What Kind of Mattresses Do Hotels Use?

A hotel mattress is a great choice for frequent travelers. It’s more comfortable than our home-made bed, even though it is less expensive. Interested to know what kind of mattresses do hotels use?

We compared high-quality mattresses with brands used by hotels in this review.

You’ll see that the best hotel mattresses have many things in common.

  • First, most hotel beds are either innerspring or hybrid mattresses. They have a medium to high profile. Also, a firmness scale to suit all people.
  • Many hotels also choose to use classic brands like Sealy, Serta-Simmons and Beautyrest. These brands can be used to recreate the hotel’s sleeping experience. Hotels will likely spend at least $2,000.

Here are 5 mattress brands that hotels use, that we feel would be a good fit for anyone:


Saatva Mattress

What kind of mattresses do hotels useSaatva’s best features

  • Saatva Classic mattresses use innerspring for its base, and pocketed coils to provide additional support.
  • The main comfort layers of the mattress are memory foam and a plush pillows top. It can be used in a variety of positions and is suitable for all types of sleepers.
  • As you can see, Saatva also has an off-white covering. It’s an organic cotton cover, which is one of our favorites.
  • The mattress is also made from premium materials and has the same feel as a luxurious hotel mattress.



Bear Hybrid

Twin Pillow Top MattressBear Hybrid’s top features

  • Celliant is perhaps the best part of Bear Hybrid. Celliant, a material which is said to improve your sleep quality and energy levels when waking up, is among others.
  • Bear Hybrid is CertiPUR US and GREENGUARD Gold certified by the UL Environment. This certification is quite difficult for beds to obtain.
  • This bed has been made more comfortable for couples by the company’s enhancement of its edge support.
  • It has a fluffy, pillow-top feel that is similar to the Hilton & DoubleTree mattresses.
  • Bear Hybrid Review 3 different bed types on their website, but the Classic mattress is their best-selling online hotel bed. The extra supportive mattress also features a large fluffy pillow top made from Tencel fiber, a plant-based fiber.



What kind of mattresses do hotels useWinkBeds Classic bed features

  • WinkBed is available in three different feel profiles: Luxury Firm, Softer and Firmer. This makes them a bed that suits all types of sleeping.
  • This mattress is the thickest we have tested and should be very durable.
  • Tencel covers have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certification. This means they are safe and non-toxic.
  • It has a soft, fluffy feel and a variety of firmness profiles. This premium, thick mattress feels and looks like it belongs in a luxurious hotel.


Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

What mattress do hotels useNest Bedding Alexander Hybrid’s best features

  • There are three firmness options for the Alexander Hybrid mattress. The Alexander Hybrid bed is very soft. The “Plush”, “Medium”, and “Firm” are more firm.
  • Nest Alexander has a plush, luxurious feel that will make you “ahhh” as you lie down. It is similar to Sheraton & Westin mattresses. This is the bed for you if you like that super-cozy feeling but still need a bed that offers plenty of support.
  • This mattress features a gel-infused memory foam quilted topper that adds extra comfort to it.


Idle Sleep Hybrid

Which mattress do hotels useThe best features of IDLE Sleep Hybrid

  • It has seven layers with pocketed coils at the center and various types of foam on the sides.
  • The IDLE Sleep Hybrid is unlike other flippable beds. It has the same firmness profile both sides. This should help to keep it in top condition for longer periods of time, especially if you flip it frequently.
  • The company claims that the mattress’s cover is made from Thermocool fabric, which will prevent you from becoming too hot or cold.
  • This mattress is extremely comfortable, combining a supportive innerspring feel and a soft comfort layer. It also comes at a reasonable price for a premium mattress offering a luxurious experience.


Comparison of Shopping Online and In-Store

Shopping for a mattress in store is great as you can feel the mattress before buying it.

Shopping for a mattress online is much easier than ever.

Most mattress brands offer a generous return and trial policy.

This gives you the confidence to order a mattress online and not be completely committed.

Most brands offer free shipping and returns and make it as simple as possible to order (or return) a mattress online.



