Casper Hybrid Reviews – 2020 Models Compared to 2021 Models

If you’re considering purchasing Casper Original Hybrid mattress, then you may be thinking about what the main differences between the 2021 and 2020 models in terms of the comfort and performance. In this Casper Hybrid Review, we will show you the differences, and similarities of the two year models.

There’s not much distinction in two Casper Original Hybrid 2020 and 2021 models when it comes to the final comfort and feeling since they’re both medium-firm mattresses made up of springs and foam making them suitable for back, front, and side sleepers within the 130-230lbs range.

The remainder of this review analyzes and contrasts two Casper Original Hybrid 2020 and 2021 models in greater detail to help you decide which one is the best choice for you.

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Casper Hybrid Mattress Reviews

Although they have a slightly distinct construction There’s really no distinction between the 2021 and 2020 variants of the Casper hybrid mattress at a quality level.

No matter which kind of mattress you select you’re purchasing an item that is well-suited to any sleeping position within the 130 lbs-230 Bs weight range. This includes couples and singles alike with the proper dimensions.

One of the features that makes this an excellent choice according to me can be found in the zoned Support(tm) foam, which provides the right amount of support to your lower back while providing greater relief from pressure on your shoulders to provide the kind of comfort is difficult to achieve in other mattresses on the market.

I also appreciate the way that these contouring characteristics extend into the spring core that adjusts to the shape of your body to ensure your joints and spine supported . The reinforced edges permit full use of the mattress and makes getting into the bed and out simple.

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Casper Hybrid Design Analysis

At 11 inches deep the 2021 version is a bit deeper than Casper hybrid mattress is 11 inches deep. Casper hybrid mattress measures one inch smaller than the model that was released in 2019. both mattresses offer the same impressive balance between the comfort of a mattress and individualised support. They also work hard to keep you dry and cool too.

Below is a breakdown of the layers of both models for 2020.

2020 Construction

This 2020 Casper hybrid mattress comes overlaid with a light polyester, upholstery grade zip-off cover that is easy to take off and wash to make cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Below that is an open-celled comfort foam which provides a rapid response time to prevent you from getting trapped in the mattress . This is paired with a second memory foam layer that provides greater, more personalized comfort and relief from pressure throughout your body.

The support core starts with the transition layers consisting of zoned Support(tm) foam which provides more support for your hips to prevent back pain. It also has the softest foam around your shoulders, allowing for a specific sinkage that can reduce the pressure and ease of the usual point of pain that is a hotspot especially for side sleeper.

Under this is 7 inches of coils individually wrapped that are a part of the foam layers above to create buoyancy, help to support your spine and let you switch between different sleeping positions, and to sit up in bed without being swallowed by the material.

2021 Construction

The 2021 version basically works exactly the same way.

You’ve received a zip-off covering that opens up to three layers of foam. The top layer is a layer that’s perforated Airscape(tm) foam which provides the relief of pressure and offers individualised comfortable, while increasing airflow to help keep your body cool.

Then, underneath it is you will find the zoned Support(tm) layers of transition adapts ergonomically to your body’s shape to give you more support around your lower back and hips while also increasing pressure relief for your shoulders.

Finally you’ve received the coiled support core to ensure your spine and joints are well-supported. The edges that are reinforced to help make the process of getting into or out an easy task.

Casper Hybrid Performance Analysis

In general, I believe that the 2021 and 2020 models are alike in their capacity to offer excellent individualised comfort and assistance due to zones of Support(tm) Technology and an adaptive spring core.

Read on for more in-depth analysis.


Both 2021 and 2020 models from Casper hybrid are listed as having medium firmness. Casper hybrid are classified in the middle degree of firmness.

Personally, I think this would be about right for those who are within the 130 – 300 lbs weight range.

There’s certainly some space to play with depending on the position you prefer to sleep in that I’ll explore more within the following section.

Overall, I believe the foam layers with the most responsive let the buoyancy of the springs to flow through just enough to create an average degree of firmness that’s sure satisfy the vast majority of sleepers, regardless of the mattress they choose.


The support is an absolute feature of both models, in my opinion.

