Guide on Best Rug Sizes For Dining Table

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Placing an area rug in the dining room is one of the best ways to enhance the area’s overall aesthetics. We prefer rugs for the living rooms, but they deserve to be a part of your dining room too. Before buying area rug for dining room, one needs to know the rug size for the dining table. The most common mistake while placing an area rug in the dining room is not knowing the right rug size for the dining table.


Tips on Rug Size for Dining Room or Dining Table

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Ideal Rug Size

Always buy a dining room rug that is large enough to occupy all the chairs when pulled out for sitting to avoid any unstableness and wavering.

The perfect rug size for the dining table is having one that has substantial space left beyond the table on all four sides. The ideal dining room rug size is four feet wider and longer than the dining table to have enough room for the chairs when out for eating.

Follow the guide to get the best rug sizes for the dining table.

Do Not Place an Oversized Rug

For the sake of being on the safer side, people buy a dining room rug that is way too big. A giant or a wrong size area rug can ruin the décor of the living area instead of adding to the ambiance. The remaining rug around the eating table should not be more than 24 inches on any side.

Avoid a Smaller Rug Size

A dining room rug should neither be too huge nor too small. While you place a dining room rug, leave at least 18 inches of space on all four sides around the dining table. Never place a compact carpet that does not occupy all the chairs around. If the rug does not contain the chairs, they make the space look floating and unbalanced.

Rug Sizes for Dining Table

Above, we have mentioned some of the most basic practices that one must follow while placing a dining area rug. But a few things need consideration depending on the number of chairs placed on the dining table. 

Rug Size for Two-seater Dining Table

MatLiving Dining Rug

We generally find two seater dining table in compact houses, and it occupies a space of 2’6″ X 3’6″. Hence the best rug size for a two-seater dining table is a 4′ x 6′ area rug. This is the most compact placement of a dining table and occupies the least area.

Rug Size for Four-seater Dining Table

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Four-seater dining tables have two placements, in the first one, two chairs are placed on the opposite sides (rectangular table) while in the other one chair is placed on each side (square table). The shape of the table is not a restriction it can be either square or rectangle in both cases. Nuclear families usually have a 2’6″ X 5′ four-seater dining table. A four-seater dining table will be best for 5′ x 8′ area rug, where there is a rectangular table.  

Rug Size for six-seater dining table


There are two types of placement for a six-seater dining table, and they are placing all the chairs parallel on horizontal sides or placing a chair each on the vertical sides and two each on the primary sides. For six, place a 6′ x 9′ rug with a 2’6″ X 5′ dining table. If you have a 3′ x 6′ dining table for six, then place an 8′ x 10′ rug beneath.

Rugs Size for eight-seater dining table

MatLiving Dining Rug

We find an eight-seater dining table in homes where joint families stay. The best rug size for a 4′ x 8′ sized eight-seater dining table is a 9′ x 12′ rug. This is a comparatively rare placement than a four-seater and two-seater dining table. One can also go for an 8’ x 10’ area rug when it comes to 8 seater dining table.

Rug Size for ten-seater dining table

MatLiving 10 seater rug

A 10′ x 14′ dining rug is the most appropriate choice for a ten-seater dining table. The standard size of a 10 seater dining table is 4’6″ x 10′. 10 seater dining tables are quite rare and are actually a symbol of luxury. You can find a 10 seater dining table only where premium comfort is desired. 

Now as you are aware of the rug sizes for a dining table, visit MAT Living’s website for some of the most lavish rugs for dining areas. 

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