How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

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Wondering how to raise an air mattress off the floor?

This is among the most frequently asked questions regarding an air mattress that people ask when they go to camp or wish to provide a true mattress-like experience to their guests.

The air mattress being lifted off the floor does not just protect it from different kinds of dangers, but also stops it from moving that I’m sure many of you have experienced while shifting your sleeping position.

Particularly, if you’re camping in hilly or bumpy terrain in which case, you put your airbed in danger because you haven’t lifted it off the bumpy ground.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of air mattresses.


Benefits of Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are very popular since they are easy to carry around.

They’re not heavy until you take them out of the bag and then inflate them.

They are known to be durable against dust, dirt and even surface scratches.

There is a obvious flaw in the air mattress. Its biggest flaw is that it’s easy to cut or puncture its surface.

All you have to do is lay down with a pen or paperclip, only to wake up with pain in your spine and a flat mattress.

To avoid this situation and avoid back pain, we suggest you continue reading.


How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

Metal Bed Frames

Although there are many methods to lift an air mattress, metal bed frames are the most sought-after option since they’re readily available at most camping equipment and online retailers.

Bed frames made of metal are versatile and are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colors. They’re also quite simple to put together.

The advantages of using a bed made of metal frame to elevate an air mattress off the floor include flexibility, simple setup, and value.

The downsides to using metal bed frames is that they are sharp on the edges, and heavy.

They’re also reasonably priced since metal bed frames can be found for around $100, and you do not normally have to pay a specialist for installation.

Furthermore, metal bed frames are extremely sturdy and long-lasting, so they’ll last for many years.

Another major benefit of having the bed frame made of metal can be that they do notjust raises the air mattress, but also shields it from dust and damage.

Furthermore, it adds an extra storage space beneath the bed frame, which makes it the perfect choice for guest rooms and bedrooms with smaller rooms.

While metal bed frames are safe for mattresses of regular size,if you select frames with sharp edges, they could harm the air mattress.

But, you can avoid harm by choosing the appropriate metal frame that doesn’t have sharp edges or sharp corners.

Buy a frame that is made of metal, with a base that is solid and the slats are placed close to one another to prevent the frame from sagging or deflation.

You can also utilize a bunkie-board to provide an evenly-spaced surface your air mattress to lie on.

The bulky and heavy bed frames can be a hassle for campers as they are difficult to transport and take up a lot of space.

But, you can buy a foldable metal bed frame, which can be carried and is easier to keep in storage.

Box Spring

If you’re looking to elevate your air mattress off the floor by 5-9 inches, it is possible to place a box spring underneath the mattress.

While elevating the bed’s height the box spring will ensure it is protected and will reduce deflation.

Utilize a box spring to raise an air mattress up to 5-9 inches above the ground. They come in various sizes and heights to fit the needs of each individual.

The drawback of having the box spring is that they can be expensive and heavy.

Because box springs like come in a wide range of heights and sizes and heights, it is easy to choose the one that best suits your requirements.

If you’re looking to lift the air bed off of the ground by a couple of inches, go to a box spring that is low-profile.

If you’d like to build your bed higher than this, think about getting the regular box spring instead.

The biggest drawback of using an air mattress with a box spring that raises the mattress off the flooring is the cost.

Most box springs, such as will cost you between $100-150.

If you already have one that you own, a box spring can be a good alternative.

Another issue with box springs is they’re very weighty and bulky.

If you live in a tiny space, a box spring isn’t the best option because it takes up a lot of space and there won’t be enough space to store it when it’s not when you’re not using it.

DIY Wood Frame

If you’re adept in woodworking, making your own wooden frame can be an ideal method of elevating your air mattress off of the ground.

With only some DIY techniques, you can build the ideal custom frame from wood to support your mattress.

The DIY wooden frame is modified to meet the air bed’s features and dimensions.

Wood frames are inexpensive alternatives to other ways for raising the air bed.

Sand and then seal your DIY wood frame to avoid the air bed from being damaged. which can cause holes, punctures, leaks or tears due to rough edges and splinters.

If you are a woodworker, making your own wood frame can be a wonderful way to lift the mattress above the floor.

Making an individual bed frame implies that you are able to easily modify it to fit the size of your air mattress and the features.

Additionally, you can paint the frame using chalk paint to complement the decor of your room.

Alongside a variety of alternatives for customization, DIY wood frames are very inexpensive.

