How Long Can Memory Foam Stay In A Box?

The process of ordering a fresh memory foam mattress adds a new dimension of excitement and anticipation.

If you’ve recently relocated and are bringing in new furniture, it’s probably because you have also looked into an upgrade to your mattress.

It’s no secret that many can easily fall in love with the hugging and contouring mattress made of memory foam. As a result, they tend to choose mattresses in boxes as an option.

But it is true that not all mattresses can be kept in boxes for long enough. This is why we created this article to assist you to understand the length of time you can keep the mattress that is made of memory foam in its box without damaging it or endangering the warranty.

The length of time you can keep your memory foam mattress inside the box varies based on the brand – the most common range being between a week or less to three months and more. In the event that you do not, take it out of its box foam mattress within three days in order to avoid damaging it.


What Is a Mattress in a Box?

Mattress, also known as bed in a box as many refer to it, is a practical method of shipping mattresses without damaging them or taking up too large of a space. If a business is big it will make sure to deliver the mattress as quickly as they can. To make shipping quicker, easier and more convenient the majority of Memory foam mattresses can be compressed before being roll-up.

After being rolled and compressed, the mattress that is made of memory foam is then placed in a box which it is shipped in. A lot of companies use this option of shipping since it lets customers join the mattress with their purchase in a short time. Contrary to these the innerspring and hybrid mattresses aren’t able to be compressed or moved, and require longer to store, and along this means they take longer to deliver.

Mattresses packed in boxes can be a fantastic method to keep the space for shipping, and also making sure that the mattress is not subject to the brunt of damage. To avoid this they fold and roll the mattress and then pack it into the box.

Once the mattress has arrived after it has been delivered, you must roll it up and fold it in and keep it in place for 24 to 72 days until it expands fully. However, there are certain gases that are used to ensure that the mattress stays compressed. The process of off-gassing can last as long as 72 hours therefore you might experience the stench of a bad smell which dissipates with time.

Be aware that the process of expanding the mattress which was inside a box could be longer than 72 hours , if you reside in an area with a humid climate.


How is a Memory Foam Mattress Compressed Into the Box?

If you’ve never purchased an in-box bed mattress previously, then you could be wondering what to anticipate when it arrives at your doorstep.

It’s likely that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how tiny the box is.

Since the mattress has gone through an esthetic process, it has:

1. Flatly squashed using an specialized machine.

2. Sealing plastic with vacuum.

3. Divided into two.

4. It is then rolled into an attractive package, ready to be boxed.

You can witness the way a bed made of the form of a box mattress is compacted and then wrapped into a ball in this video, which comes from Mattress Clarity , the place where the filming took place in the Brentwood Home factory:


You Should Unpack Your Mattress As Soon As It Comes

It’s just a mattress. why would you leave the mattress unpacked for a few days. In the event that this seems to be something you think about, perhaps you should consider it from a higher level of knowledge.

When someone buys an item like a mattress, they will encounter certain situations when they’re not yet ready to utilize it right away. The reasons for this can range from moving into a new home or purchasing a new bed frame to be a perfect match for the mattress.

In other instances there may be a reason why you might may not want to let go on your old mattress now, due to various reasons. But, it is important that you can open the box and let your memory foam mattress expand as soon as it is possible.

The mattress left in its box for a long period of time could result in the mattress becoming damaged and the warranty being voided. This means that the manufacturer as well as the business that sold the mattress will not be held accountable for your error of not taking it out sooner.

Additionally, the label will usually contain information about the time you need to open the mattress and allow it expand.

While different mattress makers estimate various times during which you are able to open the mattress and the timelines can vary and can be a bit unpredictable, you should not bet on your mattress’s quality you might have spent more than $1,000 only for it to become damaged.

A few general estimates suggest that it’s best to unpack mattresses made of memory foam out of the box between the hours of 24 and 3 days.

Take note that some mattress manufacturers permit the mattresses to be encased within the container for a longer period. While some stores the mattresses in boxes for 3 days to a week, some companies store the mattresses inside nylon casings and in the box for a period of more than 3 months.

If you’ve ever been to a mattress shop in person, in addition to the displayed and highlighted models, you’ve probably had a look at some rolled or folded versions.


How to Know How Long You Can Keep Your Mattress In a Box?

The most common rule is to not take any risk and take the time to unpack your mattress the moment it is delivered at your door. That’s 24 to 72 hours, or a week, if you are lucky according to the information we provided.

However, it’s not the only choice. There are numerous methods to determine which timeframe different manufacturers recommend. Certain manufacturers permit you to keep an item in the box for three months. Other manufacturers will say that you are able to keep the mattress for a week maximum.

Manufacturers will list the dates on their labeling, instructions and sometimes on the site itself.

We have done some digging to discover the amount each manufacturer is estimating and we have presented our findings below.


What Will Happen If Memory Foam Mattress Stays in a Box for Too Long?

Memory foam mattresses come with specific time frames under which they can be removed from their boxes according to the previous paragraph. But what do they mean? We will review the possible dangers of leaving the mattress in the box in a prolonged period.

