Lytton Signature Comfort Plush Mattress Review 2022

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We are going to start this Lytton Signature comfort plush mattress review off a little differently than any other review.

If you browse through this website, you’ll find that we have never made this comment:

This is the most comfortable mattress we have ever reviewed over the years.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that “most comfortable” is subjective, and will be different for everyone.

However, for my wife and I, we have found our “permanent” mattress.

Continue reading if you’d like to see the unboxing, and learn more about the Lytton Signature comfort plush mattress.


Lytton Signature Plush Unboxing


One thing different from Lytton, compared to other brands – is that the box comes in long and slender.

Most brands have a shorter but stockier box.

Since our testing bed is upstairs, it was a little tricky to get it upstairs.

However, in the end this ended up being a benefit, which you’ll see next.

Lytton Signature Rolled


The reason for the advantage, is because when the boxes come short and stocky, you have no idea which way to position the mattress.

Once you cut the plastic, and a mattress starts expanding, it can be real tedious to have to rotate it, or flip it completely.

Since the box was long and slender, we knew how to lay it across the bed in the correct way.

We were able to see the logo that we knew belonged on the foot of the bed.

Very well done on Lytton’s part.

Lytton Signature Expanded

Here is a photo of the Signature plush unrolled, just minutes after expanding.

We instantly fell in love with the look of the top.

You can tell it’s going to be soft before you even lay on it.

It can take up to 24 hours to fully inflate, but we have found that most mattresses are good within a couple of hours.



Lytton Signature Plush Construction

First, let’s take a look at the construction of the Signature plush; starting with the cover

Organic Cover


Hand-tufted organic cotton allows for easy breathing and a cool night’s sleep.

This robust and comfy fabric cover is made of a fabric that is both soft and tough.

Additionally, the use of glues to link support layers is unnecessary when hand-tufting is performed.

This reduces the trampoline effect that may be caused by using excessive amounts of epoxies, which in turn allows for better spinal conformity.

A better sleeping environment that is also friendlier to the environment is an additional advantage.

Gel Memory Foam Layer

The top layer of the Signature plush is made up of 1″ of gel memory foam.

Memory foam adapts to the shape of your body and relieves pressure in key areas by doing so.

The use of cooling gel helps reduce the body’s capacity to retain heat, resulting in a cooler and more pleasant night’s sleep.

Serene Foam

The next layer is 3″ of what’s known as Serene foam.

The foam is open-celled, and is meant to improve airflow while also reducing heat buildup.

The pressure alleviating and motion limiting properties of Serene are comparable to those of memory foam.

On the other hand, it has a little increased buoyancy and a lower sinkage.

Quantum Coil System

The next layer of the Signature plush is the quantum coil system.

This layer is 8″ thick.

The use of alternating gauges in zoned coils allows for more individualized support to be provided for the shoulders and hips.

Because of this, improved spinal alignment and comfort are made possible.

Base Layer

The base of the Signature plush is made up of  1″ of dense base foam.

The coils rest on this layer, providing stability and durability to the mattress overall.

When you sleep on this mattress, you can tell it is well supported, with maximized comfort.


Lytton Signature Plush Performance

Next, we are going to take a look at how well the Lytton signature performed in different areas.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer may make or break a decision if you share a mattress, like I do with my wife.

Especially if one person has a propensity for tossing and turning, sleeps lighter than the other, or if your sleep habits vary.

In our case, I am the one known for moving quite a bit.

So far, I have not heard one complaint about me tossing and turning, or disturbing my wife while she sleeps.

Also, I have not felt her movement through out the night.

She goes to sleep early, where as I am a bit of a night owl.

However, I do tend to be in the bed, just not asleep.

So, I have seen her moving around, fluffing her pillow for example, and I do not feel her movement transfer to my side of the bed.

Edge Support

If there is one thing I struggle with, when testing memory foam mattresses, it’s edge support.

Memory foam is known to have a lot of “give” on the edges, due to not having support springs underneath the layers.

I personally sleep as close to the edge of the bed as humanly possible, without falling off.

Lucky for me, the Lytton Signature plush mattress has a quantum coil system underneath its’ foam layers.

So, the fear of rolling off the bed was not a thought with this mattress.



Sinkage will always be a personal preference.

If you are more into softer or plush feel mattresses, naturally it will sink more than a firm option.

Lytton offers both a plush and a firm model. So, they have you covered regardless.

As for me, I love to sink a little bit, and I feel Lytton nailed it here.

Here is a photo of me applying just light pressure to the mattress.

You can tell by the photo that the top of the mattress sort of resembles mini pillows.

This means that not much pressure needs to be applied before you get a response.

Off Gassing

Off gassing is known to happen with any mattress in a box that you purchase.

It is normal, and will dissipate completely within 48 hours.

However, with the Lytton I didn’t notice much smell at all; and the faint scent I did notice wasn’t a bad smell.


Another issue you may encounter when purchasing a hybrid mattress, is slight noise.

Sometimes when moving around on your mattress, you will hear the springs as they compress and de-compress.

This was not an issue for the Lytton Signature.

Currently, I have been on the mattress for 2 weeks at this point, and have yet to hear any noise.

Temperature Control

The Lytton mattress’s components work together to provide a cooler sleeping surface.

The coils are excellent at dissipating heat and allowing for plenty of air movement.

The substantial layer of serene foam, however, was especially selected because of its better temperature-neutral characteristics.

To help wick away heat, Lytton opted for gel infused memory foam, instead of traditional memory foam.

The organic cotton cover, however, has a built-in ability to wick away moisture. letting each layer contribute to the creation of a cool mattress.


Lytton Signature Plush Pricing

Here are the current sizes and pricing available for the Lytton Signature plush mattress:

SizeDimensionsWeight Price
Twin38x7575 lbs$1,399
Twin XL38x8075 lbs$1,399
Full54x7594 lbs$1,429
Queen60x80110 lbs$1,899
King76x80135 lbs$2,099
Cal. King72x84135 lbs$2,099

We try our very best to keep all prices current.

But to be sure you are getting the latest price, you can simply click the button below:



*Disclaimer: We receive compensation if you were to purchase through our links. This does not in any way sway our opinion in our reviews. It also does not increase your price. In fact, we can usually negotiate a cheaper price, as we work directly with the vendor.*


Lytton Sleep Trial & Warranty

Your Lytton Signature mattress, regardless of model, will come with a 100 night trial and a 20 year warranty.

We always recommend giving a mattress at least 50 nights of trial, before making your final decision.

For many people, it can take quite some time to adjust to a new mattress.

To read more about how Lytton’s warranty works, you can click here.


Lytton Sleep Shipping

All of Lytton’s mattress are made in the USA, and offer free shipping and returns.

If for any reason you are not completely satisifed with your purchase, you can simply contact Lytton to setup your return, at no cost to you.


Lytton Signature Comfort Plush Mattress Review Conclusion

To conclude this article, we can really just say ‘WOW’.

We have experienced other, more expensive luxury brands, and the comfort just didn’t compare.

Although there are cheaper options out there, for us we have yet to find one that grabbed us like the Lytton Signature plush.

The feeling of laying down after a hard days work, and having a mattress sink just the right amount, almost like clouds are catching you, is such an amazing feel.

So, if you prefer a softer feel, we can’t stress this enough that you should try the Lytton Signature Plush.



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