Diamond Mattress Reviews

Diamond mattress family-owned mattress business which has been in business since 1946.

Their main distinction is the fact that they make pockets themselves, and create the memory foam themselves.

This is quite different from the majority of middle-tier mattress manufacturers that outsourcing their production.

Their specialization includes pocket coil mattresses and innerspring mattresses They also construct memory foam mattresses too.

The majority of customers love they like their Diamond mattresses, however there were some who were not as durable and the initial feeling.


Overview of Diamond Mattress

Since its inception around 1946, Diamond Mattress has remained under the direction by the Pennington family. The company’s headquarters are within Compton, California, where it continues to grow in an effort to meet the ever-changing demands of customers.

Diamond Mattress is always implementing the latest technology and growing its workforce in order to meet demand for production. In this manner of innovation the company Diamond Mattress has shifted to vertical integration as a method of production.

In simple terms, this company currently conducts the majority of its manufacturing processes internally, as opposed to outsourcing. This includes creating their own coils with pockets sewing and cutting fabrics as well as making and processing of its foams.

Vertical integration has enabled the business to gain many advantages. It’s one of the reasons it’s given them plenty of flexibility, as they modify products in response to the specific needs of a customer. Additionally, it gives the ability to have more control in regards to pricing and quality of the product.

It also gives them the an opportunity to be creative. They are free to look at new ideas for their mattresses.

One good example is the wrap coil system that they unveiled during the January Las Vegas Market. By using this method they increased the number of coils within the particular areas of mattresses that give support.

They also removed those gaps in between the coils of those areas that don’t require more support. By doing this, they have created a mattress that doesn’t just provides more back support, but also improves its pressure-relief.

In this Diamond mattress review, we take a brief look at 5 of the 15 models available for purchase.

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How is Diamond Different?

Every one of the Diamond mattresses are constructed of top-quality materials. While they’re priced higher than the other hybrid mattresses but they’re equipped with the latest technology which help you sleep more comfortably.

Consider for instance the Sparkle Foam for instance. It is a thick layer of foam which cradles you in the night, while helping regulate your temperature and keep your cool.


While many mattress makers offer no or short-term warranties, Diamond Mattress offers the “Forever warranty” on their GIFT (Grateful Intention Faith, Transformation) line as well as a 20 year warranty on other models, such as the Rally.

Forever warranty implies that the warranty will be in effect for the period that the mattress is in the possession of the original buyer. You can determine the kind of protection offered under these warranties here.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to making use of high-quality materials, Diamond also strives to employ eco-friendly production methods and methods. The fact that they carry out part of the production in-house, gives them more control over the raw materials to use and the most environmentally-friendly methods.


Diamond Mattress Models

Diamond currently has 15 mattress models listed on their website – so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Here are some of their most popular models:


Grateful Mattress


As per the company according to the manufacturer, Grateful is the most affordable choice. But the fact that it’s reasonably priced doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features.

The mattress is also considered a hybrid which means it’s comprised of an innerspring system as well as memory foam. The advantage of combining these two materials is that it gives the very best that each technology can provide. In this instance the Grateful features an innerspring coil which is finished with the gel foam layer.

The base layer is the patented zones of support. The layer is designed to provide approximately 25% support to the middle portion of the mattress, thereby giving you a lot of cushioning for your back.

If you share the mattress with a partner you’ll be pleased to know that this layer stops any transfer of movement. This means that you’ll rest peacefully throughout the night even the other person tends to toss and tossing and.

While the base layer helps minimize disruptions to your sleep, gel foam molds to your body for the most comfortable sleep. No matter if you’re a side or those who sleep back, this layer will provide you with the most comfortable sleep.

Additionally, the mattress comes with a ventilated cover to improve circulation and offer cooling. It’s made from a stretchable , moisture-wicking material giving you a more comfortable sleep mattress.

Diamond Grateful Mattress is available in 6 sizes: Twin, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Full King California King.

It’s also available with different degrees of firmness that range from soft to medium firm. They’re assessed on a scale from 1-10. Plush is a 4 that means it’s extremely comfortable. This makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer to sleep on their sides or those who like soft mattresses they can relax into.

Medium is rated 6 and is recommended for couples who have different sleeping positions. It strikes a great equilibrium between firmness and the softness. The firmness 9 is an indication that it has a hard, firm feeling. It is ideal for those who sleep to their backs.


  • It has cooling features to improve comfort. with an adjustable support system that can be zoned for further assistance
  • Great edge support


  • There are no online reviews that buyers can trust.



Faith Mattress

Diamond Mattress Reviews

Faith Mattress is one of the more expensive options from this particular brand. However, it comes with an outstanding construction that makes up for the price. This is PCM, which is a phase change material (PCM) which Diamond makes the cover.

PCM’s have been gaining popularity in recent times due to their energy efficient properties. In essence, this fabric was made to absorb heat that is released at night. This is a great benefit for people who are hot at night or suffer from sweaty nighttime. The process of drawing away the body’s heat will ensure that you’re in a comfortable and safe position throughout the night.

Additionally, on this mattress are the super-conducive sparkle foam and the patent-pending support system. Both are conforming layers that mold to the body’s specific needs.

Faith Mattress Faith Mattress is available in the same sizes and types of firmness. Their plush mattress is rated 2/10, their medium 4/10, and the firm 8/10.

According to this it is evident that the mattress is extremely comfortable. It’s for people who are lighter particularly people who weigh 130 pounds or less.

