Zinus iCoil Mattress Review For 2021

Zinus is dominating sales of mattresses on Amazon over the last few years, with their memory foam mattresses.

Recently, they’ve begun expanding their product line with coil beds. In this Zinus iCoil mattress review, we will be looking at the Pressure Relief pocketed iCoil(r) spring Mattress.

Zinus has grown to be the cost top online mattress, but the most important thing to consider is the way they feel.

Zinus Pressure Relief Pocketed iCoil Spring Mattress

Recent advancements in roll packing technology as well as the development of individually wrapped pocket coils.

This mattress is packaged conveniently packed in a container similar to the size of a mini fridge.

It’s easy to unwrap it and you’ll be able to be slept on within about a couple of hours. Below is an image of me unboxing the mattress.


The Zinus iCoil

  • Support that is personalized and comfortable comes with iCoil Pocketed Spring and an Foam and Fiber quilted Euro Box Top Cover
  • The iCoil technology provides motion separation to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.
  • Only the Best Quality in Foam. The Foam is CertiPUR US certified for its durability, performance and content
  • Smartly Shipped – Our patent-pending technology lets our mattress be easily compressed, rolled and delivered in a convenient box to your doorstep
  • 10-year worry free warranty
  • Weight 93.8 pounds


What Is The Bed Made Of?

After I’ve brought you up-to-date regarding how the mattress is slept and how it feels, let’s look beneath the hood to see what’s inside. It is made up of four distinct layers, which all aid in increasing the comfort and offering sufficient support.

In the subsequent sections I’ll go through the various layers of the mattress to give you a an idea of the function of each.

Top Quilting Layer

This is the highest part of the mattress. It is composed of 3.18cm high-density foam. The topmost layer is able to provide sufficient temperature control, along with the perfect combination of softness and comfort.

Comfort Foam Layer

Under the quilting layer below that is underneath the quilting layer is Comfort Foam layer, which helps to provide a pleasant and cool sleep this mattress gives. With the thickness of 5.08cm the Comfort Foam layer provides the proper temperature control and the proper amount of sinkage.

The High Density Foam Layer

The bottom layer below that Comfort Foam is the top layer made that is 1.27cm High-Density Foam which is responsible for the strength quality. It is intended to serve as a transitional layer between the foam and quilting layers as well as the Pocket Spring base, which provides this mattress with outstanding support.

Pocket Spring Layer

This is the section I would like to discuss. Its 19.05cm Pocket Spring layer of this mattress is composed of individual springs contained within their own pockets of fabric. Since each spring is separate from each other they only react in response to tension applied to particular regions.

This provides more personalized support, as well as the low motion transfer I previously mentioned. In addition it provides an even firmness across the entire surface the mattress, which guarantees a top sleep experience throughout the entire mattress.

The combination of these four layers is designed to give total body support as well as the perfect blend of high and medium firmness. They also help support my body weight effectively and ensure a restful and well-supported bed.

Another thing I’d like to highlight is the relief pressure this mattress can provide. In contrast to open coil springs, that can cause the building pressure points it gives a greater amount of body support, thereby preventing the development of pressure points.


Inflation Time

The mattress took a bit longer to get into shape than the other mattresses I’ve tested. In general, as long the mattress is in the box the longer it will take for it to bounce back, so it could be the case with Zinus because it was made in China.

Like most innerspring mattresses it also has great bounce. It has pocket coils that can be moved individually to reduce motion transfer.

Because the mattress is made of coils in it It will offer greater breathability than a mattress made of all foam. Below is a short video that illustrates heat retention with Infrared Cameras.


  • It’s constructed from premium foam that is Certi-PUR US certified
  • It is the ideal blend of support and comfort
  • It comes with a a huge 10-year warranty
  • It’s a mattress that is affordable.


  • Not as comfortable as the other mattress brands in boxes
  • Brands less well-known to the public


Lying On The Zinus iCoil Mattress

In the case of mattresses the most important factor is in the sleep and I can say that the Zinus ICoil does offer an exceptional sleep experience. As I’ve already said the mattress offers an average to firm feel and is ideal for back and side sleepers.

The mattress offers a stable edge support. This is because of the edges of the mattress that have been knitted to give sufficient firmness. Additionally the steel coils are also responsible for increasing the support for the edges.

The foam with a high density used in the mattress gives plenty of support, and just enough sinkage. So, even though you’ll feel the softness of comfort, you won’t need to be concerned about sinking into a deep enough.

I was also impressed by the low motion transfer of the mattress. My husband often moves about during sleep. With other mattresses my sleep was continuously disturbed. However, the Zinus iCoil guarantees that his movements do not affect my sleeping patterns.

Another issue I typically encounter when it comes to mattresses is the issue of temperature control. I get a little hot when I sleep and normal beds make me sweaty and hot in the middle of the night.

Thankfully this mattress can take on this issue too. The top quilting with high density, along with the comfort foam, guarantees sufficient airflow and ensures stable temperature of sleep.

In the end, based on the sinkage, edge support and the comfortable firmness I would say that this mattress falls within the Goldilocks zone in terms of ease of use. There’s also no chance of being awakened by your partner’s sleepy movement This is a great benefit.


Zinus iCoil Mattress Weight

When purchasing mattresses one of the most important factors that I pay particular attention to is the mattress’s thickness.

If the mattress is too thin, you’re not likely to feel at ease; too thick and you may need to exert more effort just to climb onto the mattress.

Another factor I look at when selecting mattresses is the weight. The bed’s weight will determine how easy it is to move it from one area to another. This is a crucial aspect when you ask me.

Fortunately, the Zinus ICoil mattress is available in a variety of sizes and weights, so you can select any depending on your preferences.

As you will see these dimensions are enough to accommodate any bed and the Queen size is perfect for my home in regards to weight and size. In actual fact, the majority of my acquaintances living in Melbourne have it and are enjoying the highest level of satisfaction.

This is why I came to hear about it initially.

Size Dimensions Height Weight
Full 54 x 75 inches 12 inches 45.8lbs
Queen 60 x 80 inches 12 inches 53.9lbs
King 76 x 80 inches 12 inches 67lbs


iCoil Mattress Cost

With such a wide range of sophisticated features and benefits it’s easy to think the mattresses are expensive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that all of the Zinus iCoil products are extremely economical, as you’ll see in the breakdown of price below.

Size Dimensions Price
Full 54″ x 75″ $587.00
Queen 60″ x 80″ $649.00
King 76″ x 80″ $814.00

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The prices do not include the delivery cost which will be added onto the price. In spite of that, I think the price is affordable. This is a great choice, as an expensive bill could result in insomnia.



In addition to the numerous excellent and useful features that we’ve talked about in this article, this Zinus iCoil also comes with several benefits. In this article I’ll be introducing the benefits of these.

In the beginning, I’d like to highlight the huge 10 year warranty that the mattress is covered by. While nobody expects that a mattress will last forever but a decade is a very long time and the warranty stands as a testimony to the high quality of the mattress.

Naturally, it was an obvious surprise that the foam used is CertiPUR-US approved. This guarantees that every unit will provide the most durable and reliable performance.

I also appreciate that the product is available for a trial of 100 nights period. You can test it out to determine its size and comfort and if you’re not happy with it, you’re able to decide to get a full refund. Although I’m certain that you’ll never want to part with this once you’ve had some rest.

Last but not least, I want to mention the clever packing method that the mattress is shipped to be compressed, compressed and then folded. It is easy to roll out and unpack on the mattress you want to use. In this regard I’d like to discuss more concerning The Zinus Suzanne Metal And Pinewood Bed that goes well with this bed.



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