How Much Does The Spindle Mattress Weigh

The weight of a Spindle mattress will range from 95 lbs to 180 lbs, depending on the size.

Currently, Spindle mattress is available in 5 different sizes:

  • Twin – 95 lbs
  • Twin XL – 100 lbs
  • Full – 125 lbs
  • Queen – 150 lbs
  • King – 180 lbs

If you’re looking for natural latex mattresses then the Spindle might be your ideal purchase.

This mattress is not only constructed with three layers of soft, natural latex and foam – but it’s also affixed and you can play with the various sections to get the most personalized relaxation and support.



Who is Spindle Mattress Good For?

  • Those searching for a natural mattress: The latex used in the mattress is natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals that you may encounter in other mattresses. If you are looking for a safe and natural alternative then the Spindle is a good option.
  • Hot sleepers: If you are overheated during your rest, the Spindle can be able to help you. The latex provides an air cooler surface for sleeping and doesn’t hold heat in the same way that other mattress materials can. It is recommended to sleep at a cool temperature on your Spindle mattress.
  • Those searching for an investment that will last for a long time: Although it’s not the most inexpensive mattress but it is expected to last longer than other mattress options available online. The three layers of latex are extremely tough, and they’ll withstand several seasons of wear wear and tear. There will be some cost upfront however, it’s an investment that is worth it.
  • Those looking for firmness options: If you’re not sure which level of firmness is suitable for you, then the Spindle might be a great option. When you purchase the Spindle, you select four different firmness choices. Then, flip the switch and rearrange the two top layers to determine the right amount of firmness to meet your sleep preferences.


Spindle Mattress Review Breakdown

Spindle Mattress comes in two different firmness levels that are medium and firm. Medium is truly medium that scores a five on the 10 point scale of firmness. As it scores about 7, the option of Firm could be considered to be a firm, too.

Every mattress has an edging made of organic cotton. The cover is stretchy enough to allow it to move along with the layers of latex. It’s also breathable to ensure that air circulates through and out of the mattress. One-inch of wool is covered with a quilt to regulate the temperature, while also cushioning the sleeping mattress.

The mattress’s body is made up of three layers of Dunlop latex. The degree of firmness of these layers can vary between the various firmness choices. The Medium variant includes two layers of medium-to-firm latex as well as a layer of latex that is firm. The Firm version has the medium latex layer as well as two layers of latex that are firm. The layers can be moved to change the feel and feel of your mattress.

Dunlop latex is well-known for its toughness its bounce, breathability, and bounce. The latex is a soft material with a low point of elasticity, meaning it can’t collapse directly under the sleeping weight like traditional memory foam and polyfoam. Instead, it spreads the compressibility across the mattress. Many sleepers prefer the feeling like sleeping “on” instead of “in” in the mattress.


Firmness and Feel

As mentioned previously, Spindle is offered in four different levels of firmness. Like you’d imagine, the medium firmness is the most well-known. But, regardless of the variant you pick you’ll be able to arrange the layers of latex in accordance with your preferences.

The mattress feels extremely soft and springy (similar similar to the other latex mattress). In the event that we were to choose another mattress that we believe it’s comparable to it in regards to the way it feels to sleep on, we’d choose Zenhaven.

Be aware that your weight will play significant roles in how firm a mattress is. For example, if you’re small it will feel more firm than if you’re heavier (250or more pounds). If you weigh more than 250 pounds, you might prefer a spring mattress or a hybrid but the firm option will be able to do a great job of helping support your body. The mattress is just 10″ and isn’t very bulky for those who are heavy.


Spindle Mattress Construction


The Spindle mattress has three layers of continuous for Dunlop latex. The majority of customers choose the medium firmness of Spindle. “Medium Firmness ” refers to the fact that Spindle will provide you with two medium-firmness latex layers and one firm foam layer. The firm latex layer will be placed at the bottom of the box, while those two mid latex layers will be placed on top.

The Spindle mattress is comprised of three 3″ layer comprised of Dunlop natural latex foam. There are several options for customization that you can choose from inside the “medium” cushion. For instance, you could put the firm latex foam layer in the middle layer on the lowermost layer. This would result in an even more firm sleeping surface compared to the firm-medium-medium arrangement.

Furthermore, because there is a chance that the Dunlop foam is thicker on the opposite edge of every layer the layers can be reversed to create a slight difference in degree of firmness. The side with holes will be more dense than the smooth side therefore, if you’d like an even more firm feel you can try placing the layer of latex with holes facing upwards.

The Spindle labels the latex layers using labels that include a “medium” or “firm” sticker along with the “this face up” sticker. This makes the process of setting it up more simple and assists you avoid making errors during the setting.

The mattress Spindle is created from natural latex supplied through the latex Green company.


