, it was hard work. I spent hours on the beds trying to explain how each mattress feels and whether or not the price is right. You might be wondering what I chose. You can trust me to be your mattress advisor. Keep reading to learn more.

These prices are for twin-size models. They were updated recently.


Best Pillow Top Mattress To Relieve Back Pain

Best Twin Pillow Top MattressBack pain sufferers can benefit from the Saatva Mattress. It provides a lot of support but doesn’t compromise on fluffy pressure relief. It’s actually one of the strongest and most durable beds I have ever seen. The foundation features dual coil layers for maximum support.

A thin layer of memory foam mattress is placed on top. It’s then topped off with an organic cotton Euro-shaped pillow made from eggshell-colored organic cotton. It reminds me of a luxurious hotel mattress that you would use when on vacation, like a few other beds in this list. The memory foam layer, which relieves pressure and provides support, makes the top feel soft and comfortable.

The versatility of the Saatva bed is also something I love. You can choose from three firmness levels and two heights. For the best body support, choose between 11.5 and 14.5 inches. My firmness scale places the softest option at a medium to five, and it gets even firmer from there. It’s also a great choice for people with back pain. There is a model for every body type that will keep their spines from collapsing into the mattress. The “Plush Soft”, my favorite, but those with back pain or heavy sleepers should consider the “Firm”. Saatva was expected to be more costly due to its high-end construction. I was pleasantly surprised by the price. For $849, a 11.5-inch model and $2,099 for an oversized California king, the price goes up.



Best Soft Pillow Top Mattress

Twin Pillow Top MattressIf you have trouble getting that plush mattress from your past vacations out of your head, WinkBed Classic might be the right mattress for you. The best hotels will provide supportive innerspring mattresses that can be adjusted to any guest’s needs. Pillow tops are also a great option. WinkBed is my favorite luxury bed.

The bed looks almost too perfect to be sheets on. The bright white cover features blue and white polka dots detailing along the edges. But the interior is the true star of the show. The Euro pillow top is like a big, fluffy cloud sitting on top of a sturdy and durable system with pocketed coils.

While most beds provide solid edge support, WinkBed has an extra-edge support system that uses narrow-diameter 13-gauge coils. This means that every edge of the mattress has ultra-supportive coils designed to target the sides. This ensures that a partner will never feel as if they are about to fall asleep.

There are three firmness options: Luxury Firm, Softer and Firmer. Side sleepers may want to consider the pressure-relieving Softer model. It’s one the best soft pillow top mattresses that I have tested. The Firm WinkBed may be a good choice for stomach and back sleepers. It will work for every type of sleeper, regardless of their position.

WinkBed prices start at $1,049 per twin and can go up to $21,049 for the California king.



Best Natural Pillow Top Mattress

Best Twin Pillow Top MattressI believe the Bloom by Brooklyn Bedding to be a very comfortable and well-respected bed that deserves more attention. The mattress is over 13 inches high and is heavy-duty and eco-friendly. The premium pocketed coil layer is quantum-edge pocketed for maximum support all around the bed, including the edges.

A three-inch slab made from natural Talalay latex foam (derived from the sap of a rubber trees) is the main comfort layer. It is more breathable, buoyant, and durable than latex foam and is completely nontoxic. Natural latex foam is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It won’t accumulate dust mites, mold or other harmful household allergens over time.

The top features 1.25 inches of Joma Wool from New Zealand, and an organic cotton cover. While the latex helps to neutralize the feeling of the coils below it, you don’t feel like you are sinking into memory foam. You can instead gently sink into the pillow top, while the coils and latex foam below support your back. The mattress is extremely bouncy and can be felt by your partner even when they get up in the middle the night.

The firmness level is in the middle of the range, around a five or medium. The firmness level is perfect for me when I am on my stomach and back, while the plush pillow top provides pressure relief when I am on my side. Because of its supportive hybrid design, it’s ideal for all body types.



Best Budget Pillow Top Mattress

Best Twin Pillow Top MattressIt’s only fair that I offer a budget-friendly option to get the same supportive cushioning feel, but at a lower price. Allswell is a brand owned by Walmart. The Allswell Supreme model is their top-tier model. It’s still very affordable, especially when you consider the discounts.

Although it doesn’t look quite as beautiful as some of the beds on this list. It measures 14 inches thick and has five layers. It includes pocketed coils and their Energex foam. There is also graphite- and copper-infused memory foam. A fluffy Euro-top completes the package.