How a mattress is constructed is very important.

There are two types of mattresses: all-foam or hybrid.

Hybrid mattresses will have foam and coils.

An all-foam mattress may provide pressure relief but they are not as supportive as hybrid beds with an innerspring base.



Luxury mattresses are often found in hotel beds, so they tend to be more expensive.

You can still find these mattresses at a lower price.

You should budget at least $1,000 if you want to recreate your favorite hotel.



Because it is most likely to be most suitable for people, hotels often choose a medium firmness.

Most of our selections can be found in the same way, or come in different firmness levels.

For those who sleep on one side, a mattress with a soft profile will be the best.

Firmer mattresses are better for those who sleep on both their stomachs and backs.



It’s not fun to sleep hot so hotels often look for innerspring beds that provide more airflow and don’t retain heat as much.



Hotels have many guests so choosing a mattress that is durable is crucial.

A mattress should be durable and well-made so it can withstand the test of time and many guests.

It’s not uncommon for this mattress to be more expensive, but it is well worth the extra cost.


Edge Support

Edge support refers to how firm the mattress’ edge is.

This is important for anyone sharing a bed or who finds themselves on the other side of the mattress while they sleep.

Good edge support is a hallmark of hotel mattresses.


Motion Isolation

When sharing a bed, motion isolation is another consideration.

A mattress that is good at reducing movement is important if you are sharing a bed with someone who moves frequently.

Because it absorbs motion, mattresses with more foam are better at isolating movement.

Hybrid hotel mattresses will have better motion isolation than traditional innerspring mattresses.


Mattress Types

Open Coil

Although open coil mattresses are the most affordable option in the hotelier market, they still offer a great option for those who want a firmer product.

These mattresses are made up of interconnected spring systems and are measured in gauges, which indicate the thickness of wire used. A firmer mattress will usually be made from a thicker spring.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It provides exceptional support and comfort. This material uses your body heat to mold the mattress to your needs.

Memory foam can help to evenly distribute your body weight, reducing pressure on the most heavy parts of your body. This will help relieve your pains and promote better blood circulation.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses can include a mixture of two or more materials like foam and pocketed coils.

Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses or coil systems inside offer a lot more bounce and airflow. They can prove difficult for light sleepers or those who share a bed with people who move a lot.

Memory Foam – This viscous, contouring foam will make you feel like you are sinking into the foam while you sleep. It is a pressure relieving foam, but it can retain heat if it doesn’t have temperature-regulating tech.

Latex Foam – Latex foam is a soft, bouncy foam with a spongey feel. Latex foam is not as sinking as memory foam. It’s also more comfortable to sleep on than memory foam because it’s aerated.

Polyurethane foam – This foam can be used as either a support layer or a top layer. It has a classic neutral feel that’s not as responsive as memory foam but is more contouring than latex.

Double-Sided Mattresses

The most popular type of mattress in hotels is the flippable or double-sided. The mattresses are designed to be replaced every three months with a combination of flipping and rotating. This allows hotels to prolong the life of their mattresses, which in turn saves them money. Flippable mattresses are made with more layers of foam that standard single-sided mattresses. The extra-durable coils can be used with the foams that allow you to sleep on one side or the other.

Zip and Link

Because of their versatility, Zip and Link mattresses are often only found in hotels. The benefits of Zip and Link mattresses have been recognized by the domestic market over time and they are now actively seeking to bring these benefits home.

Zip and link mattresses allow for a zipper to be placed in the middle of a double- or larger mattress. This allows a hotelier, if necessary, to seperate them. This zip allows for two types or mattresses to be zipped together. This is great for couples who have different mattress preferences.

One member of a couple might prefer a firmer open-coil mattress while the other person may prefer the feel and warmth of a memory foam mattress. These are the reasons zip and link mattresses excel in the domestic market.


Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable?

Here are 6 reasons hotel mattresses are so comfy:

1: Pressure Relief and Support – High-Quality Design

Top-rated hotels spend on high-quality mattresses that are medium-firm. They can regulate temperature, relieve pressure points and isolate movement.