Since not only does the spring’s resilient core provide greater durability , but also when compared to most foam mattresses, but I like the way the transition layers on each mattress enhance the support and lift offered by the uniquely wrapped springs.

This is because the ergonomic contouring characteristics of the foam layers above extend further into the spring core , providing an amount of support for your joints and spine which is extremely difficult to duplicate within the basic innerspring mattresses as well as the cheap all-foam mattresses that are a majority of the market.

Pressure Relief

The Zoned Support(tm) foam layers found in the two models do not just provide greater support for your back and hips They also adapt to give you greater pressure relief for your shoulders , which results in an individual ease that I’ve never observed in other hybrid mattresses I’ve examined up to now.

It is only complemented with the comfort and memory foam that are included in the 2020 model as well as foams like the Airscape(tm) foam that will be available in the 2021 model – to alleviate pain in the more angular parts in your back.

This is particularly beneficial for those with a slimmer frame with prominent joints. These are more likely to be uncomfortable on more firm mattresses as the foam layers cover your body and hold it with a degree of accuracy that the more pliable cushioned layers of an innerspring mattress can’t achieve.

Moving Around

With all the individualised shaping that is happening You might be concerned you’ll find that the Casper hybrid isn’t able to be able to move around easily.

However, this isn’t the case with any model, in my opinion.

The reason for this is although this spring core can be capable of responding to your body’s weight and is also strong enough to withstand both general and specific sinkage like when you place your hands on the mattress in order to sit up.

The medium degree of firmness integrates with the higher comfort layers to provide a level of surface tension that allows for average people who are overweight to change sleeping positions without worrying about being sucked into the material.

This is particularly true with regard to the 2020 model, in my opinion since you’re shielded from the slow recovery times that the memory layer has due to the prior comfort foam which acts like latex to enable a faster reaction time.


Both mattresses should be quiet due to the springs being individually enclosed to reduce creaking and groaning. The upper foam layers do an excellent job at taking in shock waves.

However, I’d like to stress the importance of having an appropriate and properly assembled frame since at between 12 and 11 inches thick Casper hybrid models Casper hybrid models do not make the biggest mattresses can be purchased, and the more intense movements may get through the frame and cause the sound.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Casper hasn’t yet made clear regarding the weight limit on either model.

However, with their hybrid construction I’d like that the single sleeper sizes will be able to support at least 250lbs, and double sleeper sizes can hold up to 500 lbs combined weight.


If you choose to go with the queen or king California King sizes, I believe that all three models are great selections for couples, particularly when you’re overweight due to the superior support.

While the springs offer some bounce, their unique position means they can absorb the gentle movements of your bedmate who is tossed and turned throughout the night quite well.

A lesser-known benefit of the two Casper hybrids is that due to the strengthened edges they’ll allow you to maximize the mattress space and avoid needing to lie closer to the center of your mattress.

Edge Support

The edges reinforced with reinforcement also aid to make getting into or out of the bed more comfortable since you won’t have to worry about sinking too much while sitting or applying tension on the sides that make up Casper. Casper hybrid.


Both are good choices in case you suffer from allergies as using CertiPUR-US(r) approved foams (1) indicates that there is no presence of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde could help in reducing the risk of irritation to the skin in certain people.

The foam layers could help in preventing the accumulation of pollen particles and microbes, such as dust mites which can trigger an allergic reaction in the event of a lie-down however the larger spring support core could contain these.

Temperature Regulation

If you’re a sleep-deprived person or reside in a climate that is warmer, these two models are great choices to control your temperature and keep you cool.

This is the result of the mix of open-celled foams, an aerated style, and the airflow that’s facilitated by the larger core support for coils.

Keeping You Dry

The improved airflow might aid in helping keep you dry, but should you sweat heavily at night, I’d invest in a set bamboo sheets that cool to use with you Casper Hybrid mattress.

Bamboo is great at absorption of moisture and pushing it toward the edges of the sheet so that it evaporates – this contrasts with cotton sheets which are more likely to get soaked.


This mattress is bed-in-a-box, meaning that you can expect a slight smell when you open it.

However using CertiPUR-US(r) approved foams will help in reducing the “new” smell, since one of the CertiPUR-US(r) verification procedure stipulates that all VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are responsible for these odors must be kept to 0.5 parts for every million2.

