Does a Latex Mattress Make You Sweat?

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When people think of latex, for whatever reason they associate it with heat and sweat. Perhaps maybe because latex is derived from rubber. However, this is not the case.


So, Does a Latex Mattress Make You Sweat?

The answer is no. In fact, latex sleeps more cool than most memory foam mattresses.

To help you further understand this, let’s take a look at some of the details of a latex mattress.


How is Latex Made

Latex is actually made from rubber tree sap. So, you can see why people think latex would sweat. Since sap is known for being extremely sticky.

However, what happens, is the sap is then made into a foam.

This is a specialty foam, which has a cellular structure designed for air flow. The foam then has micro holes placed into it, to increase the airflow.

So, instead of being hot, a latex mattress is constructed to have cooling properties.


The Different Types of Latex

There are essentially two types of latex, when it comes to mattress design:

Natural latex: You may know this as “organic” latex. This type of latex is 95% natural. It does require other materials for the curing process, in order to make it suitable for bedding.

The best thing about natural latex, is that they are hypoallergenic and eco friendly.

Also, they are the best mattresses for mold, bacteria and/or dust mites; since they are naturally resistant.

Synthetic latex: As the name implies, this is not an all natural latex. Instead, this foam is created by petrochemicals.

You can find some that are mixed with natural latex also. But, a lot of brands are constructed as 100% synthetic.

Synthetic latex feels much like natural latex, but it comes at a much cheaper price point.



Layers of a Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are much like the more popular memory foam mattresses, in that there are often more layers than just the latex layer.

For instance, all latex mattresses will have a support layer. This will be the thickest layer of the mattress. It is responsible for, you guessed it, providing support.

This layer is also responsible for pressure relief on a latex mattress.

Depending on the brand, there may be more than 1 support. This would depend on what thickness you were interested in.

You will find that if you are buying an all natural latex mattress, it is usually not as thick as the synthetic latex mattresses.


Latex Mattress Cover

This may also vary a little by brand. But, most all of the natural latex mattresses have a cover comprised of organic cotton and/or wool.

Synthetic latex mattresses on the other hand, may possibly use synthetic cotton as well.

Though you will notice a slight difference between the two, the synthetic latex mattresses do an overall good job with providing comfort, at an affordable price.


Benefits of a Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses have a lot to offer, in terms of a pros and cons list.

Some of the most notable highlights are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cost efficient for a luxury mattress
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Great motion isolation
  • Sleeps cool

While no mattress will be perfect, latex brings a lot to the table.


Longevity of a Latex Mattress

While the warranty will vary by brand, you can realistically expect a latex mattress to last a good 6-8 years, before you would need to replace it.

The natural latex will last a couple of years longer than the synthetic. Which we find reasonable, since the natural latex does come at a slightly higher cost.

Even though most mattresses carry a warranty of around 10 years, we find that the latex mattresses actually last a little longer than the standard memory foam mattress.


Latex Mattress Cost

Again, this will vary by brand, and also rather you opt for an all natural latex, or synthetic latex mattress.

Natural latex mattresses are one of the best purchases that you can make for the long term. But with that comes a steeper price tag.

You can expect to pay around $2000 for a natural latex mattress.

If you decide to go with the synthetic latex mattress, your price will fall a little more in line with the more common memory foam mattress.

You can expect to pay around $900 (Queen) for a synthetic latex mattress.


Sleeper Types for Latex Mattresses

Not all mattresses will be a perfect fit for everyone. So, it is important to consider the type of sleeper you are. Or, what you desire when it comes to a mattress.

If you fit in any of the below categories, then a latex mattress would be best for you:

Suffer From Allergies

Like we already discussed, latex mattresses are hypoallergenic. So, if you find that you suffer from allergies, especially when you lie in bed, then a latex mattress may be just what you need.

Memory foam mattresses are known to have more allergens, due to the materials they are made with.

Want an Eco Friendly Mattress

This day and age, the organic movement is very strong. So, if you find that you love the organic lifestyle, the natural latex would be the best fit for you.

The natural latex is made from almost 100% natural sap from the rubber tree, and is biodegradable.

Hot Sleepers

With the cooling agents of latex mattresses, it makes them one of the best selections if you are a hot sleeper.

Between having pinholes to create airflow, latex mattresses are also designed to create additional airflow as you move through the night in your sleep.

You Sleep With a Partner

Latex mattresses work great if you sleep with a partner.

This is due to the fact that they are superior when it comes to absorbing movement.

So, if you find yourself with a partner (especially one who moves a lot) then you may want to put some serious consideration into a latex mattress.

You Are Overweight

One of the biggest benefits of latex mattresses, is the support they provide. This is usually because they are so dense.

Because latex mattresses perform so well with support, they also aid in keeping your spine properly aligned.

As a heavier person, you may find that you need a little more support in a mattress. If this resonates with you, then the latex mattress could be for you.

You Are Sexually Active

If you are sexually active, then believe it or not, you may find more enjoyment with a latex mattress.

Latex mattresses provide a great bounce, which some may find important when it comes to sex.


Not the Best for Stomach Sleepers

With all of the things great when it comes to a latex mattress, they may not be the best for stomach sleepers.

The reason for this, is actually the same reason they are so great for sex – the bounce.

It is known that most stomach sleepers prefer a mattress with less bounce. The support structure is different for stomach sleepers, thus a mattress with a lot of bounce is not the best for support for them.


Top Latex Mattress Brands

There are several good brands of latex mattresses.

As to not overwhelm you, we will provide you with our top 3. These are not listed in any particular order.

**Disclaimer: We will receive compensation if you decide to purchase through one of our links. This does not increase your price. In fact, we can often get you a lower price point since we work directly with the vendor.**

Zenhaven Mattress

Does a Latex Mattress Make You Sweat



Plushbeds Botanical Bliss

  • Comes in multiple firmness levels
  • Longer than average lifespan
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • 25 year warranty



Nest Bedding

  • Several firmness options
  • Great motion isolation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100 night sleep trial



Hopefully this article has helped you understand that a latex mattress does not make you sweat.

In fact, latex has many cooling properties, and can sleep much cooler than the standard memory foam mattress.

If you find that you fall into one of the many sleeper types previously mentioned in this article, then we are confident you will find satisfaction with a latex mattress.


Other Related Questions

Can a latex mattress cause allergies? Although natural latex is hypoallergenic, it is possible that you could be allergic to certain proteins found in the rubber.

Does Latex mattress need to breathe? Latex mattresses are constructed with pinholes for air flow. Even still, it is important to allow your mattress to breathe, if you would like to get the longest life span out of it. Try not to block the underside.


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