Onebed Review – Is It The Best Mattress In Australia?

If you’re looking for the best quality mattress in Australia, we recommend checking out the Onebed mattresses.

They have some great features like an anti-microbial system which stops nasty bugs from growing, and an anti-allergy system which helps your body relax when you sleep.

Plus, they come with a 15 year warranty so if something does go wrong then we will be there to help you out.

In our comprehensive OneBed review, we examine the three most popular models – the Essential, Original, and the X-Mattress – and include details concerning their construction, support, motion isolation, and temperature neutrality.

We also cover important facts concerning the return policies, shipping times, and prices for all three models.

Plus, we have an entire section devoted to explaining the differences (if any) among the three models.


About Onebed

Onebed provides luxury beds at an affordable price, making it easier for every customer to enjoy the most comfortable sleep possible.

They manufacture boxed beds in Australia, but many of their components are manufactured in a reputable facility in China.

Onebed also offers Onebed mattress protectors, Onebed sheets, pillows, toppers, and an adjustable frame.


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Onebed Reviews

In the following sections, we’ve listed the details about the three most popular mattress models in Australia, the Onebed Essential, the Onebed Original, and the Onebed X.

We carefully went through the details of the construction, the layers, how well they isolate motion, and whether they are suitable for hot sleepers.


Onebed Essential Review



The Onebed Essential is a double-layered bed, giving it ultimate support and comfort.

The top layer is cooling and comfortable for the sleeper, while the highly-dense base layer provides optimal support.

The comfort layer consists of memory foam infused with cooling gel (adds up to 3” or 8cm), while the support layer consists of a high-density, durable base foam (5’’ or 13cm).

As a reminder, if you want to find out more about foam beds, check out our article on the best memory foam mattresses. This is a very soft mattress, similar to an 8 or a 9 on the firmness scale.

Some users report that this mattress takes a while to get used to, especially if you are accustomed to a firmer sleep surface.


The Onebed Essential Mattress has a two-layer design, which provides ultimate comfort and support to the user.

In fact, according to numerous customer reviews, this mattress is a great choice for back and side sleepers, as well as people with back problems.

If you have back problems, take a look at our list of top-rated mattresses for back pain.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the main reasons people experience bad nights of sleep.

One of the reasons the Onebed Essential Mattress is rated as one of the best mattresses to buy is due to its unique and innovative cushioning technology.

Hence, this mattress is suitable for couples or people who share their beds with their children or pets.

Temperature Neutrality

The memory foam layer is infused with cooling gel, so it keeps the sleeper comfortable by eliminating heat.

We think that the Onebed Essential is great for hot sleepers.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great at relieving pressure points
  • No motion transfer


  • Some people may find it too firm



Onebed Original Review



The Onebed Original Mattress utilizes a blend of latex and foams to provide users with excellent support and ultimate comfort.

It allows the user to choose among three different firmness levels, making it highly customizable.

The Onebed’s cover is made from a thick, yet soft woven polyester cover. Since it can be removed, you can easily keep it clean.

Underneath this cover layer is the comfort layer, consisting of Dunlop latex and dense memory foam.

The Onebed Original offers excellent value. It is the only sleep system we know of that includes a free upgrade, and this one comes with a generous two-year warranty. Also, you can customize the firmness to suit your own preferences.

When you purchase the Onebed Original, you receive it with the latex on top, making it firmer and denser. However, if you want a softer feel, you can swap the layer out so the memory foam is on top.

Additionally, if you prefer the firmest configuration, then you should put the support layer as the first layer, followed by memory foam and latex.

That means, regardless of what type of sleeper you are, you can customize the firmness level by altering the order of the layers in the mattress.


Onebed mattress reviews claim that thanks to the high-density polyethylene foam in the bottom layer, the Onebed Original is a supportive and durable mattress.

It also has an edge support that’s naturally firmer than the soft varieties. If you want added support, then the latex option is the way to go.

On the downside, some customers complain about the lack of edge support this mattress offers.

For example, you may experience sinkage when sleeping on the side of the Onebed Original.

Weight will not make much difference with this mattress.

It’s comfortable and fairly soft in fact, it would be worth taking a look at if you’re a larger sleeper.

Motion Isolation

Latex and memory foam perform well in noise and motion isolation.

It also contains polyurethane foam, which helps keep motion transfer at bay.

Couples and people who share their bed with their children or pets will enjoy the Onebed Original Mattress.

Temperature Neutrality

Memory foam mattresses are great for back and stomach sleepers, but many people find them to be not so great at keeping them cool when it gets warmer out.

Reviews of the Onebed Original claim that since the Onebed Original contains gel-infused memory foam, overheating is not an issue.

Not only that, but thanks to the latex layer, the Onebed Original ends up being a very breathable bed.


  • Highly customizable (three firmness options)
  • Contains top-quality Dunlop latex
  • Suitable for hot sleepers


  • Edge support could be better


Onebed X Review



The Onebed X is a hybrid mattress that offers a combination of comfort and strength.

