Hyphen Sleep Mattress Review 2022

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The team behind Hyphen Sleep mattresses will tell you that, “your best day starts before you even wake up.”

Sleep is one of the most basic needs that we must fulfill daily. In fact, your body requires about 30% of your 24 hours to sleep.

While the recommended sleeping time for most adults is 7.5- 8.5 hours, not many people get to enjoy that luxury.

It’s important to make use of every minute you spend sleeping and a great mattress should help in providing maximum comfort and rest.

This Hyphen Sleep Mattress review digs out everything you need to know about the Hyphen Sleep mattress; its construction, features, pros and cons, and our genuine verdict on the performance of the mattress.

Read on to find out what we discovered about the Hyphen Sleep mattress.



About Hyphen

Hyphen is a division of Diamond mattress, a family owned company that started in 1946.

The company boasts one of the most solid backgrounds in the bed-in-a-box market.

Unlike other bed-in-a-box companies, Hyphen is fully American owned with its own factory.

The infrastructure helps a lot in the creation of high quality sleep mattresses through managing their own designs, manufacturing, and testing of the mattresses.

It also reduces the cost of shipment as the company ships out to consumers directly, cutting down the cost of the mattress.



What You Get

Upon purchase, Hyphen will put your mattress in a box for shipping.

The mattress is compressed and vacuum-sealed in a heavy plastic, then packed in a box and shipped to you.

If you are on transit and don’t want to unpack your mattress, it can stay packed in the box for up to three months.

Upon receiving the mattress, unpack it, set it up and allow it to expand.

You may get some off gassing while unpacking, which is a usual occurrence you may encounter with memory foam.

During off gassing, open up your windows to ensure that the process allows odorous smells to clear out.


Construction Features

inside-hyphen-sleepThe Hyphen Sleep mattress is an all-foam mattress with three layers.

It has a balanced medium-firm to provide maximum sleeping comfort ideal for back and side sleepers.

It comes packed in a box and delivered right at your door.

The mattress also comes with a polyester cover blended with spandex to fit the mattress perfectly.

The blend helps the cover to remain in position firmly, without bunching.

It’s also breathable to ensure that you sleep cool. 

The three distinct layers include a custom-formulated foam at the top, a buoyant transition foam in the middle, and an orthopedic support layer at the base.

All layers on the Hyphen Sleep mattress are CertiPur certified to guarantee that the mattress is safe for use.


Custom Formulate Layer

The custom-formulate layer is the topmost layer on the Hyphen mattress.

It’s made of a custom formulated foam that is soft and well aerated.

The layer is also designed to be responsive and comes contoured to ensure that it provides pressure point relief.

The layer is 2 inches thick and the recovery we noticed while testing was faster than how most memory foam layers recover.

The fast recovery helps you from getting stuck in the mattress and prevents sinking. It also has a springy feel as compared to memory foam.

The layer also has temperature control aspects to help keep you cool in the night.

Other features of this layer include antimicrobial protection, and motion isolation.



Transition Foam Layer

The transition layer is made of a buoyant low-density polyfoam.

This layer adds a soft, bouncy, and responsive feel to the mattress.

It also contributes to the fast recovery of the mattress and assists in the contouring of the mattress while you change your position.

The layer is designed to help in distributing the weight of the sleeper evenly across the mattress.

The responsiveness of the transition layer also helps to keep you comfortable while changing your sleeping positions.



The Base Layer

The base is a 6-inch thick layer made of high-density orthopedic polyfoam.

It provides complete support to the bed structure and the sleeper as well.

It also prevents excessive compression to the soft custom formulate and transition layers.

The layer is responsible for giving the mattress a medium-firm feel and guarantees the durability of the mattress.



Motion Transfer and Edge Support

Hyphen Sleep mattresses are great at absorbing the bounce and vibration that comes when turning in bed.

This is important as it isolates motion to one partner only, and you don’t have to be stirred from your sleep when your partner moves.

It’s an exceptional choice for light sleepers who require minimum disturbance.

Most all-foam beds have a weak edge support. However, the hyphen mattress is exceptional because the comfort layers contour with regard to your weight as well.

With this feature, the edges offer you more support, rather than propping you up.




The Hyphen Sleep mattress is medium firm.

The firmness sits right at the middle of the firmness range and the firmness can accommodate different types of people.

The firmness also makes it easy for you to move about the mattress, and toss and turn easily.

The medium firmness is due to a balanced blend of memory and latex to achieve maximum pressure relief and contouring.

This firmness also works best for combination sleepers who change their position multiple times.



Heat Transfer

Most memory foams are a bummer when it comes to heat transfer.

Memory foam holds heat, making you wake up sweaty and overheated in the middle of the night.

It’s therefore important that you go for a mattress that disperses heat fast and stays cool.

Hyphen mattress stays much cooler than the average memory foam.

They are well aerated to ensure that there is adequate heat circulation while you sleep.