Spindle Mattress Performance

Motion Isolation

The firmness levels available on Spindle Mattress is firm enough. Spindle Mattress absorbs a moderate amount of movement, which is comparable to the majority of latex mattresses. The layers of latex reduce, but they do not completely stop motion transfer. This is due to the foam’s elasticity. The 1 inch of wool batting quilted in the cover assists in dampening any vibrations which could be transmitted over the layers of latex.

This motion-isolation should be sufficient for those who sleep with their partners. They shouldn’t be aware of motion when their partner shifts the position. However, those who awake easily whenever their partner moves are more alert to the slight movement shift.

Pressure Relief

Both firmness choices from Spindle provide greater pressure relief than other latex models. 3 layers of latex conform to the body of the person sleeping to distribute their weight evenly and decrease the buildup of pressure. Wool batting quilted into cover cushions pressure points.

For the most effective pressure relief, people must always choose the right firmness for their weight and their sleeping position. People who weigh less than 130 pounds will have the greatest combination of support and pressure relief when they sleep on the medium model of the Spindle. Over 130 pounds can experience a gentle crawling, with less sinkage on the firmer variant of the mattress.

To get the best pressure relief, the owners of a spindle may want to play around with the positioning of their foam layers of latex to refine the comfort of their mattress.

The two firmness options offered by Spindle provide more relief from pressure than latex models. 3 layers of latex conform around the body of the sleeper to distribute their weight evenly and decrease pressure buildup. Wool batting quilted into cover helps cushion pressure points.

To get the maximum pressure relief, sleepers should be looking for the firmness that is appropriate to their weight and sleeping position. People who weigh less than 130 pounds are more likely to have the greatest combination of support and pressure relief in the medium variant of the Spindle. Over 130 pounds can experience a gentle hugging and less sinkage when they sleep on the firm variant of the mattress.

For the most effective pressure relief the owners of a spindle may want to play around with the positioning of their latex foam layers in order to refine the mattress’s feel.

Temperature Control

The Spindle regulates temperature quite well, and is comparable to other latex mattresses. Even those who are prone to sleep hot will likely stay comfortably cool, dry and comfortable with this Spindle Mattress. The breathable cotton cover lets air to enter the mattress wool batting can help reduce the build-up of heat and draw water away from the sleeping body. Latex foam is typically comfortable due to its open cell structure, however it is also breathable due to its open-cell structure. Spindle Mattress also amplifies the airflow by creating holes in the fabric to let heat escape.

Edge Support

As latex mattresses usually don’t have edges that are reinforced because of their density, the foam can create a bed’s edge to feel a bit fragile.

The medium model that comes with Spindle Mattress. Spindle Mattress has similar edge support as the majority of latex mattresses. There is a possibility of sinkage when they sleep or sit close to the edge of their mattress, but this isn’t enough to limit the mattress they are able to utilize. People who weigh more than 300 pounds are more likely to experience more sinkage on the edges.

The firm version of the Spindle is more durable that many latex models this could make it an ideal choice for those who weigh over 300 pounds or who utilize the edges of their bed frequently.

Ease of Movement

Latex mattresses such as the Spindle typically have a buoyant, bouncy feel that makes them simple to move around on. The Spindle Mattress’s 3 layers of latex bounce back to their original shape rapidly whenever the person sleeping shifts position. Also, the latex layer doesn’t conform close to the body as polyfoam or memory foam and therefore, most people won’t be able to feel trapped in their bed.


Couples typically enjoy the springy sensation of mattresses made from latex to sexual sex. The medium and firm models of Spindle Mattress may both be very conducive to sexual arousal. They offer more bounce and less sinkage than most latex mattresses, however wool batting as well as the top layer of latex will offer enough contouring to allow to provide the traction.


A lot of new products have smells that are a result of the manufacturing process. Natural latex mattresses typically do not come with as much of an odor than mattresses made of synthetic foam. The Spindle offers the same off-gassing capabilities as most organic latex mattress. It may have a aroma of rubber or natural because of the use of natural latex and wool. However, this scent is likely to be delicate and will disappear fairly quickly.

It is unlikely for most owners to be required to blow out your Spindle Mattress before using it however some might choose to store it in a cool area until the odors have gone away. The process usually takes from several hours or some days


Spindle Mattress in Different Sleeping Positions & Body Weights

Depending on the type of body you have and your preferred sleeping position depending on your body type and preferred sleeping position, you’ll feel the mattress in a different way.

Most light sleepers don’t require the same level of support as those who sleep in heavy positions.

Find out below what the Spindle mattress works for people of various weights.

Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130 lbs

  • Light Back Sleepers: These sleepers will feel supported enough, but they will feel some sinkage around the hips. If you want to stay in the middle of the mattress should layer the firm layer over it or select a more firm mattress.
  • Light Side Sleepers: The sleepers will be comfortable and feel relaxed on this mattress. I would recommend it especially for those who want some slight contouring, as well as a lot of good spinal alignment.
  • Light Stomach sleepers: This mattress will be a little softer than the mattresses that stomach sleepers with light stomachs like. They could get the support they require by putting the thicker layer on top and then recommend a more firm mattress.

