Eco Terra Beds Latex Mattress Review (2022)

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Eco Terra has certainly made their place in the market when it comes to latex mattresses.

If you are looking for both luxury and latex, then you may want to stick around for our Eco Terra Beds Latex Mattress Review.

In this review, we will highlight the features of this particular line of mattress, and show you why Eco Terra Beds is rated on of the best latex mattresses you can buy.

If you are interested, please continue reading below.



Eco Terra Beds General Information

Eco Terra Beds offer a latex mattress, made from only superior materials.

Each mattress is handcrafted here in the USA, to be both comfortable and supportive.

By making the mattresses locally, this reduces the emissions significantly. The end result being healthier air and water for all of us.

Eco Terra takes pride in being a mattress that you can feel good about.

You can purchase an Eco Terra Beds latex mattress in one of two firmness settings; medium or medium firm. Medium scoring around a 5 on the firmness test, and medium firm scoring around a 6.5.


Eco Terra Beds Cover


The cover of the Eco Terra Latex Hybrid mattress is made from 100% organic cotton, that is stretched not woven.

Additionally there is a layer of 100% pure, natural wool added to the cover, for added comfort.

The end result is a soft, comfortable feel, all while offering you ample pressure relief and support.


Eco Terra Layers


Unlike memory foam mattresses, where you can see as many as 3 to 5 different layers, Eco Terra only offers 2 layers under their organic cotton cover.

All Natural Latex Layer: This layer as it states, is made from 100% all natural
Talalay latex.

This layer offers great contour to your body, offering support on your pressure points as you sleep.

The latex layer is 3″ thick, and dependent on which firmness setting you decide to go with, this layer will have an ILD of 24-26, or 29-31.

Encased Coils Support Layer: The core layer of the mattress is known as their Supportive Fabric Encased Coils.

The Premium crafted coils are built to add overall support and durability to the mattress.

Regardless of firmness setting, this support layer is 8″ thick, and has a coil count of 682 to 1280.




The materials used in the Eco Terra Beds latex mattress are certified to be both the safest, and the best.

The Talalay latex, along with the natural wool are both OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class 1 Certified. This makes them free of heavy metals, harsh irritants or dangerous chemicals.

The organic cotton used in the Eco Terras cover is GOTS Certified; which means it meets very high standards when it comes to environmental criteria, across the entire textile supply chain.

You can rest easy knowing that your Eco Terra latex mattress is safe.


Motion Transfer

Eco Terra Beds have virtually no motion transfer. The encased coil system used in the support layer is designed to accomplish this.

So, if you are an easily disturbed sleeper, or if you sleep with a partner at night, then you may want to consider the Eco Terra latex mattress.

The majority of mattresses on the market cause a lot of movement, as one partner gets in or out of the bed, which in turn awakens their partner. The Eco Terra Beds will prevent this from happening.


Edge Support and Sinkage

Reports of sinkage with the Eco Terra latex mattress are very uncommon.

Latex mattresses seem to do a much better job when it comes to edge support, when compared to a memory foam mattress.

With the support core offering lower gauged coils on the perimeter of the mattress, you will not notice the Eco Terra mattress “give in” as you sit down on the edge.


Sleep Positions and Weight


Every mattress will do better for some people, than it will others. So, it is important to factor things in, such as your body weight and sleep position.

Continue reading to see how weight and sleep positioned played a role with the Eco Terra Beds latex mattress.

Back Sleepers

If you tend to sleep on your back, then the Eco Terra would be a good fit for you, regardless of your weight.

There was a slightly better performance for lighter people (less than 130 lbs), but nothing too significant.

Side Sleepers

Much like with back sleepers, you can’t go wrong with an Eco Terra Beds latex mattress if you sleep on your side.

The only difference between back and side sleepers, is that the Eco Terra was slightly better for those in the average weight range. (130 lbs -230 lbs)

Again, this isn’t anything deal breaking – but for clarity we wanted to mention it.

Stomach Sleepers

When it comes to sleeping on your stomach, Eco Terra does a better job with average and heavier weighted individuals.

If you weigh less than 130 lbs, you will still sleep good on this mattress. But, it will not be anything really “stand out”.

If you’re looking a latex mattress, and are a light weighted individual that sleeps on your stomach, you may want to take a look at the Zenhaven mattress.


Eco Terra Beds Size and Price Chart

You can check out the current pricing and sizes available for the Eco Terra latex mattress below.

Twin38" x 75"11"$699
Twin XL38" x 80"11"$799
Full54" x 75"11"$899
Queen60" x 80"11"$999
King76" x 80"11"$1299
Cal. King72" x 84"11"$1299

Right now, Eco Terra Beds is offering an additional $100 off of any sized mattress using the code ‘SALE100” at checkout. You can be sure to get this deal, or any new deals, by clicking the button below to visit the official Eco Terra website.



*Disclaimer: We will receive a commission if you decide to purchase through our links. This does not raise your price, or alter our review in any way. In fact, most of the time we can negotiate a cheaper price since we work directly with the vendor.*


Sleep Trial

Eco Terra allows you to try their mattress risk free for 90 nights. While this isn’t as big as some sleep trials that allow you a year, it is long enough to know rather you will like the mattress.

Eco Terra Beds require that you try the mattress at least 30 nights, before making a decision. We however, always recommend trying a mattress for 50 nights.

It can take some time for the body to adjust to a new mattress, which is why many mattress companies have similar trial terms.


Eco Terra Beds Warranty

Eco Terra offers a 15 year warranty on their mattresses. This is a little higher than the “norm” of 10 years.

Typically we give a brief run down on what is and isn’t covered under a mattress brands warranty. However, since Eco Terras warranty is extremely detailed, we have decided to link you to their official warranty page.

You can read all of the details for Eco Terra Beds warranty, by clicking the link below

View Eco Terra Beds Warranty


Eco Terra Beds Final Thoughts

Eco Terra Beds brings a lot to the table when it comes to a latex mattress.

100% made in the USA, with only certified high quality materials, you can expect to get a durable and affordable mattress.

If you are a back or side sleeper and you prefer a latex mattress, I would certainly take Eco Terra Beds into consideration.

With 90 nights to try it, and a 15 year warranty, you really do not have too much to lose.


Other Related Questions

Can I use the Eco Terra with an adjustable bed? Yes. Eco Terra Beds will work perfectly fine with any standard adjustable bed.

Does the Eco Terra mattress need to be flipped? No. You will not need to flip the Eco Terra mattress at any point, due to its design.

Where does Eco Terra ship? At this time Eco Terra only ships to the contiguous 48 states, which excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

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