How Much Does A Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid King Bed Weigh?

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding is rumored to be one of the best cooling mattresses available.

How Much Does A Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid King Bed Weigh?

The Brooklyn Aurora weighs 130 lbs in both the king and California king sizes.

Aurora is an extremely high-profile mattress that measures 13.5 inches in thickness.

The mattress is made up of the top comfort layer made comprised of Energex polyfoam that is infused with copper and phase-change materials, and the second layer of TitanFlex polyfoam.

These two layers fit your bodyshape, however polyfoam can be a bit nimble while the surface of Aurora offers some bounce.

The cover is made of materials that change phase which helps to reduce the body’s heat absorption, keeping the mattress cool.

The Aurora includes the transitional layer made of memory foam gel and an insulated, pocketed zone support core that is reinforced with high-density polyfoam base.

You can pick from three different textures for your Aurora three-dimensional mattress, each of which has an individual number that is different on the 1-10 scale Medium soft (4) moderate firm (6) as well as hard (7).

The best degree of firmness you require will depend on a variety of aspects, including the weight of your body, your normal sleeping position, and level of conformity.

In the event that none of these choices is a viable option, you could look at Brooklyn Bedding’s different mattresses.

They include the all-foam Bowery and other hybrids like the Bloom, Bowery, Spartan as well as Signature hybrids.

Continue reading this Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress review to determine if this mattress is the right fit for you.

We’ll go over the mattress’s materials and construction, as well as the price it’s priced, and how it performs across different categories of sleep.


Brooklyn Aurora Video Overview



Which Firmness Should You Choose?

  • Choose Soft if… you would like a mattress that is shaped extremely closely the body. The strong coils of the Aurora provide a good amount of support, however you’ll feel a little more sunk into the soft Aurora models. Certain kinds of sleepers are more likely to like softer, more comfortable, for example, those who sleep on their sides and weigh less than 130 pounds.
  • Select Medium If… you’re trying to find a balance of the contouring of your body and back support. There will be a little sinking, but you won’t feel sagging around your waist, torso and the other places that you’re putting your weight. Stomach and back sleepers that weigh under 130 pounds usually prefer a middle-to-firmness like people who are side sleeping who weight as much as 300 pounds.
  • Choose Firm if… you prefer less conforming and a more comfortable overall feel. This level of firmness prevents your body from sinking and makes you feel like you are floating above the mattress instead of being buried beneath the surface. A firmer feeling is usually ideal for those who weigh greater than the weight of 230 pounds.


Who Should Consider Brooklyn Aurora?

  • People Who Sleep Hot: Brooklyn Bedding has gone to extreme lengths to include cooling elements in the various levels of its Aurora and is among the coolest mattress we’ve reviewed. Overheating is unlikely thanks to its unique cover technology, gel and copper-infused into its foams, and the temperature-regulating airflow of the coil layer.
  • Affordable Luxury Shoppers:   The brand provides luxurious features for a reasonable price. How does the company provide the same high-end products for lesser? They operate and own their own manufacturing facility, which means they do not employ expensive middlemen and use higher-quality materials at a lower cost to customers.
  • Sleepers Who Love Bounce: If you enjoy the springy sensation that coils give the Aurora might be the perfect bed for you. Bouncier beds facilitate easy repositioning, and is great for sleeping.


How Does the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Feel?

The mattress has an incredibly soft, neutral-foam feeling,but the coil layer provides it with the bounce you could get familiar with.

You won’t feel trapped in this mattress in any way. The memory foam that’s in the mattress isn’t enough to provide the sinking, stuck-in-the-mud sensation.

The Aurora’s response time is quick and it’s easy to bounce back to its original shape.

Its quick response lets you change places with minimal effort. It also prevents you from leaving an indent or dip on the ground when you flip.


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Layers


  • Base Layer: 1″ Layer of high density polyurethane foam to increase the durability of the bed as well as provide the coils with a solid base
  • Coil Layer: 8″ layer of support pocketed zones that provide specific assistance for all body types.
  • Visco-Elastic Memory Foam: 1″ of a patented memory foam to provide more cushioning and support
  • TitanFlex Foam: 2″ of a patented foam that provides additional comfort
  • CopperFlex Foam: 1.5″ 1.5″ of our exclusive CopperFlex foam that has cooling properties. This layer is designed for pressure relief and temperature control.

Aurora Cooling Mattress Cover

The cover of Brooklyn Aurora’s cover really plays into the bed’s remarkable temperature control.

It’s a smooth, soft euro-top that has the technology of a phase change to effectively reduce your temperature.

The company claims that the bed can reduce your temperature to 88 degrees F, but we’re unable to confirm that number.

We can say that this is an incredibly cool sleeping mattress, however.

This cover has a cool feel and is extremely comfortable.

The cover cannot be removed and is therefore it is not machine washable.


Brooklyn Aurora Pricing

The current sizes and prices available for the Brooklyn Aurora hybrid are listed in the table below.

Size Dimensions Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 13.5” $999
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 13.5” $1,249
Full 54” x 75” x 13.5” $1,599
Queen 60” x 80” x 13.5″ $1,749
King 76” x 80” x 13.5” $2,199
California King 72” x 84” x 13.5” $2,199


Support and Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

The back sleepers make up the most straightforward group to accommodate. They just require a mattress that is comfortable enough to support their spines naturally “S” curve. The firm and medium models of Brooklyn Aurora are a good choice. Brooklyn Aurora relieve pressure in the lower back and can easily accommodate light, average-weight and high-weight sleepers. If you are looking for more options, take a look at the top mattresses for back sleepers..