The reason is that people who weigh more feel that the mattress doesn’t fit as well to their body contours. For those who weigh between 130-230 pounds The Faith Medium and Firm are the best choices.


  • Additional support for back due to the patent-pending zones support system.
  • Features a unique PCM coating that helps keep your cool throughout the night.
  • The Plush model is a comfortable feeling that’s great for lighter people.


  • Loses support over time



Transformation Mattress

Diamond Transformation

The most expensive of the group The Transformation includes the most effective features of The Faith and Intention Mattress.

In addition, it makes use of the material that changes phase that is used on the cover. It means even when you sweat heavily during the night, you’ll sleeping comfortably because the cover’s fabric is able to pull away from the heat. Additionally, this cover comes with the most luxurious stretch knit design that molds to your body shape, increasing the comfort.

It is also made up of Diamond’s own Sparkle foam. Like we said earlier the layer helps by absorbing heat, and then disperse the heat away from you.

The main highlight in the Transformation hybrid mattress must include the Micro-Coil system, which can support more than 2000 coils that are pocketed.

To demonstrate the importance of this feature is, let’s compare it to traditional innerspring mattresses.

A typical full-size mattress has 300 coils or 350 for a queen size mattress, and at least 350 for a King size. The Transformation includes more than 1,000 coils. This translates into more support.

In addition, many other innerspring mattresses also have Bonnel offset, continuous, or offset coils. The Transformation includes pocket coils that have not only enhanced firmness, but also help prevent the transfer of motion between sleeping partners.

Diamond mattresses are available in six sizes, and three levels of firmness and the Transformation is not different. The plush mattress is a 3/10, medium is a 5/10 and the firm a 8/10.


  • Features a sophisticated Micro-Coil technology that improves the breathability and supports
  • Temperature regulation features
  • Motion transfer reduced


  • It can be costly



Intention Mattress

Diamond Intention

While the Intention is a bit like the Grateful however, there are a few distinctions among the two. One is that the Intention Mattress comes at a somewhat higher cost.

Two, it’s an unconstrained foam layer beneath the stretchable knit fabric. The term “conveyor” refers to foam that has a ridge pattern which creates the appearance of peaks and valleys. Also known as egg Crate foam, this layer is much lighter than normal foam and is intended to improve airflow.

Other features are what make the Intention similar with the Grateful. For example, it uses the same support zone system in the base layer.

In addition there’s a 2 inch thickness consisting of HD comfort foam, followed by an 1.5-inch Sparkle foam. The foam that sparkles is composed of graphene and ultra-conducive particles, which offer the ability to release heat.

Diamond’s exclusive Sparkle foam is among the reasons that push the cost for the Intention Mattress up.

The mattress can be purchased in identical sizes of Intention which is Queen Twin, Twin XL King, Full, California King.

When it comes down to the degree of firmness, this mattress is not rated the same way. The plush model is rated at 3/10, medium 5/10, and an extremely firm nine/10. Therefore their plush and medium models are softer in feeling.


  • It is equipped with the exclusive zoned support system.
  • Has an advanced temperature-regulating feature thanks to the Sparkle foam
  • Great edge support


  • Disputes that the mattress is beginning to lose its shape too fast.
  • Very only a few reviews



Diamond Mattress Features


Diamond is committed to using top-quality materials in all of its mattresses to meet the requirements of its many customers. We recognize the importance of a mattress’s structure and what it does to affect the quality of the quality of a mattress. Poor quality materials and poor workmanship can result in subpar support and ease of use. To determine if the Diamond mattress is suitable for you, continue reading to find out more about the design and construction Grateful, Intention, and Faith Hybrid mattresses as well as the Rally Foam mattress.


Diamond is a great choice for offering a wide range of mattress firmness choices to customers. If you’re someone with a smaller body size and is a side sleeper, you should consider an intermediate or soft mattress and those who are stomach-based sleepers should think about the more firmer models.


Because of the inclusion of advanced technologies such as gel-infused memory foam or conductor foams in the top layer, the majority of people will be able to be cool.



To better illustrate the price that comes with this Diamond mattress we’ve provided the costs for and those of the Grateful Hybrid mattress.

Remember that the prices may differ based on the place you purchase the mattress and if there are any special deals.

Grateful Hybrid Mattress

Size Price
Twin $799
Twin XL $849
Full $899
Queen $999
King $1,299
California King $1,299

If you’re not ready to purchase a Diamond mattress in one go You are able to finance it for a time period between 3 and 6 or 12 months using Affirm.

Based on the mattress and the financing time the monthly installment could be as low as $80. APR: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can vary from 10 to 30percent and you’ll be able to determine immediately if you are eligible.

Be aware that you are not able to finance costs of shipping or taxes and only the cost for the mattress.


Should You Buy the Diamond Mattress?

The first thing be aware of is the price. From our review Diamond’s mattress selection are considerably higher priced than other mattresses on the market. Even their most expensive model, the Grateful Mattress isn’t going to cost a lot.

If you’re willing to spend a little money on the most expensive mattress with the perfect blend of support, comfort and durability The Diamond Mattress is a great option.

One of the things that differentiates this brand is that they manufacture some of their components from scratch. Instead of outsourcing the production process they create their own coils and foam layers. The advantage of this is that it allows them to make use of premium materials. It is also possible to have the mattress you want to be customized to your personal preferences and taste.

The best part is that Diamond provides a lengthy 20-year guarantee with their Rally models, and a lifetime guarantee on their Grateful Intention, Faith and Transform mattresses.

However, keep in mind that the warranty is only available to the first purchaser of the item in question.



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