According to Onebed reviews, it is designed with a top comfort layer made with breathable and smooth viscose blended fabric.

Beneath that comfort layer, there are several memory foam layers that absorb your body weight evenly and offer good pressure relief.

A 5-zone pocket spring system supports the comfort layers in the Onebed X.

Thanks to this spring system, the bed feels sturdy and strong.

In fact, Onebed says the X model is compatible with a very limited number of adjustable bed bases.

They believe it’s a unique feature, as there aren’t many mattresses of this kind available anywhere else in the world that are compatible with electric, or adjustable bases.


In general, this is a strong, durable bed that provides spinal support for the sleeper.

It’s a medium firm bed, so it offers lighter sleepers (those with a body weight of less than 120 pounds) more support.

If you are a heavier or someone who experiences intense back pain, you might want to look for a firmer bed.

Motion Isolation

Based on reviews of Onebed, the Onebed X is designed to respond quickly to movement, and conform easily to the sleeper’s body.

This makes it an excellent choice for people who share a bed, like couples and families, who want to enjoy a deep and restful slumber.

Temperature Neutrality

A memory foam mattress can be one of the most comfortable sleep options you have on the market today.

The Onebed X is made of a blend of viscose and cotton, which provides a soft and breathable feel.

It is made with open-cell foam, pocket springs, and infused cooling gel.


  • Good support for lighter sleepers
  • Compatible with adjustable bases
  • Very breathable


  • Heavier sleepers might prefer a firmer bed


Durability and Maintenance

The Onebed mattresses are extremely durable, lasting a long time and will not sag, become lumpy, or lose their shape.

Because they are constructed with latex foam, they don’t have springs, which means they don’t cause the mattress to form a valley or sink over time.

Your mattress should be protected by a mattress cover.

It should be easy to remove and wash, just in case you happen to spill something on it.

If that happens, just get a damp cloth and wipe off the stain, and it will be gone in a jiffy.

If you decide to purchase a Onebed mattress cover, you’ll get even more protection, because it has a vinyl coating that makes it water and dust resistant.


Customer Service

We took our time reading and looking over all the reviews of the Onebed mattress before writing our review.

What we read was that the Onebed customer service is extremely helpful, responsive, and friendly.

They focus on helping each customer and solving any issues that may arise.

Moreover, based on the comments we read, the customer service staff does not ask too many questions and they always present solutions that cater to the buyer.

If you want to contact the Onebed customer service, you can email them at or by phone at (07)-3184-8144.


Sleep Trial and Return Policy

We’ve reviewed many mattresses over the years, and we recommend this bed to all of our readers.

If you’re worried about whether it will work for your needs, you can test it out for 125 nights.

To prevent return policy exploitation, the company allows 125-night coverage of a maximum of two mattresses per household.

When making a return, the company will collect the mattress within 30 days and give customers a full refund.

But to be eligible for a return, customers need to make sure the mattress is in a reasonable condition without tears or stains.

And besides this, there are some other exclusions for the Onebed policy.

As an example, the 125-night trial does not apply to mattress purchases that have already been discounted via the Onebed Referral System.

However, if the customer has damaged the mattress on purpose or misused it in any way, the 125-night trial is not valid.


Shipping Options

The best news in these Onebed mattress reviews is that Australian residents, regardless of where they live, can get a free shipping on all purchases.

After you order your mattress, you can expect it to be shipped to you within 5 days.



One bed comes with a 10-year warranty for the mattress, and a 15-year warranty for the foundation.

This means that if the customer has any problems with his or her foundation, or with the manufacturing defect/error of the mattress, they will receive a free replacement, no questions asked.


Onebed Pricing

What’s the difference between the Original, the Essential and the X Model? Besides the construction, there are noticeable differences in the prices.

Onebed Essential

  • Single for $599
  • King Single for $599
  • Double instead of $699 on sale for $599
  • Queen instead of $799 on sale for $599
  • King instead of $899 on sale for $599

Onebed Original

  • Single for $799
  • King Single for $799
  • Double instead of $899 on sale for $799
  • Queen instead of $1,099 on sale for $799
  • King instead of $1,199 on sale for $799

Onebed X

  • Single for $1,299
  • King Single instead of $1,399 on sale for $1,299
  • Double instead of $1,499 on sale for $1,299
  • Queen instead of $1,699 on sale for $1,299
  • King instead of $1,799 on sale for $1,299

Onebed mattresses are not the most affordable option around.

The most affordable is the Onebed Essential, whereas the Onebed X is for people who want to splurge.

Luckily, you can save a crazy amount of money thanks to the current discounts.



Onebed Review Summary

In our opinion, Onebed is the best option for a firm, higher-end mattress in Australia.

You get exactly what you pay for, and there are frequent sales and special offers that keep the prices low and the quality high.

One bed is designed specifically with your comfort in mind, so no matter which type of sleep style you prefer, Onebed will accommodate you.

And the fact that Onebed lets you fully customize your mattress to suit your personal preferences makes it a no-brainer choice.




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