How To Lower A Crib Mattress

If you’re needing to know how to lower a crib mattress, the steps are fairly simple.

Obviously this may vary some by your crib model, but the steps should be performed in the same order.

Here is a video to help you:


How to Lower a Crib Mattress

1 – Remove the Side Rails

First, remove the side rails. They’re usually on each side of the crib, usually with one rail attached to each side at the back.

Finally, pull up on the side rails until it releases from the crib frame and you can lift it away from the bed.

2 – Lift the Bed Frame

Next, lift the bed frame out from the crib. Most crib frames have a center pole which holds the mattress. Usually it’s just pulled straight up. You’ll want to make sure it’s not too tight, as it won’t be able to be lowered further without damage.

Immediately after lifting it, you may see small holes or tears in the material, these will disappear after being lowered.

3 – Lower the Mattress

The next step is to lower the mattress. You’ll want to lower the mattress down into the crib, making sure that the center pole is directly over the crib frame, not resting on the bed frame. Once it’s in place, your mattress should now be safely inside the crib, and you can start using the crib.

If the holes or tears are still visible, you can apply a piece of scotch tape around the perimeter of the hole or tear. This should prevent anything from leaking through, while the mattress is lowered.

4 – Adjust the Side Rails

After lowering the mattress, make sure that the side rails are placed properly and secured. Most cribs have a mechanism for securing the side rails to the crib frame, so check your crib’s manual before proceeding.

5 – Replace the Bed Frame

Finally, replace the bed frame. If you’re replacing a single bed frame, then simply slide it back in place.

However, if you’re replacing the entire bed frame (or crib), you’ll want to remove the mattress from the crib first.

Once the new bed frame is in place, slide the mattress back in.

Make sure the mattress is fully in the crib, as there may be gaps or spaces which you don’t want to fill up.

To do this, simply place the mattress on top of the crib frame, until you’re certain that the frame is completely enclosed.

Once that’s done, secure the mattress with the crib frame. You can do this by tucking the mattress under itself, or by wrapping it around the crib.


When Should You Lower A Crib Mattress?

There are three main reasons why you might want to lower your crib mattress:

1 – If a Child is Too Big for the Crib

Many cribs are built to fit children of specific sizes, and when your child is too big for the crib, it won’t fit.

This means that the mattress will be pushed all the way up to the top of the crib frame, making it impossible for the baby to fit in.

To solve this, you’ll want to make sure that you’re placing the mattress correctly.

In addition to lowering the crib mattress, you should also make sure that the side rails are lowered so that they’re flush with the sides of the crib.

2 – If a Child is Too Small for the Crib

The same goes for children that are too small. If your child is too small for their crib, they will be able to climb out of the crib by pushing against the mattress and sides of the crib.

To prevent this, make sure that the mattress and sides of the crib are placed correctly.

Make sure the mattress isn’t pushed all the way up, as this would prevent the child from fitting in.

If you find that the mattress is pushed too far up, then you can use some scotch tape to secure the mattress in place.

Next, lower the sides of the crib until they’re completely flush with the sides of the crib frame.

3 – To Prevent Furniture Damage

This third reason comes in handy when it’s time to move the crib into a new room. When you move your crib into a new room, the crib will be lifted off the ground, and moved across the floor.

If your crib is too big or too small for its new home, the crib will be unable to fit properly, which will damage your furniture and flooring.

To prevent this, simply lower the crib mattress into the crib before moving it.

You should also make sure that the sides of the crib are lowered until they’re flush with the sides of the crib frame. This will prevent furniture and floor damage.


Who Makes The Best Crib Mattresses?

There are many brands of crib mattresses on the market.

So, we understand how trying to find the best crib mattress would be a headache.

So to help you out, we will tell you our choice:


Naturepedic is a company that believes in nature making the best material for a healthier and more comfortable sleep.

They believe in giving you and your baby that healthy sleeping environment. The Naturepedic mattresses are designed with the help of engineers, chemists, and pediatricians, and they’re made with all natural materials.

They are designed by Amish craftsmen in the Naturepedic’s GOTS certified factory in Ohio.

 Naturepedic’s Breathable Firm Construction

  • Waterproof Breathable Pad: A pillow-like construction that allows you to completely breathe if you press your face into the mattress is especially beneficial for babies who begin to roll and sleep on their side. Having the peace of mind knowing your baby is safe in their bed means you can rest easy, well at least when your baby is sleeping.
  • Polyethylene Waterproof Surface: This mattress will be great for the baby when he starts to spit up and for when it gets flipped over to the toddler side when they are potty training. It’s also dust mite and bug proof.
  • Organic Cotton Batting:This layer is organic, sourced from American farmers, and comes with a little bit of padding.
  • Wave Support ™ Lightweight Core:The Super Firm Core fits tightly to your mattress, but because it’s soft, it allows air to flow through the bed. It’s also thin enough for you to change your sheets easily.

Non Toxic

The Naturepedic crib mattress is organic and is certified by GOTS/GOLS (Global Organic Textile/Latex Standard). This means that no pesticides were used and that the materials are safe for baby. It’s also Non-GMO verified, made safe for baby, GREENGUARD and many more. Check out Naturepedic’s complete list of certifications.


Naturepedic mattresses are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The company has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Rainforest Alliance (RA). What this means is their wood comes from a chain of custody that meets FSC standards. These standards include criteria that is designed to protect the environment and lands. The company is Green America certified, so you know they go above and beyond. This is a sign they are both ethically and socially responsible, and ensure the products are made in a way that’s good for the planet.

Dual Firmness

The sides are two-sided, which means it will last until your kid is ready for an adult bed. You can easily flip the mattress over for a softer feel, and it still maintains its firmness on both sides, which is preferred in a crib mattress for a safer sleep surface.

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