Pain Management

Both models are able to assist in the treatment of pain and discomfort due to adaptive support as well as pressure relieving ergonomics that are part of Zoned Support(tm) technology.

However, the efficacy of this is more dependent on the way that your body’s weight and sleeping position are combined with the characteristics associated with the Casper hybrid – something I’ll cover in the next section.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is possible to remove the covers on both models, as far as I know, which allows it easier to clean and maintain.

Price Vs. Value

However, Casper tends to offer their mattresses at a higher cost compared to other mattresses on the market, I believe this is true when you consider the benefits provided.

One example is the Zoned Support(tm) technique which provides a more firm support for your hips, while simultaneously giving you more relief from pressure around your shoulders.

This kind of personal adjustment is usually not available in the less expensive hybrid mattresses you could buy based on my experience as reviewer of mattresses.

Casper Hybrid Comfort Analysis

In summarising, I believe that the moderate level of firmness, personalised support and comfort come together to create Casper Hybrid Casper Hybrid a highly versatile mattress that is appealing to a range of body weights and kinds.

Below is a detailed breakdown:

Hybrid 2020 Hybrid 2021
Design Foam + springs Foam + springs
Firmness Medium Medium
Thickness 12 inches 11 inches
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Flippable? No No
Overall Support Very good Very good
Edge Support Very good Very good
Pressure Relief Very good Very good
Moving Around Good Good
Couples Good Good
Allergies Fair Fair
Temperature Regulation Good Good
Pain Relief Good Good
Durability Very good Very good
Price v Value Good Good
Best Sleeping Positions All: 130 lbs – 230 lbs All: 130 lbs – 230 lbs
Worst Sleeping Positions Side: under 130 lbs Side: under 130 lbs

Front Sleepers

If your weight falls in the 100-pound between 230 and 100 lbs and rest on your back I believe that you’ll feel comfortable and support more than sufficient.

Since that the zones of Zoned Support(tm) with springs are able to ensure your hips stay aligned, while the top foam comfort layers can relieve pressure from important areas like your knees and elbows.

Side Sleepers

I believe that the support zone and pressure relief open the mattress to sleepers who prefer side sleeping in the 130-250 weight range, with slight or average body varieties.

You may be fine if you’re not over 130lbs however if you’re “boney”, then the Casper hybrid might be a little too hard.

Back Sleepers

If you’re within the 100lbs to 250 lbs weight range and you tend to sleep on your back, your support as well as pressure relief will suffice for you in both models of the Casper hybrid.

Combo Sleepers

If you are a fan of changing places during the night, I believe that if you weigh less than 250 pounds, you will be able to accomplish this fairly easily because of an elastic support and surface tension.

Edge Sleepers

The strengthened edges make this model a fantastic option if you’re the kind of sleeper who rests at the bed’s edge and weighs less than 250lbs.



Which Model is the Most Durable?

I believe that both models will be equally durable due to their solid support structure – you can be expecting either model to last 6- 8 years with proper maintenance, according to me.


Which Model is the Least Likely to Sag?

The premature sagging of any model is likely with the exception of a mattress that is defective (which is covered under this warranty).

However, I’d suggest some cautions if you’re sharing a bed in which one person weighs more than 250 pounds, and the other one is extremely light.

Since this disparity could cause sagging, or indenting on one of the sides.

A possible solution in such an instance is to turn your Casper hybrid at least once every three months to ensure that your mattress is subjected to a greater even distribution of the weight over time.


What Are the Compatible Frames?

It is possible to use the Casper hybrid mattress by using an solid wooden platform or a slatted frame with slats that are not curved and spaced not more than 3-4 inches.

Metal slats and wire frames are not suitable to use in conjunction with your Casper hybrid mattress.

Additionally, as I’ve observed when I’ve used the 12 or 11-inch mattress on the ground, it makes it more firm – which is generally a problem especially if you’re a light weighted sleeper who weighs less than 130 pounds since it makes the bed appear less tolerant.


Can You Use a Box Spring With the Casper Hybrid Mattresses?

It’s not recommended to utilize the typical box spring in conjunction with any model or the Casper hybrid since they’re not specifically made to support the weight in the cushion.