It is possible to make one in the case of the tightest budget.

But, DIY frame assembly might require additional expenses if you employ professionals to build the bed frame or if you have to buy all the equipment.

But, this approach is still cheaper when compared to pre-assembled beds.

Many people avoid using DIY wooden frames for lifting your air bed off of the floor due to the fact that holes, punctures and tears are due to wood splinters.

It is possible to prevent this from happening by creating a surface that is as even and smooth as you can with fine-grit sandpaper as well as wood varnish.

Check out the following YouTube instructional video created by Seb Tech DIY, to learn how you can build your own wooden frame to support your air mattress.


Plywood is among the most cost-effective solutions to lift your air mattress off the floor.

If you’re in search of an interim solution, but don’t want to spend excessively, this method is perfect for you.

The advantages of using plywood underneath the air mattress include the ability to access, affordability, and additional protection for the bed.

The downsides are the uneven surface and the low height.

Plywood is readily available at local stores for home improvement and online retailers.

It is available in a variety of sizes and grade options, so you are able to find the right product to meet your budget and needs.

Placing plywood underneath your mattress is the most cost-effective method of safeguarding your air mattress and flooring.

The surface could occasionally be slippery, and you might need to cover the plywood using non-slip material.

If you’re looking to raise your air mattress and make it higher by a great amount, plywood is not the best option for you.

While it’s not expensive and comes with additional security, it’s not able to increase the level of the air bed.

Thick plywood could increase the height of your mattress by a couple of inches.


Foam sheets are the most affordable method of lifting an air mattress off the floor.

Similar to plywood, foam sheets can be employed as temporary solutions.

Around 20-30 dollars, you can buy foam padding for underneath the air mattress.

The benefits of using foam to lift an air bed off of the floor is that it’s inexpensive flexible, adaptable, and simple to move about.

The downside of using foam is the fact that it does not all the time have non-slip surface , and doesn’t raise the mattress of air significantly.

As well as being cost-effective, they also are available in a variety of dimensions, thicknesses, and color choices.

Whatever the style of your bedroom is, you will get the perfect foam sheet that is the perfect shade to complement the overall style of your bedroom.

While plywood may be a great option in the case of keeping an air mattress in one location, foam is much more portable.

If you’re planning to use an air mattress to camp, it could be the best option as it can also help to protect the mattress from the cold.

Because some foam sheets don’t have non-slip, they won’t necessarily be suitable for use under air mattresses.

Foam rolls can be used to help protect air mattresses, but they can’t raise the air mattress from the floor but a few inches.

Use A Rug or Carpet

If you have carpet or rug, you can put it underneath your air mattress to safeguard it from being damaged.

A rug or carpet that is thick can be used as a wall between your air mattress and the flooring.

Carpets or rugs offer an extra layer of protection for air mattresses.

Carpets and rugs are available in a variety of designs, colors, and dimensions.

The biggest drawback with carpets and rugs is that they become dirty quickly, and require regular cleaning.

For those looking to recycle old rugs, placing them under an air mattress is an ideal solution.

It will “get rid” the carpet, and then add an extra layer of protection to an air mattress.

Thick rugs are perfect to protect air mattresses from dust, particularly when camping as they’re easy to fold up and transport.

But, they can get filthy and dusty, which is why regular vacuuming and cleaning with an air-tight vacuum is essential, to avoid the spread of dust mites as explained within this post.

Use A Non-Slip Rubber Pad

Another option that is budget-friendly is to place a non-slip mat underneath the mattress to elevate it off of the floor.

While it won’t raise the total height of the bed, it can help protect the mattress and offer an anti-slip surface.

The advantages to using non-slip pad are its versatility; it occupies very little spaceand is also non-slip.

The drawback of using the non-slip rubber pad is that it doesn’t offer enough elevation.

While a non-slip pad doesn’t lift an air bed off the floor, it’s a great option to create a barrier between the mattress and the floor.

In addition to being inexpensive, the pads can be carried around, making them great for camping.

Because rubber pads are made from neoprene, they’re non-slip and prevent the air bed from sliding about.

Make Use Of A Mattress Topper

Although this technique does not actually lift an air mattress from the floor, it raises the elevation of the air bed, and gives a more comfortable place to relax or lie on.

The benefits of using the mattress topper over the top of an air mattress include a greater the height of the bed, as well as an added layer of comfort, and protection of the top surface of the mattress.