Side Sleepers

In the case of sleeping on the side with this bed, the middle mattress performs well in maintaining the spine in alignment. This prevents back pain that is caused by improper posture on the mattress.

The main issue of the medium Aurora for sleepers on the side is its ability to alleviate the pressure in the hips as well as the shoulders. As we looked at our pressure map, we found issues in these pressure point zones, and I would suggest that the light or normal-weight side sleeper to try using the version that is soft. Heavyweight people are able to sink further into the foam for pressure relief which is why the moderate firmness level is effective very well.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require a medium firm to firm mattress to keep the spine and hips straight. Since the medium mattress is an 6.5/10 on the scale of firmness, lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers will have excellent alignment on the mattress.

Combination Sleepers

If you are prone to changing your sleeping position frequently at time of night, you’re we refer to as an occupunist. The top mattresses for sleepers who are combination sleepers are extremely responsive, which is the bed’s capacity to change position as you move. The pocketed coils of Aurora’s structure make it comfortable and easy to switch position, no matter if you’re light, average-weight as well as the heavyweight.


Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Performance


At this point in the review you’ve learned lots concerning the Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora’s durability in feel, construction, and feel. However, there are some important aspects to take into consideration before making the final decision on the mattress. We put our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora through a variety of tests to evaluate its temperature control and edge support, motion transfer and much other things. Let’s take a look at how it did!

Sleeping Hot Or Cold

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora does a great job at keeping you cool. Nearly every layer of the mattress prevents sleepers from getting too hot at night. The Aurora comes with an air-cooling cover, cooling infusions within each of its three comfort layers and coils, that permit plenty of airflow across the entire mattress. The Aurora mattress is designed to help sleepers remain cool all night long.

Motion Transfer

Based on our experiences that we have had, motion isolation isn’t Aurora’s strongest feature. Since this is an extremely flexible and bouncy mattress, motion can be transferred across its surface fairly effortlessly. The likelihood is that the sleepers will sense each other’s movements throughout the night.

Edge Support

The edge support of Aurora to be decent. Aurora to be good, but not exceptional. The mattress’s edges sank slightly when we laid on the floor near its edge. If you bend to tie your shoes while sitting on the bed’s edge it might feel like you’re going to fall off.


Due to its solid coils and high-density foams it is Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is an extremely sturdy mattress that will not be sagging for a long period of time. It’s a long-term investment. This contributes to the reality that the Aurora provides an excellent value in comparison to its cost.


There was a first off-gassing emanating from Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, which is typical for mattresses that are bed-in-a-box. The odor should disappear within 24 to 48 hours.


In our test we did not notice any noticeable noise when we moved around in the Aurora. Since this mattress is made up of coils, it’s likely that they’ll begin to sound at times in the course of time.


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora should be an excellent mattress for sexual sex. The bed’s bounce and responsive nature allows lovers to move around and switch positions.


Brooklyn Aurora Support At Different Bodyweights

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lb – 230 lb

Back sleepers who weigh average should have lots in spine support and pressure relief from the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. Side sleepers who weigh average will likely feel too much pressure on the mattress. The Aurora should provide enough support for stomach sleepers with average weights.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230 lb

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora should be an ideal match for back sleepers with heavy weights that weigh under 300lbs and should have lots of support for their spine and also some tension relief. People who weigh more than 300 pounds are likely to require a mattress designed for heavier people like that of the Brooklyn Bedding Titan. Side sleepers with heavy weights will almost surely feel pressure on their Aurora as heavy stomach sleepers may not get sufficient spinal stability.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lb

Back sleepers who are light weight should experience comfortable spinal support and some Pressure release from the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. Side sleepers with light weights will likely feel too much pressure on the hip and shoulder. The Aurora will provide plenty of support for the spine to stomach sleepers.


Brooklyn Aurora Company Information

Before buying a mattress It’s best to read through the small print. This is a quick overview of Brooklyn Bedding’s main policies.

Mattress Warranty

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora comes with an 10-year guarantee that covers the premature degradation of the foam layer. The warranty is null and void if you do not use the right foundation to support.

Sleep Trial

The Aurora is backed by the Aurora comes with a 120-night trial of sleep. It takes approximately 4 months to figure out if this mattress is a great long-term choice.

Return Policy

If you’re not entirely content with Aurora mattress, you can contact Brooklyn Bedding to take advantage of a variety of alternatives. If you feel the mattress is uncomfortable, the business might offer a mattress topper that will make it more comfortable. They could also assist you to determine the best support system for the mattress or suggest a different model of their models of mattresses. If none of this is successful, you may return the Aurora to receive an 100% refund in the event that you make the request during the 120-night trial.



Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress FAQs

Do you have any questions? We’ve compiled answers to your most commonly asked questions concerning Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress.

Is Brooklyn Aurora A Good Mattress?

Yes yes, it is true that the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a sturdy, hybrid mattress made of high-quality materials, and is specifically designed to keep you cool. Of of course the firmness and the feel of this mattress are likely to be appealing to certain types of people more so than other types. It is a ideal choice for hot sleepers and those who prefer an elastic and bouncy mattress.

What Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is for Side Sleepers?

If you’re a sleeper on the side who is looking to purchase a bed that is part of the Brooklyn Bedding brand, you might want to think about this Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress. It’s a hybrid bed that gives you a good mix of support and comfort.

Can You Flip Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress?

It is not possible to flip Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. Flipping the mattress will cause you to sleep on hard coils instead of the comfort layers that are more comfortable. If you’re looking for a flippable Brooklyn Bedding mattress, consider the Plank Hybrid.

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