Even the most high-quality box springs could cause discomfort and support problems.


Can You Flip Either Mattress?


Flipping one mattress Casper hybrid mattresses could make you sleep on the support core of the springs, which is quite uncomfortable.


Is There a Sleep Trial?


Based on the location you live in and the store you buy from, you might be eligible for Casper’s 100-night sleep trial so that you have ample time to make sure that the mattress you choose is suitable for you.

In the meantime, if the Casper hybrid doesn’t seem to be at first, don’t be worried.

It can take as long as 30 days or longer for the adaptive foam mattress to become accustomed with your weight, and the dominant sleeping position.

Also, try to be patient and give the Casper time to get used to it before you decide to return it.


Is There a Warranty?


The Casper hybrid is covered by a 10- year warranty.


Casper Hybrid – 2020 v 2021 Models Compared

There’s little difference between the 2021 and 2020 variants of the Casper hybrid mattress, in my opinion.

Here’s a helpful table of comparisons so you can identify the distinct distinctions in an instant.


Casper Hybrid vs Other Casper Mattresses

Casper Wave Casper Wave is an entirely foam mattress which is slightly heavier in comparison to the Casper hybrid, and has the ability to accommodate the back, front, and side sleepers within 130-230 weight range.

I would suggest Casper Wave Casper Wave over the hybrid in case you suffer from respiratory allergies such as hayfever or have issues with dust mites as the all-foam model is better resist pollen and other allergens that trigger allergies.

The same is true for the foam all-foam Casper Element which is even though this model will be superior for those who sleep in the front and back however it is less suitable for those who sleep on their sides due to the more firm feel from my perspective.

2020 Hybrid Pros

  • Cover that can be removed.
  • It is suitable for a variety of body weights and kinds.
  • It is easy to move about because of the receptive top layer.
  • It provides better support for your hips as well as greater pressure relief for shoulders because of zones of Support(tm) foam.
  • Great support offered through the coils.
  • Reinforced edges enable full utilization of the mattress and make it much easier to take a step into and out of mattress.
  • A great option for couples due to the fantastic support and the reduction movement transfer across the mat, so you don’t wake one another awake.

2020 Hybrid Cons

  • Not recommended for use with box springs.


2021 Hybrid Pros

  • Airscape(tm) foam increases the flow of air to keep you dry and cool.
  • Ideal for a variety of body weights and kinds.
  • Cover that can be removed.
  • Offers more support beneath your hips as well as greater pressure relief around your shoulders thanks to zoned Support(tm) foam.
  • Great support offered through the coils.
  • Reinforced edges permit full utilization of the mattress space and makes it easier to take a step into and out of mattress.
  • A great option for couples due to the fantastic support and the reduction in cross-mattress movement to ensure you don’t wake one another awake.

2021 Hybrid Cons

  • It is not recommended to use the box spring.

Who Should Buy the 2020 Casper Hybrid Mattress?

  • Front sleepers in the 100lbs between 230 and 100 lbs.
  • Back sleepers within the 100 lbs-250 to 250 lbs range.
  • Side sleepers that weigh 130 lbs range of 250-250 lbs.
  • Combination sleepers under 250 lbs.
  • Edge sleepers under 250 lbs.


Who Should Avoid the 2020 Casper Hybrid Mattress?

  • Sleepers on the side who weigh less than 130lbs with a smaller frame might be able to find the Casper hybrid too firm.


Who Should Buy the 2021 Casper Hybrid Mattress?

  • Front sleepers within the 100 lbs to 230 lbs range.
  • Back sleepers within the 100-250 to 250 lbs range.
  • Side sleepers in the 130lbs 250-250 range.
  • Edge sleepers under 250 lbs.


Who Should Avoid the 2021 Casper Hybrid Mattress?

  • Side sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds with a slimmer frame might be able to find the Casper hybrid too firm.


Which Casper Hybrid Mattress is the Best?

I’m not sure if there’s a huge difference between the two models.

The 2020 model may be the most suitable variant of the Casper hybrid mattress for those who are combination sleepers.

Since it may feel more responsive because of the comfort foam that is similar to a latex layer, which is positioned above the memory foam.


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