Because they offer high levels of support and comfort, memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are most commonly found in hotel rooms.

Innerspring mattresses are made up of a number of coils that provide support, bounce and ventilation to keep you cool during the night.

Memory foam mattresses mold to your body and relieve pressure points. They also absorb motion, so you can rest comfortably without disturbing your partner.

memory foam mattresses can retain heat, and cause you to sleep hot and sweaty throughout the night unless they feature some type of temperature-regulating features like gel beads or perforated foams.

Hotels favor hybrid mattresses that are a mixture of foam and coils as they provide maximum heat dissipation to regulate your temperature.

Medium-firm mattresses are often used by hotels because they suit a wide range of sleeping styles.

Because they offer little support, are often fragile and cheap, other mattresses made from feather, down and polyester fiber fills will not be found in hotel rooms.

2: Mattress toppers increase cushioning

To provide extra comfort and cushioning, some hotels will add a mattress topper to the mattress.

Mattress toppers are able to adjust the firmness of a mattress and prevent it from prematurely wearing.

If two or more sleeping partners prefer a different firmness, some mattress toppers can be placed only on one side of a bed.

3: Soft sheets feel good on your skin

Hotels prefer light, breathable and crisp sheets like long-staple cotton with a count of about 300 threads. The higher the thread count, generally speaking, the softer the sheets.

You will find that the sheets in hotels are soft and comfortable. They are also softened by special detergents and fabric softeners.

You will fall asleep peacefully due to the soothing scent of the sheets.

Hotels use flat sheets that have been ironed and stretched. They are then tucked under the mattress in a tidy manner.

Fluffy Comforters Keep you Warm and Cozy

To provide a soft and cozy feel, most hotels use down-filled comforters to cover the sheets and mattresses.

Comforters are insulated, so they can keep you warm all night.

Comforters purchased by hotels are usually larger and more luxurious than those at home.

Certain comforters have ‘baffles’ that prevent down from clumping together and improve breathability.

5: Different Pillow Sets Offer Head Support

To provide support for your neck and head, hotels use a wide range of pillows.

Because down pillows are lightweight, soft, and durable, you may find two or more soft pillows on your bed.

The pillows should be properly stuffed in order to not flatten after a few nights.

6: Pristine Room Arrangements are Calming

White is the preferred color for hotels’ walls and luxury bedding. It makes the space look clean, fresh, modern, and luxurious.

White sheets are more relaxing for guests and easier to clean in hotels.

For a more relaxed experience, hotels rooms offer a clean and tidy space for you to unwind. Some hotels even use Feng Shui principles to balance the energy in your hotel room.

Many hotels use “hospital corners” to make their beds. This involves placing the sheets underneath the mattress and using overlapped folds at the corners.

A professionally designed bed can make a great impression.


Other Questions Frequently Asked

Why do hotels use the highest quality mattresses?

Two main reasons hotels choose to buy high quality mattresses are: First, high-quality beds mean that hotels don’t have to replace them as often.

Many hotels host guests every night. The best quality beds last years and will endure all.

Popularity is the second reason. If guests feel comfortable in their hotel rooms, they are more likely to return and leave great reviews. This makes hotel stays more popular and often visited.

Are All Hotels equipped with high-quality mattresses?

No. The answer is no.

These hotels often get low ratings and negative reviews for their choice of mattress.

Hotels don’t always see the value in spending money on high-quality mattresses. In order to ensure their guests have a comfortable night’s sleep, they often purchase cheap foam mattresses that must be replaced every two years.

Do hotel mattresses differ from domestic mattresses?

Yes, in short. However, it might not be in the way you expect. Although they may look similar in comfort to domestic mattresses, commercial mattresses must be tested rigorously.

Contract furniture must be used by all commercial businesses that use mattresses and beds. This furniture is compliant with Source 5 (also known by Crib 5) regulations. This is part of British Standard (BS 7177), which is a flame retardant testing. This guarantees that the furniture will not catch fire if there is a fire.

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