The disadvantage of having a topper is the fact that an mattress isn’t actually elevated off of the ground.

If you’ve already put foam, plywood, a rubber mat or bed frame underneath the air mattress, you can use a mattress topper to raise the bed higher.

As well as raising the overall size of your bed, the mattress pad will help to make your bed more comfortable.

Mattress toppers can be particularly helpful to those who suffer from discomfort in various parts of their body.

This article from WebMD, offers a variety of methods to treat back pain specifically.

As mattress toppers are offered in a variety of dimensions, densities, and materials, it is possible to quickly find one that is right for you.

The biggest problem with toppers is that they don’t assist in elevating the mattress off the ground.

While they do elevate the height of an air mattress, you need something else to keep the mattress off the ground and safeguard the bottom of the mattress from harm.

Use A Bed Frame, Box Spring, and Rubber Pad

If you are looking to raise your air mattress off the floor , while also making it a non-slip surface, and increasing its height you must consider the combination with a frame for your bed box spring and a rubbed pad.

Utilize a bed frame, box spring, and rubber pad that is non-slip to raise an air bed off the ground, and create an extra storage area under the bed, and create an un-slip surface to ensure that the bed will not slide. increase the height of the air bed to provide more accessibility, and create the appearance of a regular bed, and prevent damages to the bed.

The downsides of using a bed frame box spring and rubber pad that is non-slip are the cost increase,

Also,.they are large and consume a lot of space.

They’re also not suitable for camping because you’ll need to carry everything with you.

If you do have a frames for your bed, box springs and a non-slip rubber mat think about using them to lift the bed off of the floor , while also elevating it and protecting it from harm.

Use a Bed Frame and Bed Risers

Utilizing a bed frame as well as bed risers at the same time is an ideal solution to those who are thinking of lifting the bed from the floor, and making the most storage space beneath the air mattress as you can.

The main advantage of adding bed risers an existing bed frame is that it is an inexpensive way to raise the height of the air bed. Additionally you will gain additional storage space, without investing a lot of cash or time.

While a bed frame provides storage under the bed, you can expand the space through the addition of bed risers,to the frame’s legs.

The fact that an air bed is elevated off the floor indicates that it is protected automatically from harm.

However, the bed frame might not be sufficient enough for complete protection.

So, it is recommended to install a non-slip pad beneath the air mattress, to stop the mattress from sliding.

Making sure the surface is level will stop the air mattress from deflating too fast.

In the case of bed risers, some are concerned about safety. Bed risers are secure as long as you choose the best ones for your bed type.


Why Raise Your Air Mattress?

Many people think that raising an air bed may sound like a time-consuming and money wasting activity. It’s a task best reserved for those who have no other priorities. However, that is not the case.

Many people raise their air mattresses to benefit themselves over the long term, advantages such as:


This is the main reason people are inclined to elevate your air mattresses.

They allow them to last longer.

Floors are not the best space for a thin air mattress.

Even the most clean floor can be a home to any number of pins, needles and sharp rocks.

An air mattress resting on the ground has a greater likelihood of being caught and punctured.

The mattress being raised protects it from these threats.


A mattress that is raised will help ensure your posture is supported.

Poor posture during sleep could cause problems like migraines, joint pain, and lower back pain.

Someone who sleeps on an air mattress that is elevated does not exert as much pressure than someone who is sleeping on the ground.


An elevated bed is sinply more comfy than a regular one.

Ask anyone who sleeps in camping tent cots.

The body feels more relaxed in a position when the mattress has been elevated off the floor.

Furthermore, you’ll be able be able to rest with peace of mind, knowing that you are on a raised platform.

You will be safe from the creatures that crawl around, and feast on the crumbs that are left on the ground.


Raising your air mattress is the best way to ensure that it is clean.

Tents can eventually be soiled with dirt, sand and sometimes mud that has walked through, regardless of how hard you attempt to keep it contained.

Air mattresses that are placed directly on the floor will require more frequent cleaning.

This is due to the fact that it draws and collects dirt more quickly than mattresses that are lifted off the ground.


An air mattress that is directly in contact with the floor will deflate faster than a mattress that has separation.

Increased deflation is caused by the clash of the temperature of ground as well as its air temperature.

The increase in deflation is caused by the clash of opposing temperatures of the ground and the internal temperature of the air.

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