What Size Mattress Fits In A Truck Bed?

If you’re wanting the short answer to what size mattress fits in a truck bed, the answer is twin size.

Twin size is the only size mattress that will actually lay flat between the wheel wells in the bed of your truck.

That’s not to say you can’t make other options work.

Say you want to sleep with a partner, can it be done?


Here are a few ways to achieve this.

Build A Raised Platform

Because wheel wells limit the dimensions of the mattress that can fit into the bed of your truck, many truck owners construct simple platforms that allow the mattress to be placed on top of those wheel wells.

Not only do you gain space to relax, but you also have storage space under your mattress.

It should be possible to accommodate a full or queen-sized mattress in this manner however, we would recommend cutting the foam mattress to fit.

Make Your Own Mattress

If you spend a lot of time traveling then creating your mattress yourself is a fantastic method to get a good night’s rest.

A standard-sized mattress will not accommodate the truck bed in the right way and you’ll be left with gaps on the sides.

Cut a foam mattress to the right size regardless of whether you’re using it for your own DIY platform, or a mattress that fits around the wheel wells.

This is the best alternative.

Buy A Custom Mattress

There are many companies that create mattresses that are custom-fit to the bed of your truck.

These mattresses are shaped to fit the contour of your truck’s bed and are positioned to fit over wheels’ wells.

They come in inflatable as well as foam models.


Are There Different Types Of Truck Bed Mattresses?


Mattresses for pickup trucks do not offer a ‘perfect’ solution. It’s more of a “what works best” scenario. There are plenty of choices available on the market which are ideal for use as truck bed mattresses.

  •  Standard Full Size Mattress: Standard Full Size Mattress will be your most cozy and luxurious option to sleep in your truck. A mattress that is full-sized can fit in virtually every standard size truck. You could also choose the full XL size mattress if you have an extended bed. If you are choosing a mattress for your truck bed, we recommend an all-foam mattress because it can be squeezed into tiny areas or cut using scissors, if required.
  • Air Mattress: Airbedz is at the top for air mattresses that fit trucks. The mattress is fitted with slots to allow wheel wells that can be fitted inside so that the bed extends to the full length of the bed truck. This allows you to sleep in the most space, and the bed can be easily stored away when not when not in use. The only drawback for this type of bed is the fact that it’s an airbed. They aren’t more comfortable than a regular mattress, and they run the chance of them deflating or developing a holeover time.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress For Your Truck Bed

You have a lot of options, when it comes to sleeping inside your pickup. Each one have their own advantages and drawbacks

  • Usage: How often will you sleep on the mattress? What is the length of time it will need to last? If you intend to rest on the mattress for several nights at a time or wish to keep it for many years , we suggest to stay clear of basic, affordable mattresses. These mattresses are meant for occasional use and aren’t built to last like some of the premium mattresses.
  • Portability: Can you store the mattress when it is not being used? If yes, then choose one of the bigger mattresses. If not. then you must choose one of the inflatable mattresses that are easy to disassemble when not being used.
  • Material: Do you require a “real” mattress or are you comfortable sleeping on an air mattress or pad? Each mattress will. have a distinct feel, so it is essential to understand your preferences for sleeping.


Best Mattresses For Truck Beds

While away on vacation, the last thing you want to do is wake up in pain.

In order to help you get an ideal night’s sleep for your next adventure outdoors, we have compiled a list of the best mattresses for truck beds in 2022.

We provide alternatives to inflatable airbeds and some tips to choose the ideal truck bed mattress.

Here they are, listed in no particular order:

Amerisleep AS3

Best mattress for truck bed

The Amerisleep AS3 comes with a 3-inch comfortable layer of memory foam that will keep you warm and comfortable when you lie beneath the starry skies. The medium firmness gives the perfect amount of support and cushioning for different body types and sleeping postures.

Its Bio-Pur(r) memory foam that is used as the layer on top of AS3 is made from plant-based oil, which makes it eco-friendly and non-toxic. Bio-Pur(r) has a higher elasticity and responsiveness and holds less moisture and heat than conventional memory foam mattresses.

The middle of the AS3 is made of Amerisleep’s Adaptive foam, which is equipped with HIVE(r) technology. Cutouts that are hexagonal along the top of the layer react to pressure in different ways, allowing for more precise support and contouring of the areas that require it most. Near the joints are cutouts that are supple and conform to lessen pressure points. Near the lumbar spine they’re mopre firm and work to ensure that the body is lifted and in a straight line.

A strong support foam is placed on the bottom of the AS3. This foam is strong enough to keep the AS3 from sagging and causing indentions, even when it is placed on the bed of a truck. The top that covers the AS3 is removable and machine washable which makes it simple to keep clean between visits.

Amerisleep comes with a 20-year warranty that will cover manufacturing defects as well as sagging of more than 1 inch. It’s accessible in all of the standard U.S. sizes, so you’re sure to find the best size suitable for your truck bed.



Zoma Mattress


Zoma Mattress is another mattress made of foam, suitable for truck camping. It has a medium comfortable level of comfort and an adjustable support system that helps protect the spine of the lumbar. Additionally, the gel-infused foam helps keep it cool and cozy and is ideal to camping in the desert or hot temperatures.

It is constructed by gel foam which absorbs moisture and heat away from the surface making it cool. The comfort layer is equipped with Triangulex(tm) technology, a system of support that guarantees proper alignment of the spine and helps protect pressure-points.  Zoma Mattress will allow you to wake up with less discomfort and pain, even if you’re living life on the road.

The transition layer of Zoma is Reactiv(tm) foam, a flexible foam layer that prevents the shoulders and hips from sinking, causing your spine to bow. This foam ensures a safe and comfortable sleep position, so you wake refreshed and ready for the next day.

The base of Zoma is made of a durable support foam that improves durability and longevity. Zoma also comes with a 10 year warranty, which includes structural defects and indentations.



Vaya Mattress


If you want a luxurious, comfortable truck bed that’s not going to break the budget of yours, we suggest that you purchase the Vaya Mattress. The mattress has two layers of hypoallergenic foam that conform to the curves of your body.

The top layer has Vaya Comfort Foam, which is soft enough to support and protect joints from the pressure points. It also has a little bounce that helps to prevent the sinking of the spine and misalignment and is ideal for those who sleep on their sides and back. For those who are heavier, even though this foam is firm and pliable it also elevates the body, preventing feeling stuck within the bed.

A strong, durable support foam is the foundation on the Vaya to stop the Vaya from slipping and creating indentations. The two layers are also backed by the CertiPUR-US(r) certification, which guarantees it’s free of harmful chemicals.

Vaya’s 10-year warranty protects against the possibility of indentation and sagging that can impact the bed’s structure as well as support, so you can get the best bang for your buck. The Vaya is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.



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