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Over the last several months, there has been an influx in popularity when it comes to the Puffy mattress. Another bed-in-a-box brand looking to dominate the mattress space.


So, is Puffy a good mattress to buy?

We say yes; and if you continue to read, we will explain why.

In this review, we will break down the Puffy mattress, and hopefully help you determine rather it is the right mattress for you or not.


About Puffy Mattress

First, let’s give you some brief facts about the Puffy mattress, as a whole.

Puffy has been voted the most comfortable mattress of 2019 at this point, regardless of your sleep position.

Puffy offers 2 different models, the Puffy and the Puffy Lux. For this review, we will be focusing on their most popular model, which is the Puffy.

Puffy mattress is 100% made in the USA, and has just recently added an additional layer to their mattress, that they call Climate-Adaptive Regulation™ Foam .

Puffy is a softer mattress, scoring around a 5.5 in firmness, based on most industry tests. So, if you do not care for a mattress that is too firm, you should continue reading this review.

Let’s have a look at the layers used in the construction of Puffy mattress.



Puffy Mattress Layers

Inside the Puffy mattress, you will find 3 layers of memory foam. Combined, the mattress will have an overall thickness of 10″.

Cooling Cloud™ Foam

is Puffy a good mattress to buy

For this first layer, Puffy uses gel infused memory foam. This layer is 2″ thick, and provides up to 8x more airflow than standard memory foam mattresses.

This layer provides uniform pressure , as well as cooling properties. This ensures you get a great nights rest.

Climate-Adaptive Regulation™ Foam

Puffy mattresses newest layer is known as ClimateComfort™.

This layer is a new design for 2019, and is designed to offer the highest pressure relieving capabilities across a spectrum of temperature and humidity levels.

By design, this layer is 2″ thick, resistant to both contraction and expansion. This is something you’ll notice happens with most memory foam mattresses as temperatures change from hot to cold.

Firm Core Support Foam

The final layer of Puffy is a whopping 6″ thick.

Known as the Core Support Foam, the main job of this layer is to offer full body support, while keeping your spine in proper alignment.

This helps prevent pain while keeping you as comfortable as possible, as you sleep through the night.



Puffy Cover

Puffy mattress has a stretchy cover that fits tightly over the mattress.

The cover is white, with grey cloud imprints. You may also notice there are tiny holes in the cover, designed to help breathability.

One great thing about this cover, is that it is washable, and can easily be zipped off.

Many mattress brands have covers that can only be spot washed, which can be inconvenient at times.



Motion Transfer

Puffy mattress scores high when it comes to low motion transfer. This has a lot to do with such a thick supportive core foam.

This is great if you are a couple, and do not want to feel your partner moving around through the night.

If you are an easily disturbed sleeper, then Puffy would be a great choice.



Puffy Sinkage

Since Puffy falls more on the soft side than firm, you can expect sinkage to be a little higher.

Because of this, your body will feel wrapped by the mattress, providing a very padded comforting feel.

You might say that you would feel more like you’re sleeping in the Puffy, instead of on the Puffy.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that Puffy doesn’t provide adequate support and spinal alignment – it is specifically designed to do both.



Edge Support

Most memory foam mattresses fall short when it comes to edge support.

However, Puffy mattress does a pretty good job here. Matter of fact, with their new addition of Climate-Adaptive Regulation™ Foam , it may be even better now.

Since Puffy has a 6″ support base, this helps make the edges more durable than other foam mattresses.

Even though edge support may not seem like a big deal to some, it’s a way of letting you know exactly how much bed you can actually sleep on, before you feel it start to “give”.

Edge support is also a sign of how good of a quality the mattress is. The better the edge support, usually is an indicator that the mattress will last much longer.



Sleep Position and Body Types

is Puffy a good mattress to buy

As previously mentioned, Puffy mattress is voted the most comfortable mattress of 2019, for all body types. However, some sleep positions and body weights are better than others.

This is common, as not all mattresses will be absolutely perfect for everyone. (The Puffy is however close)

Let’s take a look at different sleep positions, and how different body weights affected things.

Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, Puffy works well for you, if you are lightweight or an average weight individual.

Although Puffy does a fair job with heavy people that sleep on their stomachs, you can expect it to perform better with lighter individuals. (Under 230lbs)

Back Sleepers

Here, Puffy does the best for individuals with an average weight or around 130lbs-230lbs.

Puffy also scores well for a lightweight person. But again, only decent for a heavier person.

If you fall between lightweight and average, and sleep on your back, the Puffy mattress would be a solid choice for you.

Side Sleepers

When it comes to side sleepers, Puffy really shows off.

Again, not the best mattress probably for heavier people. But definitely better than many.

If you are a lighter or average weight person, it’s hard to top Puffy if you are a side sleeper.

Even as a mattress that scores best for all sleep positions, you will notice maximum comfort as a side sleeper.



Price and Size Information

The chart below lists the current pricing and dimensions for the standard Puffy mattress.

Twin39" X 75"10"$495
Twin XL39" X 80"10"$525
Full 54" X 75"10"$695
Queen60" X 80"10"$850
King76" X 80"10"$1050
Cal. King72" X 84"10"$1050


The prices reflected are Puffy’s current pricing, with a $750 discount applied.

You can shop Puffy’s official website now, by clicking the button below.



*Disclaimer: If you decide to purchase through our links, we will receive a commission. This does not increase your price. In fact, a lot of times we can negotiate a cheaper price with the vendor.*



Sleep Trial

Puffy is right on par with most mattress brands when it comes to a sleep trial.

They allow you to try out your mattress for 101 nights, to see how well it works for you.

We always advise that you give any mattress at least 50 nights, as your body will need time to conform.

So, even though Puffy’s sleep trial isn’t as long as Nectar or the Dreamcloud, 101 nights is an efficient amount of time to test it out.



Puffy’s Warranty

Unlike most mattress brands offering a warranty of somewhere between 10-20 years, Puffy comes with a lifetime warranty.

In order to be eligible for the lifetime warranty, you must be the original purchaser of the mattress. The warranty is non transferable.

What is Covered

The following is a list of what is covered under Puffy’s lifetime warranty:

  • Sagging of more than 1.5″.
  • Manufacturing flaws in the cover or zipper.
  • Physical flaws in the cover due to materials or craftsmanship.

Please note that all mattresses will sag some over time. This is normal.

What is Not Covered

Your Puffy mattress will not be covered for any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Any improper use of the mattress.
  • Minor imperfections such as slight cosmetic flaws.
  • Stains, tears, burns, and discoloration that occur over time and/or are a caused by you.
  • Personal opinions or preferences regarding the softness, firmness or attributes of a mattress.
  • Any mattresses purchased or acquired used, resold, gifted or any way not in possession of the original owner
  • Any mattress purchased from a non-authorized Puffy distributor.
  • Physical damage to the foam mattress caused by you.
  • Allergies or sensitivities to fabrics or materials.
  • Damage caused by animals, rodents or children.
  • Naturally occurring aromas from foam, cotton, or other materials.

You are safe to assume that the list above would be the same for most mattress brand warranties.



Puffy Mattress Summary

Puffy mattress has a lot of things going for them.

Being made 100% in the USA, and coming with a lifetime warranty and 101 night sleep trial, it is hard for other mattress brands to compete.

If you were researching Puffy mattress to determine if it was a good mattress, the answer is, it is a great mattress.

No matter the position you sleep in, if you are a lighter or average weight individual, you would have a hard time finding another mattress that compares.

Once again, you can shop Puffy mattress from their official website, by clicking the button below.





Other Related Questions

How much does the Puffy mattress weigh? The weight will vary anywhere from 41 lbs to 91 lbs, depending on the size and model.

Does Puffy offer financing? Yes. Puffy offers financing through their partner, Klarna. You can click here to learn more.

Does Puffy mattress have a smell? Yes, most memory foam mattresses do. There is slight off gassing with the Puffy, and the smell should dissipate in a few days.

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