Damage to Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are typically made up of several layers of foam. There are support foams memory foams, gel foam foundation foam and many more. These layers create an memory foam mattress. They allow it to sit nicely.

If your mattress spends long enough in a slat or folded and folded and folded, the memory foam inside of it could lose its contouring qualities and may it will not feel as comfortable once you lay down on it.

Businesses that permit extended enclosures of memory foam mattresses generally make use of a higher quality foam that is stronger and lasts longer under these conditions. However, not every company will be able to guarantee this.

There’s a reason we shouldn’t wash memory foam items. It’s for instance it’s not advised washing memory foam cushions with a washing machine since the product could be degraded. This is also true for the memory foam compressed. It may begin losing its properties and quality as time passes.

It Won’t Expand

As we mentioned earlier that memory foam is compactly for more efficient delivery and installation at home. This makes it simpler to store and transport, unlike innerspring mattresses, which are large. If you leave it compressed and rolled long enough the quality of memory foam will not only decrease, but also prevent the mattress to expand.

Most of the time, once you have purchased an memory foam mattress it may take anywhere between 24 hours to 3 days to fully expand. It could take an incredibly long time to expand across your bed’s frame , or it may expand only a small amount while leaving other areas of the mattress soft or damaged.

You Risk to Lose Warranty

Memory foam mattresses are covered by the warranty. It can range from 3 and 25 years. Certain companies might even offer an unlimited warranty. But many people don’t realize is this is the fact that warranties are not a lifetime guarantee and only works under specific conditions.

A mattress that isn’t properly expanded or damaged caused by placing it in a boxes for an excessive amount of time belong in those circumstances.

It is important to know the conditions and terms of any warranties that are limited in scope. Mattresses can expand completely due to many reasons. However, if you left it in the box longer than you expected, claiming the right to warranty seems like a nightmare.


Sleeping on A Memory Foam Mattress Before The 24 Hours

If you’re among the people who take their mattress off the moment it arrives and you’re happy, congrats. You won’t be at risk of the warranty being void or degrading the mattress’s quality.

It is important to allow the mattress to lose its volume over time. It typically can take a mattress anywhere from 4-8 hours to return to its original size. It could take as long as 3 days for the mattress to fully expand the mattress.

There are many mattress manufacturers who recommend that you don’t lie down on your mattress for more than within 24 hours of its arrival. Instead, you should put it in a dry space that is able to fully expand. When it has expanded, make sure to open the windows in order for the off-gassing odor go away.

If you opt to sleep within those first few hours following the mattress’s arrival, keep in mind that you’re likely to shorten the life span of the mattress. If it’s not been able to expand to its maximum capacity and you’re at risk of causing that it will lose its firmness and begin sagging prior to the time it’s due.

In that light here are our last guidelines:

  • It is important to remove the box from your mattress as quickly you are able to.
  • Check the label on the mattress which states the length of time the mattress will remain in the box.
  • It will take time generally three days for it to expand completely.
  • Do not rest for the initial 24 hours after it is back to its normal volume.


Other Related Questions

Here are the solutions to some of the queries regarding memory foam mattresses, which come in a box that is compressed.

What If Your Memory Foam Mattress is Not Inflating Fully?

The longer you keep the mattress of memory foam in its container the longer it’ll grow to its maximum size.

If you’ve packed the memory foam mattress you bought in an appropriate manner and it has not expanding to its full dimensions and shape within 72 hours, this is what you need to do:

Play around with it in a steady manner for 10 to 30-minutes.

The movement , in conjunction with your body’s heat could assist the memory foam in its efforts to relax – which could help the mattress be able to fully decompress.

I do not recommend standing on the mattress since this kind of weight could cause damages to your memory foam, such as indentation.

In the event that rolling method isn’t working, then taking a nap for a couple of nights could help.

It can take up to a couple of days or even weeks for memory foam to adapt to your body’s weight and shape , it is possible to delay this process.

However, if your mattress is not fully expanded , and you haven’t put it in the box for more than the recommended time by the manufacturer, then you might have a deficient the memory foam mattress.

In this case you must examine the warranty to determine whether you are eligible for a replacement.

Can You Rebox a Memory Foam Mattresses?

If you don’t own an appliance like that in the video above, you won’t be able compress and move your memory foam mattress in a way it appears exactly as that it looked when was first delivered.

There’s a different way to get quite close!

It is possible to compress the memory foam mattress to about one-tenth of its dimensions using an air mattress bag in certain cases.

Check out the following video for a demonstration of how you can reduce and the memory foam mattress with the vacuum bag to ensure that it takes smaller space:


It is possible to wonder whether purchasing a memory-foam mattress packed in a box worth the cost.

In the event that you’re going to have to store it in its box longer than suggested by the manufacturer, then yes, I’d suggest that buying a mattress in the box is worth it.

It will be much more convenient to carry the rolled mattress into your room, and also protect it from damage while in transit.

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