Pros and Cons of the Hyphen Mattress


  • The 100-night trial period is much longer than other all-foam brands offering a 30-day mandatory break-in period. In addition, you get a full refund and no charges for return shipping.
  • All Hyphen mattresses are priced lower than the average cost of an all-foam mattress.
  • Other brands provide 20-year warranties that are divided into non-prorated and prorated periods. While this costs higher for repairs and replacements, Hyphen provides a 20-year limited warranty with a $99 only surcharge for repairs occurring during years 10-20 of using the mattress.
  • The construction works well to allow heat dispersal
  • Contouring works great and helps in pressure-point-relief



  • All Hyphen Sleep mattresses are only available in medium-firm rating. This may limit customers who prefer to use mattresses that are more or less firm.
  • The Hyphen brand was launched in 2015. Even though the parent company, Diamond Mattresses has been in existence long enough, the long term performance of the mattress is not assessed
  • Hyphen mattresses are made entirely of polyfoam. The material has a lower capacity of alleviating pressure from the body than memory foam.
  • The cover may have durability problems


Pricing and Value

Cost is an important factor when buying a mattress.

The cost of a mattress can make or break a purchasing deal.

The hyphen mattress comes in just about any size that you need and is shipped to you free.

The brand is by far one of the best mattresses whose prices are low, while at the same time over delivering on the value you get.

The brand is worth trying and is suitable for a shopper who is looking to buy a high quality mattress on a budget.

Here is a breakdown of the different sizes of Hyphen Sleep mattresses and their respective prices.

Twin38" x 74" 10"$575
Twin XL38” x 80” 10"$675
Full53” x 74” 10"$800
Queen60” x 80” 10"$950
King76” x 80” 10"$1095
Cal King72” x 84” 10"$1095




*Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase through our links, we will receive a commission. This does not increase your price. In fact, a lot of times we can negotiate a cheaper price with the vendor.*



Trial Period 

Even with the assurance of comfort and quality, you may still be wary of buying a mattress that you don’t get to try out before purchasing.

To try the mattress out and gain confidence on its quality, all Hyphen Sleep mattresses have a 100-night trial period.

If things don’t look up, you can return the mattress free within the United States and get a full refund.

You may only incur a shipping fee if you ordered the mattress from Alaska or Hawaii.



Warranty Information

All new Hyphen Sleep mattresses are covered by a 20-years limited warranty.

The brand only extends a warranty to mattresses that are bought directly from Hyphen or any of its authorized retailers.

In addition, the warranty only extends to the original buyer of the mattress.

For any claim of warranties, it is expected that you retain a copy of your receipt as proof.

Warranty cover starts from the day of purchase and is split into two periods

  1. The first ten years, the company will repair or replace a defective mattress without charging the owner.
  2. For years 10-20, the owner will be responsible for a $99 transportation cost if the mattress requires replacement or repairing.

A customer has the option of replacing a mattress that is defective with an upgraded model.

The customer, however, must pay the difference between the price of the original mattress and the upgrade.

Also purchasing a warranty will provide a new warranty coverage period.

  • The warranty is void if a proper foundation system is not installed while using the mattress. Hyphen requires that its mattresses be used with a matching foundation or an adjustable bed base that has a proper bed frame that is strong enough to support the weight of the mattress and the foundation.


What is Covered

  • Mattress surface deterioration caused by sagging or visible indentations that are 1 inch or deeper. This is only valid if the issue is not caused by misuse of the mattress by the owner.
  • Flaws made during the manufacturing process, including zippers that are cracked or broken.


What is NOT Covered

  • A normal increase in the softness of the mattress, which does not affect the pressure relief provided by the mattress
  • Request for repairs or replacements due to a change in the comfort preferences of the owner
  • Burns, tears, cuts, stains and other types of damage done through owner misuse, or inadequate foundational support, or improper cleaning.


Customers who buy the Hyphen mattress through Amazon.com are entitled to the same warranty coverage as those who buy the mattress directly from Hyphen.

Warranty coverage is exclusive to the original buyer who purchases the mattress from Hyphen or an authorized dealer. A mattress bought from an original owner or an unauthorized Hyphen retailer does not qualify for warranty coverage.



Hyphen Sleep Mattress Review Summary

Overall, the Hyphen Sleep mattress is the best mattress offering you the greatest value in relation to the price.

The mattress is far more superior to other models and the heat dispersal features and low price points are a great plus.

The contouring feature and motion isolation is also high end, which proves that the company behind

Hyphen is one of the best bed-in-a-box mattress companies on the market.



Other Related Questions

Does the Hyphen Sleep mattress need to be flipped? No. But, it is recommended to rotate it 180 degrees periodically.

How much does the Hyphen Sleep mattress weigh? The weight will vary by size. Anywhere from 41 lbs for a twin, up to 91 lbs for a Cal. King.

Does Hyphen Sleep offer financing? Yes, you can purchase your Hyphen Sleep mattress using Paypal Credit.

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