This bed is more memory foam-like than the others on this list. Although it’s not as obvious as Nectar mattresses, you can feel the layers hugging your body as the mattress becomes a part of you. Because of the foundation’s pocketed coil layer, it is also more buoyant than traditional memory foam.

Although it is only slightly firmer than a medium, I would give it a 5 and 1/2 out of 10. 10 being the most firm. It is supportive enough to support a stomach and back sleeper’s spine and pressure relieving enough for side-sleepers. You can use it regardless of your body size, whether you’re a plus or a light-weight person.

Prices for Allswell Supreme start from $725 for a twin size and rise to $1,245 if you order a king size.



Best Value Pillow Top Mattress

Twin Pillow Top MattressBear Hybrid Although it isn’t the cheapest pillow top mattress, the Bear Hybrid mattress offers incredible value for money. It measures 14 inches in height and is a thicker version of Allswell Supreme. The hybrid bed is made up of a pocketed coil, foam, and thick, fluffy pillow top covers.

Bear Hybrid’s pillow top is extremely luxurious and is infused with Celliant, which is a fabric that contains certain thermo-reactive substances. It absorbs heat from your body and transmits it back as infrared energy. It boosts blood circulation and oxygen levels, which makes you feel more energetic when you get up in the morning. Although I cannot say for certain that this technology works, I can tell you it is a very comfortable pillow-top mattress.

It is made up of several layers of foam and feels soft and plush, just like a pillow on top of an innerspring system. It is ten times more comfortable than traditional innerspring beds. It’s rated at a medium level of firmness, which means it can be used in any position. It’s just like the other beds in this list and is suitable for all types of bodies.



Who Should Choose a Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattresses can be fantastic but not for everyone. These are some of the reasons you should consider a mattress with a pillow top:

For those who require a combination of support and comfort. Pillow top mattresses are the best choice for anyone who is looking for a mattress that is supportive and comfortable. Pillow top mattresses have coils that provide solid support. The pillow top mattress will provide just enough comfort to not let the sleeper sink too deeply.

Combination sleepers. Pillow top mattresses are ideal for those who sleep in a combination of positions, as they provide both support and comfort. The pillow top should provide sufficient support for back and stomach sleeping and pressure relief for side sleepers.

Hotel mattresses are a favorite choice. Pillow top mattresses make up the majority of hotel mattresses. This is why those who desire to be comfortable every night should look into a pillow top.

People who prefer to sleep on top their mattress. Pillow tops offer a plush, soft comfort layer that doesn’t let sleepers sink too deeply into the mattress. Anyone who wants to be able to move easily and likes to sleep on top of the mattress will love a pillow top.


What to Look for

There are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for a mattress with a pillow top. Below are the main points.


The feel of the pillow top mattress that you are using can be affected by the materials. Below are some guidelines to help you understand how different materials affect the firmness and feel of the mattress.

Latex pillow tops can be used for cooling and responsiveness.

Cooling is possible with natural materials such as wool and cotton.

Pillow tops made of memory foam provide pressure relief and motion isolation.

The mattress will be more affordable, but it won’t have the same quality as fiberfill or low density foams.


Pillow tops are often added to innerspring mattresses to soften their feel. Pillow top mattresses are generally more soft and plush than innerspring mattresses. This is something to be aware of as it may not suit all types of sleepers.

Each mattress is unique and may be a good choice for some sleepers, while others might not. A pillow top, however, may not work for you if you are looking for a more firm mattress.

Temperature regulation

You should pay more attention to the temperature regulation of your mattress if you are already a hot-sleeper. A pillow top can be added to an innerspring coil system to make it retain more heat, but not as much as an all foam mattress.

You should look out for cooling features such as a thin, breathable covering, natural materials such as wool or cotton that are moisture-wicking or materials like latex, which are naturally more cooling.


Pillow top mattresses are more expensive so be sure to set realistic expectations about how much you will spend. A budget can help you narrow down your choices faster if you have one before you shop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are pillow top mattresses worth it?

Pillow top mattresses are great for those who want to combine comfort and support.

They might not suit those who like to sink in their mattresses.

Is a pillow top mattress better than a memory foam mattress?

There is no one mattress that is better than another, and it all depends on the individual.

Pillow top mattresses are better for people who need support or sleep in multiple positions.

How long can pillow top mattresses last for?

It all depends on the mattress and the materials used to make it. A mattress with low-density foam as a pillow top might last less than one made of higher-density foam.

It also depends on how large the owner is. A larger person can put more stress on the mattress, causing it to wear down faster. However, most innerspring pillow-top mattresses will last between seven and ten year.

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