Why Do Mattresses Cost So Much?

If you’ve got a spring that is causing pain in your back or your mattress giving discomfort It could be the right time to look for the best mattress.
Mattresses are a must-have purchase.You’ll spend more time sleeping than any other place within your home over the course of one week.A new mattress could be an enjoyable experience but you have to be prepared to pay a bit.Unfortunately, mattresses can be extremely expensive and there are a few specific reasons to be able to explain why.


Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Mattresses are a great way to improve your health

One of the main reasons mattresses are expensive is because they provide a tremendously beneficial effect on your health and everyday life.

In addition, according to research conducted by researchers from the National Institutes of Health mattresses can enhance sleeping quality, lessen back pain, and reduce stress.

Stress may be linked to sleep issues and, therefore, it is safe to say, acquiring an excellent mattress can help to live a more comfortable quality of life.

Then, why is it that mattresses are so expensive? These are the primary reasons for why some people need to pay a large amount for mattresses.

Long Time Between Purchases

In the end, if you buy an item like a mattress, you will be in a position to keep it for seven to 10 years.

Certain people may notice that their sleeping patterns or preferences change throughout this time, however, most will be content with having the same mattress for these many years.

If your mattress is maintained, you should be able to maintain your mattress for an extended period of time.

This is one of the main reasons why the cost is so high for mattresses.

They should be manufactured using a high-quality material so that they can last for many years to be.

The price is more expensive so that mattress companies and manufacturers take a part of the profits while they patiently wait for you to purchase the latest item.

The Demand for Mattresses is High

The need for beds and mattresses will never diminish simply because everyone requires one. A person will spend about three-quarters of their life on their bed. That’s surely a reason for making these beds so expensive.

It is important to remember that the majority of people purchase new mattresses, and are not using them consequently, the demand for mattresses is constantly growing.

Additionally, due to necessity of everyone having mattresses the profit margins are naturally more and this brings us to the next point.


Have you been able to see the dimensions of the mattress?

Mattresses are big due to their size. As a result the shipping costs will be costly.

This will include transport for the mattress, from the factory to the store.

Certain mattresses are able to be shipped to your address, however they aren’t the kind of mattresses which everyone would like to buy.

A lot of people would like to lie on a mattress and test it before committing to buying the mattress.

However, with mattresses that are delivered to your residence it will be extremely difficult to accomplish.

The mattresses are packaged in boxes, and are pressure-sealed.

When you first open the mattress the mattress will break open , making it impossible to get back into the box.

If you buy an online mattress and then get it delivered to you, you are responsible for shipping charges.

If you do purchase an item in the shop, you’ll also be responsible for a portion of the shipping costs.

Cost of Material

The material used in the mattress determines the price.

The materials used in the production of mattresses are viscoelastic foam, cotton fiber organic cotton and more.

In addition, mattresses are innerspring or hybrid and this is something to take into consideration. In actual fact, hybrid mattresses contain more layers and materials than innerspring ones and this can increase the price.

It can be difficult for buyers to judge whether the quality of the mattress is will be worth the cost or not.


If you buy an item at a local mattress store there is a good chance that you are likely to be required be able to cover delivery.

However, due to the dimensions of the mattress and the fact that it’s going to need to travel in a truck or van, you’ll need pay for it to be delivered to your residence.

The cost of shipping mattresses isn’t going cost you a lot however, it is likely to increase the total price you pay.

The mattress is already priced at a premium, the addition of charges and delivery could make it more costly to buy.

It is possible to take the mattress home by yourself.

If you have a truck or own a car that is large enough to secure it on top the mattress, then transporting it isn’t that difficult.

It’s likely to be more than the $50 that you spent on transportation of the mattress.


Advertising is a major component of every company’s marketing strategy , and mattresses are not an exception.

In actual fact, Tempur Sealy one of the biggest bedding firms invested $327 million in advertising campaigns in 2014 alone.

Of course, although mattress companies earn a great deal of money from their mattresses, this is definitely an element that contributes to the price of mattresses.

Profit Margins

Profit margins are an additional factor to be considered when evaluating the price of a mattress.

According to an analysis by Statista, the gross margin for mattresses across the U.S. in 2020 was 61.5 percent.

The majority of people would like to have an incredibly comfortable bed. This is why the profit margins are large. To achieve this reason, they are willing to pay for the luxury.

If you’re looking to cut costs on your mattress but the sales season isn’t over yet, negotiating an amount that is small would be an ideal way to begin.

Mattress Technology 

As we witness advancements across all fields, incredible technology has been introduced to mattresses, too. Technology can improve the benefits of a mattress and improve their comfort and also boost the price.

Certain technologies include:

  • Mattress cooling and heating
  • Memory Gel
  • Sleep Sensors

Is Buying A Mattress In A Physical Store Is It Worth It?

