How To Clean A Purple Mattress

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In this article we go over how to clean a Purple mattress.

A mattress is a huge investment. It’s a significant piece of furniture that you’ll probably keep for the coming 8-10 years.

If you’re spending seven hours per night  sitting, lying or sleeping on your Purple mattress, it’s likely to become dirty.

There are ways to keep your mattress clean and preserve it for the years.

It is recommended to clean your mattress at least once every six months, particularly those who suffer with allergies or have pets.

Cleansing your bed is simple to accomplish.

Just follow our simple guideline with eight simple actions to ensure your mattress looks new all year long.


How To Clean A Purple Mattress

1: Gather Your Mattress Cleaning Supplies

The first step in achieving having a clean mattress is to purchase the proper cleaning products. A good cleaning product will make huge difference and will also make cleaning much more efficient.

  • Vacuum
  • Laundry detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Cleansing cloth
  • Dish soap or enzyme cleaner

2: Strip the Bed and Wash all Bedding

After you have gathered the cleaning materials, your next task is to scrub all of the bedding.

Take the sheets from your mattress including the comforter, fitted sheets as well as any blankets. Be sure to take off the pillows cases too. Throw them in your washing machine to wash off the dirt or grime.

Clean your pillows also. Remember, your pillows might need a different method for cleaning, so be sure to follow the instructions provided on the tag instructions.

After your bedding has been cleaned, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Wet bedding may cause the growth of mold or other bacterial growth that you don’t want to spread on you or on your mattress.

3: Vacuum Your Mattress

After washing your bedding, you are able to begin cleaning your mattress.

With the help of your upholstery attachment clean your mattress thoroughly.

Vacuuming your mattress can help eliminate the majority of the dust, dirt and dander that have been accumulating on it.

It is essential to vacuum prior to using cleaning and water solutions since it can eliminate any dirt or grime that may be left on the mattress with water.

When vacuuming,get the edges well, and make sure you vacuum over the side you sleep on several times.

4: Cleanse Your Mattress using Stain Remover

After you’ve vacuumed your mattress completely it is now time to do some spot cleaning.

The kind of stain remover that you apply will depend on the kind of stain.

For common stains, such as grime and dirt the standard stain remover will work. In the case of vomit, urine or sweat staining, an enzyme cleanser or hydrogen peroxide can help dissolve the stain and allow you to clean the stains.

If you don’t have stain removers or enzyme cleaners dish soap can be used to take out the majority of stain.

Hydrogen peroxide is also able to remove blood stains easily, which is why it could be an ideal product to keep in your arsenal.

It is essential to avoid using too much cleaning product when trying to get rid of stain. Less is more when you first start out.

Here are four steps to stain removal:

  1. Make a small amount cleaning solution onto the rag. After that, gently rub the stain using the cloth.
  2. Allow the solution to sit for a couple of minutes. Then gently massage the surface with a clean, dry cloth.
  3. Pour cold water into a clean cloth. After that, you can apply pressure to the area using the wet area with the rag.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 if the stain is not gone.

These steps will ensure you do not use more cleaning solution which can take a lengthy time to dry and possibly cause damage to your mattress.

5: Sprinkle Baking Soda Over the Entire Mattress

After allowing the affected areas to dry, sprinkle baking soda on your mattress.

Baking soda is natural deodorizer that helps to eliminate any smells.

When you apply baking soda gently rub it into your mattress and then let it sit for a few minutes.

We suggest letting the baking soda rest for minimum 15 minutes, and preferably at least a couple of hours.

This will ensure that the baking soda is given enough time to get any smells off your mattress.

6: Vacuum Again

After letting the baking soda set for a bit, you need to clean the mattress with your upholstery accessory.

Be sure to pay attention to the mattress seams, and then carefully clean up your baking soda.

It could be beneficial to check your mattress a few more times using the vacuum to ensure that you’ve removed all baking soda.

7: Air Out the Mattress

After you have vacuumed the treated spots as well as deodorized the mattress it’s time to allow it to air dry.

This is an essential part of the process of cleaning.

By airing your mattress, you let it dry thoroughly and will help rid it of any lingering smells.

You can open your bedroom windows to let in more air or shift your mattress into direct sunlight , if it is possible.

Make sure that your mattress is dry prior to putting your bedding back on it.

If your mattress remains damp, it may hinder the mattress from completely drying and cause mildew to form.

Mildew can cause unpleasant odors, staining and cause the mattress to be damaged.

8: Flip the Mattress

After you’ve aired out your mattress, you’ll need to flip it over and repeat steps 1-7 on the opposite side.

Cleaning your mattress can take some time in your schedule, but it will help you save cash in the end and will ensure you get the longest use out of your mattress.

If you have a Purple mattress, you are able to bypass step 8. Purple mattresses are constructed using the patent-pending GelFlex(tm) Grid technology, which demands that the mattress remain straight.

We recommend that you rotate your Purple mattress at least every 3 to 4 months.

This will ensure its structure and support and also prevent excessive wear and tear on a single side.


Additional Considerations

Protect the Mattress

A mattress protector can aid in keeping your mattress clean.

Mattress protectors help keep dust and staining from your mattress.

Even though we still suggest cleaning your mattress at least every couple of months, the mattress protector can aid in the process by avoiding most dirt stains, and also requiring less vacuuming.

Be sure to often clean the mattress protector also.

They’re simple to wash and will ensure that your mattress looks as new for many years to come.

Mattress Stains

Blood stains: are difficult to get rid of from mattresses and bedding, but with the right techniques and equipment, you will be able to get rid of these staining with ease.

The best method for removing blood staining is to use cold water, never hot or warm, and hydrogen peroxide.

It might take a few attempts to remove blood stains, however as long as you follow our guidelines that will help you eliminate blood staining.

Urine stains: you will need a high-quality enzyme cleaner to remove the stain.

If you add a tiny amount of the enzyme cleaner into the stain and letting it sit for a while, then gently rubbing at the stain, you should not have much trouble getting rid of the stain.

If the stain isn’t lifted after the first attempt you try it, repeat the procedure till it lifts.

Sweat stains: Like urine staining, sweat stains can be easily removed using hydrogen peroxide or an enzyme cleaner.

Apply a small amount of cleaning solution, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then gently rub the stain to dry.

If needed you can repeat the procedure until the stain is completely gone.


Can I Wash My Purple Mattress Cover?

Because the mattress cover (the puffy cover that reads Purple) includes a zipper, you are able to completely remove it.

Even though this may entice you to wash it in a washing machine,PLEASE DON’T!

The cover is made of an amazing amount of spandex to ensure you can enjoy the full advantages of Purple.

After it has been put through the dryer and washer your mattress will get smaller.

Your bedding and mattress have a significant impact on your sleep.

Making sure you take care of your mattress by keeping it clean will make sure that your mattress lasts for a long period of time and you get the rest you require.

If it’s time to purchase an upgrade to your mattress, Purple is one of the best options for you.

Purple brings quality sleep right into your bed.



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