Average Weight Sleepers – 130 lbs – 250 lbs

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers: These sleepers will not get the proper support with this mattress. I suggest that these sleepers opt for a more firm mattress in general.
  • Average Weight Side Sleepers: Average side sleepers with a weight difference could be content in this mattress. The mattress isn’t going to offer much relief from pressure however it could help sleepers on the side feel more equally spread. If you’re not in need of a deep relief from pain I would suggest using the trial time and testing the mattress out for yourself!
  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers: I would not recommend this mattress for stomach sleepers who require an extra firm mattress to avoid sinkage in the hips. I’d suggest more firm internal spring mattress instead.

Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 250 lbs

For heavy weight people, we would not recommend the Spindle mattress.

Here is our list of the best mattresses for heavy people; listed in no particular order:


Spindle Mattress Pricing

Here are the current prices and sizes available for the Spindle mattress:

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 38” x 74.5 x 10″ 95 lbs $1,599.99
Twin XL 38″ x 79.5″ x 10″ 100 lbs $1,599.99
Full 53″ x 74.5″ x 10″ 125 lbs $2,299.99
Queen 60″ x 79.5″ x 10″ 150 lbs $2,499.99
King 76″ x 79.5″ x 10″ 180 lbs $2,999.99


Prices are subject to change.


Trial, Warranty, and Shipping Policies


Spindle distributes its mattresses to various locations in of the United States and Canada. The mattress is sold on the Spindle website as well as Amazon. Customers are able to test the mattress in the Spindle showroom in Acton, Massachusetts and Your Organic Bedroom in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.


Spindle Mattress Spindle Mattress ships for free within the adjacent United States via FedEx or UPS. Spindle also delivers mattresses for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada however additional charges are charged. The majority of mattresses are shipped in 7 to 10 business days, and will arrive between 1 and 7 business days after that. Customers will be provided with an tracking number once the mattress is delivered.

The mattress is shipped without assembly. Twin-sized mattresses are shipped in two boxes. While the full, queen and king sizes are delivered with three containers. The mattress is covered in plastic sheeting, wrapped inside a plastic sheath and then packed into a box. The consumer is accountable for moving the mattress’s parts into their homes after unpacking them and making the mattress.

Additional Services

Customers living in the continental United States can purchase in-home delivery through Ryder by Spindle with a price of 299 dollars. Ryder will assist the customer in determining the best time to schedule a delivery time. Delivery at home can take between 4 and 6 weeks. Two members of the team will arrive with the boxes, take them out of their packaging and assemble the mattress and then remove the packaging materials. The client will have to inform the team of which preferred configuration of the mattress. If you can arrange it ahead the team will also take away your mattress for an the additional cost of $150.

Sleep Trial

When bought directly from Spindle when it is purchased directly through Spindle, the Spindle Mattress offers 365 nights of trial period of sleep. Spindle requests that customers test the mattress for between 30 and 60 days. If they aren’t able to adjust to the new mattress, Spindle will assist the customer to determine ways to improve the comfort of the mattress. If customers aren’t happy, they may return the mattress to receive full reimbursement of the price of the purchase. They are responsible for removing the identifying label and donating the mattress to an organization for charitable purposes and then mailing Spindle the labels along with an acknowledgment that the mattress was donated.

Spindle also offers an extended warranty of 25 years. Comfort Life program, where owners can buy another layer of latex for a 30 percent discount. It gives customers the option of re-inforcing or altering the level of firmness of their mattress without having to replace the mattress.

This is not the case for purchases made on websites that are operated by third parties like Amazon.


Spindle Mattress Spindle Mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee. For no cost, Spindle will repair or replace any materials that have structural issues for customers living in the 48 states that are contiguous.

For eligibility, the person seeking to claim must be the first purchaser and have evidence of the purchase. The law tag must be in place. Inappropriate use, abuse of the product, burns, stains and other physical damages could cause the warranty to be void. A defective foundation may also void the warranty.

Other terms and conditions are applicable.



Spindle Mattress FAQ

Does Spindle mattress come with a sleep trial?

Yes! Spindle offers a 365-night trial at no cost to test whether it’s the right mattress for you. If, after one year, you don’t like the mattress from Spindle, you can be sure that you’ll receive every penny back.

Does Spindle provide a mattress warranty?

Spindle mattresses are covered by 10 years of warranty starting from the date of purchase. Spindle also has a 25-year Comfort Life program, where anytime during the ownership of the Spindle mattress, customers may alter the mattress by purchasing an additional layer of latex at 30% off.

How does the Spindle mattress ship?

The Spindle is shipped for free and will arrive packed in at least three boxes. Shipping is offered to all locations within the United States and Canada. I suggest making the bed together with a companion because it can be a bit difficult.

Is Spindle a green mattress?

With the cover comprised from organic wool and cotton batting, and the all-natural latex utilized throughout, it’s an eco-friendly choice. People who are looking for a green mattress will be pleased by the options.

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