Shopping for mattresses in a physical shop can have its advantages. You can view the mattress through your eyes and lie down on it for brief period of time to try it. You could also bring the mattress home on that day, if you are able to fit it into your vehicle. The feeling of touching and taking your mattress home on the same day is the benefit of buying a mattress in the physical store. However there are some disadvantages to be aware of;

Mattress stores that sell physical mattresses mark up their prices substantially to pay for the costs to maintain their stores as well as sales personnel

They usually charge high prices for delivery

They usually make your return difficult enough that you decide to abandon and continue to sleep on the mattress that isn’t safe and detrimental to your health and sleep

You are able to try your mattress short time in the store as others shoppers stroll around you and the sales reps sit over you.

If you think about the price of mattresses soon realize that online shopping is more beneficial for your pocket and security. A physical shop implies that you must travel to the store, be trapped in traffic for a while, or take off time from work or your time off. With a full work/personal schedule, this isn’t an option for many people.

A good mattress will give you the best sleep experience that can enhance your physical health and overall health and

What Does A Mattress Cost So Much?

Why are mattresses priced so much? It’s a common complaint. Consider the amount of you sleep more than 30percent of the time in your time. A good mattress can provide the level of comfort which can enhance your physical wellbeing.

“You pay for what you get for’ is an apt statement in many cases, however, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in the best mattress. Certain mattresses are developed and made using years of development and research, like AirFoam(tm) however they manage to keep costs low by eliminating middlemen out of the equation.

Thus, no big showrooms, no brash sales representatives and just a mattress store that provides top quality at a reasonable cost right to your doorstep.

Are Expensive Mattresses Worth it?

Your budget will decide the amount you invest in a mattress , whether investing thousands of dollars in an mattress is the most suitable option for you comes up to your own personal preferences and if you are able to find it comfortable on the mattress. The mattress, above all else, should provide comfort that is pressure-relieving.

Are mattresses that are expensive worth it? depends on your personal comfort level as well as mattress comfort as well as your wallet’s. As we’ve witnessed, the profit margin for mattresses for physical shops is impressive.

Although we are aware that businesses need to make profits to survive, a lot of mattress stores online have significant savings for customers to advantage.

  • Online shopping is secure and provides you with a greater advantages since they’ve eliminated expensive middlemen
  • Mattresses with lower costs on the internet
  • Free trial
  • Free delivery and return
  • Some companies offer free pillows

What does a mattress cost depends on the materials used to construct it. You can find an affordable coil spring mattress less than $200, but is it sturdy enough to last for 10 years and give you comfort every night?

There are also costly memory foam mattresses that cost $2000 or more as long as the quality issues are in place. This is the reason why buying online and taking advantage of a no-cost trial makes the decision much simpler.

If you’re thinking about how much an old mattress is worth , this is an alternative. Local classified ads might have mattresses that are available for sale. In this case it is best for your health to consider a financing option through the internet retailer. In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the brand new mattress that was made specifically for you.

A used mattress could save you money, however it won’t provide pressure relief because it’s used by someone else.

The most suitable mattress you can buy is one that has a reasonable price that can offer pressure relief, cool ease, and durability.

Tips For Purchasing A New Mattress

Be sure to only spend the amount you are able to afford or inquire with your online retailer for financing options

Get at least 100 nights of free trial to try the mattress from the convenience at home, not in the showroom

Online discount codes can get you an even better deal

Make sure your store offers at least a 10-year guarantee

Select a store that offers free delivery and returns

Which Is The Best Mattress For The Money?

The ideal mattress you can buy is one that has a reasonable price that can offer pressure relief, cool comfort, and be long-lasting.

A new mattress must give you the necessary sleep up to 10 years,. However, you don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars. Brands such as Nolah offer high-quality AirFoam(tm) mattresses directly to your doorstep for just $499.

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Their revolutionary design, without memory foam gives you the best comfort for low cost since they ship their mattress straight from the factory directly to you.

You may be wondering why the price of memory foam high, and this is due to the process involved in creating the foam. It’s not a guarantee of that it is of high quality, therefore, be careful when purchasing certain memory foam mattresses since they tend to are hot to sleep on and don’t provide the necessary comfort that other, more advanced materials.

Mattresses are an everyday important item, just as a toothbrush or automobile! Its longevity is a crucial aspect to take into consideration


Mattresses are an everyday indispensable item just similar to a toothbrush or automobile! As such, its durability is a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

Sleep comfort can have an effect on your day-to-day life. It’s hard to function at your highest capacity after a poor night’s sleep. Therefore, a top-quality mattress that is low-cost, and pressure relieving mattress will help improve your health while sleeping and overall quality of your life.

Finding a mattress online is much more affordable than shopping in physical stores. You get an opportunity to test it out for free at your home, and free return and delivery and, often, pillows for free too. The financing options offered by an online retailer can help reduce the cost over time, which means the stress of making such an expensive purchase is alleviated as is the comfort you feel when you lie on a brand new mattress!

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