Plushbeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Plushbeds offer many different mattress types. Rather you are looking for a memory foam mattress, latex mattress, or even an RV mattress.

Today we are reviewing the Plushbeds Cool Bliss Memory foam mattress. One of Plushbeds best sellers. If you prefer memory foam mattresses, then this review will be for you.

This is a 12″ gel memory foam mattress, that can hold its own against any other memory foam mattress on the market today.

If you are interested in learning more about the Cool Bliss memory foam mattress, continue reading below:


Cool Bliss Cover

The Cool Bliss comes with a luxurious stretch cover.

This cover is designed with advanced cooling properties, that dissipates head. This allows you to sleep 30% cooler than other memory foam brands.

The cover is constructed with quilted organic cotton.


Cool Bliss Layers


The Plushbeds Cool Bliss Gel memory foam mattresses has 4 layers, as opposed to the average 3 layers found in most memory foam mattresses.

Below is a breakdown summary of each of the layers.


Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Layer

The first of 5 layers is the Cool Bliss Gel memory foam layer.

This layer is 3″ thick and provides several benefits, such as:

  • Dissipates heat
  • Highly breathable
  • Offers great pressure relief

Plushbeds uses their patented Gel technology in this memory foam layer.


Natural Latex Layer

One of the unique things about Plushbeds, is that they also provide this latex layer within their memory foam mattress. This process gives you the best of both worlds.

The latex layer is 2″ thick, and is made to conform well to your body.

It is a very responsive layer, and is made with no toxins or carcinogenic adhesives.


Air Flow Layer

The 3rd layer for the Cool Bliss mattress, is known as the Air Flow Layer.

It is 2″ thick and made to maximize air flow through your mattress.

This layer has built in internal ventilation, used to channel the heat away from your body, providing a cooling feeling.


Supportive Core Layer

This layer is made up of high density polyurethane foam.

The supportive core layer prevents sagging, and is built to equally distribute the support across the mattress.

You can expect this layer to be very durable, helping keep the shape of your Cool Bliss Mattress for years to come.


Green Guard Certified

The Cool Bliss memory foam mattress is Green Guard certified.

This is a huge deal, as less than 1% of mattresses sold in the US receive this award.

What this means, is that the Cool Bliss has been put through the most rigorous of tests, and exceeds all third party emission standards.

So, this mattress is beneficial for both children and elderly people, as it reduces indoor air pollution, to create a healthier indoor environment.


Certipur-US Certified Foams


All of the foam used in the Cool Bliss is Certipur-US certified.

This means it is free of toxins

  • Made with no Ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDE Flame Retardants
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Contains no mercury, lead or heavy metals
  • Has low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds )
  • Tested and approved for durability and performance


OKEO-Tex Standard 100 Certified

This is an inspection done on the latex found within the Cool Bliss memory foam mattresses.

The criteria for testing for harmful substances includes:

  • Illegal substances
  • Legally regulated substances
  • Known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals
  • Other parameters for health care.

This certification ensures that the mattress is safe and healthy, meeting the
human-ecological requirements requirements of the standard presently established for baby articles.


Motion Isolation

The Cool Bliss does a good job with motion transfer. So, if you find that you are a light sleeper, or easily disturbed at night, this mattress may be a good fit for you.

For the same reasons as above, this would make a great mattress if you have a partner who disturbs you at night.



Since this is a plush mattress, it is more on the softer side.

Depending on your body weight, you may notice a pretty significant amount of sinkage. Heavier people (230 lbs+) can expect to feel about 6″ of sink into the mattress.

However, with the design of the Cool Bliss mattress and its layers, the transition to the firmer layers is a very smooth one. So, you will not sink and feel as if you have hit rock bottom.


Edge Support

If you have read any of our other articles on memory foam mattresses, you will notice that memory foam isn’t the greatest at edge support.

What this means as a sleeper, is not very much. Because when your body is lying on the mattress, the Cool Bliss evenly distributes your weight, and the whole mattress has great shape for sleeping.

Edge support is most noticeable, if you are sitting on the edge of the bed. Or, perhaps when you are sitting up to get out of bed.

If this is a huge issue for you, then I would suggest steering clear of memory foam mattresses altogether, and perhaps considering a latex mattress.


Cool Bliss Size and Price Chart

The chart below illustrates the current prices for a Plushbeds Cool Bliss memory foam mattress.

Twin 38" X 75" 12"$949
Twin XL 38" X 80"12"$999
Full54" X 75" 12"$1199
Queen60" X 80"12"$1249
King76" X 80"12"$1399
Cal. King74" X 84"12"$1399
Split King38" X 80" (X2)12"$2098

The prices shown are with the current deal, where you save $600 if you buy now.



We will update the prices, as they update. To ensure that you always have the most current offers available.

*Disclaimer: We will receive a commission if you purchase through our links. This does alter our review one way or another. It also does not increase your price. In fact, most of the time we can negotiate a cheaper price, as we work directly with the vendor.*


Other Plushbeds Mattress Options

If you are interested in checking out some of Plushbeds other offers, you can do so by clicking your desired preference below:


Shipping and Sleep Trial

Plushbeds offers free shipping within the contiguous US.

Your mattress is made to order, so after ordering, you will be notified of a tracking number for your shipment after 7-9 days.

Plushbeds does not remove your old mattress. However, they can provide you with a list of companies who will, for a fee.

You can try out your Plushbeds Cool Bliss memory foam for 100 nights, which is about the average sleep trial duration.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it any time after 30 days, for a full refund.

If you try and return it before 30 days, you will be charged a $99 fee.

We recommended giving yourself at least 50 nights to try out any new mattress; as it takes time for your body to get accustomed to it.


Plushbeds Cool Bliss Warranty

Plushbeds offers a 25 year warranty on any of their mattresses.

Any time within the first 10 years, Plushbeds will fix any defects or craftsmanship problems at no charge to you.

After the 10th year, Plushbeds will repair any cracks, splitting etc due to normal usage for a small charge.

This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser, and can not be transferred.

What is Not Covered

  • Fabric on the mattress cover
  • Sagging or impressions less than 1.5″
  • Comfort preference
  • Abuse or unsanitary conditions
  • Problems from using on an unauthorized platform or foundation

All of the above is the standard for essentially any mattress that you purchase.


Plushbeds Cool Bliss Summary

Plushbeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Mattress

Plushbeds is one of the most thorough, and safely built mattresses that we have ever reviewed.

While several mattress brands may show CertiPUR-US certified, Plushbeds is the only mattress to have 3 certifications.

This mattress is also one of the only memory foam mattresses to offer latex in it as a layer as well. It also manages to do this at a very affordable price.

While the Plushbeds Cool Bliss Memory Foam Mattress is normally a little pricier of a mattress when compared to competitors, right now with $600 off – it is one of the best mattress buys you could possibly score right now.

Again, you can always check out the most current prices and deals for the Cool Bliss memory foam mattress, by clicking the button below.




Other Related Questions

Does the Cool Bliss mattress have any off-gassing? No. Plushbeds created the world’s first Green Guard Certified mattress. You do not need to wait for days for any off-gassing, or smells to dissipate.

Can this mattress be used with a platform bed frame? Yes. The Cool Bliss can be used with any bed frame with a solid foundation.

Does the Cool Bliss come with a box-spring? No. However, you can also purchase a foundation specifically designed for your Cool Spring mattress here.

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