How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress 

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A hole in an air mattress is one of the most common problems that people encounter when they purchase a new bed. The good news is that it is quite easy to fix and you can do it yourself with only a few basic tools.


How To Fix A Hole In Air Mattress Video Tutorial


Steps To Patch Hole In Air Mattress

The first step in repairing a hole in your air mattress is to determine what caused the hole.

For example, a leak could have resulted from a damaged hose, leaking valve, or a loose connection somewhere along the line.

Once you identify the cause, you can proceed with the repair using the following steps:

1 – Remove the covers

Remove the mattress and mattress cover by lifting them up away from the box springs. Remove the top part of the box springs as well. Then, remove the bottom sheet and set it aside.

2 – Remove the wires

Loosen all of the screws holding the wires together and pull them out from the mattress.Therefore, they will not be available later to be used again.

3 – Remove the springs

Pull out the coils from the box springs and lay them on a flat surface. If there are any coils that are still tightly wound together, you can separate them with a pair of pliers.

4 – Remove the padding

Lift up the foam pad and pull it away from the box spring. It should be easy to remove once the coils are out of the way.

5 – Remove the fabric cover

Pull away the fabric cover from the box spring and remove it. This should also be easy to do once the springs are out of the way.Finally, lift up the vinyl and remove it.

6 – Replace all of the parts removed earlier in this process

Put everything back together just as it was before you started taking it apart. Make sure that the screws that held the top part of the box springs in place are reattached and that the mattress is put back on the box springs. Then, replace the top part of the box springs and finally, put the mattress cover back on the mattress. Your mattress should be ready to go again.

7 – Re-inflate the mattress

Turn the valve on the air compressor back to its “Fill” position.

Forever Spray the mattress with the hose nozzle until all of the air is let out from it. This will prevent air from coming out of the mattress. When the mattress is completely deflated, turn off the valve.

8 – Check the mattress for any leaks

The mattress should be ready to use now. However, if you find a leak, you can put a small amount of fabric softener sheets under the mattress to help stop the moisture from getting into the mattress and causing mold or mildew.


Materials And Tools Needed

Having any or all of the following tools and materials can help speed up the process when fixing a hole in your air mattress

  • Gentle Cleanser:Dish soap, or laundry detergent aids in cleaning the area that is to be patched, and also in identifying the leak.
  • Cleansing Towel or Sponge: The sponge is dampened or towel to clean the mattress of air. It’s also useful in locating the gap.
  • Use Tissue: A piece of tissue or paper towel on your mattress can help you spot air bubbles that may be leaking out.
  • Manufacturer’s Patch Kit: Many air mattresses include patches. In general, these kits include an applicator, adhesive and patches that are compatible with your air mattress’s materials.
  • Other Patch Kits: If your air mattress did not come with a kit, or you are unable to find it, you may buy patches for your air mattress online or from brick-and-mortar stores. These kits are made of the same basic components as the original kit from the manufacturer. It is possible to purchase the kit with patch that matches the materials and color of the air mattress.
  • Thin plastic material: If you aren’t using the kit, you’ll have to make patches from small plastic. An old shower curtain or any other robust plastic should suffice.
  • Adhesive: It is also necessary to use an adhesive even if you’re not using an adhesive patch kit. Think about using a glue that is strong that is specifically designed for use on plastic, or one that is air-tight.
  • Heavy Object: After applying the patch put the thing on your mattress to give the patch to dry and stick. Think about using the book or box with heavy objects.


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